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Four square


PRBC 4-Square Champions League

Taking the top 8 4-Square players of the 229 Student Ministry, we battled it out for 2 hours to determine the true champion of Valdosta, GA. There were a ton of great shots, blocks, and rallies (hence the really long video), and this highlight reel captures some of the intense competition.

Cole Parker, Logan Neeley, Jacob Parker, Andrew Elam, Blake Hedgecock, Nick Vega, Tristen Sefa, and Chip Osborne

Filmed using a Go-Pro Hero 2.

2012 Four Square World Championships Men's Final



Jack from Active Cambridge shows you how to play this fun variation on a playground ball game that develops skills for multiple sports!

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Top Ten Plays from the greatest squareball (aka four square) game ever

One from the archives. The greatest squareball / four square game ever played.

four square: meet the pros of the four square game

underground sports coverage of some of the big names to look out for this four square season. professional 4 square. four square game. ultimate four square. four square sport, check out our other videos too!

4 Square Highlights Part 2

Congrats to champion of the 229 Student Ministry 4-Square Tournament, Jake Parker! #BeABear

Four Square at Florida State University

The best players on the face of the earth

Ultimate four square #4

Ultimate four square a game not just for kids, but for everyone. Join in on the fun. All you need is tape and a bouncy ball and 3 of your friends.

Deitre Collins Parker - Four square pepper -Courtesy of the Art of Coaching

Boston Four Square League 2005

The Cambridge Community Television video news magazine You Are Here sent reporter Jennifer Schmitt out to the courts to for hard coverage of our league and then upcoming world championship competition.

Four Square World Championship - TOP 10 PLAYS

Please visit for more from the Four Square World Championships.

This video highlights the top ten plays (and some honourable mentions) from the 2008 Four Square World Championships. The top ten features world champ Cody Macdonald of St.John's, Newfoundland, Canada and Tiger Claw of Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. The honourable mentions include other players from Newfoundland, Boston and UCONN.

Cody Macdonald, the current Four Square Champion of the World, is a member of the the MUN Squareball Society. Check them out for more cool videos, pictures, upcoming events and the Book of Squareball Moves.

The MUN Squareball Society plays games of squareball (aka four square, boxball, champ, kings corner) at Memorial University on a weekly basis. We are committed to making the world a better place through the game of squareball (aka four square, boxball, champ, kings corner).

Four square tricks


Playing four square


Four Square Pepper Trailer - The Art of Coaching Volleyball

Here's a unique drill from San Diego State called Four Square Pepper that will get your athletes warmed up quickly!

Watch the full drill demonstration here:

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229 4-Square League Part 4

The 229 Student Ministry continues to competitively play 4-Square with some of the best players that we have to offer. This long video highlights some of the best rallies, shots, and efforts of this late night tournament. The results were as follows:
1 - Cole Parker
2 - Jake Parker
3 - Logan Neeley
4 - Andrew Elam
5 - Tristen Sefa
6 - Brew

Four Square: Avery. the "King of Courts"

Avery shows why he has earned so much respect on the Four Square courts after coming from his success as a Tennis Player. One of the BEST players out there. Hope you enjoy the Video. Please check out our others. and if you dont have videos of your own that are better than this, then you dont get to talk trash, you video-less haters.

Four Square Soccer Extreme!

This is the most ballin game that is played without hands. It is adapted from the traditional playground game of four square where players hit a ball into others squares into an intense version where players accomplish the same goal without the use of their hands or arms. The moral of the story - you better bring your moves to the court!

CROSSNET: The World’s First Four Square Volleyball Game

CROSSNET is the world’s first four square volleyball game.

This video demonstrates how the game is played.

Four Square: best of "Kicks"

the best 4 square players on the web are back with this video demonstrating how to win with your feet. Enjoy!

TENNIS DRILLS AND GAMES - 4 Square - Warm ups

This series shows different tennis drills and games that tennis coaches and players can use to enhance their tennis games. This weeks video features a warm up drill/game called 4 square.

This is superb for using as a warm up or just to have some fun. It is great for working on numerous tennis skills including continental grip, movement and recovery.

As it can be seen in the video there are various progressions and ways of shaking up this tennis drill/game to keep it fresh, fun and challenging.

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