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Field target


Extreme Benchrest 2019 Field Target and Big Bore Airgun Competition

We are pleased to complete the first day of the 9th Annual Extreme Benchrest competition in Arizona! Over 150 competitors had a great time competing in American Field Target and Extreme Big Bore as well as sighting in for the rest of the competition. Enjoy the highlight video!

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AMERICAN Field Target Airgun Competition @ Extreme Benchrest

A new event at the 2016 Extreme Benchrest competition, American Field Target! This high power event takes traditional FT shooting to the next level with targets set out at ranges as far as 100 yards, and requires powerful sporting style airguns to shoot the match. The event was geared towards allowing typical equipment common to the precharged airgun world to allow the mass of the American airgun shooters a new format for competing.

For details on the competition, head over to for information.

Benjamin Marauder Field And Target Air Rifle

Marauder Field and Target—Benjamin’s Definitive M-Rod

The Marauder Field and Target, the first fully-regulated Marauder, an airgun that gives shooters everything they loved about the Marauder with more shots than ever before.

Benjamin Marauder Field And Target Air Rifle

New Products at Pyramyd Air (Updated Daily)

Air Arms FTP 900 Field Target Rifle

Sometimes, you do get what you pay for, and the Air Arms FTP 900 air rifle is a prime example. It delivers the goods...and then some. Never wonder, again, if you'll hit your mark.

Guns made by Air Arms have earned an international reputation as being among some of the finest in the world. They're unmatched when it comes to the metal finishing and superb stocks. Because the FTP 900 PCP is so adjustable, it'll fit you like a custom rifle. Once you buy an Air Arms airgun, you'll be spoiled and never again be satisfied with the run-of-the-mill airguns you used to buy.

Air Arms FTP 900 Field Target PCP Air Rifle


Daystate Tsar Field Target Rifle

British manufacturer, Daystate LTD, in collaboration with a Russian airgun manufacturer have designed and a feature rich model they are calling the Tsar. This laminate stocked rifle has adjustments to satisfy the most demanding shooter in any shooting position. The Tsar is available now:

EDIT - Daystate is located in Staffordshire. Our apologies.



Field Target With AIRGUN CHAMPIONS | American Airgunner TV

This week on American Airgunner, Rossi Morreale is in the United Kingdom shooting Field Target with Airgun Champions in the birthplace of field target competitions. The crew is in Bisley, England at the Bisley Field Target Organisation which is also one of the biggest clubs in the country. Field target and Hunter Field Target were the 2 types of competitions that Rossi was able to participate in and observe with the help of competitors from both fields. Rossi was able to spend time learning about field target from Justin Wood (PCP Shooter and Steve Privett (Spring Shooter), both are championship level shooters. Rossi finishes out the episode trying his hand at hunter field target. Tune in as Rossi learns a lot about these various disciplines.

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World Field Target Championship Episode 10

The ABC of HFT

So what is Hunter Field Target? We join HFT shooter Roger Lait on a UKAHFT shoot in Sussex to explain the sport - and find out what makes it one of the fastest-growing and most welcoming sports in the country.

This item appears in AirHeads, episode 22. To watch the whole show go to

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Hunter Field Target Shooting with Team Air Arms

Today on Air Arms TV, we’re at the misfits shooting club for the first round of the UKAHFT National Series. We follow the Air Arms HFT team as they take part in the competition and discuss what the sport means to them.

Hunter Field Target shooting requires competitors to shoot at a number of targets set at several distances with varying kill zones. The vast majority of the target are shot from a prone position, but also they take shots kneeling and standing. Unlike field target, HFT doesn’t allow sitting shots and butt-hooks.

Within HFT there are many shooting classes for all experience levels. The main shooting class is the Open, this is where the vast majority of shooters compete. The other classes include recoiling, ladies, .22, junior and finally veterans.

Throughout the year there are a number of hunter field target competitions. The UKAHFT National Series takes place across the country from April – October. The World Hunter Field Target Championship is another big two-day event. The Air Arms RSN10 and International are also two very popular competitions.

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HFT - what does it cost?

Hunter Field Target is well known for not being a costly sport. But how much is not costly? In the final part of his series 'The ABC of HFT', Roger Lait looks at the options.

his item appears in AirHeads, episode 41. To watch the show on YouTube, go to

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Getting to Know Air Arms Field Target Shooter Jack Harris

Today on Air Arms TV, we recently caught up with Jack Harris, two time World FT Champion and winner of the BFTA Series for the last four years running for a chat about this shooting career.

How long have you been shooting air rifles?
I’ve been shooting for about 14 years, but this is my 10th year shooting field target.

What do you enjoy most about competing?
I don’t like competing until it’s over. I sometimes feel very stressed when it comes to the actual shooting. It can be difficult to enjoy, however once it’s all finished I want to do it all over again!

Why did you decide to shoot field target?
I used to shoot HFT, but a new club opened at Nelson FTC, when my dad and I went there our shooting instantly improved. He brought me an Air Arms EV2, but only if I was going to have a good go at FT. So I stuck at it for a year and here we are.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into field target shooting?
Enjoy yourself and don’t pressure yourself into anything. Join a club because and learn as much as you can from other shooters.

Which is more challenging: the BFTA National Series or the Worlds?
The BFTA series is harder! You’ve got to shoot at the top of your game for 6 months. It also includes a lot of travelling and suspense in between shoots. In the Worlds you just turn up and shoot well for 3 days, if you win happy days. If you don’t you haven’t lost anything because you shouldn’t expect to win the Worlds.

What is your current set-up?
I use the Air Arms Evolution 2 in a custom stock with a Nshutz 4765 butthook and big Nikko 10-50×60 scope.

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Walther LG400 Field Target Air Rifle Review

Walther LG400 Field Target Air Rifle Review

John Farbrother - 2018 BFTA & WFTC Springer champion - from Optics Warehouse reviews the Walther LG400 field target air rifle.

Speciality products from the specialist – taking this as our motto, the LG400 Field Target model seamlessly builds on the success of its LG300 predecessor.

• System LG400-M
• Expert aluminium stock with precision setting
• Wooden attachment parts PROTOUCH lacquered
• 16 j pressure reducer
• Maxi steel cylinder
• EXPERT hook butt plate
• Butt plate rod (2753111) with 5 weights (2753138) of 30 g each
• Barrel length 565 mm, barrel jacket 495 mm
• Special tube
• Adjustable aluminium barrel bushing
• Fore-end elevation
• Aluminium trigger guard
• Without sights, without foresight holder

So what is Field Target (FT) : British FT Masters 2019

Ever wondered what Field Target was in the air rifle world ?
Airgunology was invited to film and interview at the recent BFTA British championships held at Blackbrook Country Sports. It was educational for me and hopefully for anyone interested in knowing more about FT

British Field Target Association Website

Blackbrook Country Sports Website

Airgunology Website and Forum

Airgunology Facebook Group
Facebook Group

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Learning From Champions | Field Target Airgun Shooting Tips

Rossi heads across the pond to Great Britain where Field Target began. He meets up with champions Justin Wood (PCP) and Steve Privett (Springer) to take a look at their field target airgun setups and listen to what tips they have on the course!

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World Field Target Championship Episode 5

What is Airgun Field Target?

Welcome to Team Wild TV's informative seven part series on the WFTF World Field Target Championship of 2013, held in the beautiful countryside of Ebern, Germany. Team Wild covered the championship at the end of August and now it's our goal to bring you full and detailed coverage of the entire event from start to finish. From the history of the sport to the playful banter between teams of shooters, for the next seven days we'll be bringing you a video per day giving you insight to the sport, the craftsmanship and the individual personalities that brought this championship to life.

On tonights episode we find out more about the history and rules of the sport, giving you an inside look at the shooters involved, a break down of the equipment they utilise and what exactly field target is.

Following John Costello, this years 2013 World Champion, Team Wild opens the doors to a rather niche sport and follows the emotions from the eager beginnings to the tense end. If you haven't had a chance to look into our earlier videos following the WFTF World Championship be sure to check out our playlist of our previous onsite coverage:

Part 02:

Best Field Target Riflescopes Of 2018 - Quick-Fire Review

Shaun and John Farbrother - 2018 BFTA & WFTC SPRINGER CHAMPION - from OpticsWarehouse give their round-up on the Best Field Target Riflescopes of 2018.

01:00 : Hawke Sidewinder 8-32x56
01:42 : Falcon T50 10-50x60
02:48 : Nikko Stirling Diamond 10-50x60
03:42 : Sightron SIII 10-50x60
04:47 : Schmidt & Bender FT MK2 12.5-50x56
06:32 : Delta Stryker 5-50x56

Listen to what Shaun and John have got to say for more info.


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HFT Masters - the First Competition

It's the first ever HFT Masters air rifle competition. Held at Lea Valley Shooting ground near Hertford, the event attracted world champions and novices alike from across the country. With top class course designer Ian Bainbridge involved with it alongside competitive HFT shot Roger Lait it was always going to be a strong addition to the shooting calendar.

Disabled shooter Jamie Chandler is also competing in what is being described as one of the most inclusive air rifle shooting ever.

This item appears in AirHeads, episode 35. To watch the show on YouTube, go to

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Field Target - Schusspositionen und passende Ausrüstung

Welche Schusspositionen gibt es beim #FieldTarget und welches Equipment kann beim schießen unterstützen?
Zusammen mit einem Team von Anschütz haben wir dieses Video erstellt.

- Produktplatzierung-
Natürlich gibt es auch Produkte anderer Hersteller die einen beim schießen unterstützen.
Das #Gewehr ist mein eigenes, das andere Equipment wurde für das Video von Anschütz zur Verfügung gestellt.

Die hohe Bildqualität, sowie den tollen Schnitt verdanken wir den Profis von Anschütz. Das Video baut auf meinem ersten Video zu dem Thema Field Target auf:


Ich freue mich riesig über eure Unterstützung:

Vielen Dank! :-)

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