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Flight archery


Flight archery training with Turkish overdraw ''siper''

Siper ile menzil atışı antrenmanı - Flight archery training with overdraw siper.
The siper (Turkish overdraw) is used to draw the flight arrow behind the grip which allows to shoot shorter and lighter arrows which travel further of course...
Typical flight arrows can weigh about 11, 12, 13 gram and can be e.g. 61, 62, 63 cm long. The grip is not held in the typical Turkish form, usually a cloth with wax is wrapped around the grip of the flight bow and the ''cengi bazi' grip is applied.
The difficulty is to hold the thumbring in the right angle and not to put too much pressure on the arrow with your index finger, because with the lightest pressure the arrow will come out of the siper and you will shoot the grip. So it is very dangerous. The real challenge is to do this with 120 + pound flight bows... What you see here is just training with a 45 lbs bow.
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In Flight Archery - Aerial Targets and Flu Flu Arrows - Trick Shooting - Self Thrown

Available in full HD
With just a little time before sundown, Derrick Oxnam managed to get out to loose just a few flu flu arrows at self thrown targets. Self thrown aerial targets are great practice and this video shows you why.

If you have any interest in getting into aerial trick shooting or hunting airborne birds with a bow, In Flight Archery's Introduction to Aerial Archery covers all the basics and is exactly what you need to get started. This DVD will save you time, money, and a lot of frustration. Get your DVD today at:

In Flight Archery's Introduction to Aerial Archery - DVD Trailer

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Join experienced archer, Derrick Oxnam as he shows how easy it is to shoot aerial targets of all kinds with a bow. By following these simple step-by-step chapters, you will be equipped with the right gear and techniques to be successful on even your first aerial target. Derrick takes the mystery out of this challenging sport and prepares you to harvest flying birds with your bow. it doesn't matter if you shoot longbows, recurves or compounds, this DVD will turn anyone into a true aerial archer.

If you were wondering what the little objects were that exploded into a pink mist, they were paintballs.

DVD Chapters

2.Basic Equipment
3.Fletching Flu Flus
4.Flu Flu Testing
5.Aerial Fundamentals
7.Shooting Exercises
8.Arrow Tip Selection
9.Dog Safety
10.Building Targets
11.Target Options
12.Pheasant Hunting

Total Video Run Time 1 hour 36 mintues
Available at

New Synthetic Flu Flu For Compounds Introduction Part 1 - Aerial Archery

These are the first tests of a new synthetic flu flu arrow attachment for compound bows to shoot aerial targets and for wingshooting. I will need beta testers for additional testing and feedback. To discuss this project, become a beta tester, and to discuss any other aerial archery topic, join me at

Watch Part 2 for the rest of that testing and even better shooting -

1966 US Flight Archery Championships

flight archery


"Sackstofftauben"-Schießen, selbstgeworfene Luftziele, in flight archery

In diesem Video seht ihr Eins meiner Luftziele. Die Sackstoff-Taube. Ein mit Stretch- und Packfolie gefüllter Jutesack. Am Sack habe ich ein Gurtband angenäht, damit er sich besser werfen lässt.

Underwater Archery - Slow Motion

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Underwater archery practice! If you've ever been curious about how a bow works underwater check this out.
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2018 US Flight Archery Championships

James E. Martin, Unlimited Conventional Broadhead Flight bow, 108 pounds draw weight at 30” draw

Testing whether wind from drones affects arrow flight

Danish archers Stephan Hansen and Martin Damsbo experiment with a drone to find out if the draft from the propellers affects the flight of an arrow. Filmed during the Legnica 2018 European Archery Championships with a DJI Mavic (Hansen’s own drone) and additional wide shots with a DJI Spark. More archery at and

NO FLY ZONE "Archery kill shots"

You will not believe this. Watch the most amazing archery wing shots ever recorded. Was it luck or is he some kind of freak? At 50 yards he leads his quarry by over 37 feet.Like Tim Wells & Relentless Pursuit on face book if you like the video!!

Archery is Awesome - Slow Motion (HD)

N'to - Trauma ft. Ethereal (Worakls Remix) Video Edit

Flight archery flu flu arow 2

2018 US Flight Archery Championships

Arvin Weaver, 50 pound Self Bow Record Broadhead Flight Shot

Traditional Archery arrow flight characteristics with my Bear Grizzly

Here's a try at getting a visual representation of some different arrow spine flight characteristics with my traditional recurve bow. I'm shooting an unfletched Easton Axis Traditional unfletched arrow, Beman Centershot .600 spine, and a .400 spine. you can really see on the very last shot with the .400 how it really kicks nock right as soon as it clears the riser. WAY over spined for my #45 Bear Grizzly and my 29.5' draw length.

Flight & Clout Archery PedetaZawra Course

Kursus Lanjutan Kejurulatihan PedetaZawra November 2018

Blazer SloMo Performance

Watch as Jim Burnworth shows you why the Blazer® has been the # 1 hunting vane IN THE WORLD for over 10 years! With slow motion video filmed at 9,000 frames per second, watch the Blazer's performance come to life!

The Blazer® Vane has dropped more jaws, hung more trophies, convinced more skeptics, and provided more big silly grins than all the knock-off, wanna-be, copy-cat vanes combined! This is the vane that, hands down, out-performs them all! It's designed for fixed-blade broadheads but is also perfect for crossbows and 3D archery. The Blazer® Vane, with its unique design, begins steering and correcting immediately - making believers out of bow hunters and target shooters alike! The combination of the steep leading edge angle and its material properties enables air to flow over the vane in a manner that actually creates lift. This leaves the tip of each vane inside undisturbed air, similar to the drafting principle used in auto racing. This airflow also makes the tip of each vane to act like a rudder, which is noticeable at longer distances with the flatter trajectory Blazer® Vanes provide. We recommend fletching Blazer® vanes with a helical for perfect results.

What's in your quiver? If it doesn't say Blazer® and carry the Bohning® logo, it's not a REAL BLAZER. Only Bohning makes the Blazer Vane, and we proudly print our name on each one. It's not just the profile that sets us apart from look-a-likes, our proprietary material has been tested in extreme conditions to make sure it doesn't fail you when it really counts. Don't be fooled by copycats. If it doesn't say Bohning, it's not a Blazer and it won't perform like one.

The Blazer Vane measures 2 (50.8mm) in length, 0.57 (14.5mm) in height, and weighs an average of 6.0 grains (388.8 mg). Like all Bohning vanes, the base of the Blazer Vane is pre-primed for optimal adhesion.

Proudly manufactured at the Bohning Factory in Lake City, Michigan, United States.

Turkish Archery : Sadabat Archery Show

Turkish Traditional Archery show at the Sadabat Summer Festivities, 25th of May 2008, Istanbul. We reenacted several Turkish and Ottoman archery diciplines, including flight archery, puta shooting as well as war archery.

Archery slow motion compilation | Berlin 2017

Compilation of slow-motion footage of recurve and compound archers shooting at the Berlin 2017 Hyundai Archery World Cup stage in Germany.

See more archery at and

Shooting Flying Archery Targets Thrown From Laporte - New!

After a few different injuries, I am glad to be back shooting flying targets with my bow. I change it up by shooting a Sky TDX 17 ILF recurve and knock some of the dust off the foam disks thrown by my Laporte Phoenix 65T.
I just launched a new forum exclusively for aerial archers and those that are interested in learning more about shooting flying targets with a bow. This forum is only a couple days old, so I really need your help to get it off the ground. Please come register and share your experiences, ask questions, and plan local shoots with archers in your area. Join me at



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