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Egyptian stick fencing


Stick Sparring

One of the Fights during our 69th Sparring Meeting

Double stick light sparring

I stopped doing kali around 5 years ago. Now one of my new training partner asked me to have a little sparring, because she is practicing kali, and did escrima in the past. This is the result.

We used PBT Fencing masks, lacrosse and red dragon gloves, SPES forearm protector, homemade padded sticks from rattan.

HAMA - Nguni (Zulu) Stick Fighting Freestyle ????

Nguni Stick-Fighting is the modern version of the historical combat traditions of the Zulu empire, upheld by the Nguni people of South Africa. (Nelson Mandela trained in this art as well). ????????
The sticks represent short-spear and hand shield weapon combination, and the object is to bypass your opponent's defense (front shield stick) and land a strike to their body or head. The object is for two opposing warriors to fight each other to establish which of them is the strongest or the Bull (Inkunzi).
I am simply flowing through basic stick movements while staying in an Nguni context, blending it into my own style.
Song: Chronixx - Odd Ras

#HAMA #Nguni #StickFighting

Full Contact Single Stick Fighting 2012 - Round 1

My first full contact stick fighting match. I'm the guy in the black.

Canne de combat - Fight Feeling - HD

Après le bâton, la canne de combat reste l'activité principale du club. La vidéo présente les différentes facettes abordées lors des cours avec le travail statique, le combat sans protection servant notamment à travailler sur le contrôle des coups et du respect de l'adversaire et enfin le travail en tenue obligatoire pour la compétition... Enjoy yourself!

African Stick Fighting, Martial Arts, stickfight

Short clip showing a little of the Kongolese Haitian Art of Muti

Тренировочный поединок на тростях. Екатерина vs Игорь

Training duel on canes. #sabre #fencing #cane #фехтование #сабля #трость #msfg

PBT Egypt Camp in Hungary summer 2010 (3)

PBT Egypt Camp in Hungary summer 2010
Egyptian Fencing contingent

Hayden fencing saber

Hayden is in black in the front. The boy he was dueling with kept thinking that he won the point by getting Hayden in the side but Hayden actually got him first in the head. When the coach said nice he was talking about Hayden. It is hard to see what he did though. I watched it at least 3 times to see and I still couldn't make it out. With the Saber, the target area is head, arm and chest with the side of the sword.

Nimcha: Maghrebi Sabre Sparring #3


African Sword and Shield (Tahtib Flow Drill)

A demonstration of fa flow drill that comes from Tahteeb/Tahtib (Southern Egyptian stick fighting). The flow begins with an exchange of attack and defense using the hanging parry to negate the forearm diagonal slash. From there we explore the many options of counterattacking while maintaining a seamless flow... At times :) Enjoy! If you have any questions or comments please contact me at

Tahtib 2008, Mairie XIV, diaporama

A group of martial arts experts based in Paris delivers Tahtib sessions and presentations,
4000 years ago, as described in Beni Hassan tombs, tahtib was developed by Egyptians to win against the persian invaders' swords.
How could sticks win against swords ? A higher mastery of space, time, center ?
As in Japanese (Budo) and Chinese martial arts, Tahtib, the mother of all martial arts aims at human achevement.
Tahtib brings unique dimensions particulary thru rythm and group practice.

Sean v Chris at Sabre

Sabre bout between Sean Hayes (on the right) and Chris Bigelow (on the left). We're using 19th century dueling sabres, which are considerably heavier that modern sport sabres. Chris has an original 19th century practice (blunt) sabre; I have an excellent modern reproduction made by Darkwood Armories.

Modern Tahtib - Nakhla (Palm Tree) Form

Originating from Kemet (Egypt), Modern Tahtib is the modern variant of arguably the oldest Montu (martial) Art on the planet, Tahtib/Stick. It was used for military training alongside ancient Pugilism and Wrestling (the three requirements for kings, bodyguards, and warriors). Over the centuries it transformed into a folk tradition that incorporated music and dance into the combat training.




#ModernTahtib #Egypt #MartialArts

Stick fighting in El Jadida, Morocco, 1920

A man teaching a young boy stick fighting or sword fencing in El Jadida, Morocco, 1920.

African Stick and Shield Fencing

Nguni Stick Fighting - too violent for TV?

Is Nguni Stick Fighting too violent for TV? Trans World Sport feature on the traditional South African sport of Nguni Stick Fighting. A former boyhood past time of Nelson Mandela. Some broadcasters felt it was too violent for TV.

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The Basic Movements of Egyptian Stick Fighting (Tahtib)

The complete Arabic name of Tahtib is Fann Al Nazaha Wal Tahtib which means the Art (Fann) of integrity (Nazaha) through the use of stick. The term Tahtib derives from Hat-tab which means Woodcutter ; Hat-tab refers to the doer while Tahtib refers to the Art or the Way similar to the use of Karate rather than Karate-Do or Aiki rather than Aikido.

The origins of Tahtib seem to go back to the 2nd millennium BC, some of Tahtib gestures are engraved in the walls of three tombs among the 39 rock-cut tombs of the archaeological site of Beni Hasan,[citation needed] in the eastern bank of the Nile, near the city of Minya. The necropolis comprises tombs of officials (nomarchs) of the XI and XII dynasties of ancient Egypt.

Egyptian Stick Fighting Techniques : Athletic Training & Martial Arts

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Tahtib, a stick fighting sport from Upper Egypt

Tahtib, a stick fighting sport from Upper Egypt




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