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Four square


The FOUR-SQUARE Basketball Challenge!

I'm pretty sure we all played four square growing up as I decided to put my own twist on it!




High School Handball Tournament Grand Final



Jack from Active Cambridge shows you how to play this fun variation on a playground ball game that develops skills for multiple sports!

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PRBC 4-Square Champions League

Taking the top 8 4-Square players of the 229 Student Ministry, we battled it out for 2 hours to determine the true champion of Valdosta, GA. There were a ton of great shots, blocks, and rallies (hence the really long video), and this highlight reel captures some of the intense competition.

Cole Parker, Logan Neeley, Jacob Parker, Andrew Elam, Blake Hedgecock, Nick Vega, Tristen Sefa, and Chip Osborne

Filmed using a Go-Pro Hero 2.

2012 Four Square World Championships Men's Final

Top Ten Plays from the greatest squareball (aka four square) game ever

One from the archives. The greatest squareball / four square game ever played.

four square: meet the pros of the four square game

underground sports coverage of some of the big names to look out for this four square season. professional 4 square. four square game. ultimate four square. four square sport, check out our other videos too!

Foursquare Gospel Church Palau_Singing Tokpisin Song_PNG Gospel Song

Foursquare Gospel Church in Palau singing tokpisin song.
So blessed to see these beautiful people singing tokpisin song.

Happy new year and be blessed.

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4 Square Highlights Part 2

Congrats to champion of the 229 Student Ministry 4-Square Tournament, Jake Parker! #BeABear

Team 14. Four Square @ Rookie Stars Dance Competition

Rookie Stars Dance Competition 2013
Date: 24th February, 2013
Venue: Park Central Hong Kong

The Four Square Game (small sided game) - 7v7 progressional training

The Four Square Game is a small sided game mainly for teaching possession, principles of attack and defence, spatial awareness.

It's adaptable and had numerous progressions shown here, you don't have to progress through all progressions and they don't get the first one.

Think about the key points you want to teach before you get on the field and see how quickly they pick them up.
Played properly, at a good intensity, this will also keep your team fit.

This is a great SSG for training a 7v7 team to play to the corners of the field (no offside) and exploiting that space.

The Four Square Gang

At the dawn of the new millenium, a group of 5 young men at the University of Texas embarked on a revolution. What revolution, you ask? Good question.

Game of Four Square

The McMackins set up a four square court in their driveway and the neighborhood middle school and high school boys gathered around to play a fun if not a little competitive four square this afternoon. Such is life on a Friday afternoon in Vermont. Interestingly, the four square ball is a soccer ball. Actually, it looks much like Will's soccer ball. Speaking of Will, he is wearing the blue shirt which reads Soccer USA. Jack is in the plain red shirt. Anton is in the red shirt with the white sleeves and the number 4 on the back. Patrick is in the light blue shirt with plaid shorts, Liam is in the grey shirt, Paul is in the navy blue shirt with green shorts, and Mathew is in the light blue shirt with black and orange shorts. In the background Wolf Pyramid by Night Manager is playing out an open window behind the camera. And I did I check the song, it has free creative commons license so shouldn't be a problem posting online!

Four square tricks


Fix Your Inside Takeaway w/ this One Trick - RotarySwing Lesson 16

Bonus videos: 4 Square Drill:

Left Wrist Trick:

Understanding Arm Elevation:

Shake Hands for a Perfect Takeaway:

Perfect Takeaway:

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4 Square Drills

4-Square Drill

Imagine a small square on the ground and you are standing in the middle of it. As fast as you can jump out of the box and back to starting working your way all around the box. Then repeat with your left and right feet.

So it looks like this:
Back- Foreword

Then repeat in the opposite direction

Repeat the pattern again with your left and right feet separately.

Jumping the pattern with both feet and each foot individually = 1 rep

Crazy Becket four square slow motion move

Playing the final 6 match for the Moldy Oldies (18+) tournament at Becket Family Camp session 2009, got lucky in two ways: (1) made a sick recovery shot (2) my brother happened to be taking video with my Canon EX-FC100 slow-mo camera.


NHS Four Square Club - Eric DeLisi

Meta DeLisi Knight is overpowered.

Balls used in video: Sam Kablam, Nick Rasnake, Jason Le, Kyle Hall

CROSSNET: The World’s First Four Square Volleyball Game

CROSSNET is the world’s first four square volleyball game.

This video demonstrates how the game is played.



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