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Disc golf


Best Disc Golf Shots | 2018 | Part 1

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Sit back and enjoy all these amazing shots from your favorite pro disc golfers in 2018!

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Top-5 shots of US Disc Golf Championship 2016

With the best players in the world on one of the best courses in the world, chances are high there’s going to be some pretty impressive shots caught on camera. Here’s our Top 5 favourite shots of #USDGC2016, enjoy!

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Zach Melton Disc Golf Practice Round at Peter Pan!

Zach Melton was joined by Jordan Castro and Robert McCall for a practice round at Peter Pan! They made everything First try and shot the course record easily. Follow along for some beard slow motion, fantastic rollers, and insane putting from this trio!

Zach's Lucid-X Enforcer:

2018 Stafford Open | RD1, F9 | Villa, Johansen, Fish, Barsby

Gatekeeper Media in association with Millennium Discs presents Round 1 Feature Card coverage of the 2018 Stafford Open at Stafford Woods DGC in New Jersey .

Coverage is powered by Millennium Golf Discs.

Chris Villa
Michael Johansen
Andrew Fish
Gregg Barsby

Chris German & Derek Scull

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Disc Golf European Open 2013 MPO Final round part 1/3

We're back and here to bring you play-by-play action from one of the best and most competitive tournaments ever held - The Disc Golf European Open 2013. The lead card features the freshly crowned 2-time World Champion Paul McBeth, 2-time USDGC Champion Will Schusterick, 2-time European Open Champion Dave Feldberg and '08 AM World Champion Jeremy Koling.

This first video covers holes 1 thru 7.
Filming and editing: Juha Alkkiomäki (lcgm8)
2nd cam: Janne Räsänen
Commentary: Ian Anderson & Brett Camack (CentralCoastDiscGolf)

Parts 2 & 3 coming soon!
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The ice was safe!

Another great day in the books. Couldn't ask for better company. First time ice skating in a really long time. I need to go more often!

Form correction and distance clinic coming tomorrow!!!


Compilation of great shots in Disc Golf. Enjoy and share to DG lovers...

Footage from:
The Spin TV
Huk Lab Disc Golf Original footage of some clips used:
The DiscGolfGuy
McFlySoHigh Video

Music from:
Overwerk: I Feel Better (feat. Nick Nikon)

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Epic Disc Golf Battle | Brodie Smith

Frisbee vs. Disc Golf Trick Shot Battle!
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Music called #LITO by Press Play

Big thanks to my boys Avery Jenkins and Simon Lizotte for stopping by Dallas to film this epic battle with me! You can find them on the internet below!
Avery Jenkins

Simon Lizotte

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2018 Delaware Disc Golf Challenge | Final RD, F9 | McBeth, Paju, Ulibarri, Wysocki

Jomez Productions in association with Innova Champion Discs & the Professional Disc Golf Association presents Final Round MPO Lead Card coverage of the 2018 Delaware Disc Golf Challenge.

Paul McBeth
Seppo Paju
Paul Ulibarri
Ricky Wysocki

Commentary by Jeremy Koling & Paul Ulibarri

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Stats by Udisc

Music by Starframe Audio

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Greatest Disc Golf Round Ever? Paul McBeth Shoots 18 Down | 2018 Great Lakes Open, Round 2

Jomez Productions presents a solo cut of Paul McBeth's incredible 18-under par second round from the 2018 Great Lakes Open. This round has been called the Greatest Round of Disc Golf Ever Played by many and we are excited to get inside the mind of the McBeast himself for the legendary piece of Disc Golf history.

Commentary by Paul McBeth & Jeremy Koling
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Stats provided by UDisc Live

Music by Starframe Audio

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Disc Golf Field Work: Mid-ranges

Looking to get better at disc golf fast? Do field work. You'll develop consistency and confidence in your discs leading to better scores on the course.

In this video, I demo my go-to mid-range discs—KC Pro Roc, McPro Roc3, Star Mako3 and Star Wombat3—throwing a variety of backhand shots.

A few tips:
- Stretch and warm up before doing full throws
- Limit your session to 30-60 minutes
- Focus on every shot
- Stay hydrated

My mid-ranges:
- KC Pro Roc:
- McPro Roc3: [n/a]
- Star Mako3:
- Star Wombat3:

Epic Disc Golf Trick Shots with Simon Lizotte 2018

Epic Disc Golf Trick Shots with Simon Lizotte take trick shots to a level never seen before!

Professional disc golfer from Bremen, Germany, Lizotte is a member of Team Discmania. He has one of the longest drives in the sport and holes the unofficial record for the fastest frisbee throw ever recorded (144 km/h, 89.5 mph).

We took what was previously unthinkable and made them a reality.

Copyright: Discmania Inc
Producer: Jussi Meresmaa
Director of Photography: Jamie Thomas
Post production: Esa Arokki


Discmania - Reinvent Your Game

Get to Know: Kevin Jones | Prodigy Disc

Get to know the newest addition to Team Prodigy, Kevin Jones. The 22 year old Arkansas native talks about how he got started in disc golf, why he chose to sign with Prodigy Disc, the discs he's excited for, his off season training plan, what to expect for 2019 and more!

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Disc Golf Fails Compilation

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Champ vs Chumps Vol. 7 - Part 1

Watch as the Chump Army takes on 4x World champ Paul McBeth and his son Anthony Barella at the beautiful Riverbend DGC at Milo McIver State Park in Estacada, OR.

Commentary by the every amazing Nate Sexton


European Disc Golf Championships 2018 Lead Card, Final Round, Front 9

Once every two years, the best players in Europe gather to settle the European Championships titles. 2018 Championships were held in beautiful Croatia. This video features the first 9 holes of the MPO final round.

The SpinTV is bringing you the Play-by-Play action from the Final Round of the event. Our MPO lead card features Simon Lizotte (GER), Väinö Mäkelä (FIN), Seppo Paju (FIN) and Teemu Nissinen (FIN) battling against Sveti Martin Na Muri Disc Golf Course.

Commentary by Nathan Sexton & Simon Lizotte

Filmed by SM Disc Golf Productions:

Edited by Esa Arokki & Aappo Kirkko-Jaakkola

Made possible by Innova Champion Discs

© 2018 The SpinTV. All rights reserved.

33rd German Discgolf Championship | Open final | English commentary by Dave Lizotte & dr. delay

#frolf_germany #frolf #ddgm2018

FROLF has been invited to do some video coverage at the
33rd German Discgolf Championship 2018 in Potsdam.

Two courses have been played within 3 days.
This is the coverage of the open finals on
sunday the 7th of october 2018.


Jerome Braun
Kevin Konsorr
Dominik Stampfer
Michael Stelzer


Dave Lizotte & dr. delay




Disc Golf Channel [Southern Germany] on YouTube

Azalea Open 2017 Disc Golf Tournament

Watch this Sublime Flight final round coverage of the 2017 Azalea Open disc golf tournament which took place on April 23rd near Wilmington, North Carolina. This lead card features pros Michael Johansen, Barry Schultz, Lance Brown and Nathan Queen. MJ has won the Azalea Open for the past seven years so all players are focused on claiming victory over this seasoned pro who has been know to dominate the competition on this challenging course. These talented pros will navigate the Castle Hayne disc golf course that boasts three new holes! This wooded and long course tests players and will punish anyone who strays from the fairway. This round contains many birdies an amazing Eagle and some mind-blowing putts. The song is Time is Forever by Silent Partner. Check out and for more disc golf action!

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Epic Disc Golf Aces – Skip Shots

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Skip aces are the best kind to go for in Disc Golf. When you ace run an air shot, it can go way past the basket if you miss. A well placed skip shot can give you an ace run and still be within the circle if you miss.

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2018 Delaware Disc Golf Challenge | R1, F9, MPO | Barsby, Wysocki, Ulibarri, Fish

Jomez Productions in association with Innova Champion Discs & the Professional Disc Golf Association presents First Round MPO Feature Card coverage of the 2018 Delaware Disc Golf Challenge.

Gregg Barsby
Ricky Wysocki
Paul Ulibarri
Andrew Fish

Commentary by Jeremy Koling & Paul Ulibarri

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Stats by Udisc

Music by Starframe Audio

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