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Blaze Supply | French Diplomacy

Here is a Trv edit mostly filmed in Lyon, France in about 30 days, featuring Matisse Banc, Guillaume Colucci and JP Villa.

Also Starring the rest of the team, Anto Forot, Oliver Weismantel, JP Dantas, Nosa Ketting, Leo Bodelazzi and Lucas Marques.

Special appearance: Quentin Joly, Alex Maison & Flo Mirtain.

Edited by: Guillaume Colucci
Filmed by: Guillaume Colucci & JP Villa
Additional filming by: Nikwen

Music by Dipset

Georgina Bloomberg on Diplomacy and Dialog L

Georgina Bloomberg riding Dialog L and Diplomacy in
Junior Hunters at the Devon Horse Show in 2000.
Courtesy of the Bigeq Blog

Cold War Cultural Diplomacy

Andrew Wulf

Ping Pong Diplomacy 1972

The Chinese table tennis team touring the US, April 1972. Stops included Detroit (Chrysler plant, Cobo Hall), Washington (White House), New York (UN), Memphis, Los Angeles. This was the second episode of ping pong diplomacy; the American team had been invited to visit China in April 1971. Players included world champions Zhuang Zedong, Zhang Xielin, Liang Geliang, Li Furong, Lin Huiqing. For a detailed report, see

Soccer Diplomacy: Eric Lichaj, Antonee Robinson Visit U.S. Ambassador's Residence in Dublin

Ahead of the match against Ireland, U.S. Men's National Team defenders Eric Lichaj and Antonee Robinson stopped by the U.S. Ambassador's Residence in Dublin for a skills session with youth from all over the Emerald Isle.

Boxing Brutality (The Best Out - The Diplomats)

The Best Out by The Diplomats. I don't like The Diplomats much, but the song is pretty okay. I got bored and made this.

Soccer Diplomacy: Tim Weah and Tyler Adams create timeless memories for French youth

U.S. MNT midfielders Tyler Adams and Tim Weah took time out from MNT training in France to visit youth at Sport dans la Ville, a non-government organization in Lyon that teaches leadership and job training through sport.

Stephen Curry Mix - "Diplomatic Immunity" || Drake

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This mix contains Stephen currys best highlights for the golden state warriors with the song diplomatic immunity by drake. Steph curry is a 2 time MVP and is a great player for the golden state warriors. He will go down as probably the best shooter in NBA history. If u enjoyed be sure to like and subscribe! Thx

Dishing Up Diplomacy, Jersey-Style

Bobby Egan has owned Cubby's BBQ in New Jersey for years. An unlikely diplomat, this restaurant owner was once a vital link between the United States and North Korea. (July 19)

Forward Vs. Diplomacy

Only The First Part Of The Game..Other Parts Coming

'Del Rosario diplomacy' hailed amid Philippine victory

Consul General Henry Bensurto Jr hails the ‘Del Rosario diplomacy’ amid the Philippines’ historic victory against China over the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea)

Bike Diplomacy

Highlights of our first day on the road. There is more to come!

DEBRIEF | China, Russia, and the prospects of diplomacy with North Korea

DEBRIEF with Nurit Ben

Gunboat Diplomacy 5.10c/d

Favorite climb at the FlakeView Area at Rumbling Bald Mtn in Lake Lure, NC. 2 pitches of stellar face climbing.

Ping Pong Diplomacy

Ping Pong Diplomacy


Who do you think they are?

Ping Pong Diplomacy - 1972 stanford exhibition

Ping Pong Diplomacy exhibition at Stanfords Maples Pavilion on 4/28/1972
Chinese Men's team members

Tri Pugh 2015: Diplomacy Draw

The draw for the forth-coming Diplomacy round.

Donald Trump's highly personal diplomacy

Donald Trump began his presidency as a reluctant traveller but he seems to be getting a taste for it. After his squabbles with the G7 in Canada and his bromance with Kim Jong-un in Singapore, the US president will in a few weeks' time once more venture forth onto the world stage. This time Air Force One will descend on Brussels for the four-yearly summit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. And in many an capitals, ministers are already biting their nails. They know they will once again be urged by Mr Trump to spend more on their own defence. But what is worrying them more is the fear that Nato will be the next multilateral international organisation to be subject to the president's diplomatic fire and fury. Last weekend the G7 summit was dominated by Mr Trump's decision to impose trade tariffs on his allies, a divisive act that meant the meeting ended in acrimony. The president signed up to the final communiqué and then withdrew his support, criticising his Canadian host with insulting tweets from Air Force One. And now he has taken the extraordinary step of using this transatlantic trade dispute to cast doubt on his support for 's collective defence. We protect (which is good) at great financial loss, and then get unfairly clobbered on Trade, he tweeted. Change is coming!  So what might that change be? Well, from the G7 in Canada and the North Korea/US summit in Singapore, we have a clearer perspective of the diplomacy of Donald J Trump. Mr Trump appears to treat most diplomatic problems as he does a business deal. He picks a fight, he escalates it, and then he tries to do a deal. By turns he threatens and he charms, pushing the brinkmanship as far as he can. What were the results of the Trump-Kim summit? G7 summit: Donald Trump lashes out at America's key allies Trump puts 25% tariff on Chinese goods Three reasons behind Trump ditching Iran deal  Thus the sudden announcement that the Singapore summit was to be cancelled and then the equally fast decision to reinstate it. Much of his diplomacy involves personal attacks, such as mocking the North Korean president as rocket man. He told Fox this was deliberate: I think without the rhetoric we wouldn't have been here.  Mr Trump's diplomacy also includes the unexpected moments. He likes to surprise his interlocutors as much as his own staff and allies. The initial offer of a summit to the North Koreans came from nowhere. The decision to suspend joint military exercises with the South Koreans came as news to the South Koreans.  This diplomacy is all about him: it is instinctive, intuitive, driven by how he feels on the day. Mr Trump said he would know in the first minute if President Kim was up for a deal. His is also the diplomacy of the showman: the photo opportunities, the handshakes, the walks in the park. In Singapore, Mr Trump even got his staff to make a celebratory film previewing the summit in the portentous tones of a movie trailer.  This is a diplomat who writes his o

Former MLB stars bring baseball diplomacy to Cuba | Baseball

THE Sports News Channel on YouTube:

Former MLB stars bring baseball diplomacy to Cuba | Baseball

Two of Major League Baseball's biggest names have travelled to the Cuban capital, Havana.
Retired Hall of Famer Barry Larkin and Ken Griffey Jr. visited the country as part of a sports diplomacy programme that aims to foster personal ties between the two often-divided nations.

Diplomacy can often be a difficult thing:

China famously using pandas as part of its engagement with the world for panda diplomacy.
And how to heal the rift between two polarised neighbours?
The United States and Cuba.
Why not through a common diplomacy?

So two of Major League Baseball's biggest names head to Havana. One of them is Ken Griffey Junior:

Baseball in our country is big and baseball in this country is big. The little things we can do to help each other out, it means a lot. And for us to be here on this trip, I can't say enough. It's been great.

Visiting the island country as part of a sports diplomacy programme.

A baseball guy, that's what we want to see, and we wanted to see where it started. To come here and see the kids play is unbelievable.

Also on the trip fellow retired Hall of Famer Barry Larkin:

Everybody wants to be associated with something positive and when you're dealing with baseball you're dealing with kids. It's all about passing on the legacy, passing on the tradition and helping those kids become better. So I feel like it's our responsibility.

Their five-day trip will see them holding sports clinics for little-leaguers and seniors, talking baseball with fans and taking in a game or two.

The whole world has become smaller and more connected through relationships. And I really truly believe that sports is one of those bridges than can build really strong bonds.

Up to 100,000 Americans are estimated to take advantage of US President Barack Obama's lifting of financial and travel restrictions to visit the Caribbean nation each year, although US citizens still cannot travel as tourists to Cuba.

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