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Double disc court


How To Play Double Disc Court (DDC)

Learn how to play double disc court.

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DDC Men's Final - 2016 US Open Overall Flying Disc Championships

This is the full 5 game match from the Men's DDC final at the 2016 US Open Overall Flying Disc Championships.

The final features Conrad Damon/Dave Hesselberth vs Sam Kaye/Rick Lebeau with commentary by Jack Cooksey and Arthur Coddington.

Double Disc Court HankMike vs TomScott Apr 30 2009


DDC - Double Disc Court Highlights, July 2010

5 Awesome DDC exchanges at the 2010 US flying disc overalls championships in Edina, MN.

Discival - Finale 2019 (Double Disc Court)

Mark P. und Malte B. (schwarz) gegen Nils D. und Jan M. (grün). Aufgrund von Kameraproblemen ist leider nicht das komplette Finale aufgezeichnet.

Double Disc Court - Indoor (2)

How To Play Better Double Disc Court (DDC)

Double Disc Court - Promovideo 2018

Ein paar Eindrücke vom Spiel, unserem Turnier in der Bielefelder Radrennbahn und der Atmosphäre!

Double Disc Court - 2 schöne Doubles

Double Disc Court (DDC) in Bielefeld. Zuerst spielt das Team vorne einen Double heraus, wie es im Buche steht, und das Timing des Tips hinten passt leider nicht.
Direkt im Anschluss erzielt das Team hinten einen Double, indem sie der schwer zu fangenden ersten Scheibe eine weitere hinterherpfeffern.

Double Disc Court

World Disc Games 2003 - Santa Cruz

Frisbee - Double Disc Court (DDC) SM 2017 Final set1

Double Disc Court, Final at 2017 Swedish Championships, set1.
Thomas Palmer/Stefan Karlsson (White caps) vs Dieter Johansson/Jonathan Brandtberg.

Double Disc Court Bielefeld - ein paar Szenen

Beim Ausnutzen des Wolkenlochs zwischen Regenguss und Gewitter haben wir zwischendurch mal die Kamera mitlaufen lassen.
Nicht besonders ruhmreich, aber irgendwie aufrichtig..

Double Disc Court JimScott vs MikeHank Apr 30 2009

Double Disc Court Bielefeld (22.07.15)

Ein Match.

Double Disc Court - Bielefeld (Aug '17) (1)

Malte und Joscha im nahen Court gegen Nils und Jan im entfernten.

Double Disc Court rally 2013 TP Palmer/S Karlsson vs Celinder/Johnsson

DDC rally from summer 2013

22. Juni 14 - Double Disc Court

Double Disc Court (DDC) am Park in der Luisenstraße in Bielefeld. Das Team vorne erzielt einen Double.

Double Disc Court TomHank vs ScottJim Apr 30 2009

Frisbee - Double Disc Court (DDC) SM 2017 Final set3

Double Disc Court, Final at 2017 Swedish Championships, set3.
Thomas Palmer/Stefan Karlsson (White caps) vs Dieter Johansson/Jonathan Brandtberg.

Day 4 Highlights - 2019 World Overall Flying Disc Championships

Check out highlights from the third day of action at the 2019 World Overall Flying Disc Championships, featuring the Discathon finals and the DDC prelims.

Discathon is a racing event covering a course that can be 200 meters to 1 kilometer long from start to finish. Players carry two or three discs that are thrown alternately. A player’s disc must travel the appointed course of mandatory obstacles that must be passed in a specific direction. The player’s objective is to complete the course in the shortest time possible by using a minimum of throws and as little running as possible. A competitor’s time is measured when one of the player’s discs completely crosses the finish line. Special to this event is the fact that a racer has two discs in play throughout the course.

Double Disc Court is played by two teams of two players each and two discs. The 110 gram Wham-O pro model disc is the official disc for DDC, but similar discs can also be used. The drawing on the right shows the field of play. There are two courts; each defended by one of the teams. Two discs are simultaneously thrown back and forth by the teams. There are several ways to score a point or points: when the disc touches the ground within the court of the other team and stays there; when the other team touches both discs at the same time (two points scored); when a disc touches the ground outside the court the other team scores a point.

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