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Fast-pitch softball


Best Pitchers in College Softball- 2017 Edition


Nastiest Pitches in Softball

A little compilation of nasty pitches that I put together. This video features some of the deadliest change-ups, nasty late breaking rise balls and even the world's sharpest breaking drop ball (Thrown my Miranda Viramontes of Utah)

Highlights: USA v Denmark - WBSC Men's Softball World Championship 2019

Official Website: ????️

#WBSCMensSoftball #WorldChampionship #WorldCup

2019 Men's Canadian Fast Pitch Championship - Gold Medal Game

Galway Hitmen vs. Sooke Loggers
September 1, 2019
Grande Prairie, Alberta

Fastpitch Softball Pitching Lessons - Bill Hillhouse

Produced by - Fastpitch Softball Pitching Coach Bill Hillhouse let me film several of his pitching lessons.

is a great site for all your fastpitch softball bat needs!

Former Team U.S.A. pitcher Bill Hillhouse lets us have an inside look on one of his pitching lessons. This video is put together in clips. The first few clips are of the initial motion before the pitch, a few drills to improve wrist snap and how a pitcher should hold the ball. Continuing on Bill gives a helpful hint on how to control ball spin on a pitch as well as how to keep a pitcher's arm rotation as close to the body as possible as to avoid injuries. Bill then begins a new lesson and always makes sure to start with the k drill. With this drill Bill notices the mistakes that are to be corrected for that pitcher and then demonstrates drills to improve on those fundamentals.

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How to Fast-Pitch in Softball

It's helpful to use your whole body when pitching in softball. Learn some tips towards throwing faster strikes in this softball video.

Basic 5 steps for a beginner pitcher

These 5 steps will help someone interested in pitching get started. These steps are specifically designed for a Fastpitch Softball pitcher.

The Speed Needed In Softball | Sport Science | ESPN Archives

(May 16, 2013) Look back as ESPN's Sport Science crew breaks down the science behind the speed needed in softball.

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How to Throw Strikes Consistently as a Softball Pitcher

Want to be more consistent?

Look at your windup & the beginning of your pitch.

If the timing, rhythm, and smoothness of your pitch varies from pitch to pitch, then your release point will vary as well and make it more difficult for a consistent release point.

If you’re looking for more consistent results, start at the beginning of your pitch, analyze it and then also hone into the end of your pitch to bring consistency to BOTH.

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championship game

Power Drive Performance: Fastpitch pitching mechanics in slow motion

Power Drive Performance -- Softball Pitching Trainer Video

Power Drive's pitcher tool allows you to practice in real game conditions from the mound's rubber with US Patented mount technology. The pendulum design operates on an athlete's gravitational force only, allowing a natural momentum hip lead delivery just like in a game. NO SPRINGS to prevent proper hip lead or alter a natural delivery or swing creating poor balance and rhythm.

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Softball Pitching: How To Throw A Curve

Today I am sharing the third video in my how to series, that will briefly go over how to throw all of the pitches! Today we will be looking at the curve ball.

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2016 PGF High School All American Game ESPN

You are watching the very first Premier Girls Fastpitch High School All American Game. Taking place in the summer of 2016, in beautiful Southern California, this game showcases the best girls softball players in the country. Live on ESPN, with celebrity coaches, there is no better single amateur softball game in the world.

USA Elite Select World Fastpitch Championship - 16U Championship Game

USA Elite Select World Fastpitch Championship - 16U Championship Game

National Pro Fastpitch Highlight Footage

National Pro Fastpitch highlight footage produced by Winkler Productions

Softball pitching tips with Amanda Scarborough

Former Texas A&M All-American softball pitcher Amanda Scarborough breaks down the fundamentals of several different softball pitches. For more info, visit and

For more softball pitching tips, visit:

Softball Pitching: Correct Wrist Snap

Lately I have noticed a a wrist snap issue that frequently occurs in pitchers who also happen to through flip changes and/or peel drops. Learn about what the correct wrist snap should look like in this video!

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Fastpitch Softball Pitching Lesson - Meagen Denny

Produced by - This week former pro pitcher Meagen Denny gives us a fastpitch softball pitching lesson.

*** The word Denny is saying is BUCKING like a bull does in the rodeo****

is a great resource for fastpitch softball bats.

For all you fastpitch softball players out there looking to see if pitching is for you, Meagen Denny joins us in this show to demonstrate the basics of pitching. Meagen goes through each of the motions, from the wind up to the drag of your foot. while explaining the significance of each motion. Check this out to find out how to get the maximum amount of control and speed from your pitch!

Cat Osterman Fastpitch Softball Pitching Clinic

Produced by - Cat Osterman has a camp called The Triple Threat Softball Camp. She let us come and film part of her camp.

is a great resource to find the perfect fastpitch softball bat just for you!

At the Triple Threat Softball Camp Cat Osterman Gives us a look into one of her pitching clinics. What we will see in this video is the general warm up drills that the girls use to get used to the motions of pitching and see the minor mechanics that need to be worked on.

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HD 1080p 12u Fury Fastpitch Vegas vs 14u Norton Elite softball game

The 12u Fury Fastpitch Vegas takes on the 14u Norton Elite in the 14u Junior Akron Racers league in Akron, Ohio 6/9/15 12u fastpitch travel softball team go head to head in league play versus 14u travel softball teams.

19 NK pitching for Fury(in navy)
5 MG 2nd
10 CK CF
12 NS C
22 OV 3rd
28 SA 1st
33 ES. OF
34 TG OF
35 RM OF

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