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Eton Fives


Eton Fives

New to Eton Fives? Want to know what it's all about? Take a look at this short film and find out why we think it's just about the best game in the world. For more information, visit

What is Eton Fives?

In a time when sport is often all about money and big business, it is good to find a game which has barely changed since its creation, nearly two centuries ago.

The rules of fives are similar to squash apart from when the ball hits the buttress. If you fail to hit the ball above the ledge around the court, you lose the point. Like squash, you can only score when you’re serving.

Players wear padded leather gloves since the ball is quite hard. It is only played as a doubles game - two teams of two players. It’s a game of honour and with no umpire or referee, the players must confess their own foul. Not only is it an extremely fast game, but also one of great skill.

Unlike most other sports, it is thought left-handers have a sneaky advantage owing to the design of the court. Better still, the ambidextrous players have an advantage over both, since shots can be played with either hand.

Eton Fives at Westway

Eton Fives at the Westway Sports Centre, an introduction broadcast on National Television

Eton Fives Kinnaird Cup

Kinnaird Cup quarter-final. John Reynolds & Doug Foster vs Ed Taylor and T Walters. 11 time former champion John Reynolds proves he's still got it!

Eton Fives Kinniard Cup

Kinnaird Cup Last 16 match between top seeds Tom & Peter Dunbar and Rob Desmond & Laurie Brock. Eton 27/02/10.

Eton Fives Highgate Thursday night practice 250517

Eton Fives

Jon Ho + Ashley Lumbard VS Joe Marks + Emily Scoones

Adult language can be heard in this video, viewer discretion is advised.

Eton Fives: Ladies Championships

Mandie Clemmett & Emma Double vs Dom Redmond & Kerry White at the Ladies National Championships

Eton FIves Barber Cup final pair 1

Barber Cup Final first pair at Eton 21/02/10: James Toop & Matthew Wiseman of the Old Olavians against Ed Taylor & Rex Worth of the Old Salopians

Michael Portillo plays Eton Fives at Malay College

Michael Portillo plays Eton Fives at Malay College as part of his BBC series Great Asian Railway Journeys

Eton Fives Kinnaird 2014 highlights

Selected Clips from the 2014 Kinnaird Cup final from the 'Overhead Camera' viewpoint. Thanks to Eton College for hosting the event.

Eton Fives Kinnaird Cup Final 2010

Matthew Wiseman and James Toop vs. Tom Dunbar and Peter Dunbar.

Eton Fives: Ladies Under 25 Final 2011

Ladies Under 25 Final 2011 at Eton: Karen Hird & Emily Scoones vs Ashley Lumbard & Annabel Griffiths

Eton Fives Under 25s 103.avi

Under 25s Tournament at Highgate 03/01/10. Mens Final - Robert Desmond & Laurie Brock vs Andrew Joyce & Mylo Scurr

Eton Fives: Mens Under 25 Final 2011

Mens Under 25 Final 2011 at Eton: Andrew Joyce & Laurie Brock vs Ryan Perrie & Jeremy O'Neill

Eton Fives: Ladies Championships

Ladies Championships semi-final at Eton 21/02/10: Dom Redmond & Kerry White vs Rosie Scott & Ashley Lumbard

Eton fives rally

Usally 2 vs 2; one on one classic eton fives rally, I win 12 - 9 (maroon shirt): no pepper used (I'm lazy and what)

Eton Fives Under 25s 105.avi

Under 25s Tournament at Highgate 03/01/10. Ladies Semi-Final - Charlotta Cooley & Anita Ganguly vs Annabel Griffiths & Karen Hird

Eton Fives: Midlands Tournament 2010

Midlands Tournament 2010 final at Repton: Ant Theodossi & Ryan Perrie vs Mark Yates & Sid Simmons

Rugby Fives National Singles Final 2013 - Tristao vs. Ellison

For the first time in 6 year we have Rugby Fives National Final without James Toop. Tristao vs. Ellison.

After an hour of seriously high quality play, Tristao walks away with the title. He outplayed Will with a spectacular range of shots. Final score 15-4 15-7.

He is the first Old Pauline to win since the great John Easy in 1969.

Eton Fives: North Oxford v Old Stoics

Graham Pulsford & Chris Austin of North Oxford win match point against Mike Skjott & Aroop Bhattacharya of the Old Stoics in their first pair match in a Division 2 encounter at Eton on 07/04/13



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