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Fast-pitch softball


Best Pitchers in College Softball- 2017 Edition

How to Fast-Pitch in Softball

It's helpful to use your whole body when pitching in softball. Learn some tips towards throwing faster strikes in this softball video.

Nastiest Pitches in Softball

A little compilation of nasty pitches that I put together. This video features some of the deadliest change-ups, nasty late breaking rise balls and even the world's sharpest breaking drop ball (Thrown my Miranda Viramontes of Utah)

Boys trying to hit off Fastpitch Softball Girl Pitcher! USSSA

Wanna see it at the Major League Level?

Now, it is funny to hear the boys complain about this video. Please keep it up!

14 Year old Fastpitch Softball Pitcher. (60.2 mph)

Lol , My names Kristina,This is Me pitching. I Pitch from 59.4 - 60.2 mph. And a chanqe up of 46 mph. I'm 14, I play Jv, Travel, && Recreational Softball ♥ (this is a rec game) Comment && tell me what you think.

Thanks Guys :)
-kristina x3

The Speed Needed In Softball | Sport Science | ESPN Archives

(May 16, 2013) Look back as ESPN's Sport Science crew breaks down the science behind the speed needed in softball.

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Drop 3rd strike rule in Fastpitch Softball

This video will help a catcher or coach learn the ends and outs of the drop 3rd strike rule.

Basic 5 steps for a beginner pitcher

These 5 steps will help someone interested in pitching get started. These steps are specifically designed for a Fastpitch Softball pitcher.

Power Drive Performance: Fastpitch pitching mechanics in slow motion

Power Drive Performance -- Softball Pitching Trainer Video

Power Drive's pitcher tool allows you to practice in real game conditions from the mound's rubber with US Patented mount technology. The pendulum design operates on an athlete's gravitational force only, allowing a natural momentum hip lead delivery just like in a game. NO SPRINGS to prevent proper hip lead or alter a natural delivery or swing creating poor balance and rhythm.

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Thousand Oaks Girls Softball 8U Gold All-Stars vs. Newbury Park - 7-21-2013

Thousand Oaks wins California tie-breaker in semi-final game against Newbury Park in EOS Summer Slammer Tournament

2016 PGF High School All American Game ESPN

You are watching the very first Premier Girls Fastpitch High School All American Game. Taking place in the summer of 2016, in beautiful Southern California, this game showcases the best girls softball players in the country. Live on ESPN, with celebrity coaches, there is no better single amateur softball game in the world.

10 Funniest Baseball First Pitches

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Baseball first pitches are a silly thing. They mean nothing, are there just for show and you just know that 99 percent of the time the person throwing it is going to look like a complete idiot. When signing up to take on this gig, you think that these people would practice heavily to avoid being featured on a funny sports bloopers compilation. Apparently not though as time after time celebrities, politicians, animals and freaking fictional characters (yup Darth Vader is on this list, didn’t see that one coming on a sports channel did ya?) make fools of themselves trying to pitch a baseball.

The mistakes can often be repeated in these pitches. People like Michael Jordan, 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg release their balls too early and that causes the ball to go careening off to the side of the plate like a swerving car. Other times people like Carly Rae Jepsen will release the ball too late so that it hits the dirt so fast you may not even see it. But the worst of the worst have to be the ones who just didn’t care. The ones who didn’t put one iota of thought into their throw and disrespecting the sacred tradition of baseball ceremonial first pitches. Yes we’re looking at you Mariah Carey with your ridiculous high heels to throw a baseball in Japan. How dare you. With all that out of the way, here are the 15 funniest first pitches in Baseball history. Enjoy!

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Softball pitching tips with Amanda Scarborough

Former Texas A&M All-American softball pitcher Amanda Scarborough breaks down the fundamentals of several different softball pitches. For more info, visit and

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National Pro Fastpitch Highlight Footage

National Pro Fastpitch highlight footage produced by Winkler Productions

Softball Hitting Tips: Batter's Box Routine - Amanda Scarborough

Former Texas A&M softball player and two-time All American Amanda Scarborough talks about her routine in the batter's box. She addresses how to take a pitch and hit with confidence. Great batting tips.

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Building a Championship Pitcher

Join LSU Head Coach Beth Torina as she teaches and demonstrates the pitching mechanics and drills that have helped the Tigers rank among the nation's best in ERA on an annual basis. Coach Torina's program starts at the ground level with the initial push to create forward motion and then moves into the stride, front side resistance, the arm circle and the wrist snap.

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Softball Pitching Drills for All Ages

- Visit my blog today for more free softball drills and videos. In this video, you'll learn about the one knee drill, which will help your players keep their weight back when throwing and pitching the ball as well as another pitching drill that's terrific for younger players. Click Like if you think this would work well in your next softball practice!

Fastpitch Softball Pitching Lesson - Meagen Denny

Produced by - This week former pro pitcher Meagen Denny gives us a fastpitch softball pitching lesson.

*** The word Denny is saying is BUCKING like a bull does in the rodeo****

is a great resource for fastpitch softball bats.

For all you fastpitch softball players out there looking to see if pitching is for you, Meagen Denny joins us in this show to demonstrate the basics of pitching. Meagen goes through each of the motions, from the wind up to the drag of your foot. while explaining the significance of each motion. Check this out to find out how to get the maximum amount of control and speed from your pitch!

12u Fast Pitch Softball

Thunder Fast Pitch Softball team from Greenville NC

What Are Fast-Pitch Bats? | Softball Lessons

Like these Softball Lessons !!! Check out the official app

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The Softball Drill Book:
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Louisville Slugger Slowpitch Softball Bat:
Orange Throw Down Bases (5 Piece):
Saint Sebstation Saint of Athletes Softball Charm:
Dusty Diamond's All-Star Softball NES Game:

Watch more How to Play Softball videos:

I'm Erin Goettlicher, and I'm a professional softball coach. After I played through high school, I went out and played for college level, and then spent a cup of tea at the professional level. I'm self-employed, and own Pro Softball Training. Pro Softball Training offers instruction in all kinds of softball. You name it, we can do it. Today, I will be talking to you about softball. Fast-pitch softball bats are designed to perform specifically to our sport or, to the ball coming in at a high speed. Fast-pitch bats are typically made of aluminum, and are also known as a composite. The difference in a softball bat from a baseball bat is that many softball bats are designed to have a little bit larger barrel area or, a little bit larger sweet spot. Partly due to the fact that the ball, the ball is a little bit wider in softball than it is in baseball. And to show you a difference here, a baseball bat is usually a little bit more evenly dispersed, where with this bat, you can see the barrel is definitely wider. Composite bats are designed to create a trampoline effect off the wall. So, when the ball hits the bat, there's a slight bend or give in the wall of the bat that helps trampoline the ball off the bat. There's lots of different types that you can choose from, but today, most bats are made with a lot of technology behind them and a lot of research has gone in to how to make bats perform the best. Slow-pitch bats are similar to a fast-pitch bat where they're typically metaled as well. However they're usually a little bit longer and sometimes a little bit heavier, because we don't have to swing this bat, with quite as much speed, as you do with a fast-pitch bat. Many fast-pitch bats are weighted a little bit lighter so that we can have quicker hands, react quicker, and get that bat through the zone a little bit quicker, since we don't have much time to react to a fast pitch. This here is an example of a wooden Major League baseball bat and it's 34 ounces. Baseball, uses much heavier bats than softball, mostly due to the strength of men versus women. Our bats are a lot lighter also, due to the small amount of reaction time we have. We need to be able to control that bat and get it through the zone quickly, when that pitch is coming at us.



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