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Formula Libre


Formula Libre - Bryant Park - Pure Sound 🔊


Formula Libre, Round 3 of the Victorian Hillclimb Championship held at Bryant Park, Victoria

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Racing Line Australia - For the Love of Motorsport

Formula Libre Episode 1 Season 2011

Formula Libre Episode 1 Season 2011

Rotary Hillclimb Racing Car 13B Turbo Formula Libre Mt Cotton Hillclimb. (Rear Wing View)

Top Six Shoot-Out, Rotary Hillclimb Racing Car video is shot from Rear Wing. Come along for a ride and watch the on car video footage.

Irish Festival of Speed - Formula Libre Cars for the IFS Sprint

Some of the Formula Libre race cars that will join us at the IFS in July to sprint around Adare Manor.

1986 - Birmingham Superprix - A damp Formula Libre qualifying session

One of the supporting acts of the Birmingham Superprix, the BRSCC Formula Libre Championship, and the organisers allowed the Formula Libre runners to go out and do their qualifying

The whole qualifying session was supposed to last for 35 minutes but it was cut shortly to 15 minutes due to other support races needing vital track time.

There were two incidents in the video clip, Tim Barry in his March 76A went off at Cavendish Finance Corner and RIchard Piper (presumbly) spun off at Redex Corner but kept it in the island.

Credits to Tim Barry and his brother Tony and Keith Norris (in his #8 Chervon B28 car) for the video footage.

Retyred Furniture season finale. Race 1 Formula libre and sports cars!

Formula libre and sports car race

Formula Libre Levels Classic Meeting 2010

Formula Libre at the 2010 Classic & Historic Race Meeting Timaru International Motor Raceway

Mondello Park Formula Libre

Lucha Libre smackdown with Lewis Hamilton!

Newly Crowned Formula One World Champion* Lewis Hamilton takes on Lucha Libre Star Mistico at Mexican Fiesta. Swapping the tarmac for the canvas of a wrestling ring, he appeared at the Arena Mexico to face an opponent laced in grease and leather at the spiritual home of Lucha Libre.

*Subject to official confirmation by the FIA of the results of the 2015 Formula One World Championship.


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Dave Darrow drive's his 1972 Royale Super-Vee at the final Formula Libre race of the season at Mosport.(Sept. 30th 2007)

Dave Darrow

Ligier JS49 - HRC Formula Libre Race 3

HRC Formula Libre race 3 - Taupo racetrack January 2013

Ruapuna Speed Festival October 2017 - Libre Race 4 start only - Formula Renault


2012 FallClassic Formula Libre 1 (Formule 1600 Toyo Series) Feature Race inAction

En 2012, la course de 18 tours des 1600 donne droit à de multiples rebondissements malheureusement pas dans les Esses au 5 et ou au freinage du 10, le 11 ou le pont !!!

SCR ICSCC group 6 race 7/17/2011

Dane Babkirk in Swift DB3. Dane's second time out in the car. Running as a Formula Libre. This event would not have happened without all the work Dane put in to it. In doing so he was not able to get his Porsche ready in time so we let him run our car. Only a handful of laps here as the battery ran out before the race was completed.

Formula Libre at Mosport.wmv

Nick Majors racing his Elan DP02 Sportsracer in CASC-OR Formula Libre Championship at Mosport - September 18, 2010

Motors Formula Team : Our 2018 race at Monaco Historic Grand Prix

Embarquez à bord de la Surtees TS16 de 1974 de MFT avec le pilote Fabrice Pantani durant le week-end du Grand Prix Historique 2018 de Monaco.

-Vendredi 11 : Essai libre
-Samedi 12 : Qualifications
-Dimanche 13 : Grand Prix

Suite à un Grand Prix pluvieux, ayant gagné des places en remontant jusqu'à la 10eme, Fabrice Pantani à été heurté par un autre concurrent cassant sa jante arrière gauche mais ayant réussi à repartir il termine 16eme sur 32 participants.

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Formula Four / Formula Libre race at Mosport (now Canadian Tire Motorsports Park).


Gamma F4 (Formula Four) driven by Jim Morton. Formula Libre race at Mosport Park. Now Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.


F4 race at Mosport -- now Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.
car: Gamma F4 (formula four)
motor: Suzuki GSX-R 750
race group: Formula Libre

regional suroeste formula internacional libre hasta 2010

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