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William Winram 145m Freediving World Record (VWT)

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Music: Three Corners of Earth - The Fire Shall Devour Us

On September 3, 2013, Canadian Freediver William Winram successfully attempted a World Record Dive, on a single breath of air, in the discipline of Variable Weight to a depth of 145m. This dive took months of preparation and was conducted with the highest safety standards.This record has been officially ratified by the International Freediving Federation AIDA International.

Thank you to the following people without whom this record would not be possible:

Organizer, head of safety and coach:
Andrea Zuccari

AIDA judges:
Grant Graves
Pim Vermeulen

Safety coordinator Sergio Soria

Safety divers:
Natalie Doduc
Søren Frederiksen

Safety technical divers:
Jim Dowling
Antonio Bresciani
Stefano Davide

Andrea Beil

Underwater videographer: Allie Crawford

Photographer: Alice Cattaneo

Administrative coordinator: Federica Innocente

Emergency Evacuation Team: Sharm el Sheikh Search & Rescue team

Tags: William Winram, Freediving, World Record, Variable Weight, Apnea, Breathhold, Diving, AIDA, VWT, depth, Record, Sharm el Sheikh...

Never be Nery freediving in Vouliagmeni

The Greek version of Guillaumes original idea with a funny twist.

Stig Pryds -deepest P.O.V. freedive in Dean's Blue Hole

Stig Pryds is one of Denmark's deepest freedivers. He has set national records in all 3 depth disciplines. Here he is going for a fun dive down to 50 meters in Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas, taking his gopro along for the ride.
Music is 'a walk' by Tycho
Shot by Stig Pryds and Daan Verhoeven

#VB2018 Alexey Molchanov's World Record Dive to 130m

WATCH as Alexey Molchanov takes you on the deepest self-propelled dive in the history of freediving.

-Diveye Cinematography & Technology: Michal Biskup, Grzegorz Furga, Wiktor Grzeskowiak, and Mariusz Sobczak
-Editor: Mariusz Sobczak
-Media Producer: Francesca Koe
-Platform Coordinator: Sam Trubridge
-Event Organizer: William Trubridge
-Safety Team: Marco Cosentino (CoS), Louisa Collins, Roberto Berto, Sayaka Itagaki, Alex Llinas, Gianfranco Montanti, Lily Crespi, Chris McKay
-Medical Team: Leigh and Bill Baker, Ryan Baugh
-Photography: Daan Verhoeven & Alex St. Jean
-Music: Don't Float Away by Contemplation

Anna freediving Dean's Blue Hole

Freediver Anna Von Boetticher swims in Dean's Blue Hole, Bahamas.

Music by Fons Beijer

Screw the box

Stig Pryds is a Danish record holding freediver. He was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in 2008, which disabled him so much that he lost his business. After 5 years of intense pain and increasing dependency on drugs, he decided to quit all drugs cold turkey, and find alternative ways to deal with his disease. He began practising yoga daily, changed his diet, and started practising freediving. This caused drastic changes: within months he could walk without a cane, and he could play with his two young daughters again.
It also taught him how good he actually was at freediving; within a year he started setting Danish records. He started traveling the world going to freediving competitions, where the warm weather and sun also improved his condition. He used his increased exposure from the Danish records to tell the story of his recovery and inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle. He started teaching others how to deal with auto-immune disorders.
The downside of his new fame was that the insurance company, who paid his monthly disability check, noticed that he was doing things a healthy person does. Despite the argument that he's only healthy because he can do these travels and trainings, the insurance company threatened to sue him for lying -he'd have to pay back all the disability checks plus a fee. With the help from his doctors Stig managed to convince them his disease is real, just that he manages it well, but the insurance company decided to stop paying him his disability. The stress this whole procedure caused was enormous and Stig relapsed into severe pain.
We shot this video in January, the hardest month for Stig, where he had to figure out how to proceed. We talked about how life can keep dealing you blow after blow, and how you know that you'll be ok anyway. But it still sucks that you have to deal with the blows, and have to go through that uncertainty of what comes next. Stig has decided to focus on his new breathing program, in which he teaches people how to breathe properly to deal with stress and disease, together with yoga and diet. He might not be able to compete much this year, but he's getting back up and doing his best to be of use to others. Find out more about Stig here:

The music is by Philip Logan:

Wreck Diving | Eilat, Israel | Freediver HD | Satil

Eilat, Israel - The Satil Wreck - GoPro
I'm back with another wreck freediving video!


Location: Eilat, Israel
Dive Site: Satil Wreck
Ship Type: Israeli Guided Missile Boat
Depth:18m to 26m

Diving in Eilat was everything I had expected it to be! I dived this wreck 4 times on different days, but 90% of the video is from the final day which dived on a full moon at full high tide so it was a couple extra meters deeper than usual, but the water was clear!

I can definitely recommend diving in Eilat to everyone, scuba or freediving. Not often can you find such a high quality wreck as a shore dive. And there is no spearfishing or any fishing at all, so you can see some huge fish staking out their territory.

Want to see more from behind the scenes? Check out my 2nd Israel video:

Camera: GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition, Protune On, 1440p, 30fps
Software: Sony Vegas

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I use VEGAS for all editing and color correction.
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Freediver HD - Adventure Freediving

See you guys in the water!

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Sharks & Shipwrecks - Freediving in The Bahamas

Freediving with Tiger Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks, Reef Sharks & Nurse Sharks while sailing around The Bahamas and the islands of Bimini, Nassau and Grand Bahama. We were able to shoot & interact with these amazing animals and hope that the content helps to dispel the myths of sharks being vicious mankillers. We carried our exploration even further by freediving at sunken shipwrecks ( SS Sapona in Bimini and Ray of Hope) & exploring the abyss! Stay tuned for more.

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Music: Legends (Instrumental) by LandMrks
#Freediving #Bahamas #Sharks ♆

GoPro: Freediving with Tiger Sharks in 4K

Submerge yourself into an epic underwater adventure with Ocean Ramsey, Camila Jaber, and Ashleigh Baird as they free dive from fresh water caves to the vast ocean sea-floor in search of Tiger Sharks.

Stay tuned in 2 weeks for our next HERO6 Launch story.

To learn more, check out The Inside Line:

Special Thanks
Andy Cassagrande - @abc4explore
Juan Oliphant - @juansharks
Raphaele & Hanalei of Abysse who provided the eco-friendly wetsuits

Shot 100% on GoPro –

Mounts used in this video –

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WATCH Sayuri Kinoshita of Japan set an amazing World Record to 97m FIM

On the last day of #VB2018 Sayuri Kinoshita proves she is a force to be reckoned with when she takes back the free immersion World Record from Alessia Zecchini and wins gold with this powerful WR setting performance to 97m FIM.

-Diveye Cinematography & Technology: Michal Biskup, Grzegorz Furga, Wiktor Grzeskowiak, and Mariusz Sobczak
-Editor: Mariusz Sobczak
-Media Producer: Francesca Koe
-Platform Coordinator: Sam Trubridge
-Event Organizer: William Trubridge
-Photography: Daan Verhoeven & Alex St. Jean
-Safety Team: Marco Cosentino (CoS), Louisa Collins, Roberto Berto, Sayaka Itagaki, Alex Llinas, Gianfranco Montanti, Chris McKay and Lily Crespi
-Medical Team: Leigh and Bill Baker, Ryan Baugh

Alexey Molchanov's World Record Dive to 113 meters (CWTB)

Alexey Molchanov set new World Record in Constant Weight bifins discipline at AIDA Freediving World Competition on 26.11.2020

Dive time - 4 minutes 5 seconds

Alexey's equipment:
Fins -
Wetsuit -
Noseclip -
Lanyard -

Interesting fact - Alexey set this record during the rest day of his Freediving camp! 25 students came to Sharm from Dahab to support him

The Molchanovs Mission is to share our love of freediving with the world. We do this by cultivating the level of knowledge and skill of all freedivers, by building global and local communities that fuel passion for freediving, and by developing gear that provides the best freediving experience possible.

Our inspiration, Natalia Molchanova, is one of the greatest and most decorated freedivers in history. She was a passionate educator and a role model to many in the freediving community. Molchanovs is firmly rooted in her philosophies and approach to freediving, and is continuously updated with the latest developments in education, technology, and scientific research. We are inspired and honored to have had Natalia as our inspiration. Without her, the Molchanovs Movement would not exist today.

Find out more about the Molchanovs Freediving Education here:


Connect with Molchanovs Online:
Visit the Molchanovs WEBSITE:
Like Molchanovs on FACEBOOK:
Follow Molchanovs on INSTAGRAM:

#Freediving #WorldRecord #AlexeyMolchanov

Pure Bliss: Freediving Panglao, Bohol, Philippines

The past and the future do not exist underwater. Everything stops and all you have is this moment of pure bliss.

Footage by: AJ arbutante
music: nomyn

Depth wish - why freedive?

Professional freediver Stig Pryds explains why he loves doing what most people would think is very, very scary.
Music by Henrik Johannessen find his youtube here
The dive site is Canyon, in Dahab, Egypt.
Safety divers are Sun Young Kim and Diana Garcia Benito.
Logistics by Dahab Freedivers
Filmed on breath hold by Daan Verhoeven


Freedive: The Science of Extreme Sports (DEMO)

Hold your breath and dive deep into the sea with world record freedivers Yasemin Dalkilic, David Lee and freediving trainer Rudi Castineyra as they explore how deep the human body can go on one breath of air.

The ocean pressure crushes their bodies, vital functions shut down, and oxygen depravation sets in. But it's during the ascent through the Blackout Zone, that makes freediving one of the most dangerous sports.


Freediving With The Girls & Spearfishing With The Boys On Remote Islands - Ep 171

A day on our boat out at the remote Australian islands free diving with the girls in a mermaids cave and spearfishing fresh fish for lunch!

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All copy right free tunes by

Freediving -50M

On reprend doucement l'activité exploration en plongée libre . J'ai enfin réussi à faire quelques images avec une météo capricieuse.
Prends ton souffle je t 'emmène avec moi sur l'épave du Donator par -50M de fond !

Freediving BLACKOUT Compilation no. 5

Freediving Blackout Compilation no. 5
A new series of blackouts recorded while doing freediving, mainly practicing dynamic apnea during a 2019 competition. All that is shown was performed in total safety conditions and none of the athletes got hurt in any way.
Blacking out can occur while doing freediving, especially in dynamic apnea, while you learn more and more about yourself. Always be aware of your limits.

Some of the divers shown in the video (not in order):
- Ilaria Esposito
- Vitomir Maricic
- Jimmy Justensen
- Jindriska Zajacova
- Malte Striegler
- Florian Grauer
- Yeremy Rosales
- Luciano Morelli
- Ivana Aljinovic

Remember to stay safe and never dive alone!

-214m (702ft) DEEPEST FREEDIVING EVER - Herbert Nitsch World Record No limits Extreme Diving Apnea

credit :

Benvenuto sul canale del pescatore in apnea, il canale su YouTube con una delle più grandi collezioni di video sulla pesca subaquea. Film, documentari, tutorials a caccia di pesci esotici. Iscriviti al canale per non perderti le prossime avventure!

Welcome to my freediving apnea channel, the YouTube channel with the widest collection of videos about spearfishing. Films, documentaries, tutorials and much more, subscribe and don't miss any new adventure!
Freediving Apnea Apoe Apnee
Chasse sous marine
Pesca in apnea sub
Caza Submarina

Herbert Nitsch (born 20 April 1970) is an Austrian freediver who has held world records in all of the eight freediving disciplines recognised by AIDA International. He is the current freediving world record champion and the deepest man on earth. This title was given to him when he set a world record in the No Limits discipline at the depth of 214 meters (702 feet). To date, he has achieved 33 official World Records across all freediving disciplines, and one world record in the traditional Greek discipline of Skandalopetra 107 m (351 ft). He surpassed his own No Limits depth with a dive in June 2012 to 253.2 meters (831 feet), suffering injury in the process.

What Goes On In A Freediving Course? Level 1 Freediving Certification

This video is a look at what goes on in a freediving course. Filmed while I completed my Wave 1 (Level 1) Certification with Freediving Central

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#freediving #molchanovs #wave1

The deepest man in the world freediving in Dahab

Alexey Molchanov is a multiple world record holding freediver and co-founder of the Molchanovs, a freediving education system:
They also develop freediving equipment - the suit and the fins he wears are all by Molchanovs.
When Alexey is not training, teaching or developing new products, he likes to explore underwater and take photos. Here he is playing around in Lighthouse, Dahab, a popular freediving destination in Egypt.
Music is Beyond here by Salt of the Sound.



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