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Field target


Gamo Field Target Ziel


Чемпионат России 2018, день 4-5, ХФТ (Хантинг Филд Таргет)

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TX 200 MK III .177 Field Target Trophy

Here a new rifle that I will be demonstrating. the TX 200 is capable of farther distance than 25 yards, but I feel that 25 yards is a good range for spring rifles because not all rifles shoot that well at this distance.

Rifle; Air Arms TX 200 MK III
Scope; Barska, airguns rated, 3-12X40 AO scope
Pellets; H & N Field Target Trophy .177 8.64 gr

Field Target Venezuela 1


9 Inch Rinehart Field Target - Review

The 9 inch Rinehart Field Target, or RFT for short, is a target that was designed to be taken anywhere. Rinehart's website proclaims the RFT, the ultimate go-anywhere practice partner.

I'm shooting 50 pounds of draw with a 125 grain field point on the end and the RFT can easily stop my arrows. It was built to withstand the much faster feet per second modern compounds and crossbows, so all of you shooting traditional equipment will not suffer from pass throughs.

You just can't beat such a versatile little target for under 40 bucks. I ordered mine from 3Rivers Archery supply and I got them within a week. Throw it in the car, or down a hill, the Rinehart Field Target will always land on its base, and always give you something to shoot at.

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Alvo de Field Target para treino

Alvo metálico revestido com papel

World Field Target Championship Episode 8

Kill Zone Field Target

Silueta para Field Target, mecanismo de Kill Zone. Econòmica.

Field Target Championship 2018 Promo

How to shoot a field archery target

A field archer’s greatest challenge is beating the course. Great Britain’s Chris White, the 2004 World Archery Field Champion, takes us through his thought process when he approaches a target on the course. More archery at and

Alvo Field Target -

Fabricado em Aço Carbono, silhueta com espessura de 3,1mm com acabamento zincado preto, o que garante muito mais durabilidade e mantem por muito mais tempo o acabamento preto da silhueta. A silhueta pode ser trocada com apenas 3 parafusos. A silhueta tem Kill Zone de 50mm, e pode ser diminuida com obturadores de 40mm, 30mm, 20mm e 15mm.
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adjustable stock for field target

Tips That Will Make You a Better Air Rifle Field Target Shooter

In this segment, Harold Rushton shares some major keys that will make you a better air rifle field target competitor. These tips come from Harold Rushton's experience competing at air rifle competitions such as local, state and regional air rifle competitions and AAFTA (American Airgun Field Target Association) National Championships and WFTF (World Field Target Federation World Championships.)

Harold has shot air rifle field target in nine different countries over the past 15 years, is a former National Championship, has placed 2nd in the World in the Spring Piston Division, 8th in the World in the PCP Division, (and overall) as well as, winning many other Field Target matches over the years. So, check out this segment for some tips that could make you a better air rifle Field Target competitor.

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Hunting Field Target. Diseño de campo

En 20 minutos hacemos un repaso de las principales características que han de cumplir tanto los blancos como los puestos de tiro de una competición de Hunting Field Target (HFT.

South Alabama Slingshot Association Field Target Competition June 21, 2014

Held at Little River State Forest Hiking Trail.

World Field Target Championships 2019 - The Closing Ceremony

Today on Air Arms TV we are at the award ceremony of the World Field Target Championships; watch exclusive interviews from Air Arms Captain John Farbrother and competitor Stephen Privett as well as view the behind-the-scenes footage.

Watch the previous 2019 World Field Target Championship films here -

Episode 1 | The Opening Ceremony -

Episode 2 | Competition Days -

So who won what? Episode three is from the last day of the World Field Target Championships which were held recently at Heart of England conference centre in the West Midlands, England.

There’s behind the scenes footage of the spectacular closing ceremony and prize giving where Team Spain won overall first place out of 23 nations, England claimed second and Wales took third place.

There’s also an exclusive interview with Air Arms Team Captain John Farbrother who won third place in the pistol class - he gives his thoughts on the difficulty of the three courses as well as advice on how to end up on the podium. In addition, competitor Stephen Privett is quizzed about winning first place in the same class plus he explains what he thought of the competition as a whole.

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Hawke optics miras telescopicas field target chile

Descripcion de miras telescopicas hawke, ventas en
mas detalles en

Teil 1_Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Hunter-Field-Target und Field-Target

Hallo Zusammen,

heute mal ein kleiner und einfacher Erklärungsversuch zum Thema Unterschied zwischen HFT und FT für all diejenigen die noch nichts davon wissen, oder nur ein wenig. Ich hoffe es wird euch helfen und wir sehen uns mal auf den Lanes.

Liebe Grüße
LutzDe Hess

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