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British Extreme Enduro 2020 | Round 3 Mini Ravines | Billy Bolt Wins

The action was finally back for British Extreme Enduro Championship 2020 season after receiving several postponements. Round 3 Mini Ravines held in Helmsley, North Yorkshire last weekend on 23th of August. The track was wet and muddy due to heavy rain for the past few days and it raised the challenge level considerably. Jonny Walker and Billy Bolt were leading the race and it was a duel for the eyes but Walker had to retire due to mechanical problems. By claiming the victory, Billy Bolt continued his winning streak for the BEEC 2020 season and sits on top of the leader board. Eurotek’s William Hoare came in P2 and it was Joe Deakin who completed the podium for the day.

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Best of Women's ENDURO Action & Skills 2016 - 2020 by Jaume Soler

Women's Highlights at main dirt bike events like ISDE Six Days, EnduroGP or Spanish and French Championship!

Laia Sanz, Jane Daniels, Jessica Gardiner, Maria Franke, Mireia Badia, Kacy Martinez, Juliette Berrez, Tayla Jones, Jemma Wilson, Brandy Richards, Gabriela Seisdedos, Rebecca Sheets, Tarah Gieger or Sanna Kärkkäinen are some of the top riders on the video!

Hixpania Hard Enduro 2019 | The Lost Way | Extended Highlights

The 4th Round of WESS, Hixpania Hard Enduro (ESP) is now behind us and the British hard enduro legend Graham Jarvis is the victor.

The race was way harder comparing to the last year's edition especially with the new rocky sections that have been added to the track. At some sectors, it was even impossible to walk on foot. The fans were great and the participation has been doubled the previous edition.

On the last day of the event at The Lost Way the competition was really furious between Graham Jarvis, Mario Roman and Alfredo Gomez but as the time went on Alfredo felt behind the rest. Roman and Jarvis never lost contact and passed each other several times. Even in the last couple of minutes, these two passed each other twice. It was Mario Roman who passed the checkered flag first for the day but Graham Jarvis claimed the overall victory for the event, Alfredo Gomez P2 and Mario Roman P3.

✦✦✦ Overall Results ✦✦✦
1st Graham Jarvis (Husqvarna - GB)
2nd Alfredo Gomez (Husqvarna - ESP)
3rd Mario Roman (Sherco - ESP)
4th Billy Bolt (Husqvarna - GB)
5th Manuel Lettenbichler (KTM - GER)
6th Jonny Walker (KTM - GB)
7th Taddy Blazusiak (KTM - POL)
8th Pol Tarres (Husqvarna - ESP)
9th Josep Garcia (KTM - ESP)
10th Xavier Leon (Husqvarna - ESP)

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#hixpania #hardenduro #dirtbikes

Haftasonu Enduro kaçamağı #vlog #motovlog #endurovlog

Merhaba arkadaşlar bu videoda daha önce hiç gitmediğimiz Antalya'nın kovanlık bölgesinde keşif tarzında kısa bir tur gerçekleştirdik. Gezinin rotası aşağıdaki linktedir.
Kamera:Sony x3000(mp4 1080/60)25mbs
Motosiklet:Ktm 300 Exc 2017(Keihin,boyesen klepe,Arka lastik Tubliss)

Sea to Sky 2019 Hard Enduro | Mountain Race | Climbing to the Olympos

Sea to Sky 2019 Hard Enduro Mountain Race started at 09:00AM from Camyuva beach. The track was a combination of Beach-Canyon-Forest and Rocky mountain sectors for 53 kilometers.

After a hard ride towards the Mount Olympus the order to reach CP9 was Mario Roman, Wade Young and Graham Jarvis. After CP9 Mario got lost the track which caused him loosing his position to Wade but then he recovered that time and caught him. Sherco teammates fought hard through the finish line and at a technical climb Wade got stuck and Mario recovered his position back and kept it till the finish lane. After getting two consecutive P2’s at the Sea to Sky (2017&2018) Mario finally made it and won the race with only 5 seconds clear from his teammate.

Unlike the trios podium fight in 2017 Graham wasn’t close to the Shercos. Defending champion Wade Young finished with P2 and 5 time winner Graham Jarvis with P3.

✦✦✦ Results ✦✦✦
1st Mario Roman
2nd Wade Young
3rd Graham Jarvis
4th Jono Richardson
5th William Slatter
6th Kyle Flanagan
7th Matthew Green
8th Jose Norbert Levente
9th Joe Deakin
10th Wiliam Westgarth

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#hardenduro #seatosky #dirtbike

Graham Jarvis Wins British Extreme Enduro | Round 1 Tong | 2019

British Extreme Enduro championship kicked off this weekend at the Parkwood Off Road Centre, Tong, Bradford. Having Graham Jarvis, Jonny Walker, Paul Bolton, Travis Teasdale and William Hoare at the line-up was enough excitement to the enduro enthusiasts who gathered up there in a chilly British morning.

The race run in two sessions and the P.M. session had all the heat at the excitement department. Jonny Walker had a good start and pushed really hard while he is still strong but having Graham Jarvis up his tail since the start it was only a matter of time loss. After e few laps Walker had slow pit stop and that moment Jarvis took the lead over and kept it till the finish flag. Walker had tried to catch but it wasn’t an easy job, he finished P2.

Paul Bolton on the other hand had a fairly good start but only after a minute a crash dropped him almost to the last in the Championship class. Then after he had his rhythm and covered enough to finish by completing the weekend’s podium for the day, P3.

Eurutek KTM’s new rider Travis Teasdale finished the day P4.

✦✦✦ Results ✦✦✦
1st Graham Jarvis
2nd Jonny Walker
3rd Paul Bolton
4th Travis Teasdale
5th William Hoare
6th Jonathan Richardson
7th James Dent
8th Joe Deakin
9th James Dabill
10th Gavin Houson

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Extreme Enduro - 2019 Wildwood Rock

2019 Wildwood Rock

Wade Young wins his 3rd Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro in what was the toughest course set in the event history.

In front of an enthusiastic crowd, estimated at around two and a half thousand, South African Wade Young has once again claimed victory in the 2019 edition of the Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro.

The event once again offered sections of the Wildwood property, near Tullamarine Airport in Victoria, that riders loved to hate. Each lap gave spectators a front-row seat to some of the biggest spills and displays of unbelievable bike skills ever seen on a dirt bike.

The morning prologue saw defending champion Young take the fastest time of 2 minutes and 4 seconds over Australian Tim Coleman who was 12 seconds back.

With the event moving back to a 3-hour format from the previously tested four-hour format, the action was condensed and exciting for the duration.

Wade Ibrahim closely followed Young for most of the six laps to and took second place once again after finishing in the same spot in 2018. Ibrahim once again proving that he is Australia fastest Extreme Enduro rider back to back. Tim Coleman rounded out the podium.

Wade Young commented that he was very impressed with how much harder this year’s event had been on the past years and was also aware that he could not afford to make any mistakes with Ibrahim hot on his heels. So close that it was only a 1:09 minute gap at the halfway point of the event between them. USA

10 of the Best Hard Enduro Battles | WESS 2020

► Follow the World Enduro Super Series on Red Bull TV:

Competition is tight across WESS Enduro World Championship, and riders have to battle their way across the finish line. Watch the 10 most epic battles for first place.

00:00 10 Epic WESS Battles
00:15 Cody vs Alfredo
01:18 Mario vs the Rest
02:18 Graham vs Alfredo
03:13 Graham vs Mani
04:05 Jonny vs Mario
04:49 Mario vs Graham
05:57 Nathan vs the Rest
06:38 Mani vs Taddy
07:47 Graham vs Wade
08:36 Mani vs Alfredo

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Enduro GP France - Réquista 2020 | Dusty 1st Day by Jaume Soler

Best of EnduroGP World Championship first round of 2020 with full attack, action, crashes and mistakes!!

EnduroGP French - Day 1:

1. Steve Holcombe ( Beta #70)
2. Brad Freeman (Beta #12) +0''27
3. Loïc Larrieu (TM #4) +23''52
4. Andrea Verona (TM #99) +25''11
5. Davide Guarneri (TM #39) +30''03
Junior: Theo Espinasse (Sherco #7)
Youth: Claudio Spanu (Husqvarna #66)

Graham Jarvis Hard Enduro Sea to Sky sighting lap 2020

Sea to Sky sighting lap 2020 Factory Husqvarna 300TE

Aveyronnaise Classic Enduro 2020 by Jaume Soler

ENDURO is back!!

Best of Aveyronnaise Classic French enduro with 600 riders, 15 different special test, full attack on the grass & dirt bike fails!

1. Jamie McCanney (Yamaha)
2. Andrea Verona (TM) +4''80
3. Christophe Nambotin (KTM) +10''36
4. Julien Gauthier (Yamaha) +24''01
5. Jeremy Miroir (Husqvarna) +35''13

Day 1: Entraygues sur Truyère - Saint Geniez d'Olt
Day 2: Saint Geniez d'Olt - Luc La Primaube
Day 3: Luc La Primaube - Vezins de Lévézou

World's Fastest Enduro Riders | 2 Stroke Madness | #dirtbike

They are the Fastest Enduro Riders, they are British and they are the Champions.

✦ Brad Freeman (Number 12) finished the Enduro GP 2019 season as Enduro GP Champion and E1 Class Champion with his Beta Dirt Bike.
✦ Steve Holcombe (Number 1) was the P2 Enduro GP Overall, E3 Class Champion with his Beta Dirt Bike.
✦ Danny McCanney (Number 43) was the P1 British Enduro Championship, P2 E3 Class, P3 Enduro GP Overall with his TM Dirt Bike.

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Enduro Ė Duro 2020 – Circuito Empoçado – 30/08/2020

#EnduroÉDuro #lekker #hardenduro
Enduro Ė Duro 2020 – Circuito Empoçado – 30/08/2020
A terceira etapa ocorre uma semana depois da bem sucedida retomada do campeonato do Enduro É Duro 2020. Uma prova que exigiu muito do preparo dos 66 pilotos participantes, que correrem 27km ao todo encarando muita poeira e pedras no no clima seco de Afonso Cláudio. O piloto de Marechal Floriano Tiago Luiz Wernersbach levou a melhor sobre a concorrência e fechou vitorioso com o tempo total de 39m:57seg, seguido por Leôncio Kruger com o tempo de 40m:32seg e em terceiro o piloto Mauricio Veloso (Primo) com o tempo total de 40m:59seg.

Trip to Enduro Paradise - 3

Wyprawy enduro -

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Ktm Exc 450 - 2017
Hysqvarna Te 300 - 2020
Beta RR 390 - 2019
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MOUNTAIN CLIMBING @ 2020 Battle of the Goats Hard Enduro - Saturday Qualifier

After my last race, which I don't really want to talk about (Mad Moose Hard Enduro), I had a week to figure out what the heck to do about this race... Battle of the Goats!

This year had a Saturday qualifier in order to make it into the main event on Sunday. The qualifier was 3 laps on a short course within 3 hours. Anybody who finishes makes it.

PO Box 332

Enduro bellotero - Ruta del agua

Arrastrapastos Yamaha Gasgas arroyo barro Contour Roam2 Extremadura

2020 Cherokee AMA National Enduro

Greensboro, GA (June 7, 2020) – After breaking his leg just before the opening round of the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series in Februrary, FMF/KTM Factory Racing’s Josh Toth recovered enough during the four-month layoff to come away with an impressive victory at round two of the series, the Cherokee National Enduro, in Greensboro, Georgia, in his debut National Enduro race of the season.


1. Josh Toth (KTM)
2. Grant Baylor (Shr)
3. Ryder Lafferty (Hsq)
4. Ben Kelley (KTM)
5. Russell Bobbitt (KTM)
6. Thorn Devlin (Bet)
7. Cody Barnes (Bet)
8. Craig DeLong (Hsq)
9. Jonathon Johnson (Hon)
10. Vincent Smith (KTM)

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How Capable is a $6500+ Mountain Bike? (Specialized Enduro 2021)

New Bike Day...Again! Sammo's Brand New 2021 Specialized Enduro Expert Carbon 29er hits the MTB trails! Today he rides tech, loam and big jumps!

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Bike: 2021 Specialized Enduro Expert Carbon 29 mountain bike - Satin Maroon/White Mountains #specialized #enduro #mtb

Camera Gear:
Sony A6300
Sony ECM microphone
Sony 18-105mm f4 OSS G lens
Edited in Final Cut Pro X
iPhone 11

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Raid Enduro OficialTrovolhue ...

Mis Felicitaciones a los organizadores de este gran evento, ENDURO TROVOLHUE, ¡ Una gran Fiesta !

Enduro Slippery Classic. เอ็นดูโร่เส้นทางลื่นสุดคลาสสิค ขุนแหง พะเยา



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