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Elephant polo



While playing at Perth's Polo in the City, Australian Hugo Fischer juggles the ball off the ground, over the sideline at times, before plucking if from the air to score a 'once in a lifetime' goal. Possibly the best polo goal ever captured on camera.

Angad Kaalan of Audemars Piguet Team @ Kings Cup Elephant Polo 2012 in Hua Hin Thailand HD

HD Video Interview with Angad Kaalan of Audemars Piguet Team @ Kings Cup Elephant Polo 2012 in Hua Hin Thailand HD. In the interview which tool place on the pitch on Friday morning, Angad Kaalan speaks to us about Elephant Polo and how it differs from regular Horse Polo. We also ask whether anyone can beat the favourites, the Audemars Piguet team, and if so who. Plus much more.

Much more from the 2012 King's Cup Elephant Polo Tournament in Hua Hin, Thailand



Elephant Polo Spice Girls 2011.....entrance with Mercedes to polo field on Sunday for our final match with the British Army team.....and they surprise us with their appearence in a jeep and flowers.

Los elefantes también juegan polo

Jugar polo con elefantes puede parecer difícil, lo que no ha impedido que este inusual deporte tenga su propio campeonato internacional organizado en Nepal. Pero el de este año podría ser el último, ante los cuestionamientos de defensores de los animales. VERSION SUBTITULADA

Elephant-Polo Weltmeister 2003

Bericht über die Weltmeister im Elefantenpolo.

The Kings Cup Elephant polo tournament 2016

elephant polo in Thailand

Sexy warm up! Olha Lyakhova, UKR. Athletics national team media day, Kyiv, 11/08/2015.

Телеканал XSPORT. Докладніше дивіться на сайті

Welcome to Thailand Polo King's Cup 2015

Welcome to Thailand Polo King's Cup 2015, 20-24 Jan 2015.

Professional Polo 04 Go Long

Second way to escape Pro´s mark. Go Long. Let's see examples. Just stop, wait the opponent go long, and turn to other direction. Easy polo to play better.
Send us your questions and comments Participates in clinics and Polo classes.
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Music by Brock Berrigan

Thailand Polo King's Cup 2015 Official Teaser

Get exciting with the sport of King. Thailand Polo King's Cup 2015 is going to begin on January 20th - 24th.
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Elephant Polo

Elephant cup polo benefit and festival at Capitol Polo Club. Capitol Polo Club elephant cup, Saddle Gals & Guys equestrian drill team, sidesaddle demonstrations, Thai ridgeback dogs and a 75-foot long Chinese martial arts dragon dance, all to benefit the DC elephant polo team and the Thai National Elephant Conservation center. Visit for further information.

Polo pachyderms rumble in Bangkok's urban jungle

A herd of elephants romped across a Bangkok pitch Thursday for the first match of a four-day polo tournament raising money for the animals, which are heralded as a national symbol but often subject to abuse.

The Polo Channel # The World Elephant Polo Championship 2016 The Final Event Visit Nepal & India

Greatest Elephant Polo Goal of the Century

WEPA Elephant Polo World Cup 2007. Chivas Regal Team Captain, the legendary Peter Prentice, scores what is not only the winning goal but the greatest double-tap goal of the century. THIS IS A VIDEO NOT TO BE MISSED

Henry Tuke at the World Elephant Polo Championships 2010 Tiger Tops Nepal

Henry Tuke launched its brand at the World Elephant Polo Associations' World Championships at Tiger Tops in Nepal. Playing with the UAE Seapoys, this underrated team won through the group stages into the World Championships and then into the final itself. With several novice elephant polo players it took teamwork and some special performances by the stars including a goal hit from the defending D across the pitch and into the oppositions goal: A first in WEPA history. An amazing journey, a brilliant result and a sensational way to launch. Henry Tuke is a new Luxury brand specialising in over the top boys toys, handmade in England out of the finest materials. Here, good enough is simply not good enough! Launch products for Jan 2011 inclde Macassar ebony and sterling silver backgammon sets, stainless damascus steel and sterling silver champagne sabres and more exciting products to follow.

Elephant Polo - WEPA 2007 - Tiger Tops

Elephant Polo -Tiger Tops - Nepal

Elephant Polo Thailand

The 11th King's Cup Elephant Polo tournament was held in Hua Hin Thailand in September 2012. Here are some events from one of the matches.

Elephant Polo (हात्ती पोलो ) 2017 /2018 Tournament in sauraha ,nepal

Elephant Polo (हात्ती पोलो ) 2017 /2018 Tournament in sauraha ,nepal

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The World Elephant Polo Championships 2006

Players from across the globe assembled to form Eight International teams of Man and Beast. The teams represented Scotland, Thailand, Hong Kong, India, Nepal and the defending champions the British team. The tournament is played at a small village, Meghauly, on the edge of the famous Royal Chitwan National Park, a jungle location, highly appropriate for this most majestic of sports.

The sport was founded 35 years ago by Brits Jim Edwards and James Manclark a fellow adventurer, in a drinking session at St Moritz after tobogganing on the Cresta Run. Its rules have evolved over the last 2 decades and the game now has its own governing body; World Elephant Polo Association (WEPA). Each game consists of two chukkas of ten minutes. The smaller, younger elephants are the fastest and are primarily used in an attacking position.

The Elephants are controlled by ‘mahouts’ or drivers, whilst the players concentrate on wielding extra-long polo sticks, but communication between all three (mahout, player and elephant) is crucial. The rules of the game are similar to horse polo, but the pitch is 3/4 length and there can be no more than three elephants in one half of a pitch at a time, to avoid the dangers of the animals’ herd instincts crowding them into a semi-permanent huddle. Fouls can include standing on the ball, hooking an opponent’s stick and deliberately crossing in front of a charging elephant.

Professional polo players are handicapped in the same way as horse polo whilst seasoned elephant polo players also carry a one goal handicap. Whilst each team of elephants is evenly matched, opposing teams swap elephants at the end of the first chukka to negate any advantage. The smallest elephant on each team is the fastest, a sort of GTi version, and these elephants play a pivotal role in the match. However, in the game of Elephant polo, communication is the key to success not only between mahout, player and elephant but also fellow team members. During play ball boys clear any elephant dung to avoid the matter being splattered during contact with the polo sticks. Presiding over the matches, the referee is perched upon an impressive tusker.

After an intense week of competition Angus Estates Scotland earned their place in the final against the favourites the National Park team of Nepal. The local team despite having several strong, experienced elephant polo players and massive local support just could not compete with old-timer James Manclark who dominated play to give his team and Scotland a third World title in as many years. The final score was 8 goals to 6.

However, it was the gentle giants of the Jungle, the elephants, who stole the show, they clearly enjoyed their role and proved to be the real stars of the tournament and were rewarded with plentiful supplies of their favourite food, deservedly so!

This annual event raises money for charity including the local Meghauly Clinic and the Tiger Tops local pre-school, plus the International Trust for Nature Conservation (ITNC) which funds tiger and rhino anti-poaching units in the National parks of Nepal.



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