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Ultimate Footbag Skills 2016 | World Champion

Camera & Edit by Slava Sidorin
Multiple World Footbag Champion Honza Weber showing the best of his freestyle skills one at Prague sunrise one day before his 30th birthday. :)

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Worlds 2017 Open Circle Finals


The Greatest Footbag/Hacky Sack Routine of All Time

Performed at the World Footbag Championships 2010 by Nick Landes during the Semi-Finals. This routine beat the current world champion, Vasek Klouda, and the former world champion, Damian Gielnicki.

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Unseen New Footbag Goddess 2008


Footbag Basics - Kicks

Lotus demonstrates the basic kicks used in footbag / hacky sack.

Learn Footbag Basics I - Kicks

This video goes over a few of the basic footbag kicks you can learn to get started

The Footbag Zone - Olaf Piwowar

Video Contest winner from the 37th World Footbag Championships 2016 in Trnava.

Olaf Piwowar

Vivian Chan

camera & edit:
Paweł Rożek


5 times world champ ripping it up with the craziest hacky sack / footbag moves you have ever seen!

Footbag Net Competition (hacky sack): Windy City Cup Pick Up Games

Just after singles finals, Walt and I played pick ups while the site was being torn down. With his incredible offense and my unrelenting defense (along with some luck, tall white grass & totally unbiased judging) we proved too much for any challengers to overcome This was the highlight of my weekend since I had to quit early on Friday due to a slight tweak in my knee & subsequent poor performance in pools on Saturday.

New Years Jam 2019 Footbag Tournament - Battles

New Years Jam is an annual footbag tournament held around Metro Detroit in late December by the Michigan Footbag Club. This year's main competition was the Battle format, a 1-on-1 bracket style tournament. Both players get three 20 second rounds and the judges decide who advances based on the variety, difficulty, and style of each player's tricks and combos.

51:52 Mathieu vs. Josh (for 3rd place)
55:09 Matt vs. Nick (final battle)

0:08 Cass vs. Nick
3:14 Jim vs. Kevin
6:21 Boatz vs. Derek
9:25 Anton vs. Matt
12:49 Ryan vs. Pete
16:08 Cory vs. Josh
19:14 Johnny vs. Dante
22:21 Alex vs. Mathieu
25:21 Sean vs. Ben
28:10 Kevin vs. Nick
31:33 Derek vs. Nick
34:53 Pete vs. Matt
38:18 Dante vs. Josh
41:15 Ben vs. Mathieu
44:31 Josh vs. Nick
47:55 Mathieu vs. Matt

2019 IFPA World Footbag Championships - Freestyle Teaser

In 2019 Warsaw Footbag Association hosts 40th IFPA World Footbag Championships! Find out more at

camera/edit: Paweł Rożek
intro: Michał Róg
music: Retro Future Nights - Synthwave

Footbag: Caro en Solo

A new video of youtube's most popular footbagger, Caroline Bourgoin. Please be respectful with your comments, or they will be removed.

Extreme Footbag Moves

Raw freestyle by David Clavens

Where The Ripwalk Ends - Footbag/Hacky Sack (Full Movie) by Flipsider

Produced by Eliot Piltz of Flipsider Footbag Company, 2002.

Re-released under the Creative Commons 'Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 Canada' License, subject to the conditions listed here.

See for more info on the sport.

Footbag Goddess ;)

Caroline Bourgoin, presented by, ripping it with the footbag (hacky sack).

Footbag Lessons - Tricks of the Trade #3 - Inside Stall

This footbag lesson deals with another of the basic moves in the world of footbag. It's the Inside Stall.

This is one of the actual lessons from the Tricks of the Trade DVD. Each week you can tune in to our YouTube Channel for a new video from the DVD. Eventually we'll post them all!

Here is the playlist of all the videos in the series we have posted so far:

To get all the lessons in DVD format for viewing in the yard, at a school footbag club meeting, or just about anywhere, click here:

Featuring Kenny Shults, holder of over 40 world titles and unanimously considered the best footbag (hacky sack) player on the planet, this comprehensive 40 minute how-to DVD focuses on freestyle skills.

You'll learn the moves from the pro who created most of them. Using slow-motion and freeze frame techniques, accompanied by Kenny's detailed, but easy to understand instruction, this DVD guides you step by step through over 40 of the most popular freestyle tricks, from the simplest to the most complex.

*This DVD is formatted to play on all DVD systems worldwide.

Footbag Review: Hania Bag

2010 U.S. Freestyle Footbag Champion Jim Penske reviews the Hania Bag made by Hania (Hanna) Mickiewicz, a freestyle footbag player from Poland. Slow motion freestyle play included with the review. Available at

Moscow Footbag Jam 2019

Footbag Shoe Modification and Lacing

In-depth tutorial on modifying and lacing shoes for freestyle footbag

Learn Footbag Basics 2 - Delays

Very excited to bring to you my footbag delays tutorial. Watch, learn, train hard!

This video is a special recognition of the amazing art work that is now spread through the city of Christchurch, New Zealand following much destruction.

Video and editing by Alaina Langridge

Learn Footbag Basic Kicks:



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