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How To Dress for Fall and Winter Kayak Fishing - PART 1

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In this video, I discuss my approach to dressing with interchangeable pieces for winter kayak fishing and how to use the pieces throughout the progression of colder and colder weather and how to deal with cold mornings and warm days.

Kayak Bass Fishing Challenge Series:

fishing in sketch nasty stuff - dont do this... catch and cook

Usually I'm very cautious about lightning but we pushed it today. It was far enough away I think... but that could change so stay safe fellers.

Got to do a catch and cook though and those guys were super tasty guys.

Gear used (amazon affiliate):
lure: downsouth lures super model

Best Fishing Video | Kids Fishing By Daily Village Life (Part-15)

Best Fishing Video | Kids Fishing By Daily Village Life (Part-15)

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Crappie Fishing With A Bobber and Live Minnows

Folk's today we fish with live minnows under a bobber. This is a great technique for fall or spring fishing. We catch some nice crappie, and a nice Slab too! I hope you enjoy the video! God bless.

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oggi misto pesca a surfcasting, piu' paf, su fondale da rock fishing con l'innesco del paguro

signori, salve a tutti. finalmente dopo due settimane ritorno a pesca. un dicembre veramente brutto, sempre vento e mare mosso. ma neanche oggi e' mancato il vento. tutto sommato la passione per la pesca nonche' il volersi rilassare davanti il mare, dopo 5 ore d attesa qualcosa e' accaduto. chissa' cos'e' accaduto!! un abbraccio a tutti da orata fra fishing!

Finding free fishing lures!

I this video I search the bank of a drained lake looking for fishing lures!

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30 SPECIES IN 30 DAYS Ep 4 - Bridge Fishing

An attempt at Gag Grouper and other critters! Threw soft plastics both big and small at the Tampa area bridges both main bay and back water. Looking for stuff like Tarpon, snook, and gags. Some results came back positive. Others head scratchers.

▬▬Gear Used/Discussed▬▬
Setup #1
Penn Spinfisher VI 2500-
7' Jigging World Nexus Rod -
15lb Finatic Braid -
40lb Flourocarbon Leader -

Setup #2
Okuma Epixor 4000 -
Dark Matter MH Rod -
15lb Power Pro -
40lb Trikfish Flouro Leader -

Gag Grouper Caught On:
Elias Shad Gray & Whites -
1.5 oz S&S Jighead -

Pompano caught on:
3 Doa Paddletail -
3/8 oz Z-man Headlockz -

Kayak used:

Measuring Device -
Measuring Device Cradle -

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#pompano #gaggrouper #ladyfish

Net Fishing | Catching Fish With Cast Net | Net Fishing in the village (Part-74)

Net Fishing | Catching Fish With Cast Net | Net Fishing in the village (Part-74)

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What Size Saltwater Spinning Reels I Use and Why (Rods, Fishing Line Too)

What size spinning reels are good for saltwater fishing? In this video I show the three different combos I use all the time on this channel and what each one is used for. They all have specific purposes when targeting different fish in particular locations. You don't have to invest a ton of money in fishing gear either. All of the combos that I fish with are very reasonably priced.

Salty Scales Apparel

1. This is my 2500 BG series Diawa spinning reel combined with a Zebco Rhino rod (6' 6 long). It's spooled with Berkeley Triline Big Game fishing line, 12 lb. test. This set up is used for smaller saltwater fish and some bigger species that I'd catch in open water areas.

Daiwa BG 2500

Rhino Spinning Rod 6' 6

2. The 4000 Penn Pursuit 2 is the best all around sized reel I use. It will handle good sized fish that I might hook into while shore fishing and also is a fair choice for some smaller species. This reel is combined with an Ugly Stik Elite 7' rod.

Penn Pursuit 2 Reel

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod 7' - Medium Heavy

3. For the big fish I use a Penn Pursuit 2 6000 sized reel. I've caught monster snook, redfish and even a goliath grouper that was close to the 100 lb. range with this reel. It's paired with an Ugly Stik Big Water 7' medium/heavy rod.

Penn Pursuit 2 Reel

Ugly Stik Bigwater 7' Medium/Heavy

Good Reasonably Priced Braid Line

These are all good sized saltwater spinning reels for fishing from shore or bridges. If you plan on doing off shore fishing, I'd recommend bumping up your reel size. There are some monster fish off shore.

CATTURA RARISSIMA PESCANDO A TROUT AREA!!! Imparando la divertente tecnica del Bottom Fishing

Pescata a trout area: mentre stavo sperimentando la tecnica del bottom fishing ecco una rarissima cattura di un pesce particolare. Buona visione 😀

I miei social:
Instagram ----
Facebook -----

Attrezzatura usata:
Canna: ValkeIN Break Through XcsFeeD 6’1SGL
Mulinello: Nomura Aichi LS 1000 Trout Area
Esca da Bottom: God Hands Exa spoon

Dicembre 2018

Winter pike fishing wt zherlitsa in Russia on the first ice. Рыбалка на щуку зимой с жерлицами.

Video owner/создатель видео -

Net Fishing | Catching Big Fish With Cast Net | Net Fishing in the village (Part-77)

Net Fishing | Catching Fish With Cast Net | Net Fishing in the village (Part-77)

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JIGHEAD TV: Full moon fishing in Dubai or Lemon & Herb Sea bream

Short morning Dubai fishing session, despite the full moon we managed to get some strikes and bites.

Gear used:
Rod - Favorite Skyline 6-21g

Softbait - Carzy Fish Power tail

Die-Hard Jighead -

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Is this $79 fishing reel up for the challenge?

***Is this $79 fishing reel up for the challenge?***
*** instagram - h2ovinyldesigns ***
*** ***


Today I was trying out a reel that is substantially cheaper than most of my other gear. The reel was offered to me by Piscifun ( ) in exchange for me to do a video reviewing it.

So here is what I though. The reel feels very nice out of the box. It is a light weight smooth feeling reel. I think it has a cool/mean looking design and I like the sound of the drag. As for performance, I didn't have any issues and I am happy with it. I will continue to use it for Mackerel fishing, as that is a great way to test the durability of a reel. I'll keep you guys posted.

Here is their website so you can check out all the specs for yourself.

Piscifun Amazon store
Reel at:


Piscifun Lunker line:

Fishing Reel Line Spooler:


MONSTER Northern Pike caught while ice fishing

I been chasing a MONSTER Northern Pike over 40 Inches for quite a few years. Today I made that dream a Reality and landed one while ice fishing!! Caught it on a Sullivan Tip Down. A Green one especially!! Go to Sullivan Tip Down and get your own!! Check out the great pages and gear below!
Popular Videos
Soft Plastics for Multi-species
Tagteaming MASSIVE Devils Lake Perch
Springtime equals MONSTER BLUEGILLS!!!!
My Gear

Sullivan Tip Downs
Tuned Up Custom Rods
MarCum LX-7
MarCum Lithium Shuttle, Black
Engel 30Qt Live Bait Cooler
Otter Pro Lodge Thermal Hub
CLAM IA Ascent Float Bib
Muck Boot Men's Arctic Pro
Striker Transporter Ice Fishing
13 Fishing Wicked Long Stem
Eskimo F1R08 F1 Rocket Auger 8
GoPro HERO5 Black — Waterproof
GoPro HERO5 Session - Waterproof

330 MaNiac FB
330 MaNiac intagram

Net Fishing | Catching Lot of Fish By Cast Net | Fishing with beautiful nature (Part-35)

Net Fishing | Catching Lot of Fish By Cast Net | Fishing with beautiful nature (Part-35)

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Burbot TipUps Fishing on the Alaskan Ice

Steve partners up with Brandt Meixell to utilize local techniques to pull the unique Burbot species from the frigid waters. Handheld jigging passes the time while the duo waits for the exclaimed “FLAG” shouts. The successes are exclaimed from the tipups’ raised flags on the ice.

Watch the video for more on these unique fish that Steve proclaims, “Like a bullfrog made love to a snake. That’s a good lookin’ fish man.”

Best Fishing Video (Part-99)

Best Fishing Video (Part-99)

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RE-POST!!! Unbelievably, my most popular video was somehow deleted/removed from my channel! This was from around this time 2 years ago and the video had over 1.2 MILLION VIEWS!!! I was doing some Winter bass fishing from shore since the boat ramp was being repaired when I was approached by the Game Warden. This video received a ton of attention and sparked some colorful conversation, so I'm very disappointed that it was removed. Thanks for watching it again if you've already seen it and enjoy if it's your first time!

*Links to some of the bait & tackle I use:

Johnson ThinFisher Blade Bait:
Smelly Jelly Attractant:
Seaguar Invizx Fluorocarbo Line:
Sunline SX1 Braid:
Shimano Stradic Reel:
St. Croix Legend Tounament Rods:

*Costa Del Mar Sunglasses:

*North Face Jacket:

*My camera equipment:

Current GoPro equivalent:
External Audio Mic:
Open Side Skeleton Housing:
GoPro Chest Mount:

*Amazon Associates Hyperlinks

Best Fishing Video | Kids Fishing By Daily Village Life (Part-16)

Best Fishing Video | Kids Fishing By Daily Village Life (Part-16)

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