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Flyak - Kayak on a hydrofoil

kayak aquaplaning on a hydrofoil. check

K1 vs. K4 flyak- kajak 27km/h HQ

K1 won a race ageinst K4,this is the flyak.

Flyak - Hydrofoil Kayak Vs K1 Sprint Kayak

This is a prototype Flyak with hydrofoils blowing by a conventional olymipic style K1. The foils are under water of course, which is why this kayak looks so strange. Capable apparently of a 27 km/h top speed.


Praying for better health and be doing the stuff that makes me happy.

Argentina Flyak - November 2018

Patagonia is a land of fire and freedom. One of my biggest goals when I started to fly cross country was to fly from Bariloche to El Bolson through a very well known and whitewater rich corridor. The ultimate combination of my two biggest passions could easily be achieved here Kayak hard whitewater and fly big mountain lines with my paraglider. After a few weeks of hanging out in Pucon, where my older brother lives, I saw an amazing weather window down South. Without much hesitation I loaded up and sent a solo mission to the land of che, maté, milanesa, nafta, and tiny delicious empanadas. Enjoy some of my highlight from three days shredding in this amazing paradise.

Day 1 Flight Log -

Day 3 Flight Log -

Coloma, California - FLYAK

Join EG on a little flow and fly trip durning California's rainy season. Enjoy some high water South Yuba River and with a little luck the skies cleared and we got a sweet flight from Sagebrush Mountain in foothills of the Sierra. Filmed Mid-March 2018!

Kanoshop Flyak

Wat doe je als je in de winter niets te doen hebt, je gaat met je kajak Indoor Skydiven! Met dank aan Indoor Skydive Roosendaal!


итог одного дня

Dave Scadden's new 2020 Stingray Flyak

Dave Scadden's new 2020 Stingray Flyak raises the bar in the world of fishing kayaks. Dave's new Stingray is stable enough to sit and Fly or Spin Fish, Kneel and Fly Fish and stand and sight fish. The Stingray's exclusive rigid inflated floor system and finely tuned length and width offer a stable platform to spot fish at distance and make accurate casts. It can be set up for both one person as well as two person use making it extremely versitile. Dual detachable rod holders keep your rods within easy reach and a cool detachable keel keep you tracking straight. The best part is the fact that it is light enough to carry to remote access points and at the end of the day folds in to a suitcase size travel bag and into the trunk of a compact car. Kick back for a moment and you will see why the new flyak is the hottest fishing kayak on the planet.


мой первыи фляк

На тренировке - рандат фляк. In training - randat flyak

На тренировке - рандат фляк. In training - randat flyak. Спортивная гимнастика.

Hydrofoil Kayak (Foilkayak)

Hydrofoil Kayak or Canoe which is the World's fastest kayak.

Japanese flyak

Grek Kirill - first independent flyak - KIDS - INSIDE Dancing

Новый Набор в Dancing Center INSIDE
Наш Адрес:
г. Чернигов Городской Дворец Культуры ул. Щорса 23
Дополнительная информация по телефону
063 161 93 28.....050 930 07 16

flyak on the wall in the entrance.

Freerun athletе: Maksim Vazemiller

FLYAK - Leavenworth, Washington

On May 22nd 2018 we woke up to a perfect day in Northern Washington...So perfect in fact that the weather allowed us to fly our paragliders over the top of the entire Enchantment Mountain Range and then run Tumwater Canyon of the Wenatchee River at extremely high flows! (Both of which are normally very hard to nail) This day perfectly sums up the idea and of FLYAK...two different flow motion dynamic sports in one day, Air and Water! Still buzzing from it! Enjoy

Hydrofoil Kayak w/On Board Camera

Как БЫСТРО Сделать Фляк. Смог я, Сможешь и Ты!!! | Back Handspring Tutorial

Как ЛЕГКО и БЫСТРО сделать фляк (переворот назад)! БЕЗ ОБОРУДОВАНИЯ, БЕЗ РЕГИСТРАЦИИ И СМС!!!) Надеюсь, это не займет много твоего времени, удачи)

Туториал на заднее сальто:

Музыка: Сделай шаг, поверь в мечту (минус)

Как научиться Фляк за 2 тренировки (Flic Flac Tutorial)

По данному видеоуроку вы сможете изучить Фляк в кратчайшие сроки. Здесь рассмотрены 4 способа изучения, соответственно у вас будет выбор, какой из них использовать:
- Безбашенный;
- Правильный;
- Кропотливый;
- Быстрый.

Руководствуйтесь здравым смыслом, исходите из своих возможностей, разминайтесь и ни на мгновенье не забывайте о безопасности.

Удачных тренировок!)

Kadenza - Harpuia [NCS Release]
ПИКА – Патимейкер
Awolnation – Run
The Вйо - Зорі

Подписывайтесь на мой Патреон аккаунт:

Подписывайтесь на мой Boosty аккаунт:

North Cascades Flyak May 2019

Check out an arial tour of the mountains and river canyons of the Leavenworth area. In mid-may 2019 we had beautiful flying weather that allowed me to fly over two of the Northwest's most classic rivers (Tumwater Canyon and Icicle Creek) and then deep into and over top of the Enchantment Range at 12,000 feet. This is one of my favorite areas in the world because the easy accessibility to both of my passions, Free Flight and Whitewater. Enjoy the views



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