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Cycle speedway


Cycle Speedway Jim Peck Memorial

Footage of the Jim Peck Memorial, won by Cody Chadwick with Josh Brooke 2nd and Adam Peck 3rd.

Cycle Speedway World Final Heat 19 2015

ICSF heat 19

The Senior Cycle Speedway European Final : Poole Cycle Speedway : 31/07/2016

Speedway Portal in association with Poole Cycle Speedway present the 2016 Senior European Individual Final sponsored by the Dolphin Shopping & Leisure Centre on 31/07/2016.

Footage includes:
00:00:00 - Meeting Introduction
00:00:56 - Dave Lanning Pre-Meeting Interview
00:05:13 - Rider Line-Up
00:06:43 - Heat 1
00:09:41 - Heat 2 (Commentary by Dave Lanning)
00:13:49 - Heat 3
00:15:39 - Heat 4
00:17:22 - Standing After Round 1
00:17:48 - Rob Dyer Presenter
00:18:11 - Heat 5
00:21:51 - Heat 6
00:23:45 - Heat 7
00:25:15 - Heat 8
00:26:45 - Standings After Round 2
00:27:12 - Nigel Leahy Presenter
00:27:38 - Heat 9
00:30:49 - Heat 10
00:32:24 - Heat 11
00:33:55 - Heat 12
00:35:46 - Standings After Round 3
00:36:13 - Rob Dyer & Nigel Leahy Presenters
00:38:39 - Heat 13
00:40:42 - Heat 14
00:42:34 - Heat 15
00:44:20 - Heat 16
00:46:00 - Standings After Round 4
00:46:26 - Nigel Leahy & Rob Dyer Presenters
00:47:26 - Heat 17
00:50:03 - Heat 18
00:52:09 - Heat 19
00:54:44 - Heat 20
00:57:16 - Heat 21 - 2nd/3rd/4th Place Race Off
00:59:09 - Final Standings
00:59:35 - Presentations
01:00:06 - Winners Interview
01:02:19 - Lisa King (The Dolphin Shopping & Leisure Centre Meeting Sponsor) Interview
01:03:52 - Graham Sutton (Poole Cycle Speedway Manager) Interview
01:10:22 - Ending

Brought to you by Speedway Portal, Poole Cycle Speedway & The Dolphin Shopping & Leisure Centre.

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Poole Cycle Speedway Website:

Meeting Sponsors:
The Dolphin Shopping & Leisure Centre

Speedway Portal
Andy Hague - Camera/Editor/Producer
Paul Hague - Camera
Tim Allan - Interviewer
Ken Burnett (T2TV Media) - Commentator
Gordon Day - Logistics

Meeting Announcer : Graham Sutton
Presenters : Nigel Leahy & Rob Dyer

Purple Planet -

Cycle Speedway Senior Test Match No2 Poland v Australia--2013---correct vision


Cycle speedway crash compilation

cycle speedway crashes

Cycle Speedway Cup 2019

Ipswich Eagles are the 2019 Cycle Speedway Cup winners! The Suffolk side led for most of the 32 heats match, running out winners by 15 points, in this afternoon's final at Gin Pit.

Despite heavy overnight rain, the Gin Pit circuit was in fine condition and an exciting day's racing followed. Fortunately, the forecast rain held off for most of the meeting.

Poole led after the first round of B grade races, but Ipswich held a commanding lead by the time the A grade riders had completed their first round. Scores after heat 8 were: Ipswich 27 Poole 19 Astley & Tyldesley 18 Coventry 14. Ipswich still held the lead at the interval, after heat 16, but an impressive charge by A&T saw them pull clear of the other two clubs. Interval scores were: Ipswich 50 Astley & Tyldesley 42 Poole 33 Coventry 31.

Poole won six of the next round of eight races after the interval, to claw back the deficit on A&T, who in turn moved closer to Ipswich. Scores after heat 24 were: Ipswich 68 Astley & Tyldesley 62 Poole 60 Coventry 43. Two more race wins to Poole followed and they overhauled A&T for a second place that they never subsequently lost. Ipswich stepped up a gear, winning five successive races between heats 27 and 31, with Lewis Brinkhoff's race win in heat 30 sealing the Cup for the Eagles. A&T pulled back to within one point of Poole after heat 30, but Tomek Wlodarczyk's exclusion after clashing with Poole's Fraser Garnett in heat 31 settled the overall 2nd and 3rd placings.

Astley & Tyldesley's Reece Pollitt and Ipswich's Matt Hill were the joint top scorers in the 'A' grade races, with 13 points apiece. Ipswich's Richard Fellgett rode to a fine 16 points maximum in the 'B' grade races, recording the fastest time of the day, 41.25 seconds, in heat 28. His team mate Ben Clarke raced unbeaten from reserve.

The magnificent cup, medals and bubbly were presented by an array of official guests - British Cycling's Delivery Director, Danielle Every; British Cycling's Governance Manager, Alex Peet; British Cycling's North West Regional Chair, Alan Gornall; Tyldesley Ward Councillor, Nazia Rehman; Astley & Tyldesley Club Chairman, Bill Phillips.

Cycle Speedway Cup Final result
Ipswich 94 Poole 79 Astley & Tyldesley 75 Coventry 62.
A grades: Matt Hill 13, Ashley Hill 11, Dan Knights 10, Lewis Brinkhoff 8.
B grades: Richard Fellgett 16, James Porter 11, Fraser Harris 4, Ben Harvey 3.
Juniors: Ben Clarke 12, Tyler Brinkhoff 6.
A grades: Ben Mould 11, Fraser Garnett 11, Aaron Smith 9, Matt Mildon 9.
B grades: Will Bristowe 11, Jay Briggs 11, Kyran Yeatman 11, Nathan Goulden 6.
Astley & Tyldesley:
A grades: Reece Pollitt 13, Pawel Idziorek 12, Steve Harris 10, Tomek Wlodarczyk 7.
B grades: Kyle Holland 9, Ciaran Collins 8, Mark Grantham 4, Mick Knowles 1.
Juniors: Matt Snell 8, Emily Burgess 3.
A grades: Myke Grimes 10, Mike Baldock 8, Dominik Rycharski 6, Adam Watson 6.
B grades: Tom Savage 11, Jim Bailey 7, Dan Drewett 7, Cameron Gill 4.
Junior: Josh Walters 3.
Referee - Darren Kent (West Yorkshire).

Still photography: Paul Devine

British Cycle Speedway Individual Championship Final - Open

British Cycle Speedway Individual Championship Final 2016 - Under 16's

British Cycle Speedway Final 2013 Coventry

Some video clips and a shed load of stills from the Men's final which was held at the Hearsall Common Track on Monday 26 August. The event was won by Exeter's Tom Reed in the Celtic FC style top.

Cycle Speedway crashes

Various cycle speedway bumps and scrapes. I do not own the music, no copyright intended.
Song is from here:



Cycle Speedway - Euro Club Champs Final 2010

Cycle Speedways 2010's European Club Championship Final saw two British clubs and two Polish clubs battle it out for the title.

Between Horspath, Wednesfield, Zielona Gora and Leszno are some of the best riders in the world and the final was set to be a close run thing.

Video shot and edited by
Sponsored by:
Coming soon:

The Greatest Cycle Speedway race ever?

A young Jimmy Varnish verses the legendary John Watchman

Niedziela cz.4 - Finały CSF World Cycle Speedway Championship - Leszno 2019

Finały CSF World Cycle Speedway Championship w Lesznie.


cycle speedway, bike racing, speedway, skid kids

ICSF World Cycle Speedway Championship - Leszno 2019

Cycle Speedway Women Test Match No1 2013


Cycle Speedway, A Dramatic Heat 17

1987 British Senior Team Final, Poole vs Wednesfield. Penultimate race Heat 17 approaches with Poole leading 80-75 and within grasp of securing glory over the mighty Wednesfield.

Indoor cycle speedway open final 2015/16

indoor cycle speedway open final 2015/16

Cycle Speedway Euro Club Champs: FINAL

Cycle Speedway Euro Club Champs final at Glover Park, Leicester, England. 2008



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