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Footbag net


Footbag Net World Championship 2013 DFG1

Game 1 of the Doubles Final in Montreal 2013

IFPA World Footbag Championships 2018 - Open Doubles Net Finals

Karim Daouk (SWI) & Arthur Ledain (FRA)
Wiktor Debsk (POL) & Wojciech Jamski (POL)

Trening Footbag Net w Warszawie

Surowy materiał ze styczniowego treningu warszawskiej ekipy. Kopiemy!

Footbag Net Competition (hacky sack): Windy City Cup Pick Up Games

Just after singles finals, Walt and I played pick ups while the site was being torn down. With his incredible offense and my unrelenting defense (along with some luck, tall white grass & totally unbiased judging) we proved too much for any challengers to overcome This was the highlight of my weekend since I had to quit early on Friday due to a slight tweak in my knee & subsequent poor performance in pools on Saturday.

Footbag Net Montréal 25 Avril 2019

Pratique intérieure de la saison printanière 2019 -Hôpital Notre Dame.

Footbag Net Extremo(Caracas-Ciencias)Edit.Q


IFPA World Footbag Championships 2019 - Open Doubles Net 3rd Place Match

Yves Kreil (GER) & Florian Goetze (GER) vs. Arthur Ledain (FRA) & Wiktor Debski (POL)

AugQuim Footbag Net Caracas

3ra Copa X-PRO Footbag-Net

En este Vídeo...Encontraras Muy Buenos Remates, jugadas defensivas, bloqueos y muy Muy Buenos Toques de parte de estos Atletas que practican el Gran Deporte llamado FOOTBAG-NET!!! Todo Realizado en la Cancha Poliedrito de la Facultad de Ciencias de la UCV en honor a la 3ra Copa X-PRO de FOOTBAG-NET...

US Open Footbag Net Championships - International Doubles Final

USA vs International Team - Final

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 16 Dec 2018

Swiss Footbag Open 2014 - Open Doubles Net Final

Greg Lima (FR) / Arthur Ledain (FR) vs Grischa Tellenbach (FR) / Karim Daouk (CH)

2017 WFC: Some Day 4 Highlights

Some Day 4 highlights of Footbag Open Net, at the 2017 World Footbag Championships in Portland, OR.

Footbag Net Spike Practice

Your sport is too easy. Try to play the hardest foot sport on the planet today: footbag net. Watch and learn.

IFPA World Footbag Championships 2019 - Open Singles Net Finals

Sebastien Maillet (FRA) vs. Walt Houston (USA)

WSF Footbag Net Session @ 120fps

Footbag Net training session in Warsaw, 10/12/2015

4ta Copa Venezuela Footbag Net 2013

Polideportivo Santa Paula, Municipio Baruta, Caracas - Venezuela

Footbag Net - The Green Cup 2008 Presented By Chaos

This is a great video of highlights from The Green Cup 2008.

The quality of this video is reduced by YouTube. Go to if you're interested in obtaining a higher quality HD version.

Thanks to Emmanuel Bouchard,, Chaos, and

Footbag Net - World Footbag Championships Bulgaria 2018 - Open Doubles Pool Game - Canada VS Poland

Players: Emmanuel Bouchard & Francois Pelletier (2, Canada)
Michał Róg & Michał Klimczak (15, Poland)
WINNER: Canada

Footbag-Net Caracas(Ciencias)-Edit.Quimel

IFPA World Footbag Championships 2019 - Open Doubles Net Final

Tuomas Kärki (FIN) & Matti Pohjola (FIN) vs. Ben Alston (USA) & Walt Houston (USA)



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