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Deer hunting


GIANT Illinois Buck in Rut | Unreal Hunt with Gregg Ritz

Hunting during the rut, can be the best time to tag that buck of a lifetime. Gregg Ritz is bow hunting in Illinois during the middle of the rut. The buck Gregg is after storms into the food plot chasing a hot doe. A hunt Gregg will never forget!

Hunt Originally aired on Monster Buck XXV Volume 1.

Deer Hunting - Big Buck Down

This is the biggest whitetail deer of my life!




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Tips to improve deer hunting land: Grant travels to upstate New York and Minnesota to design habitat and wildlife management plans. Watch to see what Grant recommends for these hunters. See how naturally occurring bottle necks and food plots can be designed to get deer into shooting range. Then an update on our next steps for better food plots.
Evaluating the New York Hunting land and recommendations: 0:44 - 10:53
Evaluating the New York Hunting land and recommendations: 10:54 - 16:49
Food plots at the Proving Grounds: 16:50 - 22:52
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Deer Hunting Action!!!

This is a whitetail deer hunting video filmed with Gopro and cellphone. Lots of action.

BIG BUCK / Deer Hunting Public Land DIY!!! - Stuck N the Rut 118

My muledeer hunt turned into a whitetail deer hunt. The wolves have been slaughtering the muledeer in this area so there isn't a lot of them left. Glad I was able to find a nice whitetail deer instead. This deer hunt took place on public land, DIY, and I filmed him solo. Thank you for watching this solo hunt and don't forget to subscribe!! You can also find us on Instagram @stuckntherut and on facebook to stay updated on our upcoming hunts and events.

Awesome first deer hunt from a treestand: Tommy gets it done

For his second deer, Tommy shoots a nice doe in Alabama during the youth season. His first time from a treestand.


Opening day hunt here in North Carolina! My new Glock 20 did work! This year we have a goal of thinning the does out! Might as well get started early!

Enjoy the vlog? Bigger and better ones to come! Stay tuned!


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I started this channel as a hobby but now it's becoming much more! I plan on doing YouTube as a full on job when I get out of school! I try and post videos as often as I can! My videos consist of me and my friends stupidity! I post my life to Youtube in hope to give some free entertainment! My life is mainly riding dirt bikes, four wheelers, hunting, fishing and truck stuff! So expect a little bit of everything!

Youth Rifle Deer Hunting Pennsylvania 2017

Follow Junior BCO Member Nevin as he hunts for whitetails in Western Pennsylvania during the youth season! This hunt was part of Nevin's Hunting Friends Annual Handicapped/Special Needs Youth Hunt! For more info visit

CRAZIEST After Shot Hunt | Josh McDaniel in Indiana

While hunting in Indiana, Josh McDaniel is filming hisself during the peak of the rut. After Josh takes a mature Indiana buck, something crazy happens!

Hunt originally aired on Monster Bucks Monster Bucks XXVI Volume 2.

When the Rut is Rocking | Deer & Deer Hunting TV

These are the days all diehard whitetail hunters live for — the absolute peak of the rut. The team provides insights on deer behavior during this magical time of the year, and how to predict when you should roll the dice on certain stand situations. Mark Kayser pulls out all of the tricks in the book — calling, decoying, scents, etc, and the hunt cumulates with 250-pound 9-pointer on the ground. Deer & Deer Hunting TV. Season 14. Episode 10.

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Jon Theis- 8 Point Buck- 2013- MN Deer Hunting

Ride along with Jon Theis in Northern MN as he heads out in to the woods by himself at the Deadfall Lodge with his camera and Marlin 30-30.

It took a whole lot of sitting but finally on Saturday morning of the second week of deer camp a nice little 8 point walked in and Jon was able to capture himself taking the buck with his rifle.

Filmed and Edited by Jon Theis of MN Outdoor Media and Entice Media Works.

Music By Jahzzar


Team Bonehead hits the woods and hollers of Northern WV for some fun family and friend time while trying to pursue our favorite game animal with rifle and muzzleloader. Enjoy!

A Deer Hunting Tribute

Please read! Clips from Relentless Pursuit 2
Song: You Do Your Thing by Montgomery Gentry
Thanks for all the great comments guys! i know theres probably a lot of folks out there that hate this video for that i'm sorry but like the song says you do your thing i'll do mine thanks so much guys

2016 Wyoming Mule Deer Hunt

An unsuccessful archery hunt, makes for an amazing rifle hunt. Public land, over the counter, self filmed, DIY, solo hunt!

Deer Hunting 2019 || Awesome Florida Rut Buck

As we creep closer to the end of the 2018/2019 deer season, the bucks are in full rut. This was an exciting hunt that had my heart pounding just being behind the camera. Hope you enjoy the video!
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BELOW ZERO - Colorado 3rd Season Mule Deer Hunt

From big bucks to frozen toes, Brady and Neville push through sub-zero temperatures in Colorado's backcountry during an unforgettable 3rd Season rifle mule deer hunt. You just never know what you'll find in the next basin, especially when you leave the comforts of a warm basecamp and backpack into the mountains in November.

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#waikarimoana Hunting two Fallow deer in New Zealand # 219 and deer tracking.

Fallow deer is one of the best venison for food and we are heading out to meat hunt two young Fallow deer with a 22-250 Rem rifle.For this reason both shot are taking at the neck as the hunt is for food and venison recovery,, plus a few heads ups about deer tracks.
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Deer Hunting with the Benoits II

Join Lanny, Shane, and Landon Benoit on a whitetail hunting adventure. You'll follow the Benoits for two seasons in the big woods. You'll see Lanny Benoit track down two wilderness whitetails. Follow behind Shane Benoit and see how he locates and shoots two mature bucks. Landon Benoit takes a good ten pointer. In this fifth Benoit video you'll learn how to scout and locate big backwoods whitetails. Watch the Benoits teach students at the Benoit tracking school in northern Maine. Filmed over the shoulder reality style capturing the way the Benoits hunt.

Deer Hunting Goals | Planning and Practicing for Hog and Turkey Hunts (#483)

life as deer hunters and managers with A lot of folks asked if we met our doe harvest goal this past season. Grant addresses those questions and the factors that influenced the deer harvest at The Proving Grounds. Next, the crew is preparing for upcoming hog and turkey hunts! It's time to get the Prime prepped and the Winchester sighted in with a new Nikon Spur. Stay tuned to the end for a look at the 2019 NWTF show!

Deer Hunting in Indiana (Opening Shotgun Weekend 2015)

This is my first ever self filmed deer hunting video.



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