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MUST SEE! Grandmaster of Eskrima, Atillo Balintawak WEAPONS sparring with student Virgil.

World Balintawak-Arnis- Eskrima Association Atillo Balintawak- Saavedra Style
Crispulo Ising Atillo (Grandmaster)
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Filming was done at Master Louis B. Giamo's Eagleville Taekwondo Academy in Norristown, PA

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Master Moves of Eskrima (Stickfighting) : Human Weapons

History Channel : Human Weapon

Eskrima - Filipino Martial Arts (FMA)

Eskrima - Filipino Martial Arts (FMA)

Eskrima is a martial art from Philippine. It mainly focuses on skick fighting. Watch this video and learn more about this precious art.

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How Practical is Kali for Combat and Self Defense? - Eskrima Arnis

More and more people are seeking out Filipino Martial Arts and I believe it's a bout time. From civilians, to law enforcement to military.
So, how practical is the martial art from the Philippines? I'll let you be the judge.

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Multi system Eskrima Kali - Arnis | doce pares

The ancient and indigenous style of ESKRIMA KAli-ARNIS, Filipino Martial Art, using the innovation of DOCE PARES Multi-Style System, is fast becoming the Martial Art of the century. Four Masters join together and share their knowledge, with their easy to learn methods of the Doce Pares Multi-Style System. You will learn basic stances, strikes for target points, basic defenses and blocks. You will learn how to use Eskrima sticks when you practice, as well as the execution of the various types of strikes, basic counter strikes, angles of strikes, twirling, striking and footwork drills.

KALI ESKRIMA SILAT - Stick Fighting Vol. 01 - 02

Filipino System of combat, armed and unarmed. This DVD shows the fighting techniques with short stick and using it to strike, disarm, immobilize and neutralize the opponent.
Filipino Martial Art: Arnis / Eskrima / Kali Silat / Balintawak / Silat / JKD / Stick Fighting /

The Art of FlexibleTiger®
Official Website:

Functional Martial Science & Philosophy

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Kali Eskrima

¡hola! el dia de hoy te voy a enseñar algunos ejercicios de Kali Eskrima. Esta es una arma filipina que practicamos mucho en el Dojo Esmeralda. Espero que te resulten interesantes y, sobre todo, ¡los practiques!

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Must See! Eskrima Stick Fighting Techniques

Eskrima, Arnis, and Kali are umbrella terms for the traditional martial arts of the Philippines (Filipino Martial Arts, or FMA) that emphasize weapon-based fighting with sticks, knives and other bladed weapons, and various improvised weapons. It also includes hand-to-hand combat, joint locks, grappling and weapon disarming techniques.


Eskrima -

Nickelstick Balintawak Eskrima w GM Nick Elizar in Cebu

Grandmaster Nick Elizar playing with youngest son Norman Elizar with the unchoreographed palakaw free-flowing exchange drill with the Balintawak style of the Filipino martial art Eskrima.

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Filipino Combat Czech 2019 - Kali, Arnis, Eskrima, Modern Arnis, sebeobrana

Natočeno a stříháno na Samsung S7 Edge

Heyrosa De Cuerdas Eskrima - Knife Fighting and Knife Techniques

Short clips of Liborio Heyrosa De Cuerdas Eskrima instructors demonstrating basic knife disarms, defense against knife attacks, and actual knife sparring!

Liborio Heyrosa De Cuerdas Eskrima. Underground system of kali/arnis/eskrima. Close-quarter combat utilizing multiple defensive and offensive combinations.

Current school location: 4th floor, Jose R. Martinez bldg., Osmena Blvd., Cebu City, Philippines

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Entrenar Artes Marciales Filipinas. ESCUCHA ESTE VÍDEO. Eskrima y Arnis Filipino.




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La Eskrima de Combate no es ningún tipo de estilo, es una escuela que abarca diversos apartados pero siempre dentro de los mismos principios y conceptos estrategicos y psicologicos.

Armas de impacto y filo
Armas largas y cortas
Dobles armas
Nos centramos en 3 conceptos o ideas fundamentales: La Mentalidad Militar (En el sentido que esto no es un juego), El Combate de Duelo y el Combate Urbano. Esto se refiere al combate en unidad o grupo, contra un grupo, individual y la defensa personal o de calle.

Somos anti parafernalias comerciales e inutiles.

Todo se esta volviendo demasiado comercial, demasiado diluido en técnicas absurdas, drills interminables y sistemas que no demuestran nada salvo sacarte títulos y certificados de papel para decir que eres alguien con firma uuufff…. coleccionistas de certificados y drills. Y con esto solo hablo de mi punto de vista y de lo que observo día tras día. Si, se que es duro decirlo o escucharlo pero así es y en la Eskrima de Combate desde antaño uno era lo que era demostrándolo y punto.

Cada área se puede aprender de manera conjunta o indistintamente según en lo que quieras enfocarte, aunque los principios generales son practicamente iguales en todas ellas. Se enfatiza en desarrollo de atributos, instintos, habilidades y un apartado nos ayuda a desarrollarnos igualmente para otro. Resumiendo, la Eskrima de Combate se basa en dejar todo lo superfluo a un lado y desarrollarnos como verdaderos Eskrimadores y no como meros instructores de certificados. . . Volver a la raiz del combate verdadero, a lo que funciona.

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Sebeobrana - filipino combat, program, kali, arnis, eskrima

Filipínská bojová umění jsou velmi zábavná a jsme rádi, že je cvičí i křehké ženy



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Eskrima knife - Frans Stroeven

Height Levels of Strikes in Arnis Kali Eskrima: Tutorial

Praktikali is a Filipino martial art grounded in Arnis | Kali | Eskrima. Our Arnis stick fighting system relies on practicality and efficiency of actions applied effectively during battle.

Praktikali is based on the principles of single-stick arnis striking on the sides of a polygonal target. ...
Mastering these Arnis stick fighting techniques allow anyone to become formless and ultimately capable of practically hitting all 360 degrees angles of a small circle target of attack.

The octagon represents 8 angles of Arnis strikes and you have to be proficient (Sanay) to advance to the next level which is the dodecagon representing 12 angles of strikes which you have to be an expert (Hasa‘) to get to the next level of mastery (Marunong – represented by a circle).

The ranks Sanay and Hasa’ are already at a master level. Students will have to go through ranks Maalam (4 angles of strikes represented by a diamond or tetragon) and Mahusay (6 angles of strikes represented by a hexagon) to advance. Our 5-level ranking system is based on the Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition and our curriculum for each level is based on the 80-20 rule of the Pareto Principle.

Praktikali aims to teach the principle behind the striking techniques of Arnis stick fighting emphasizing that every strike has a logical purpose and meaning, making it easy for anyone to develop a way to formlessness. You can only truly appreciate and would likely pursue to study the art and science of Praktikali once you get the details of the principle which we are excited to share with you, Arnisadors, Escrimadors, students, and advanced learners alike.

Carenza - The Flow of Kali | Filipino Eskrima | New Vlog Channel!

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Training Sword (Ginunting) Review Part 2 - Kali Eskrima Arnis

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Kali vs Eskrima - Full Contact Stick Sparring

Here you see a stick sparring match between myself, with my 5+ years of Kali training, and Khris Woodruff, who has more than a decade of experience in Doce Pares Eskrima. We had never sparred before.

Sparring is not about winning or losing, and we don't keep score. It's about learning. Khris did well.

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Brought to you by Sabeel Combatives with Wael Abdelgawad.

Sabeel combines the highly effective entries of Silat and Kali with the devastating throws and joint locks of Hapkido. There are also influences of Japanese Jujitsu and Karate. In Sabeel we keep only what works and discard the rest.

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