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Extreme ironing


Extreme ironing champion makes comeback

Extreme ironing inventor Phil Shaw - AKA Steam has made a comeback in the sport. Report by Hettie Maylam.

Extreme Ironing

Here's a sport that probably won't make the next Olympics - Extreme Ironing. You'll crease up watching this.

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Extreme Ironing Skysurf

Skysurfer Mike Frost and Steve Scott go Extreme Ironing over Oxfordshire UK by Andy Ford Infinite Skydiving

Extreme Ironing

Follow the journey of one man at Rec Sports as he lives his life to the extreme.

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Extreme Ironing 1 of 3

Rowenta Extreme Ironing USA

EXTREME IRONING freediving apnea -42 m -138 ft

EXTREME IRONING -42 m -138 ft
freediving in the deepest pool of the world in apnea nella piscina più profonda del mondo


Roland Piccoli

Alessandra Fella
actress/scuba diver

Cinzia Bettella (initiator)
Matteo Facchin
Andrea Michelazzi
logistic & freediving support

Thanks to:

Rane Nere

Y-40 The Deep Joy
The worlds' deepest pool

Written, filmed, edited and directed by
Walter Donegà

The Insane Sport You Probably Never Knew About Extreme ironing!

The Insane Sport You Probably Never Knew About Extreme ironing!

It's the sport where you take your ironing board and take it to an extreme locations.

Devotees combat the wrinkles and feel the burn.

It takes courage, daring, imagination … and a sturdy iron.

Extreme Ironing

Extreme Ironing 'legend' Todd Love


Jen takhle se žehlí , a nijak jinak ! Sport jenž nemá obdoby se řítí do českých zemí 🔥🔥🔥
- - - - - - -
Kamera : ŘÍZEK
Otrok : Daniel - Velký Vlas
Účinkovali : Voly , ŘÍZEK
Postprodukce 😂 : Voly

Extreme Ironing

Extreme ironing for therfield rag week 2007- the best one ever, basically us ironing in stupid places for your amusement

Xtreme Jumps in Extreme Sports!!!

Xtreme compilation of Extreme Sports!!!

Best Freestyle Jumps in various extreme sports: FMX, Snowboard, Freestyle Ski and skateboarding amazing skills, jumps and trix...

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Extreme Ironing Trailer


Extreme Ironing 2 of 3

Rowenta Extreme Ironing Massachusetts

Extreme Ironing 3 of 3

Rowenta Extreme Ironing South Dakota

Extreme Ironing

Working on site is hard work, so the boys have a cuppa and do some extreme ironing!

World's Weirdest Sports - Shin Kicking, Extreme Ironing, Chess Boxing and more!

weird sports

Extreme ironing

extreme ironing in a flooded mine, with scuba side mounts and twin sets

Rescue Naked Women, Scuba Death Jump, Extreme Ironing

All in a day's diving

Extreme Ironing

Die Erstbebügelung von Balkonien in Geranien der Wüldn Weana Wapla, Nachzulesen auf

"extreme ironing"

Very short clip about extreme ironing, originally shown @ Hello! Morning 2007-03-18.



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