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Vaughn Gittin Jr. - Drift King of The Ring [Extended Cut]

Watch as Vaughn Gittin Jr. takes you for a ride as he becomes the first person to drift the legendary 12.9 miles of the Nurburgring in his 900 horsepower Monster Energy Ford Mustang RTR!

#DriftKingOfTheRing #MonsterEnergy #Drift

Drifting The Mars-like Landscape of Wadi Rum in Jordan

Take a crazy drift ride through Jordan's Mars-like landscape of Wadi Rum with goalkeeper Gurpreet Singh Sandhu and drifter Ahmad Daham.
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If ever there was a country that perfectly aligned with stunning backdrops for driving and drifting, it has to be Jordan, and the Mars-like landscape of Wadi Rum in particular. A maze of monolithic rockscapes rises from the desert floor to heights of 1,750m creating a natural backdrop for the video captured during the Red Bull drifting shoot in Jordan recently.
#redbullmotorsports #gojordan #drift
Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, the goalkeeper of Bengaluru FC in the India Super League, and also a Red Bull athlete, is the first Indian to play a competitive match for a top-division team in the UEFA Europa League when he represented Norwegian side Stabaek FC in 2016.
Gurpreet recently travelled to visit the natural wonders of Jordan including the Dead Sea and Petra. At over 400m (1,312 ft) below sea level, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth where you can float without sinking. Petra, known as the 'rose red city' is a world wonder, and without a doubt Jordan's most valuable treasure and greatest tourist attraction.
This project was a collaboration between Red Bull and the Jordan Tourism Board.


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I modified my mountain bike so it could drift by sticking plastic over the wheels to get it sliding, it was insane! Drifting an MTB is the best fun ever you have to try it NOW!!

After the fun I had on the the extreme MTB drift tricycle I thought i'd try to make my Electric bike a drift mountain bike by covering the tyres in plastic and it worked pretty good. After burning out the plastic I decided to flip the tyre inside out and drift on that which was so much fun but in the end the tyre exploded so it was time to take of the tyre and ride the bike on the rim! This was insanely fun and Its crazy to see how strong the HALO chaos wheels are! The haibike ebike took some abuse while urban freeriding it in the video but it was definitely worth it for the fun I had!!

I hope you enjoy the video!



Welcome to my channel, I'm a professional Freeride Mountain biker and former FMB world champion(2013).

This channel is all about Mountain biking, I make a huge variety of videos for everyone who loves dirt: From downhill biking to slower paced trials riding and everything in between like dirt jumping, slopestyle and enduro!

As well as making entertaining videos(I hope) I also like to help YOU out too, with videos such as:
- How to ride better
- Trick tips and How to's
- Travel VLOGS
- GoPro camera tips
- In-depth entertaining features
- POV craziness
- Funny videos

I also try to reply to everyone so leave some comments too!


Drifting BMX bikes, Miatas, BRZs, RC's - you name it. Add a surprise delivery and one of my most talented BMX friends (Jackie) for an EPIC vlog! All automotive drifting filmed in Mexico. DONATE AND HELP JIMMY OAKES
Music by David Cutter -


Resumen de lo que fue la cuarta fecha del campeonato nacional de drifting en el kartodromo de la chutana.
Primero puesto: Alex Heilbrunn E46 M3
Segundo puesto: Salvador del Solar Silvia s13
Tercer puesto: Lucho Mendoza Gt86

STREET DRIFT 2 - Lima, Perú! The Highlights #IMRstyle

Team IMR Peru gets 1st and 2nd place at the Street Drift Championship.
Get inside the event with us and enjoy the show!

Mountain drifting in Russia by G.B. Toyota Chaser 1JZ-GTE

Downtime – Aphotic
Dope D.O.D. — smash ft dj paul

#drift #drifting #mountain #russia #buryatia #toyota #chaser #1jzgte #jzx100 #jdm #japan #cars #drifting #drift #driftcar #tourerV #дрифт #touge
Подписывайтесь на канал!

Daniel and Max drift like bros | Red Bull Driftbrothers at the Austrian Grand Prix

Spielberg, Thursday morning, race weekend and for F1’s drivers it’s down to the serious business of the weekend as rain jackets are donned, umbrellas hoisted and squads of engineers assemble for that most important part of early race prep – the track walk.

And even though the wet track and rain prevented the brothers from properly lighting up the rears and wreathing the circuit in smoke, they did manage to give Max and Daniel a view of their home track that neither had ever seen before, as our exclusive video reveals…


Roman hit me up with less than a day's notice... We got the 240 and the Miata ready, threw the BMX bikes in, and met up in an abandoned lot for a good time! I had no idea he was coming to Orlando - pumped on being able to film together! Shirts and Stickers -

Roman's Channel -
Taylor's Channel -
Nicole's Channel -

Music by David Cutter






Lay It Down! Ryan Tuerck’s World Tour Of Drifting Part 2: Estonia To Latvia!

Tuerck’d Season 3, Ep. 6: Professional Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck continues his semi-destructive tour of Europe! In this episode, Tuerck meets up with the Fail Crew at Laitse Rally Park in Estonia for the Drift Allstars GP. The Fail Crew hook Tuerck up with a loaner S13 built by HGK Motorsports for the competition which Tuerck finesses through the qualifying rounds all the way to an insane final showdown against Harold Valdma! Watch to see whether he wins or gets Tuerck'd! We also get a look at an epic custom BMW 6 series with dual turbos and 600hp. Next stop Latvia but not before a run in with the local law enforcement—as they say, “Hey! It is not a problem.” Tuerck makes the absolute most of the opportunity at Riga, laying down pristine first tracks at a sick Soviet era track, the Fail Crew joins in and all ends well in this Eastern European saga!
Got questions or comments about Tuerck’s Drift Allstars experience? That S13? The BMW 6 series build? Those Estonian girls? You can hit Ryan up in the comments below or at #Tuerckd on twitter and he just might respond to you in next week’s Burnout Response video!
Directed by Andrew Laputka/Shoot First Media, produced by Jacob Agajanian
Watch the whole series:

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#BATTLEDRIFT - Vaughn vs. Daigo

Vaughn Gittin Jr. heads to Niigata, Japan in his 550 HP 5.0L V-8 Mustang RTR to take on Daigo Saito’s 650 HP V-12 Drift Lamborghini. Built by Liberty Walk and Phat Five racing, Saito's AWD to RWD converted beast is looking for a fight. The two drift legends head to Niigata, Japan to battle it out on a touge run as they head into the abandoned Niigata Russian Village. Like something from a post apocalyptic world, the village provides the perfect backdrop for these outrageous machines to create some mayhem. After watching this video, if your dreams aren’t filled with the sweet sounds of a V-8 Muscle Car battling against a V-12 Supecar, something is seriously wrong with you. Put on a pair of headphones or hook up a nice set of speakers and Crank the Volume! #BATTLEDRIFT

Vaughn Gittin Jr.が自慢のFord Mustang RTR(550HP/5.0L/V-8)と共に新潟に向かった理由は、斎藤太吾と対決するため。Fat Five RacingがLiberty Walkと共に作り上げた世界初のDrift Lamborghini(650HP/V-12/RWD)は、戦いを求めていた。2人のドリフト・レジェンドは、共に峠を攻め、新潟にある廃墟へと向かったのだった。時間が止まったようなこの廃墟は、2台の凶暴なマシンが走るには、最適な場所だ。このビデオを見た後、V-8エンジンのマスタングとV-12搭載のスーパーカーが互いに争う「美しき轟音」が、あなたの夢を覆いつくすことだろう。ヘッドフォンかスピーカーを用意したら、あとはボリュームをひねるだけ。#BATTLEDRIFT にようこそ!

Music Track By:
Mosh - McQueen

Dockyard Drifting With Carlos Sainz in Peru

What happens when you give an ‪#F1 driver an empty dockyard and the RB7? One no-holds-barred blast!

We sent Carlos Sainz and the RB7 all the way to Peru for a tyre-melting show car run around downtown Lima. All good, except Lima's quite the trek from Milton Keynes and by the time the special freight arrived at the docks, Carlos was just a little bit anxious to get things started...

GoPro: The Chase of Inches - Best of Formula Drift 2015

Join these precision Formula Drift Drivers as they battle inches away from each other. Showing the best runs and hits from the amazing 2015 season.

Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from ‪

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Coo Coo Birds
Rock and Roll Animal

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Taylor Steele's DRIFTING (Full Film)

Family man. Style master. Traveler. Artist. Filmmaker. Loyal friend. Deep thinker. Musician. Weirdo. Afro. Surfer. Rob Machado is many things. And this 1996 biopic touches on them all. A goofyfoot classic.

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Kifah Hilal - 3rd Drift 2016

Kifah Hilal finished in the top 10 for the 2nd consecutive time after a thrilling show onboard his BMW E30 in round 3 of the Lebanese Drift Championship.

Mad Mike Whiddett and his Mazda MX-5 "RADBUL" Drift Highlands

» Watch Mad Mikes 360° POV of his run:
Smoke, speed and precision driving… just another day in the office for Mad Mike.

At the highest level of professional drifting, race cars are thrown sideways at speeds topping 200km/h. They are precision instruments engineered for a purpose.

Kiwi drift driver Mad Mike Whiddett and his newest - and arguably craziest - addition to his Mazda factory-backed stable of machinery yet, a Mazda MX-5 named RADBUL, is a fine replica of this.

Down at Highlands Motorsport Park in Cromwell, Otago, New Zealand, Mad Mike Whiddett takes his custom four-rotor, twin turbo 26B rotary engine and drifts around the challenging and technical track, showing us that he has the skills, the team and the machine to put the car exactly where he wants.

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Drift Trike - triad lifestyle video

Great for kids and adults alike, the Tuff Triad Drift Bike features interchangeable slick drifting wheels design to power slide around corners. The mega adjustable racing seat means anyone can ride. AVAILABLE INSTORE OR ONLINE AT

Interchangeable slick drifting wheels for power slides
High tensile steel frame
Low centre of gravity
Mega adjustable seat to fit all ages

Mad Mike Drifts BADBUL Around the Franschhoek Pass | Conquer The Cape

► CLICK for sick photos and the full story:
‘Mad Mike' Whiddett has drifted a car up a mountain in his native New Zealand and powerslid across a frozen lake in Japan. This time he took the Mazda RX8 BADBUL around the iconic Franschhoek pass in South Africa

Production Partner: Silver Bullet Films
Director: Ryan Heron
DOP: Eugenio Galli
Producer: Wayne de Lange
Producer: Diana Keam
Editor: Coralee Long

Intro Song : Composed by Andrew Hoole & Greg Abrahams from Sound Foundry
Main Song : “Zengenkani” by uSanele ft. Stilo Magolide


Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your stoke factor to be at an all time high.

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Mad Mike Drifts BADBUL Around the Franschhoek Pass | Conquer The Cape

best drift on bicycle combination

best drift on bicycle combination.

subaru impreza wrx sti drift

WOW License Plate Hide kits 4 cars/bikes: ★★
drifting of subaru ipreza wrx sti on different conditions.



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