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Fox hunting


Fox Hunting In the New England with the Silva Fox Whistle and Ron Kiehne.

Yet another demonstration of the ability and effectiveness of the Silva Fox Whistle, With over 40 Thousand Hits on Face Book

Fox Call -- Part 1


The weather's warming up and the hills are alive. Foxes are our target and we have a few new tools in the shed thanks to Paul from
Leigh and I give these new callers a bit of a run while the snakes keep us on our toes.

Foxes are an introduced pest in Australia one in which is having a massive impact on our native wildlife and farming stock. The fox and feral cat are notorious for being responsible for drastic reductions in our bird life with a massive effect on many other species that inhabit our land. Our governments support hunters as one means in helping fight this issue. Please educate yourself with facts before making comment.

For further information regarding these callers contact Paul on 0425721588 or visit

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GoPro: Hunting a Fox From an Eagle's POV

Fly on the back of a golden eagle as she hunts for foxes with the Burkitshi in eastern Mongolia.

To learn more about the eagle hunters, watch the full video Eagle Hunters in a New World -

Original score by William Ryan Fritch.
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FOX HUNTING compilation #1

Compilation of succesful fox hunts. If you like the video please subscribe. There will be more videos like this in near future.
Foxes are native species but their only enemy was rabies so if we want rabies to stay in check, we need to keep fox population by hunting. Otherwise a lot of ground nesting birds and small game like pheasants, grouses and hares could be in danger.

Maryland Fox Hunting

Abner Druckenmiller calls fox on the Eastern shore of Maryland.

Fox hunting with terriers | Fox digging and predator control - Ultimate Hunting

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Fox Hunting is one of the oldest yet most controversial sports which dates back to the 15th Century. The sport involves chasing and then killing foxes on horseback with a pack of hounds. It has only been in recent years that the sport has been banned.

Fox Hunting with AR-15: Predator Problems (DownWind Outdoors)

It has been a long time coming but DownWind Outdoors finally gets their first daytime fox hunt on video.

Shooter: Eric Lawler
Videographer: Andy DelliVeneri

Species: Red Fox
Weight: ~17 Pounds
Sex: Male
TOD: 7:00 am
Wind: 12mph W
Temperature: 0°

Call: DWO Signature Series by Crack Predator Calls - Cottontail Long
Rifle: AR-15 .223
Scope: Night-Force 5.5-22x56mm
Stock: Collapsible
Trigger: Jewell
Cartridge: Hand Loaded .223 Remington, 50gr Nosler Combined Technology Ballistic Tips
Bipod: Harris 13.5-27 pivot
Camera: HDR-AX2000

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Predator Hunting With Glock 19! 9mm Predator Hunting!

In this video I go after a fox that we have been getting on one of our trail cameras! Every thing goes to plan and I kill my self a beautiful red fox with my GLOCK 19 Gen 4 9mm hand gun! Self filmed the whole hunt with two cameras! Hope you will enjoy the video! I know I had a lot of fun making it! Please share, comment & like the video! Thanks!
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I started this channel as a hobby but now it's becoming much more! I plan on doing YouTube as a full on job when I get out of school! I try and post videos on Sunday and Thursday! I do plan on getting a supermoto but will always ride some dirt! As of now I own a 2008 Crf250x, 2002 Kx250 a 2004 scrambler 500 and a 1998 Grizzly 600! This channel is a lot more than just motovloging! That’s why it is named what it is! So expect some hunting and fishing every now and then! Hope you enjoy the channel! If you do let me know by leaving a comment!

Calling Ferral Cats with Silva Fox Whistle

If your a cat lover this possibly is not the clip to watch. Animals are shot and killed instantly there is no distress to the animal.

Foxing with the .223

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

Long range daylight fox shooting

Foxes: look sharp! Sporting Shooter editor Dom Holtam has given Roy Lupton some toys to play with. It is June and foxes are licking their lips and thinking about young birds. With a few bits of ground needing Roy's attention, including an old quarry, it's a perfect opportunity to film some foxing without the need for the lamp.

This item first appeared in Fieldsports Britain episode 79

fox hunting with tikka m55 222 REM. (Norway)

i am 16 an this is my first fox.
tikka m55 cal. 222

Fox Hunting - Up close pest eradication.

Close up footage of daytime fox whistling. Jarod and Steve Lee try out the Silva Fox Whistle and have great success.

Foxing - Brilliant HD night vision fox shooting

Homemade NV: using infra-red lights from a prison security system and a neat little Canon camera we've produced some of the best high-definition night vision hunting footage you will have ever seen. By turning night into day, witness incredible animal behaviour including a fox chasing a cat away from the FoxPro call. With the lambing season underway, now more than ever it is important to keep down fox numbers. Roy Lupton has the rifle and is able to pick off foxes across a floodlit field.

This was first shown in Fieldsports Britain episode 168

Fox Hunting with Dogs in Virginia

A field trial my club sponsored at a local fox pen.

Fox Hunting PA.

World Went Dark Outdoors Season 1 Episode 6

Hunters TV - Fox hunting in Germany

Hunters TV ep. 1.6. Fox hunting in Germany

Hunt | Eat | Live. Hunters TV is a youtube channel about hunting, fishing and bowhunting with host Stan Volckert, a 16 year old hunter and fisher.

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Despite Ban, Fox Hunts Still Thrive in Britain

To some, the start of a fox hunt is a quintessentially English scene, steeped in tradition. To others, it's a barbaric rite preserved for the rich. A decade ago lawmakers banned the sport. (Feb. 18)

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Fitzwilliam Opening Day Fox Hunt in Peterborough - Milton Park

Scenes from a day fox hunting in Peterborough with the Fitzwilliam Hunt. Huntsmen, hounds and riders jumping fences and riding through the English countryside of Milton Hall and Milton Park outside of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

Fox Hunting

Fox Hunting




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