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Extreme ironing


world's first extreme ironing on mount everest partha dey

extreme ironing on mount everest partha dey first person to extreme iron on mount everest

Extreme Ironing on the mountain top @Mt. Bandai, FUKUSHIMA JAPAN

Extreme Ironing FUKUSHIMA
@Mt. Bandai JAPAN
ⒸMaki Sugimoto 2013

究極の火山ガール:エクストリームアイロニング Mountain Girl Extreme Ironing

究極の山ガール:Extreme Mountain Girl
Extreme Ironing on The Summit of Mt. Azuma-Ko-Fuji.

吾妻子富士火口 標高1,707m にてエクストリームアイロニングー 一緒にいる人: 薄井 美里、山寺 純 場所: 吾妻子富士

SALZIG - Sporthocker -- ispo BrandNew Awards

Special sport seats to make tricks and use natural obstacles.

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Extreme Ironing - Mt Ruapehu NZ

Extreme Ironing on Mount Ruapehu in New Zealand, March 2005.

Extreme Ironing

Extreme ironing for therfield rag week 2007- the best one ever, basically us ironing in stupid places for your amusement

Extreme Ironing

Follow the journey of one man at Rec Sports as he lives his life to the extreme.

Tell us what you think on Twitter @OSURecSports #ExtremeIroning

Extreme Ironing 2 of 3

Rowenta Extreme Ironing Massachusetts

Extreme ironing

Impression of extreme ironing

Extreme Ironing 8A+

Ascent of Extreme Ironing 8A+ in Cresciano.

GoPro: Extreme Ironing in the Cave

Экстремальное глажение в одной из самых интересных пещер на Крымском полуострове, которая называется Сюндюрлю-Коба или Потухшая пещера. Видео снято 100% на GoPro Hero3 Silver Edition

Extreme Ironing 1 of 3

Rowenta Extreme Ironing USA

Extreme Ironing 3 of 3

Rowenta Extreme Ironing South Dakota

GoPro: Extreme Ironing

Extreme Ironing in the crimean woods. Russia
The very End of August 2015. Shot 100% on the GoPro camera

Extreme Ironing

The thrill of a dangerous sport, combined with the satisfaction of a well pressed shirt!

Paramania Action GT26,
BMG team Cobra four stroke,
Custom built trike and paramotor
Music:Duck Sauce, Big bad wolf

Extreme Ironing

dedicated to Larry Erdman.

Extreme Ironing

Here's a sport that probably won't make the next Olympics - Extreme Ironing. You'll crease up watching this.

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Extreme Ironing Skysurf

Skysurfer Mike Frost and Steve Scott go Extreme Ironing over Oxfordshire UK by Andy Ford Infinite Skydiving

Extreme ironing champion makes comeback

Extreme ironing inventor Phil Shaw - AKA Steam has made a comeback in the sport. Report by Hettie Maylam.



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