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Indoor Ultimate Frisbee Training Drills | Part 1

Rowan McDonnell walks you through 5 of his 10 best Ultimate Frisbee activities to do indoors to maintain a feel of the disc.

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- Make a team, then find another team to play against.
- Throw the frisbee to the other team in a way that is difficult to catch.
- Score one point for a completed catch.

Mixed Nationals 2017 - Sydney Friskee vs Melbourne Meraki (Semi Final)


Day 6 - (Flutter Guts Catching)

Daily Throwing Challenges

AFDA Strength & Conditioning Program - Talent Identification Level 1

Talent Identification Level 1

Day A
Push ups
Band Row

Day B
Lunge backward
Single leg bridge
Pike Press
Reverse Fly
Sumo Squat

Ultimate Frisbee Ep 1 | Learn the Forehand, Backhand and Hammer Throw Techniques | Home Advantage

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Jason Caffey Posterizes Danny Schayes

Jason Caffey just fathered Schayes on this one. January 26, 1996.

Week 8 Highlight - Jody Avirgan's Amazing Catch

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Guts 2018

song No Sleep by Martin Garrix (feat.Bonn)

Josh Hartzog: Defensive Drills

URCA 2015. A selection from Josh Hartzog's Session The Realities of being an Emerging Sport: Drills, Tips, and Suggestions for Practices with Limited Players or Field Space

Craig Stewart

semi sampler

Disc Dodge!

Throw, hit and catch all in one short video.

Disc Annihilation!

Disc Annihilation! An insanely entertaining fast-paced disc game that tests one's ability to dodge zipping ultimate discs while pegging other people with them instead.


Just a friendly game of Cower at Ultimax

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