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Flight archery


Flight bow competition

Training hey young lady how to shoot in traditional flight archery

Handboog vereniging True Flight Archery Muntendam

maandag ‎8 ‎september ‎2008

How an Olympic archer uses the clicker!

In this video you'll learn how to use a clicker the right way. The clicker is nothing more than an aiding device for some extra precision, not meant to dictate your shooting style! Make sure you don't rely on it so you can adapt to less-than-ideal situations.
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Eagle's Flight Navajo Jumbo Quiver Review at

Eagle's Flight Navajo Jumbo I Quiver

Eagle's Flight Navajo Jumbo Traditional Leaver Quiver w/ TradTech Logo

In this video we review the Navajo Jumbo Quiver from Eagle's Flight. Arrow quivers are popular products among the archers who shop at Lancaster Archery Supply.

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Archery Slow Motion Arrow Flight Cycle Slow Motion 5000fps

High speed video from last year (2013).
The video was taken to check arrow clearance and cycling as the arrows were not quite matched to the bow. As you can see, the arrow clears the button and rest fine

Taken at Lillieshall National Sports Center by EIS biomechanist Oliver Logan

Riser- Kaya K7-
Limbs- Kaya K3-
Rest- Shibuya Ultima-
Button- Beiter-
Sight Sure-Loc Quest-X-
Stabilisers- Arctec XXL-

Shafts- Easton X10-
Points- Ballistic Tungsten-
Fletchings- Eli Vanes, P2-
Nocks- Beiter In/Out

flight archery action

flight archery

flight archery

Flight & Clout Archery PedetaZawra Course

Kursus Lanjutan Kejurulatihan PedetaZawra November 2018

Flight archery coaching

World famous flight archer coaching her young lady and her technique and encouraging her to pull her bow further

1966 US Flight Archery Championships

flight archery

flight archery

In Flight Archery - A Tip On Limb Clearance and Bowhunting Waterfowl

Hunting ducks and geese with a bow is an awesome challenge and a great way to add weeks or even months to you archery season. Limb clearance is something you might overlook in your early morning setup but this little detail can really mess up a great opportunity. For a complete guide on getting started shooting aerial targets and birds with a bow, pick up this dvd

flight archery


2018 US Flight Archery Championships

Arvin Weaver, 50 pound Self Bow Record Broadhead Flight Shot

Archery Arrow Flight High Speed Video - Best angle

This is the best angle to view arrow flight.

Five-Year- Old Archer Shoots Flying Targets with Bow and Arrow - In Flight Archery

Five-year-old, Drake Oxnam, shoots flying targets out of the air with his longbow and flu flu arrows. Learn to shoot like Drake at Are you ready for the challenge of aerial archery?

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flight archery action

Flight archery training with Turkish overdraw ''siper''

Siper ile menzil atışı antrenmanı - Flight archery training with overdraw siper.
The siper (Turkish overdraw) is used to draw the flight arrow behind the grip which allows to shoot shorter and lighter arrows which travel further of course...
Typical flight arrows can weigh about 11, 12, 13 gram and can be e.g. 61, 62, 63 cm long. The grip is not held in the typical Turkish form, usually a cloth with wax is wrapped around the grip of the flight bow and the ''cengi bazi' grip is applied.
The difficulty is to hold the thumbring in the right angle and not to put too much pressure on the arrow with your index finger, because with the lightest pressure the arrow will come out of the siper and you will shoot the grip. So it is very dangerous. The real challenge is to do this with 120 + pound flight bows... What you see here is just training with a 45 lbs bow.
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