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Egyptian stick fencing


Egyptian Stick Fighting Techniques : Athletic Training & Martial Arts

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Egyptian stick fighting techniques use your own mobility as an asset. Find out about Egyptian stick fighting techniques with help from an expert with an extensive background in Mixed Martial Arts in this free video clip.

Expert: Robert Weeks
Filmmaker: Hunter LeMoine

Series Description: Martial arts can be a wonderful way to both get in shape and learn how to defend yourself should the need ever arise. Get tips on athletic training and martial arts with help from an expert with an extensive background in Mixed Martial Arts in this free video series.

Martin Faulks -Egyptian Stick Fighting (Tahtib)

Well here it is by popular demand! Its me having a go at learning some Egyptian stick fighting outside Luxor temple during the Egyptian Tahtib festival.

African Stick and Shield Fencing

Lesson with Adam Blight and Suzannah Rockett

Suzannah has competed extensively internationally and won national championships.


The boxing bits of the April Prizefight!

Rapier Fencing CombatCon '15 RJ Vs Adam

Historical rapier fencing from CombatCon 2015. I am the fencer in the right side corner with the black arm band. I study and try to apply Renaissance Italian style rapier techniques. In the final pass, I won the match with a counter thrust and inquartata spin out in single time.

Stick fighting in El Jadida, Morocco, 1920

A man teaching a young boy stick fighting or sword fencing in El Jadida, Morocco, 1920.

Stick fencing


TAHTIB Codified form - KHAL'AA (lifting)

Khall'aa is a Tahtib codified form. It contains six paradigm shift (lure) also a stick seizure simultaneously to a backward attack on the cervicals.
This form is not demonstrated in the Codified Forms chapter of the MODERN TAHTIB book ,meanwhile it is available in the courses delivered by the Tahtib Center, ref
Each Tahtib Egyptian group in the main spots (Louxor, Qena, Sohag, Assiout, Mallawi, Minya etc.) developed specific techniques, styles and lures respecting the common set of Tahtib principles and values.
The Tahtib codified forms presented in this video channel and in the Modern Tahtib book aim at facilitating the transmission in the modern urban societies anywhere in the world.

1897 Ashanti Martial Knife Dance Exhibition France

Film date 17 April 1897 - 2 May 1897
Location: The temporarily setup Ashanti Exhibition Village.
Perrache -Lyon- France
Two men armed with a knifes perform a ritualized knife fight with the accompaniment of drums and hand clapping. This upload of film includes the film at normal speed and a slow motion version.

The Ashanti people’s history:

African Sword and Shield (Tahtib Flow Drill)

A demonstration of fa flow drill that comes from Tahteeb/Tahtib (Southern Egyptian stick fighting). The flow begins with an exchange of attack and defense using the hanging parry to negate the forearm diagonal slash. From there we explore the many options of counterattacking while maintaining a seamless flow... At times :) Enjoy! If you have any questions or comments please contact me at

training and fighting Alan Saitta and Danilo Rossi Lajolo di C.

My training


Kleine Einführung in das, was da kommen soll

Created by Joachim Bartsch.

Logo of the Style (fencing thunderbird) created by Joachim Bartsch. All rights reserved.

Additional Credits:
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Thunder Sound recorded by Grant Evans, License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

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Tahtib Drill(Hanging parry)

Excellent Martial Arts Side Kick Advice Train for side kick martial arts training dvd


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An advice on how to practice for side kick by a Kinesiology and Martila Arts expert Paul Zaichik.
This video talks about the mid-section conditioning exercises for a side, that enables the body to be in upright position.
Excellent Martial Arts Side Kick Advice Train for side kick
An advice on how to practice for side kick by a Kinesiology and Martila Arts expert Paul Zaichik.
This video talks about the mid-section conditioning exercises for a side, that enables the body to be in upright position.
Excellent Martial Arts Side Kick Advice Train for side kick
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Amleth, International Female Fencing

Amleth Femalefencing 2. maj 2011, Helsingør, Denmark

African Stick Fighting, Martial Arts, stickfight

Short clip showing a little of the Kongolese Haitian Art of Muti

RSW 2007_12_09a (Zulu spear vs European bastard sword)

RSW Zulu spear vs European bastard sword


Jurus Tunggal Baku Part 1
Jurus Tunggal Baku
Jurus Tunggal Baku IPSI
Jurus Tunggal Baku PERSILAT

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Full Contact Single Stick Fighting 2012 - Round 3

I'm the guy in the black. My first full contact stick fight.



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