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Dinghy sailing


Incredible Foiling Laser - Taking off at Southampton Water Activities Centre - Flying Boat


Mirror dinghy sailing out of the Hamble in a blow

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Sailing Training Video

Learn how to sail with this training video geared to young sailors. In 10 minutes you will have a great idea of how to start. The video uses voice-over and visual overlays to make it easy to learn how to sail.

How to Sail - How to tack (turn around) a two person sailboat

This video will show you how to tack a sailing boat. tacking is the term used to describe the process of how turn the boat across the wind. A series of tacks is called Beating and this allows you to sail to a destination upwind. We show you the steps one by one in a clear and concise manner. Tacking is one of the main maneouvres to learn to sail the boat. The other is called gybing and the subject of another video on this channel. Watch both and learn the steps of how to turn the boat around in any direction

Ep 08 Dinghy Sailing Solo Novice

3 Days of light winds


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because I got a lot positive feedback after the last video, I am now happy to present my new video. All the scenes are from this year, most of them from october. Only the last sailingscene is from Lake Garda like the first one on land.
I hope you like it.

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Check out my other videos of the Contender and the LIGHT SKIFF

12' Dinghy sailing is fun

Sailing for fun in a 12'dinghy /
Segeln im Land des Windes

Ep 38 Dinghy Sailing Novice: Goodbye Solution Hello Supernova

I didn’t give the Solution a chance really. No soon as I stepped the mast, I was unstepping it to sell it.
The lightweight hull and low boom made life difficult for me.
In my heart of hearts, I should never have sold my Supernova.
The only thing to do was, buy another... job done!

How to Sail - Capsize a 2 person sailboat

What to do when your small boat capsizes. Capsizing is a common occurrence to any dinghy sailor. You must be familiar with the technique to pull the boat back up again. This video will take you through what to do to correct a capsized dinghy sailaboat. We show you where to go, what to do, and what happens when the boat is back upright.

Gull Dinghy Cruising at Llandudno Bay, North wales

Sailing a Gull Dinghy with Heron sails at Llandudno for the first time. It is a fabulous place to sail with a good slipway for launching.

Adam (Swe-77) sailing the Europe dinghy downwind (Part 2)

After som guidance, Adam tries to put more pressure to leeward when going by the lee to accelerate down the front of the wave.

Mirror Dinghy Camping

Overnight in a Mirror Dinghy

Dinghy Academy: Strong Wind Finn Training

Valencia, March 8th 2013. Training at Luca Devoti's Dinghy Academy in Valencia with 25 knots westerly wind

Exploring and voyaging in open boats - Dinghy Cruising Adventures - Holiday UK and abroad

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For sailors and families who use boats for more than just racing

Full stage talk with Dinghy Cruising Association's Roger Barnes filmed at the 2015 RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show

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My Classic Boat. Francois Vivier Morbic 12

We look at the French super dinghy, the Vivier Morbic 12 with her proud owners Michael and Sarah Curtis. Expensive? Take a look and discover this beauty. There's only two that we know of in the UK. and she could be the best 12ft dinghy you'll ever see.
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Dinghy Cruising Fraser Island. Sailing Adventures Moonlight

Dinghy cruising Fraser Island is a short version of the journey sailed from Inskip Point to Hervey Bay. Moonlight is a Gunter rigged, a classic cruising dinghy 12ft long built from Huon Pine. How to navigate an open clinker dinghy in 25 knots West of Fraser Island. Solo from Inskip Point to River Heads, Hervey Bay. Coastal cruising in an open dinghy.

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One of the great challenges with open dinghy cruising is feeding the crew, which usually means just me! I connected with a friend who has created a great collection of recipes and he shares them along with his amazing life story. Paul was a relieving lighthouse keeper in the 1980s. He went to stations all over New Zealand taking over from the permanent keepers when they took annual or sick leave. You can get the book here and also help me fund some more great videos on dinghy cruising.
In this book he describes the job, workings of the light, shipwrecks, search and rescue, weather, communications, anecdotes. For each of the 10 lighthouses in the book, from the Hauraki Gulf to Fiordland, he tells of the local food available and his own recipes for cooking that food.

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Fraser Coast Dinghy Cruising is an initiative to create opportunities to share the experience of minimal cruising on a shoestring in on the East Coast of Queensland.

Dinghy Cruising Association President Roger Barnes gives us a Tour of his boat Avel Dro

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Find out more about Dinghy Cruising and all sorts of other types of dinghy sailing at the RYA Dinghy Show 2019, the only show in the world dedicated to dinghy sailing which will be returning to Alexandra Palace in March.

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Albacore Dinghy Planing 20-30 Kts, Hykeham Sailing Club

Albacore Sailing at Hykeham SC in 20-30kts.

How to Sail - Single Handed First Sail: Part 1 of 7: Introduction

This video introduces you to what you may like to aim at on your first sail. The video shows you how to start and stop, the principles of turning around, what the wind means and how to identify where it is blowing from. This is sailing at its most basic form. On the channel are many more specific videos about other aspects of sailing.

Getting Started - Dinghy Sailing - with RYA's Graham Manchester - Sport Development



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