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Dodge disc


Disc Dodge!

Throw, hit and catch all in one short video.

WHO CAN WIN THE BIRDIE BATTLE?! (new disc golf board game)

BIRDIE! Kickstarter -

You simply don't want to miss out on this new Disc Golf board game. There's still some minor tweaks and changes happening but we played the most up to date version. BIRDIE! disc golf is one of the most exciting games I've ever played. It might take a bit to fully understand all the cards and rules but it's totally worth the time and effort. I can only highly recommend supporting this project and grabbing your game now. The Kickstarter runs until Christmas!

Thank you Steve and Todd Dodge for creating this game and sharing it with us. Great times!

disc dodge free music

disc dodge free music


Dodge Disc

Fredonia Ultimate team playing Dodge Disc 2006

The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #34 - Steve Dodge - Vibram Disc Golf

Vibram Disc Golf exists only because of one man with a vision. Steve Dodge and I talk about how Vibram got involved with disc golf as well the latest products they've come out with. Steve also runs an event which many people in the country rave about, The Vibram Open. Can you catch where Steve's witty sense of humor catches me off guard. I'll be more prepared for that next time The Disc Golf Guy interviews him.

The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #123 - Steve Dodge at the Vibram Open Halfway Point

Steve Dodge has earned the title of Tournament Director of the Year
because of his innovative strategies and a team of people which help
him execute multiple tournaments a year, namely the Vibram Open.

There isn't much downtime at an event such as this so we make the best of it and when Eric McCabe insists on doing the filming, well, we just shoot the vlog while driving in the car. Actually, it is a Honda Element and I would be more than happy to entertain car sponsorship from any number of manufacturers. Listen in as Steve provides up with some great insight.

Steve Dodge of the Disc Golf Pro Tour - Podcast #173

Steve Dodge of the Disc Golf Pro Tour - Podcast #173

Dec 1990 Huntington Beach Disc Golf Monthly Old #5 Lissaman Bros,Dodge,Williams 4 Birds

December 8, 1990 Huntington Beach Disc Golf Monthly on Old Hole #5 Geoff Lissaman, Bob Dodge, & Mike Williams playing old hole #5 second round 1st group, Deuces all around.

Vibram Disc Gofl: X-Link Soft - Part 1

X-Link Soft is being run. This is the grippiest golf disc material on the planet. This video is the mixing and extruding portion of the manufacturing process. Next week, we'll release Part 2, the molding, trimming and packaging of the discs.

How To Play Double Disc Court (DDC)

Learn how to play double disc court.

For more information and to join the DDC Players Association click here:

Discmania Dana Vicich CD2 Disc Golf Disc Review - Disc Golf Nerd

#DiscGolf #DiscGolfNerd #DiscGolfRich

Pro Tour: Dodge City Games

The Disc Golf Pro Tour ... Dodge City Games

Dec 1990 Huntington Beach Disc Golf Monthly Old #17 Lissaman Bros,Dodge,Mike Williams

December 8, 1990 Huntington Beach Disc Golf Monthly on Old Hole #17 Geoff Lissaman Bros, Bob Dodge, & Mike Williams.

Dec 1990 Huntington Beach Disc Golf Monthly Old #12 Lissaman Bros Dodge Williams

December 8, 1990 Huntington Beach Disc Golf Monthly on Old Hole #18 Geoff Lissaman, Bob Dodge, & Mike Williams play old hole #12, 2nd round 1st group

Vibram Disc Golf - Putt and Approach Discs

View the complete arsenal of Vibram's putt and approach discs. From the overstable, beefy VP to the understable, finesse Summit and the true stable Ridge. Vibram has the putt and approach disc to fit your game and they are all available in the revolutionary rubber based X-Link material.

The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #174 - How Vibram Disc Golf Discs Are Made

Shortly after the Vibram Open concluded I was fortunate enough to visit the factory with the man himself, Steve Dodge.

Steve graciously introduced me to a handful of people at the headquarters and then gave me a tour where I filmed each step of the unique disc making process. Many people know that all other discs are done by injection molding and this process is very different from that.

A huge thank you to Steve and the rest of the amazing people at Vibram for showing me around and letting me document this experience to share it with others.

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Problems with Wilwood Dynalite drum to disk brake kit


Welcome to our new series Gatekeeper Classic where we will be showcasing classic VHS and DVD disc golf coverage footage that has never been seen on the Internet.

Commentary by Steve Dodge

Thank you Maple Hill Disc Golf Course, Boda Brothers Games, and Steve Dodge for making this video possible.

Maple Hill Disc Golf Course

Boda Brothers Games

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Vibram Disc Golf - Tour the plant

Take a tour of the Vibram Disc Golf plant. Watch the mixers, mills, extruders and compression molds work their magic and create a golf disc. From raw rubber to packaged product.

Vibram Disc Golf - Durability Testing

Vibram Disc Golf - Durability Testing. We take an X-Link Ridge and throw it against a cement wall 10 times. Then we do the same with plastic discs that are comparably grippy. Grip vs Durability. With X-Link, you don't need to compromise. View Part 2 to see X-Link vs. Premium Plastic:



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