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ENDURANCE - Motivation in athletics and life

Fatigue makes cowards of us all!

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Endurance Training For Sprinters | Speed Endurance Sprinting Workouts For Track

Endurance training for sprinters is very important for running fast. Learn more about endurance training for running, particularly sprinting, in this video by Cody Bidlow of ATHLETE.X!


Endurance training for sprinters and endurance for running can be broken down into sprint capacity or running capacity, and specific endurance. Capacity can be built with high intensity training such as acceleration capacity or speed capacity workouts which develop the athletes repeated sprinting ability, while low intensity methods such as tempo endurance workouts can be used for general training.

Furthermore, sprinters and runners can improve their endurance by using sprint drills and bounding. By using short rest periods and/or longer distances, sprinting drills and bounding exercises can help develop endurance. This occurs on top of the other benefits derived from bounds and drills such as increasing elasticity, specific strength in muscles and movements used in sprinting and running, as well as enhanced spatial awareness and control of how you project off of the ground.

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Fit for Fit: How to Build Endurance

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3 Exercises to Increase STAMINA - Endurance for a Fight


Here are three exercises that will help to increase your stamina and build up your cardio endurance for a fight. Whether it be for boxing, Muay Thai kickboxing, or MMA, these 3 workouts will totally break you down, but when you rebuild, your lung power will be crazy-strong!


How to run longer | How to increase stamina and endurance | How to run properly | Soccer Football

How to run longer | How to increase stamina | How to run properly | Soccer or Football whatever you call it this advice on how to run longer without getting tired is going to make you a better player. Learn how to increase stamina and also how to run properly so you can cover more ground with less energy. Learning how to run farther and how to run further is a great skill to poses for any soccer player or footballer. I'll give you 6 tips on how to improve stamina and how to gain stamina if you've always been struggling with how to build stamina and endurance for soccer.

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How to get ripped fast ►

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Remember, all of this information on how to run longer and how to increase stamina and also how to run properly is absolutely useless if you don't apply it. Knowledge is power but only when put into action especially when it comes to learning how to improve stamina and how to gain stamina and endurance for footballers and soccer players.

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How to run longer | How to increase stamina | How to run properly | Soccer Football

If you want more advice on how to increase stamina and how to build endurance please visit my channel and search: soccer stamina or soccer endurance training you will find helpful videos that will tach you how to run farther and how to gain both stamina and endurance.

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How to run longer | How to increase stamina | How to run properly | Soccer Football

5 Muscle Endurance Exercises for Fighters

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Here are 5 different muscle endurance exercises geared towards fighters, to devlop shoulder, legs, core, and back endurance. Incorporate endurance training into your strength & conditioning. This way you can continue to fight throughout the rounds, even if you squeezed that guillotine choke to the point of exhuastion (remember to breath while applying a choke!)!

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Difference Between Cardio Endurance & Muscular Endurance : Around the Gym

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Cardio endurance and muscular endurance are two completely different techniques and should be treated as such. Find out about the difference between cardio endurance and muscular endurance with help from a personal trainer in this free video clip.

Expert: PJ Glassey
Bio: PJ Glassey received a B.S. in Exercise Science in 1989, has been a C.S.C.S. since 1996, and has been a personal trainer since 1987.
Filmmaker: Jay Windland

Series Description: You can accomplish practically anything in a neighborhood or home gym, as long as you know how to utilize the equipment in the proper ways. Get some tips around the gym with help from a personal trainer in this free video series.

Running, Endurance training, and Building an engine - Ep. 50

This week, I interview elite Endurance Coach, Nate Helming (@natehelming). He's here to answer a lot of your questions about running and endurance training including; how often you should be running, how to get over the mental aspects of running, breathing tips, popular running shoes, and his project The Run Experience, which helps CrossFitters add more running into their programming.

Topics of discussion:

[1:15] Intro, Background, San Francisco CrossFit

How Nate fixed a hamstring injury
Finding CrossFit

[12:15] How CrossFit changed Nate's training as an endurance athlete

[17:34] Running & CrossFit

Building an engine

[23:20] Why do some people HATE running?

[24:07] How much you should be running as an Open athlete

[26:03] How to train endurance

[29:30] Aerobic benefits

The nose breathing mile – TRY THIS!!!

[35:00] Jeff Galloway

The Run-Walk method

[39:05] Minimalist shoes VS. Maximalist shoes

[47:54] Mental aspects of running

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LIFE IN A DAY | The Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run

On June 25, 2016 a collection of trail and ultra runners toed the line at the historic Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run running from Squaw Valley to Auburn. Among the 350+ were 4 women vying for the win and a coveted top 10 finish which is recognized annually at this prestigious event:

Magdalena Boulet, a HOKA ONE ONE and GU ENERGY LABS athlete is the returning champion and a mother of one who lives and trains in the East Bay of Northern California. She has an incredible road background including earning a trip to the Olympics in 2008 by placing 2nd at the Olympic Trials. ( | @RunBoulet)

Devon Yanko is also a HOKA ONE ONE athlete and has excelled in many different ultra distances. This is her 2nd attempt at the Western States 100 Mile Race with her 1st resulting in a DNF, or Did Not Finish. She is the co-owner of MH Bread & Butter in San Anselmo, CA along with her husband Nathan. ( | @fast_foodie)

Kaci Lickteig placed 2nd in the 2015 running of the Western States 100 is among the favorites to win it. She hails from Omaha, Nebraska where she works as an in-patient physical therapist. ( | @ultrarunnerkc)

Anna Mae Flynn of Lake Tahoe, CA is going for her 1st 100 mile attempt after gaining entry via a golden ticket slot at the Lake Sonoma 50 Mile Race in 2016. She is a teacher and a recent ultra athlete. ( | @annamaeflynn on Instagram, @amflynnrunner on Twitter)

This is a story of their 100 mile journey of which the great Ann Trason compares to living a life in a day.

Cinematography by:
Zack Johnson
Mahting Putelis
Billy Yang
Scott Rokis

© 2017

How to: Train Local Muscle Endurance

A quick peek into the next months training for Brute Athletes and a few workouts for you to include to increase your local muscle endurance

Endurance: Run Farther, Faster, More Easily - Sport Science: Running

No matter what distance you are training for, no matter what your goal is...all runners need one thing -- ENDURANCE. How endurance training increases your ability to resist and recover from fatigue.

Check it out on Knowledge and Performance. For more articles and videos on the science of running visit us at

How to Increase Speed and Endurance

Speed Endurance Training Program by Mike Waters. With most athletes developing explosive power and quickness, speed endurance is usually overlooked. This program is designed to increase overall turnover, hip flexor strength, which will increase speed.

Top 11 Superfoods For Endurance Athletes | Healthy Foods For A Balanced Diet

Supporting your triathlon training with a healthy balanced diet is essential to performance. In this video, we look at which superfoods can give you that extra boost naturally.

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There is, of course, no singular food that is magically going to make you a better, stronger and faster athlete overnight. It is the balanced combination of various nutritious foods and a well thought out training plan that will.

That said, some foods pack more of a punch than others when it comes to their nutrient values. It is these nutrient-rich foods that are considered to be especially beneficial for our health, the superfoods.

Find out more about Heather's choice of 11 superfoods you should regularly include in your diet!

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Julie, née un jeudi 4 février 1993, petite blonde d'1m59. Je monte depuis septembre 2004 et j'ai mon galop 7 depuis juin 2011. Je suis devenue propriétaire le 1er novembre 2005 pour la première fois puis je le suis devenue deux autres fois par la suite. Mes garçons ne sont pas en centre équestre mais chez moi. Je pratique diverses disciplines même si je suis plus dressage, saut d’obstacle et concours complet en compétition. Côté professionnelle, je suis professeur des écoles !

🐴 Les poneys ?

Enzo d'Emery par Rageuse II, poney français de selle croisé connemara hongre palomino de 27 janvier 1992 toisant 1m60. Arrivé le 1er novembre 2005. C'est un cheval qui demande beaucoup d'attention et qui est très têtu. Avant c’était un cheval de propriétaire et de club.

Gamin de Beauregard, anglo arabe croisé trotteur pif (encore un testicule) noir pangaré présumé né en 1999, toisant 1m50. Arrivé le 5 juin 2006, il a subi de mauvais traitement (castration à l'arrache, mal débourré, violenté) puis a connu une semie liberté. Nous avons tout repris à zéro ensemble. Du cheval semi-sauvage et colérique, il est devenu un cheval extraordinaire qui donne beaucoup.

Nickel par Krickette et Gigolo, un poney B hongre bai foncé né en octobre 2001, toisant 1m25. Arrivé le 21 septembre 2014, ancien poney de club depuis ses 3 ans, il est arrivé chez moi car il était devenu “inutilisable” pour le club, il n'a plus aucun goût a être monté et possède beaucoup d'angoisse comme les enfants. Il apprend très rapidement et possède un joli coup de saut.

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3 Exercises for Strength Endurance and Conditioning

3 exercises for strength endurance and conditioning. Being strong is more than just peak strength! More information about strength endurance in this blog post (recommended) ➞



0:40 Lizard climber

2:15 Benefits of the lizard climber

2:30 Flea hop

3:17 Second flea hop variation

3:54 Benefits of the flea hop

4:15 Leaning push up

6:30 Benefits of the leaning push up

6:44 How to train for strength endurance?

7:45 The purpose is to try to improve your performance and work capacity

8:00 Movement training is EXCELLENT for conditioning and strength endurance

8:38 Performance is a lot more than just lifting heavy or performing fancy skills


Hi there, my name is Eero Westerberg and I am the head coach here at VAHVA Fitness. Our specialty lies in mixing the Western and Eastern knowledge of health and fitness together into a combination that actually works, is proven and produces real tangible results.

We developed our methods by studying health & wellness and strength & conditioning for over a decade. We also traveled the world for over 3 years researching different ancient methods of strengthening and taking care of the human body.



Build an Athletic Physique from the ground up

Online Course to learn movement, build mobility and get fit

Complete core & nutrition program

FREE mobility routine

✅ INSTAGRAM: eerowest

ENDURANCE - Biceps & Triceps (17 INCHES) program by Guru Mann

Here we are with one of the best Guru Mann's program for Biceps & Triceps.

“17 INCHES” is a 10 week Arm training program by Guru Mann
▪️Size gaining program for Biceps & Triceps
▪️Gain 2-3 inches size of your Arm
▪️Most intense Arms training program ever


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How To Maximise Your Climbing Endurance | Adam Ondra's Training Series Ep.5

In Part 5 of Adam's training series we are looking at maximising your climbing endurance. There's going to be climbing and there's going to be laps, which will in turn help you to work on your efficiency....this is tough!

If you're looking for any help with your training check out our range:

How To Maximise Your Climbing Endurance | Adam Ondra's Training Series Ep.5

20 Minute Endurance Running Workout [Follow Along]

Your Workout:

3 Minute Warm-Up:

First Minute: 5% grade, 2/10 effort (walk/light jog)

Second Minute: 4% grade, 3/10 effort

Third Minute: 3% grade, 4/10 effort

Main Set:


90 seconds @ 2% grade, 6/10 effort

30 second REST @ 2% grade, 3/10 effort


90 seconds @ 2% grade, 6/10 effort

30 second REST @ 2% grade, 3/10 effort


90 seconds @ 2% grade, 7/10 effort

30 second REST @ 2% grade, 4/10 effort


90 seconds @ 2% grade, 7/10 effort

30 second REST @ 2% grade, 3/10 effort


90 seconds @ 2% grade, 7/10 effort

30 second REST @ 2% grade, 4/10 effort

4 Minute Climb:

Set tread to 3% grade. Use speed to find a 5/10 effort. You won’t touch the speed again over next 4 minutes.

First Minute: 3% grade

Second Minute: 4% grade

Third Minute: 5% grade

Fourth Minute: 6% grade

3 Minute Cool Down:

First Minute: 3% grade @ 3/10 effort

Second Minute: 2% grade @ 2/10 effort

Third Minute: 1% grade @ 1/10 effort (walk/jog)

You did it! Well done.

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FEI World Endurance Championship Abu Dhabi YR & J 2011

61: Joyce van den Berg / Bas de Cardonne
62: Yara de Boer / Sumaya ''G''
63: Fenne Koppenol / Valesco
64: Marijke Visser / Eomer



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