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Dragon boat racing


Dragon Boat Racing Teams Compete In Epic Tug Of War (Storyful, Sports)

Dragon boat racing is a sport that’s popular worldwide and this Polish club is testing their players’ stamina with a demanding tug of war challenge! PG Smoki Północy, based in north Poland, is one of the youngest dragon boat clubs in the country but make up for their youth in raw determination.
This video shows spectators cheering on members of the club as they compete against an opposing team in the National Dragon Boat Competition to be ranked first in the Sport Open category!

Credit: YouTube/SmokiPolnocy
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FIRETRUCK | 2019 Concord Pacific Dragon Boat Festival Competitive Grand Final

Premier Mixed Competitive Grand Final

Lane 1 - 7th - EDBRC Got Gainz - 1:59.825
Lane 2 - 6th - LATITUDE 48 PADDLING CLUB OC20 - 1:58.341
Lane 3 - 5th - Dragon Zone Premier - 1:57.506
Lane 4 - 4th - VIP GD Premier Mixed - 1:57.223
Lane 5 - 1st - FCRCC Premier - 1:55.571
Lane 6 - 2nd - Dragon Zone Firetruck - 1:56.689
Lane 7 - 8th - LimitBreaker - 2:01.210
Lane 8 - 3rd - JUICE - 1:57.123

1st DBWC 2014 - Race# 25 - Semi1 - Premier Mixed 200m - PHI CHN GER RUS [Fuzhou, China]


Watch the very last two races of the IDBF 11th World Nations Dragon Boat Championships 2013

Belief Sport TV coverage of the very last two races in Hungary of the IDBF 11th World Nations Dragon Boat Championships 2013

Recorded by the official production company livestreaming the championships for the IDBF.

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Canadian National Dragon Boat Championships 2017: Race 143 - 500m Premier Mixed Final A - 22Dragons

The 2017 Canadian Dragon Boat Championships at the Welland International Flatwater Centre.

Official Results:
(Link to 2017 results)
(Link to most recent event results)

Playlist of Canadian Nationals 2017 Races:

Day 3 - August 6th, 2017

Video by Allan Shek

Day5 500m 14th IDBF World Dragon Boat Racing ChampionShips Pattaya 25Aug19

Philippine team dragon boat race in China 2019

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British dragon boat teams get controversial in 2000m race filmed on head cam

Amathus dbc and Wraysbury dbc fight it out in 2000m BDA Liverpool NL race 2015, It gets very messy.This is a short edit showing last turn and finish from head cam.

Race 47: Montreal International Dragon Boat Challenge & Cultural Festival

The Montreal International dragon boat challenge is produced by Mission Dragon boat. It is one of the biggest Dragon boat event in North America. With over 150 teams registered every year. For more information or for registration, visit our Web site at

Tahiti dragon boat racing team Nottingham England 2012

Tahiti Nui dragon boat racing team make a guest appearance at the 10th European dragon boat racing championships Nottingham England, the 200m race was won by Tahiti in 46.60 and Germany Premier Open came in at 47.00, the other teams are Senior A and B teams.They have sponsorship clearly seen on there own boat

US Navy Dragon Boat 2016 Naha Okinawa Race Finals

May 5 2016, Naha festival. US Navy Men's team race. Finals.

Race starts at 4:51.
Race ends at ~10:01.

Special Thanks to Rad Man for the GoPro footage!

More about the team: This was a team of Navy personnel [Active duty, civilian, contractors, dependents] from around the island of Okinawa that came together, trained hard, and competed in the annual dragon boat races in the Naha harbor. In 2016 the team would place 3rd overall on the island, beating all other military service teams.

Dragon Boat Racing | Hong Kong | Trans World Sport

A special administrative region of China, Hong Kong is widely considered to be the birthplace of the modern day version of Dragon Boat racing. In 1976, the local tourist board decided to stage an International Dragon Boat festival to help promote the region. Since then, the sport's popularity has grown year by year.

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Dragon Boat Racing, Portland, Oregon, June 9, 2012

Dragon boat racing has become the fastest growing water sport in the world. Portland's 2012 Dragon Boat Race, an annual Rose Festival event, was held on the Willamette River on June 9th and 10th. Eighty local, national and international teams competed in heats of three and four teams every nine minutes. The event was hosted by the Portland-Kaohsiung Sister City Association and opened with a traditional Chinese prayer ceremony and blessing.

Ultimate Dragon Boat Race!!! (Red Bull)

Red Bull decided to organise their own Red Bull style Dragon Boat event involving obstacles, extra tasks, penalties and potential disqualification. We got called in to produce the video of this awesome and fun event!

Hope you enjoy the Dragon Roar!!



Stanley Dragon Boat 2017 Gold Cup Final Race

Final race for the Stanley Gold Cup on 30th May 2017.

Day2 1000m 14th IDBF World Dragon Boat Racing ChampionShips Pattaya 22Aug19

Trinidad Dragon Boat Racing 2014 - The Event, like never seen before with Phantom 2 & Gopro 4

The Dragon Boat Festival took place on October 13 at the Western end of Chagville, Chaguaramas. Aerial Media Trinidad was there to capture the highlights in a fashion and from a view which events like these have never seen before.
Approximately 20 teams competed in various categories for trophies and medals.
HISTORY: In 2006, Chinese Bicentennial Limited (CBL) was established to organise a series of events to commemorate the arrival of the first Chinese persons in Trinidad and Tobago. The signature event of the inaugural celebrations was the introduction of dragon boat racing.

Over the years, the sport of dragon boat racing has grown in popularity and now attracts a wide cross section of the population. Teams from Trinidad and Tobago have competed in several events overseas and have performed exceptionally well.

CBL has maintained the tradition of staging the dragon boat festival on an annual basis on the Sunday nearest October 12 to mark the occasion of the arrival of the Chinese to Trinidad and Tobago.

Dragon boat racing originated in China over 2000 years ago, today, dragon boat racing takes place in several countries in the world including Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, Australia and Trinidad and Tobago.
Sport or Hobby...? You decide

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2000m dragon boat race at Liverpool National league race 2012

Amathus dragon boat racing club based at Liverpool water sports centre UK host a BDA national league fixture 2012.Amathus Bee's and Amathus open participated.
Amathus open came first overall in the days racing.
Thanks to Lol for filming.


Music video for the promotion of PDBF and dragon boat racing in the Philippines.

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