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World Championshi Blitz Buzhynski - Georgiev

World Championshi Blitz Buzhynski - Georgiev
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2012 World Mind Games Beijing Day 1 - Blitz Draughts

SportAccord World Mind Games Beijing 2012 Draughts, Draughts, Alexander Georgiev, Alexander Schwarzman, Guntis Valneris, Jean Marc Ndjofang, Jeu de Dames, Dammen, Juego de Damas, Shashki

Best Draughts Shots 2

Best Draughts Shots!

Best Combinations Ever!

Hypnotized by draughts Murodullo Amrillaev

Game from Blitz Salou 2015
Murodullo Amrillaev in a trance (hipnotized)

Draughts in Marki 2019

Few moments from tournaments in Marki - Poland

23.11.19 - 24.11.19

2012 World Mind Games Beijing Day 8 Draughts

SportAccord World Mind Games Beijing 2012 Draughts, Draughts, Alexander Georgiev, Alexander Schwarzman, Guntis Valneris, Jean Marc Ndjofang, Jeu de Dames, Dammen, Juego de Damas, Shashki

2012 World Mind Games - Draughts - Day 1

All the action from the first day.

Brilliant draughts combination!

Draughts opening combination shown on antique wooden rolling draughts board from 19th Century, made by Jaques of London around 1880

Best Draughts Shots 3

Best Draughts Shots3!

All combinations happened in the games or were discovered during analysis.
You can find those any many more practical shots in my book.

If you are interested you can contact me or see the link below:

Thank you for watching!

2012 World Mind Games - Draughts - Day 2


In these groups, they are playing for qualification in the second tournament half when the four numbers 1 will compete for places 1-4, the numbers 2 for places 5-8 and so on. The women event sees the participation of twelve of the strongest women players distributed over two groups of six players. After the round robin tournament, the numbers 1 of both groups will play for places 1-2, the numbers 2 for places 3-4 and so on.

Because of the Otten system that was succesfully introduced last year in the first SportAccord World Mind Games, the draughts duellists have to fight eachother untill the end in each encounter. Players first will get the opportunity to master their opponent in a game with classical thinking time (80 minutes + 1 minute Fischer per move). A win in such a game gives a score of 12-0. If this game ends in a draw, the players continue with a rapid game of 20 minutes + 20 seconds Fischer per move where a win is valued at a 9-3 score. If the players can not finish off the other the blitz stage of 5 minutes per person plus 3 seconds Fischer per move is entered. Here a win is still worth 8-4. In case both players then are still holding on to an equal result, the Lehmann- Georgiev tie break follows. In this tiebreak, the players get 5 minutes plus 2 seconds per move as the total thinking time available to finish as many games as needed to beat the opponent and collect the 7-5 victory.

It's in this murderous environment that today the first round of the main event was played. It is a bit early to make predictions, but Alexander Georgiev, Vadim Virny, Natalia Sadowskaia and Olga Fedorovich with their 12-0 victories certainly have excellent chances of finishing high.

In the women tournament, Nina Hoekman from The Netherlands in the first game against Olga Fedorovich from Belarus was surprised by a combination and the coronation of an ennemy king after she played 19. 30-25?. .... upon which the Belarusian grandmaster responded with silent move13-18. 20. 25x14. Taking is compulsary in draughts, which means that one can try and force his will upon the opponent. At this, Fedorovich proves to be very succesful.21-27 21. 32x21 23x32 The plot to remove piece 38 and fly towards coronation. 22. 14x23 18x29 23. 38x7 29x49 24. 21x12 2x11 and 35 moves later Hoekman had to capitulate.

Playing draughts in Recife


2012 - World Mind Games Draughts - Day 8

Draughts endgame #1

Draughts end game in tournament practise.

Boguslaw Szelest - Mateusz Niczyporuk (Polish Championship)

It is classic endgame happening quite often in tournament games it is theoretical draw but as we see on the video not so easy to execute. This end game was named after Russian player Sargin who published it in 1891.

WC draughts 2019_Round12

Комментируют: Анатолий Гантварг, Виктория Мотричко и Иван Антоненко.
Чемпионат мира 2019 по шашкам-100 в Yamoussoukro. 12 тур.

Draughts Program - secret project

Program Created by Pawel Suchecki

There is few reason why i want to show you that today first because i know there is many people interested in draughts software how technolodgy developing and they really enjoy programs games even more than real players.

Second reason is because there is some feature that i really like so i want to show you this and the last reason ill tell you in the end of this video

I am going to show you draughts program which most probably no one ever have seen. It is just an interesting fact as it has never been released to public, It was created by my Friend Pawel suchecki and it is with me already long time now. It is working on linux system (for those who are interested i am using Lubuntu)

How it looks and options: You have a choice of two different designs, but personally i use this one as i find it more readable (clear) but maybe it is something to do with my screen settings
You have options to set up position or random the opening either just first moves or entire position,  you can also choose position you want to play.

Playing style: I like to play few games sometimes just to relax the level is unfortunately not as strong as competition but it has his own style of playing and because sometimes it doesn't make the strongest moves (complicate position) so you get impression that you are not playing with computer but real player.

Displaying variation: It also is worth to mention that program is displaying the position that you will reach in the end of calculated variant, i find it very useful, for example you can imagine situation that program is calculating 20 - 30 moves ahead and displaying some end game, but it can be to far for computer to evaluate the position properly. Than using your experience with knowledge of standard endgame you will be able judge by yourself maybe better than computer.  

Also you can see while computer is calculating ahead what kind of position will be likely to happen than you can decide if you like to play that kind of positions.And also i had idea of extending this feauture maybe program could show you few position after some main moves so you can decide which moves and ideas suit you better or which one you want to try first

Pros:   Unique style, Fun to play, Nice design, position displayed in the end of variation 
Cons:  Level not as strong as competition (but still difficult to win)

If you are interested i will show you few games against the program in another video.  

Why now:And the last reason why I decided to tell you about this program now It is because Pawel is about to start new draughts program project from the scratch, and he is gathering ideas what features to put so maybe there is something you missing in programs that you are using now?  that you would like to see  that is not out there yet?

[ I strongly believe the engine will be much better this time as Pawel has much more experience in programming.]

there is still a loot of room for development in programs playing strength as you have seen in the video i post some time ago about combination which computer cannot solve   

Any comments will be appreciated.

Thank you for watching and see you next time.

2012 World Mind Games Beijing Day 2 Draughts

SportAccord World Mind Games Beijing 2012 Draughts, Draughts, Alexander Georgiev, Alexander Schwarzman, Guntis Valneris, Jean Marc Ndjofang, Jeu de Dames, Dammen, Juego de Damas, Shashki

WC draughts 2019. В гостях Александр Георгиев.

Александр Георгиев расскажет о чемпионате мира по шашкам 100 в Ямусукро, а так же поделится мыслями о сыгранных партиях.

2012 - World Mind Games Draughts - Day 7

M.Kats, Draughts lessons, part 1



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