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Vaughn Gittin Jr. - Drift King of The Ring [Extended Cut]

Watch as Vaughn Gittin Jr. takes you for a ride as he becomes the first person to drift the legendary 12.9 miles of the Nurburgring in his 900 horsepower Monster Energy Ford Mustang RTR!

#DriftKingOfTheRing #MonsterEnergy #Drift

Mad Mike Drifts BADBUL Around the Franschhoek Pass | Conquer The Cape

► CLICK for sick photos and the full story:
‘Mad Mike' Whiddett has drifted a car up a mountain in his native New Zealand and powerslid across a frozen lake in Japan. This time he took the Mazda RX8 BADBUL around the iconic Franschhoek pass in South Africa

Production Partner: Silver Bullet Films
Director: Ryan Heron
DOP: Eugenio Galli
Producer: Wayne de Lange
Producer: Diana Keam
Editor: Coralee Long

Intro Song : Composed by Andrew Hoole & Greg Abrahams from Sound Foundry
Main Song : “Zengenkani” by uSanele ft. Stilo Magolide


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Mad Mike Drifts BADBUL Around the Franschhoek Pass | Conquer The Cape

#BATTLEDRIFT 2 - Daigo vs. Baggsy

#BATTLEDRIFT is back with more power, more tire-smoke and a brand new drift showdown. It’s Daigo vs. Baggsy; Lamborghini vs. GT-R; East meets West. Jump in, hold tight and hit play!

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Drifting my S13 in an Abandoned Development

I forgot how much I love my car. We took the journey out to a really cool abandoned development where cops USUALLY don't care about drifting and got some laps in. Things didn't go as planned and we had a bit less time than planned, but it was a blast still.

Thank you big time to Ethan Hodges for coming out and getting some rad photos/clips for me to use int he video. Check out his channel and Tommy's below!

Tommy's Channel -
Ethan's Channel -

#BATTLEDRIFT - Vaughn vs. Daigo

Vaughn Gittin Jr. heads to Niigata, Japan in his 550 HP 5.0L V-8 Mustang RTR to take on Daigo Saito’s 650 HP V-12 Drift Lamborghini. Built by Liberty Walk and Phat Five racing, Saito's AWD to RWD converted beast is looking for a fight. The two drift legends head to Niigata, Japan to battle it out on a touge run as they head into the abandoned Niigata Russian Village. Like something from a post apocalyptic world, the village provides the perfect backdrop for these outrageous machines to create some mayhem. After watching this video, if your dreams aren’t filled with the sweet sounds of a V-8 Muscle Car battling against a V-12 Supecar, something is seriously wrong with you. Put on a pair of headphones or hook up a nice set of speakers and Crank the Volume! #BATTLEDRIFT

Vaughn Gittin Jr.が自慢のFord Mustang RTR(550HP/5.0L/V-8)と共に新潟に向かった理由は、斎藤太吾と対決するため。Fat Five RacingがLiberty Walkと共に作り上げた世界初のDrift Lamborghini(650HP/V-12/RWD)は、戦いを求めていた。2人のドリフト・レジェンドは、共に峠を攻め、新潟にある廃墟へと向かったのだった。時間が止まったようなこの廃墟は、2台の凶暴なマシンが走るには、最適な場所だ。このビデオを見た後、V-8エンジンのマスタングとV-12搭載のスーパーカーが互いに争う「美しき轟音」が、あなたの夢を覆いつくすことだろう。ヘッドフォンかスピーカーを用意したら、あとはボリュームをひねるだけ。#BATTLEDRIFT にようこそ!

Music Track By:
Mosh - McQueen

Rain Drifting (bike drifting)



Roman hit me up with less than a day's notice... We got the 240 and the Miata ready, threw the BMX bikes in, and met up in an abandoned lot for a good time! I had no idea he was coming to Orlando - pumped on being able to film together! Shirts and Stickers -

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Taylor's Channel -
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Music by David Cutter






Drift Triking Mt. Taranaki New Zealand

Beautiful day to drift trike on the flanks of New Zealand's beautiful Mount Taranaki.

Big ups to Naki Country Sliders for hosting the day, Madazz team riders, 3 Wheel Motion, East Sliders, Shore City Sliders, and everyone else who showed up for making it an awesome day.

Sunshine, fresh air, friends and sideways... drift trike life!

We Love Drifting - Car Culture (2017) RDF

We Love Drifting
Car Culture

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Hope you guys enjoyed this drifting video! I tried to incorporate as much of the sport into one video! If you did enjoy drop me a like, it helps a ton! Check out my channel for more drifting and car related videos - Subscribe if you like what you see, and I will see you in my next video!

Song - Photo
Artist - YONAS
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I simply re-edit videos for the viewers enjoyment
If you are the owner of any of this footage and would like the video deleted message me

Videos I got the footage from -

Best Drifting Style in Formula D? - Forrest Wang - Part 1 -

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We Love Drifting - Car Culture (2017) RDF

GoPro: Twelve Car Tandem Drift

Ryan Tuerck and 12 of his fellow formula drift drivers bring their pro cars out for the Tuerck'd Bash at Pat's Acres Racing Complex in Canby, Oregon.

Shot 100% on the HD HERO3+® camera from ‪

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All new season of Tuerck'd begins September 23rd, catch the full episode on Network A here:

7Horse Most of That Is You and Me
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FWD DRIFTING @ Rally Ready

We stopped by the Rally Ranch to learn the fundamentals of driving rally and got some crazy ride alongs on some of the coolest trails ever! Check them out here -
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Drifting BMX bikes, Miatas, BRZs, RC's - you name it. Add a surprise delivery and one of my most talented BMX friends (Jackie) for an EPIC vlog! All automotive drifting filmed in Mexico. DONATE AND HELP JIMMY OAKES
Music by David Cutter -


THE REDBULL TIANMENSHAN MOUNTAIN DRIFT KING BATTLE .Full version of Helicopter Footage Full-Hd corners 1-99 .
A show and competition that took place in North China on the 17/08/13 in the amazingly beautyfull place of the Tianmenshan Mountains famous in all the world for the Huge Hole in the Rock called the doors to Heaven. The road that takes you up on the top of the Tianmenshan Mountains has exactly 99 Corners and..
Why Not doing them SideWays.. Only 2 Drivers were choosen by RedBull China to do this event and have a drift competition between each other, the Official RedBull China Driver from HongKong JAMES TANG, and the Official Team Orange Japan Driver from Italy FEDERICO SCERIFFO.
With 96,5/100 Top Speed 170km/h The Italian Driver Takes the Win and the Title of Drift King of the Heaven's Road

Rally Drift Compilation 2019 || Best of Rallye Drifts from around the rally racing world

Rally Drift Compilation 2019 || Best of Rallye Drifts from around the rally racing world

For all media and sponsorship inquiries, please contact

We've compiled what we think are some of the best rally drift clips we could come up with. We will be releasing more rallye drift compilations soon.

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32 Crazy Snow Rally Car Racing Moments

#rally #rallydrift #rallyedrifting

FOS 2018 drift show

A compilation of some of the best drifting action from Saturday with Chris Forsberg, Mad Mike Whiddett, Steven Baggsy Biagioni and more! #FOS

1200hp Drifting in the Streets of Auckland - Red Bull Drift Shifters

» Like the smell of burnt rubber?
Top drift racers from around the world gathered in Auckland for another high octane edition of Red Bull Drift Shifters. The unique concept allowed drivers to break free from drifting’s traditional dual car battle format, as they race against the clock to score points from automated speed, angle and proximity sensors positioned around the course.

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Jesse Toler "SLIDEWAYS" Drift - gymkhana - motorcycle drifting - motorbike drift

Short drift video of Jesse Toler, on his custom built 08 gsxr 1000.

Runman Inc. Swingarm.

Mountain drifting in Russia by G.B. Toyota Chaser 1JZ-GTE

Downtime – Aphotic
Dope D.O.D. — smash ft dj paul

#drift #drifting #mountain #russia #buryatia #toyota #chaser #1jzgte #jzx100 #jdm #japan #cars #drifting #drift #driftcar #tourerV #дрифт #touge
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INSANE DRIFTING! | Amazing Drift Skills | Drift Compilation 2019 🍕

INSANE DRIFTING! | Amazing Drift Skills | Drift Compilation 2019 Insane Drift Cars! 🔥

Thanks for watching Slugline Media! I do this as a hobby, and for fun! I don’t make a penny from YouTube so Trolls please go easy! 🤓 I love all motorsports but drifting is definitely my passion, and the videos I enjoy making most! This compilation is filled with crazy illegal street drifting, track stars, and clips from all over the internet. This is definitely some top level drifting show casing some truly amazing skills!

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best drift on bicycle combination

best drift on bicycle combination.



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