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Footbag net


Footbag Net World Championship 2013 DFG1

Game 1 of the Doubles Final in Montreal 2013

Footbag Net Competition (hacky sack): Windy City Cup Pick Up Games

Just after singles finals, Walt and I played pick ups while the site was being torn down. With his incredible offense and my unrelenting defense (along with some luck, tall white grass & totally unbiased judging) we proved too much for any challengers to overcome This was the highlight of my weekend since I had to quit early on Friday due to a slight tweak in my knee & subsequent poor performance in pools on Saturday.

Trening Footbag Net w Warszawie

Surowy materiał ze styczniowego treningu warszawskiej ekipy. Kopiemy!

2017 WFC: Some Day 4 Highlights

Some Day 4 highlights of Footbag Open Net, at the 2017 World Footbag Championships in Portland, OR.

IFPA World Footbag Championships 2018 - Mixed Doubles Net Finals

Maude Landreville (CAN) & Arthur Ledain (FRA)
Marilyn Demuy (CAN) & Luke Legault (CAN)

Footbag Net - The Green Cup 2008 Presented By Chaos

This is a great video of highlights from The Green Cup 2008.

The quality of this video is reduced by YouTube. Go to if you're interested in obtaining a higher quality HD version.

Thanks to Emmanuel Bouchard,, Chaos, and

AugQuim Footbag Net Caracas

WRC Footbag - Net Sessions 5

Trening footbag net po Wrocławsku

Grają Paweł Ścierski i Paweł Rożek

WRC Footbag - Net Sessions 7

Wybrane momenty z treningu footbag net we Wrocławiu.
Luty 2016

Worlds 2010 footbag net semifinal

Worlds 2010 footbag net semifinal

Footbag Net Spike Practice

Your sport is too easy. Try to play the hardest foot sport on the planet today: footbag net. Watch and learn.

Footbag Net

A little video I made with the help of my good friends at Memphis Footworks. Shot at the Mud Island Belt 2010.

Footbag WM 2009 Berlin - Berlin Subway TV spot - Footbag Net - in HD

Hacky Sack? - Footbag!

Our short Footbag Net clip that is airing on Berlin's subways as of today! No Audio of course, but a longer version with a great soundtrrack and more spikes & blocks is coming soon.

Along with the TV Spot we will be distributing 3000 footbags in the city for free, just like in the video.

30th IFPA Footbag World Championships in Berlin 2009
The two most important disciplines are freestyle and net. They supply plenty of action with spectacular tricks and acrobatic spikes. The 30th annual Footbag World Championships in Berlin will be the biggest event in the history of the sport, with 350 players from 25 different countries.

For the finals in both disciplines on Saturday more than 2000 enthusiastic Footbag fans are expected. And for everyone who prefers to just watch, they'll have a chance to show their own crazy legs on the dance floor: Appearing on stage at the Arena are Rico Loop and the Berlin Boom Orchestra, and throughout the course of the evening the Rap & DJ duo Smith & Smart will serve as emcees. The two will get their chance to really show their stuff at the after party along with Scary & Plasma and Katovl Menovsky who will keep the show going until the next morning.


Yves Kreil
Antonio Fritsch
Yassin Khateeb
Ulrich Haase


Norwin Natschbach

Production &Edit:

Max Kerkhoff

Footbag Net World Championship 2013 DFG2

Game 2 of the Doubles Final in Montreal 2013
(includes the now infamous post play at 17:12)

Footbag Net - trening polskich graczy

Wybrane fragmenty z treningu footbag net.
Warszawa 15.02.2015

Footbag Net

nuestros entrenamientos de footbag net al aire libre en una zona de la Cuidad de Medellín

WSF Footbag Net Session @ 120fps

Footbag Net training session in Warsaw, 10/12/2015

IFPA World Footbag Championships 2018 - Open Doubles Net Finals

Karim Daouk (SWI) & Arthur Ledain (FRA)
Wiktor Debsk (POL) & Wojciech Jamski (POL)

Hang Time - A footbag net video

A smooth footbag net video shot at 2010 French Open in Paris at stade de Coubertin
contact video :

Footbag Net

Footbag Net. The world's most challenging ball game.

This is incredible! I can't believe anyone can be so coordinated with their feet! Pele, football legend

What is Footbag Net?
It's beach volley with your feet. It's setting, spiking, blocking and digging a tiny ball on a court with the same dimensions as a badminton court. It's fun, fast and difficult to master - and you are only allowed to use your feet!

Is it a real sport?
Yes. The International Footbag Players Association has more than 10,000 members. Every year, a large number of national and international tournaments are held all over the world, including European and World Championships. Once you have learned the basics, you can compete too! Less experienced players are welcome to take part in the intermediate divisions.

How do I start playing?
Practice just keeping the footbag in the air, either together with a friend or against a wall. Be sure to use both feet as you train your outside kicks, inside kicks and toe kicks. When you start to feel more confident, it's time to set up a net, join your local footbag club and learn all the fancy spikes!

What are the rules?
Footbag Net is a singles or doubles court game
where players use only their feet (below knee)
to kick the footbag over the net. The size of the
court and the height of the net are the same as
in badminton. Players are allowed three kicks
per side, and must alternate kicks (like in beach
volley). In singles, however, players are only
allowed two kicks per side.
Serving: Cross court from behind the base line.
Serve from the right side when the score is zero
or even, and from the left side when the score is
Scoring: Games are played to 15 points. Only
the serving team can score points.
More information is available at
Video copyright: Chaos Footbag



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