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Ferret legging


Top 10 Weirdest Sports in the World - Part 2!

Ninh explains the Top 10 Weirdest Sports in the World.
The most obscure sport and strange sports are explained right here by Ninh Ly.

Learn about calcio storico, hornussen, toe wrestling, ferret legging, hobbyhorsing, buzkashi, redneck games, fierljeppen, bo taoshi, ultimate tazer ball, slaps and more.

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Top 10 Most Bizarre Sports In The World

10. Underwater Hockey: Just like field hockey, ice hockey or air hockey, the objective is to use a stick (or a paddle in case of air hockey) to hit a puck or ball into the opponent’s goal. The teams consist of 6 players.
9. Bossaball: This sport originated in Spain and is slowly growing in popularity. It is definitely a sport for the adrenaline filled athletes. Based on the concept of the sport volleyball, bossaball’s rules are similar except for part where there is a trampoline involved. Players jump and either kick or hit the ball over the net into the opponent’s area. There are 3 to 5 players on each team and a point is awarded when the ball touches the floor.
8. Wife Carrying: Wife Carrying has its roots in Finland (where else right?), where the men carry their wives through obstacle courses in the shortest time. The funny thing is that most of the women are just as capable of carrying their husbands through the course. The winning husband wins his wife’s weight in beer.
7. Dog Surfing: It started in San Diego and spread across most parts of America and is very common in Australia as well. As simple as training your dog to stay upright on a surf board while catching some waves. There are many competitions that take place in California on a yearly basis and they draw crowds from all over.
6. Unicycle Polo: The sport has the exact same rules as polo but, trust me, it is a lot harder. The objective is to strike the ball into the opponent’s goal with the wooden mallet while maintaining balance on the cycle.
5. Caber Toss: Caber Toss is something that hails from breathtaking Scotland. The object of the sport is not really to throw the logs farther but it is to land the top of the log near the person throwing it. All the participants must wear a kilt to the sport. So, basically it’s a group of men in skirts throwing around big logs.
4. Chess Boxing: This is a sport that is a perfect mash up of brains and muscle. There are alternate rounds of chess and boxing which allows the inner boxer to take a break and recoup while working the mind to try and knockout their opponent with a checkmate instead of a right upper cut.
3. Cheese Rolling: Cheese rolling is something that has been around for over 200 years and is still practiced today. During the Spring Bank Holiday in England, people gather at the top of Coopers Hill and prepare for something very exciting. At the top of the surprisingly steep hill, a judge rolls a round of cheese down the slope and the participants follow. People try to run down the slope but quite predictably end up rolling or sliding down like the cheese. The winner of the race wins the round of cheese.
2. Blind Soccer: Blind soccer is one sport that encourages disabled people to get out of their comfort zone and explore something that the whole world takes part in. It is pretty much like regular soccer except for the ball which is filled with pebbles or marbles, which help the players, locate it and the only people who do have the ability to see are the goalies.
1. Ferret Legging: Ferret legging is actually a sport and has been continued for many years all across the world. The idea is to tie the pants at the ankles so that there is no escape route and to drop two ferrets into the pants. The person with the longest time wins. A man named Reg Mellor holds the world record time for this out of this world sport. He set an outrageous time of 5 hours and 30 minutes in the year 1981.


10 Insane Sports You Didn't Know Existed

Today we’ll take a look into the insanely strange world of bizarre sports that you didn't know existed!
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10. Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling Race
9. Buzkashi
8. Jai Alai
7. Shin Kicking
6. Bossaball
5. Ferret Legging
4. Skibobbing
3. Extreme Ironing
2. Worm Charming
1. Bed Racing

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Top 10 Most Bizarre Sports That Actually Exist প্রকৃতপক্ষে বিদ্যমান দশটি সবচেয়ে উদ্ভট ক্রীড়াগুলি

Top 10 Most Bizarre Sports That Actually Exist

Here list of Top 10 Most Bizarre Sports That Actually Exist

10. Underwater Hockey

9. Bossaball – The Coolest Acrobatic Game

8. Wife Carrying – The Most Outrageous Sports

7. Dog Surfing – Most Bizarre Sports

6. Unicycle Polo

5. Caber Toss

4. Chess Boxing – The Most Bizarre Sports

3. Cheese Rolling

2. Blind Soccer

1. Ferret Legging

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Breathe You In My Dreams : Striped Leggings Pole Dance Freestyle

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บอสซ่าบอล / Bossaball
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รถไฟผาดโผน / Train Surfing
ลูกบอลหรรษา / Zorbing ball
โปโลจักรยานล้อเดียว / Unicycle Polo
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Ралли Выборг 2012 Яшино

СУ - 2,4

1991 People-Sporting Life Championship 3-y-o Handicap

Date: Thursday 12th September 1991 |
Course: Doncaster |
Distance: 1m |
Going: Good to Firm |
Winning Time: 1m 38.65s |
Winner: Mudaffar |
Runners: 16

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Ралли Выборг 2012

СУ- 2, 4 Яшино



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