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Field target


Tips That Will Make You a Better Air Rifle Field Target Shooter

In this segment, Harold Rushton shares some major keys that will make you a better air rifle field target competitor. These tips come from Harold Rushton's experience competing at air rifle competitions such as local, state and regional air rifle competitions and AAFTA (American Airgun Field Target Association) National Championships and WFTF (World Field Target Federation World Championships.)

Harold has shot air rifle field target in nine different countries over the past 15 years, is a former National Championship, has placed 2nd in the World in the Spring Piston Division, 8th in the World in the PCP Division, (and overall) as well as, winning many other Field Target matches over the years. So, check out this segment for some tips that could make you a better air rifle Field Target competitor.

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Today I am going to review the H&N FIELD TARGET TROPHY 5.5MM.





Word Field Target Championship 2016 and Air Chrony

Air Chrony is an official partner Word Field Target Championship 2016 in Portugal!
Air Chrony se stalo oficiálním partnerem Mistrovství světa FT 2016 v Portugalsku.

DeadEye how to: Scope Temp Shift

Beginners guide to scope temperature shift for Field Target

Scope I'm talking about...
UTG Accushot 4-16x56

Team chileno de Field Target en mundial NZ 2014, Walther Rotex R8 SPA P12

En este capitulo revisamos la participacion de los chilenos en el ultimo mundial de Field Target atravez del comentario de Rene Vasquez y mostramos el Walther Rotex R8, El modelo de Impact Airguns GSX 100 y un duro competidor para el Hw 97 K y el TX 200....el nuevo Walther LGU

Rinehart Field Target Ball Review

This video is my personal review of the RFT or Target Ball from Rinehart. In this video I discuss some of the good qualities of this product, as well as a few negatives. Overall this is an awesome little target! I highly recommend it and give it my personal stamp of approval. This product is available anywhere Rinehart products are sold. Thank you!

Alvo de Field Target para treino

Alvo metálico revestido com papel

Hunting Field Target. Diseño de campo

En 20 minutos hacemos un repaso de las principales características que han de cumplir tanto los blancos como los puestos de tiro de una competición de Hunting Field Target (HFT.

H&N Field Target Trophy 5,55mm Ballistic Coefficient, Weihrauch HW100 .22 PCP Air Rifle

Measuring the Ballistic Coefficient of H&N Field Target Trophy 5,55mm, 14.66 gr pellets, Weihrauch HW100 T FAC .22
Weihrauch HW100 T FAC .22 PCP air rifle
Leapers Accushot 8-32x56 UTG SWAT scope
Precision 22 suppressor / moderator
H&N Field Target Trophy 5,55mm 14.66 grains pellets
Homemade chronograph Screens
SoftChrono and OnTarget Precision Calculator
The Batcave Indoor Range

TX 200 MK III .177 Field Target Trophy

Here a new rifle that I will be demonstrating. the TX 200 is capable of farther distance than 25 yards, but I feel that 25 yards is a good range for spring rifles because not all rifles shoot that well at this distance.

Rifle; Air Arms TX 200 MK III
Scope; Barska, airguns rated, 3-12X40 AO scope
Pellets; H & N Field Target Trophy .177 8.64 gr

LG 110 Field Target Converting to an external velocity adjuster - STEYR Sportwaffen

ATTENTION! Only to be carried out by competent gunsmiths! Adhere the guarantee clauses of STEYR Sportwaffen!

2015 World Hunter Field Target Championship at the Kelmarsh Country Show

The 2015 World Hunter Field Target Championships were held at the Kelmarsh Country Show that took place over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

The Championship is renowned for being the World's biggest airguning competition, with a whopping 360 competitors fighting for their chances to win the prestigious championship title. There were entrants from around the World, from as far as Lithuania.

The competition was fierce as so many talented shooters fired their guns in the hope of stealing the World Championship title. However it was Vince Holland who put on an outstanding performance with his Air Arms FTP 900, and kept his game consistent throughout.

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H&N Field Target Trophy Pellets BC Measured at Different Distances - Hatsan AT44 PCP air rifle

H&N Field Target Trophy Pellets BC Measured at Different Distances.
Hatsan AT44 .177 PCP air rifle.
Hawke ChairGun, SoftChrono

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JSB Exact .177 BC

JSB Ultra Shock Heavy .22 BC

H&N FTT, JSB Exact, Technogun Strike.177 BC

Technogun Strike .22 BC

H&N Baracuda BC with adapted Ingalls tables

DIY IR Sensors for Ballistic Chronograph

SoftChrono and IR Sensors

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ANSCHÜTZ 9015 ONE FIELD TARGET - Schaftkappe / Butt plate

Mehr Informationen zum ANSCHÜTZ 9015 ONE FIELD TARGET:

More information about the ANSCHÜTZ 9015 ONE FIELD TARGET:

© J.G. Anschütz GmbH & Co. KG

Hatsan AT44 H&N Field Target Trophy ballistic coefficient

This video shows the results of ballistic coefficient calculated using data gathered from projectile velocity measured at muzzle of an AT44 .177 and at a distance (two chronographs were used). The AT44 velocity was adjusted during the measurements, varying from about 800 to over 1,000 fps. Did the resultant BC values changed along velocities?

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World Field Target Championship Episode 9

Minuto de Ángulo (MOA) para Field Target y Como hacer una Tabla de Compensaciones

Aprende a utilizar los minutos de Ángulo para el Field Target y a crear tu propia tabla de compensaciones.
En el Field Target la distancia en los tiros puede variar desde los 10 hasta los 50 metros, por eso tenemos que tener una tabla de correcciones o de compensaciones, la forma más fácil de hacerlo es con los minutos de ángulo. Para hacerlo, hay que poner un blanco a la distancia a la que queremos saber la compensación necesaria, en mi caso empecé con 50 metros y hacer un grupo sin ajustes. Así podré ver a esa distancia cuanto cae el diabolo y saber cuánto compensar. En mi caso, el diabolo cayó 1.9 cm con esa información solo queda calcular cuantos minutos de ángulo hay que ajustar y ponerlo en mi tabla de compensaciones! A 50 m un minuto de ángulo es igual a 1.45 cm eso significa que yo tengo que ajustar mi mira telescópica 1.3 minutos de ángulo para dar justo en el centro. Ahora sí, solo me queda poner en mi tabla que a 50 metros tengo que ajustar 10 clicks para dar en el centro.
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Si quieres aprender más de cómo tirar te invito a que visites nuestra playlist de Aprendiendo a Disparar, en la que podrás aprender más a fondo de los Minutos de Ángulo y cómo usarlos! Saludos!

World Field Target Championship Episode 3

Ein Zielfernrohr einmetern für's Field-Target

Field Target Marshall Course



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