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Flyak - Kayak on a hydrofoil

kayak aquaplaning on a hydrofoil. check

Flyak - Hydrofoil Kayak Vs K1 Sprint Kayak

This is a prototype Flyak with hydrofoils blowing by a conventional olymipic style K1. The foils are under water of course, which is why this kayak looks so strange. Capable apparently of a 27 km/h top speed.

K1 vs. K4 flyak- kajak 27km/h HQ

K1 won a race ageinst K4,this is the flyak.

Argentina Flyak - November 2018

Patagonia is a land of fire and freedom. One of my biggest goals when I started to fly cross country was to fly from Bariloche to El Bolson through a very well known and whitewater rich corridor. The ultimate combination of my two biggest passions could easily be achieved here Kayak hard whitewater and fly big mountain lines with my paraglider. After a few weeks of hanging out in Pucon, where my older brother lives, I saw an amazing weather window down South. Without much hesitation I loaded up and sent a solo mission to the land of che, maté, milanesa, nafta, and tiny delicious empanadas. Enjoy some of my highlight from three days shredding in this amazing paradise.

Day 1 Flight Log -

Day 3 Flight Log -

Foiling Surfski from Revo Kayaks

Revo Kayaks have developed a foiling surfski. Here is the 1st video footage from one of their early test runs. They are starting behind a boat as their test paddler needs to learn to foil as much as Revo is learning about the equipment. Hopefully, we will see it in action in the sea soon.

North Cascades Flyak May 2019

Check out an arial tour of the mountains and river canyons of the Leavenworth area. In mid-may 2019 we had beautiful flying weather that allowed me to fly over two of the Northwest's most classic rivers (Tumwater Canyon and Icicle Creek) and then deep into and over top of the Enchantment Range at 12,000 feet. This is one of my favorite areas in the world because the easy accessibility to both of my passions, Free Flight and Whitewater. Enjoy the views

Row foil, rowingbike/ rowingboat on hydrofoils

This rowingbike on hydrofoils is a prototype of what should become a new sport; propulsion of a foil vessel by a rowing movement.
As you can see there is still a lot of progression to be made; back to the drawing board :-)

На тренировке - рандат фляк. In training - randat flyak

На тренировке - рандат фляк. In training - randat flyak. Спортивная гимнастика.

FLYAK - Leavenworth, Washington

On May 22nd 2018 we woke up to a perfect day in Northern Washington...So perfect in fact that the weather allowed us to fly our paragliders over the top of the entire Enchantment Mountain Range and then run Tumwater Canyon of the Wenatchee River at extremely high flows! (Both of which are normally very hard to nail) This day perfectly sums up the idea and of FLYAK...two different flow motion dynamic sports in one day, Air and Water! Still buzzing from it! Enjoy


Praying for better health and be doing the stuff that makes me happy.

Kanoshop Flyak

Wat doe je als je in de winter niets te doen hebt, je gaat met je kajak Indoor Skydiven! Met dank aan Indoor Skydive Roosendaal!

Coloma, California - FLYAK

Join EG on a little flow and fly trip durning California's rainy season. Enjoy some high water South Yuba River and with a little luck the skies cleared and we got a sweet flight from Sagebrush Mountain in foothills of the Sierra. Filmed Mid-March 2018!

Hydrofoil Kayak (Foilkayak)

Hydrofoil Kayak or Canoe which is the World's fastest kayak.

Gar flyak

flyak on the wall in the entrance.

Freerun athletе: Maksim Vazemiller

Grek Kirill - first independent flyak - KIDS - INSIDE Dancing

Новый Набор в Dancing Center INSIDE
Наш Адрес:
г. Чернигов Городской Дворец Культуры ул. Щорса 23
Дополнительная информация по телефону
063 161 93 28.....050 930 07 16


итог одного дня

Использование надувного гимнастического фляк-тренера Сальтуй в детских тренировках

Заказать надувной фляк-тренер Сальтуй можно на сайте:

Для гимнаста фляк — основной элемент, связующий и разгонный в акробатических комбинациях.

Для успешного выполнения сложных и красивых элементов нужна большая скорость, которую помогает развить #фляк. Поэтому важно тренировать фляк с максимальной скоростью, как вращательной, так и поступательной.

Устойчивый и эффективный тренажер для обучения флик-фляка способствует быстрому развитию спортсмена.

#Гимнастический фляк-мат Сальтуй используется для отработки акробатического упражнения – прыжка Фляк. Сальтуй подходит для любого возраста и уровня подготовки и благодаря удобной форме может использоваться для самостоятельных тренировок.

Широко используется в детских секциях #гимнастики, #акробатики, #черлидинга, #цирковых училищ и акробатических #танцев.

По бокам фляк-мата установлены ручки для удобства переноски.

Благодаря надувным спортивным снарядам TimeTrial AIR вам удастся избежать ошибок и возможных травм при выполнении гимнастических и акробатических трюков и элементов.

Dave Scadden's Stingray Flyak Disecting Stillwater

Dave Scadden's Stingray flyak makes it easy to disect stillwater and do it quickly and effectively. He uses an attractor Streamer pattern with a smaller trailer fly 20 inches behind. Cast out 80 ft of type 2- 4 sinking line then feed out line until it hits backing. He then lays the rod length wise securing the reel with his foot and letting rod rest on his knee or shoulder. He then wraps a loop of line around his hand to impart action with every stroke of the paddle and to detect strikes. He then paddles until he gets a strike. After landing the fish he then begins fan casting the adjacent area looking for more fish. During the Damsel hatch he will kneel and stand to spot cruising fish in the back bays then target them. Good quality polarized sunglasses are invaluable for this technique. In a nutshell... troll and fan cast to the backwater then stand and sight fish to cruising fish. Deadly effective!

8 turns flyak - street gymnasts



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