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Flight archery


Flight Archery in Bhutan

Flight shooting, in archery, a form of competition in which shooting for maximum distance is the object, with little or no regard for accuracy. For The IAA-Bhutan International Traditional Archery Tournament, this category was staged in the paddy fields of Paro.

It was also the first time female Bhutanese traditional archers participated in such tournaments.

The IAA-Bhutan International Traditional Archery Tournament held in Paro, Bhutan from 11 November to 14 November 2019 was a major gathering of the best archers from 10 countries from around the world; open to all archers, including women and children. The tournament includes 4 days of intense archery competition in various disciplines (3D, field, target, historical, Bhutanese) as well as several academic presentations to share scientific knowledge between various cultures and archery schools.

13 year old Malaysian, Ms. Dhia Darwisya bagged gold in the Mini category while 12 year old Mr. Muhammad Thaqif Hifzhan brought home silver in the same category. In the Senior category, Mr. Anuar Matsaat, 30, won 3rd place in the Flight Shooting under 50 lbs category.

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2015 World Flight Archery Championships Taiwanese archer Jack Hsu

2015 World Flight Archery Championships
World Archery(FITA Star) Flight Championships
Salt Flat, Utah, USA
Taiwanese archer Jack Hsu got :
Flight Archery Championships: Gold medal
(primitive complex composite 50lb class)
USA Broadhead Flight Championships: Gold medal
(primitive complex composite 50lb class)
世界射遠錦標賽World Archery (FITA Star) Flight Championships,是國際性比賽,飛行(射遠)射箭界中最大的盛事,迄今已舉辦了60餘年,堪稱世界上最嚴苛的比賽之一,地點位於美國猶他州鹽湖城鹽灘,此地乾燥高溫,必須克服人體與弓箭在比賽中的耐受度。

Flight archery training with Turkish overdraw ''siper''

Siper ile menzil atışı antrenmanı - Flight archery training with overdraw siper.
The siper (Turkish overdraw) is used to draw the flight arrow behind the grip which allows to shoot shorter and lighter arrows which travel further of course...
Typical flight arrows can weigh about 11, 12, 13 gram and can be e.g. 61, 62, 63 cm long. The grip is not held in the typical Turkish form, usually a cloth with wax is wrapped around the grip of the flight bow and the ''cengi bazi' grip is applied.
The difficulty is to hold the thumbring in the right angle and not to put too much pressure on the arrow with your index finger, because with the lightest pressure the arrow will come out of the siper and you will shoot the grip. So it is very dangerous. The real challenge is to do this with 120 + pound flight bows... What you see here is just training with a 45 lbs bow.
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Broadhead Flight Archery Training with Bamboo Bow tribute video

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Five-Year- Old Archer Shoots Flying Targets with Bow and Arrow - In Flight Archery

Five-year-old, Drake Oxnam, shoots flying targets out of the air with his longbow and flu flu arrows. Learn to shoot like Drake at Are you ready for the challenge of aerial archery?

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Flight & Clout Archery PedetaZawra Course

Kursus Lanjutan Kejurulatihan PedetaZawra November 2018

Archery Slow Motion Arrow Flight Cycle Slow Motion 5000fps

High speed video from last year (2013).
The video was taken to check arrow clearance and cycling as the arrows were not quite matched to the bow. As you can see, the arrow clears the button and rest fine

Taken at Lillieshall National Sports Center by EIS biomechanist Oliver Logan

Riser- Kaya K7-
Limbs- Kaya K3-
Rest- Shibuya Ultima-
Button- Beiter-
Sight Sure-Loc Quest-X-
Stabilisers- Arctec XXL-

Shafts- Easton X10-
Points- Ballistic Tungsten-
Fletchings- Eli Vanes, P2-
Nocks- Beiter In/Out

1966 US Flight Archery Championships

Flight archery coaching

World famous flight archer coaching her young lady and her technique and encouraging her to pull her bow further


in this video I take someone who has never used a bow before and teach him how to hit aerial targets using instinctive archery.
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2019 Vegas Archery shoot last day shooting flights

The first two days of the Vegas Archery shoot put you in a flight with archers who shot similar scores to you. You then shoot your last 30 arrows to see who wins.

Steven Hann
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Flight archery flu flu arow 1

flight archery action

Flight archery flu flu arow 3

Flight shooting 410m cu 65#- Tarnava Archery


In Flight Archery - A Tip On Limb Clearance and Bowhunting Waterfowl

Hunting ducks and geese with a bow is an awesome challenge and a great way to add weeks or even months to you archery season. Limb clearance is something you might overlook in your early morning setup but this little detail can really mess up a great opportunity. For a complete guide on getting started shooting aerial targets and birds with a bow, pick up this dvd

2018 US Flight Archery Championships

Arvin Weaver, 50 pound Self Bow Record Broadhead Flight Shot

Archery Arrow Flight High Speed Video - Best angle

This is the best angle to view arrow flight.

Recurve Bow strings Fast Flight vs 8125

Speed is always an issue for recurve archers. We look at the two popular string materials Fast Flight or BCY 652 has been a standard for recurve archers but latest trends is for recurve archers to shoot the 8125 material. We compare the speeds of both.

We then also compare the Win and Win Tornado arrows to the lightest carbon arrows the Carbon Tech McKinney.

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Archery slow motion compilation | Berlin 2017

Compilation of slow-motion footage of recurve and compound archers shooting at the Berlin 2017 Hyundai Archery World Cup stage in Germany.

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