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Dinghy sailing


Getting Started - Dinghy Sailing - with RYA's Graham Manchester - Sport Development

How to Sail - How to tack (turn around) a two person sailboat

This video will show you how to tack a sailing boat. tacking is the term used to describe the process of how turn the boat across the wind. A series of tacks is called Beating and this allows you to sail to a destination upwind. We show you the steps one by one in a clear and concise manner. Tacking is one of the main maneouvres to learn to sail the boat. The other is called gybing and the subject of another video on this channel. Watch both and learn the steps of how to turn the boat around in any direction

How to Sail - Capsize a 2 person sailboat

What to do when your small boat capsizes. Capsizing is a common occurrence to any dinghy sailor. You must be familiar with the technique to pull the boat back up again. This video will take you through what to do to correct a capsized dinghy sailaboat. We show you where to go, what to do, and what happens when the boat is back upright.

Dinghy Cruising Association President Roger Barnes gives us a Tour of his boat Avel Dro

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Find out more about Dinghy Cruising and all sorts of other types of dinghy sailing at the RYA Dinghy Show 2019, the only show in the world dedicated to dinghy sailing which will be returning to Alexandra Palace in March.

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Sail Faster - Laser Boat Settings Tips - Start of the Season - Laser Performance

Some excellent tips for setting up your boat at the start of the season with Laser Performance's John Leach and Brtish Sailing Team's Sam Whaley.

Boatshop24 - Learn to Sail : Sailing basics with Alex - Episode 2/6

Right, it is time for the second video in the series. This time out we see Team GB sailor Alex Mills Barton take his boat out onto the water for the first time.

He takes the guys from Mailspeed Marine and BoatShop24 through some basic sailing techniques, jibes and tacks and also some straight-line sailing.

On top of the sailing tips, the guys also chat to Alex about his weekly routine, his diet, and how he has to adapt when training.

Extreme Laser sailing with Jeremy O'Connell

I'm a 19 year old laser sailor with a dream of winning an Olympic Gold medal for Australia. Join me on the journey of olympic selection and the highs and lows of competition at

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Filmed and Edited by Ben Hartnett -
Thanks to Will Morris for some awesome boat driving.
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Incredible Foiling Laser - Taking off at Southampton Water Activities Centre - Flying Boat

How to Sail - Single Handed First Sail: Part 1 of 7: Introduction

This video introduces you to what you may like to aim at on your first sail. The video shows you how to start and stop, the principles of turning around, what the wind means and how to identify where it is blowing from. This is sailing at its most basic form. On the channel are many more specific videos about other aspects of sailing.

How to sail with a Spinnaker on a small sailboat

This video will take you through how to sail a small sailboat with a spinnaker. The spinnaker is an additional sail that can only be used at certain times but adds to the enjoyment of sailing. We show you how to rig the sail, what points of sailing can it be used and how to hoist and use the sail. We also show you how to turn the sail as the boat changes direction

Sailing the Rebel dinghy - a potential Olympic skiff

The Rebel, from Hartley Boats, is one of the contenders for the women's skiff event for the 2016 Olympic Games. One of six skiffs taking part in the ISAF Equipment trials in Santander, here Tom Gruitt captures it being put through its paces in Weymouth by Olympic sailors Sarah Ayton and Saskia Clark and Gael Pawson talks us through the boat. For a full review of all the designs taking part in the skiff trials, see


Sailing on a 14 foot skiff Rebel and Laser. Filmed with a GoPro Hero 2.

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Dinghy Sailing in Antigua: Part 1 - Opti Training

The Antiguan Optimist team training for the North American Championships which will be held here in July 2015.

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How to Sail - How to tack (turn around) a one person sailboat

Tacking is the term to turn a boat around. This video will demonstrate what to do in simple steps along with key learning points and common mistakes

Increasing Upwind Speed - Self Coaching Tips with Penny Clark - Single & Double Hander


How to sail - What to Wear for Dinghy Sailing

An informative video on what to wear when participating in dinghy sailing.

Mebo12 nesting dinghy - sailing in Croatia

Short sailing trip with my son near Trogir, Croatia

Dinghy Sailing; Classic Moth Midwinters 2009

Classic Moth Midwinters 2009 at Gulfport YC, St. Petersburg FL.

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2015 International 420 Class Australian Championships.

Full Results:
Find out more about the class:
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The 420 National championships held at Fremantle Sailing Club will be remembered by all involved as it had incredible sailing conditions and a great vibe. The Weather was fantastic and the regatta was run professionally. Thanks to all involved!

Argie 15 Plywood Sailing Dinghy

Promotional video for Argie 15 sailing dinghy.



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