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Eton wall game


The Eton Wall Game | Trans World Sport

In 2006 we went to find out more about this traditional game played within the walls of Eton College.

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Eton Fives

New to Eton Fives? Want to know what it's all about? Take a look at this short film and find out why we think it's just about the best game in the world. For more information, visit

What is Eton Fives?

In a time when sport is often all about money and big business, it is good to find a game which has barely changed since its creation, nearly two centuries ago.

The rules of fives are similar to squash apart from when the ball hits the buttress. If you fail to hit the ball above the ledge around the court, you lose the point. Like squash, you can only score when you’re serving.

Players wear padded leather gloves since the ball is quite hard. It is only played as a doubles game - two teams of two players. It’s a game of honour and with no umpire or referee, the players must confess their own foul. Not only is it an extremely fast game, but also one of great skill.

Unlike most other sports, it is thought left-handers have a sneaky advantage owing to the design of the court. Better still, the ambidextrous players have an advantage over both, since shots can be played with either hand.

Eton Fives at Westway

Eton Fives at the Westway Sports Centre, an introduction broadcast on National Television

Eton Wall Game

For Chariots of Fire click on

Eton Field Game

London Open 2015 Singles Final - Tristao vs Ellison

Watch the full match from the London 2015 Rugby Fives singles final where Tristao defeated Ellison after a complete turn of the tide in the second game.
The full report can be read here:

Rugby Fives National Singles Final 2013 - Tristao vs. Ellison

For the first time in 6 year we have Rugby Fives National Final without James Toop. Tristao vs. Ellison.

After an hour of seriously high quality play, Tristao walks away with the title. He outplayed Will with a spectacular range of shots. Final score 15-4 15-7.

He is the first Old Pauline to win since the great John Easy in 1969.

Rugby Fives National Singles Final 2015

This two and a half hour epic match to find the champion of the 2015 Nationals was one of the most spectacular matches in the history of the sport. The two finalists are Will Ellison and Daniel Tristao. Will won the title last year and Dan the year before. Both played consistently go hammer and tong together in the various regional finals and this was the big one.

Tremendous shots, clever play, tireless retrieval and pushing to the very limits of endurance are just some of the traits on offer for anyone who can stomach this match. Sadly the battery cut out at the business end of the third so the creatives among you can simply make the ending up.

Eton Fives Highgate Thursday night practice 250517

Eton Fives

Jon Ho + Ashley Lumbard VS Joe Marks + Emily Scoones

Adult language can be heard in this video, viewer discretion is advised.

Eton Fives Kinnaird Cup

Kinnaird Cup quarter-final. John Reynolds & Doug Foster vs Ed Taylor and T Walters. 11 time former champion John Reynolds proves he's still got it!

Eton 60m starts 2nd Feb 2013

Rugby Fives National Doubles Final 2013

Defending Champions Grant & Tristao take on Brooks & Ellison in this nailbiting final.

Only the first game was filmed.

The action took place on the 7th April and Alleyn's School, Dulwich.

wall game, great opening

Rugby Fives London Open 2016 - Highlights

The epic highlights of the London Open 2016 Rugby Fives Final in which Dan Tristao conquered Will Ellison after this monumental rally.

Tom Brown's Schooldays - The Football Match

World Games 2013, Wallball - Great Britain vs Argentina

Great Britain's Daniel Tristao and Luke Thomson take on Argentina at the World Games 2013.
The British duo come through in the 3rd set tie-breaker!

The Early History of Football in 11 Objects

First 11 looks at football stories which defined an era. This episode focuses on the first century of Association Football, from its roots as a mass participation game, to the writing of the original FA rule book, and the first competitions that followed shortly afterwards.

These 11 objects and more can be found at our website:

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Impact Pro Open Doubles | Final: Migs and Jhon VS. Joshua and Manuel

Watch in 1080p for the best viewing experience!!

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Shot by Ramon Mundo and Danny Gil Morales

Edited by Felipe Borges

Refereed by

Filmed at the Astoria Heights Playground handball courts in New York

Wall game stupid!

Jimmy Serrano goes in! Rock and roll on a steep wall!



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