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Cycle speedway


Niedziela cz.4 - Finały CSF World Cycle Speedway Championship - Leszno 2019

Finały CSF World Cycle Speedway Championship w Lesznie.

Northern League Division 1 A&T vs Edinburgh 28th April 2019 Cycle Speedway

Astley & Tyldesley maintained their 100% record in the North & Scotland League, with convincing wins in all three divisions against Edinburgh at Gin Pit today.

The Division 1 match was a hard fought event, with numerous re-runs leading to the match taking over two hours to run. A&T took the lead in heat 1, with a 6-4 to the Kamil Bielica/ Steve Harris pairing over Ed and Niall Morton. A 7-3 to the Bielica/ Tomasz Wlodarczyk pair over the Morton brothers in heat 5 put A&T firmly in control with a 29-21 lead. Edinburgh kept in contention mid match, before a 7-3 heat win to the Bielica/ Reece Pollitt pairing over Jason Keith and Jake Slight in heat 12 was followed by a 7-2 to the Pawel Idziorek/ Pollitt pairing over Niall Morton, after Slight was excluded in heat 14. This made the scores 77-62. An unsavoury incident in heat 17 saw Edinburgh's Craig Newsome red carded for a bike throwing incident and dissent to the referee. A&T rounded off the match with a 7-3 to the Pollitt/ Idziorek pairing over Neil McPherson/ Keith, to make the final score 100-72. Kamil Bielica and Reece Pollitt both raced unbeaten for A&T, with solid support throughout. Captain Mikey Hewitson was best for Edinburgh, with three race wins and lost twice only to Pollitt.

North & Scotland League Division 1 match result
A&T 100: Kamil Bielica 24, Reece Pollitt 22 (2), Pawel Idziorek 20 (1), Steve Harris 14 (1), Tomasz Wlodarczyk 13 (3), Adam Phillips 4, Kyle Holland 2 (1), Mick Knowles 1, Mark Grantham dnr, Paul Graham dnr.
Edinburgh 72: Mikey Hewitson 17 (1), Ed Morton 14, Niall Morton 13 (2), Jason Keith 10 (2), Jake Slight 8 (1), Josh Herring 8, Neil McPherson 3, Lewis Foxley 2, Craig Newsome -3.
Referee - Chaz Whalley.

North & Scotland Regional Cycle Speedway Play-off 2019

Astley & Tyldesley have won the North & Scotland Regional Play-off Final for the third successive year! Team Green saw off a strong challenge from an Edinburgh side, which pushed them all the way, to win by 7 points.

As Division 1 champions, A&T had the benefit of home track advantage and they made it count early on, winning three of the opening B grade races. Edinburgh top scored from their grid 1s in the first round of A grade races. After heat 8, A&T led on 25, from Edinburgh on 24, Bury on 18 and Hull on 13. The next round of races saw Edinburgh's B grade riders off grid 1s and they moved into a 39-37 lead over A&T. Back came A&T, as their A grade riders won all four of their grid 1s, although Edinburgh kept in touch off their grid 4s, as two Hull riders collected gate exclusions in this round of races. At the halfway stage the scores were: A&T 53 Edinburgh 48 Bury 36 Hull 21.

Edinburgh hit back in the next round of B grade races, with two last places to A&T's junior reserves. A&T were dismayed that heat 19 wasn't stopped after Matt Snell ended up in the fence on the back straight, after clashing with Edinburgh's Neil McPherson. This brought the scores back to 62-61 in A&T's favour at the end of heat 20. A&T's A grade riders went off grid 2 against Edinburgh's grid 3 in the next round of races, and after 24 heats the scores were: A&T 74 Edinburgh 71 Bury 55 Hull 38. The match was really decided in the next round of races. A&T's B grade riders went off grid 1 and won all four heats, including two wins by junior reserve Matt Snell. Edinburgh's Craig Newsome collected a gate exclusion in heat 28, as A&T moved into a 90-79 lead, with just four races remaining. A&T's A grade riders were off the unfavourable grid 4s for the last round of races. A great gate by Pawel Idziorek saw him win heat 30, to clinch the overall match victory for A&T. Tomek Wlodarczyk and Steve Harris picked up third places in the last two races, as A&T ran out winners by 7 points from Edinburgh.

This was a great team effort by an Astley & Tyldesley side that had to dig deep to defeat a determined Edinburgh team that pushed them hard all the way. After a season ravaged by illness and injury, Ciaran Collins turned in a terrific performance to record a 16 points maximum in the B grade races. In the A grade races, Pawel Idziorek lost only to Edinburgh's Mikey Hewitson in heat 21, who in turn lost only to Reece Pollitt in heat 15, which was the fastest time of the day, 41.40 seconds.

A&T will now face Coventry, Ipswich and Poole in the CS National Cup Final, at Gin Pit, in a fortnight's time.

Cycle Speedway Cup - North & Scotland Play-off Final
Astley & Tyldesley 100 Edinburgh 93 Bury 70 Hull 53
As - Pawel Idziorek 15, Steve Harris 12, Reece Pollitt 12, Tomek Wlodarczyk 11.
Bs - Ciaran Collins 16, Kyle Holland 14, Mark Grantham 6, Mick Knowles 3.
Reserves - Matt Snell 10, Emily Burgess 1.
As - Mikey Hewitson 15, Ed Morton 12, Jake Slight 11, Niall Morton 8.
Bs - Neil McPherson 13, Lewis Foxley 12, Jason Keith 11, Craig Newsome 11.
As - Kaysar Mohammadi 12, Kris Ramsden 8, Neil Howarth 6, Adam Turnbull 6.
Bs - Danny Taylor 13, Harry Radford 9, Eryk Motala 9, Steve Mann 3.
Reserve - Dawar Mohammadi 4.
As - Andy Angell 10, Nathan Everett 10, David Cooper 5, Jack Lister 4.
Bs - Matt Eglen 8, Frank Auffret 6, Dan Teal 5, Regan Stubbs 5.
Referee - Graham Lush (Stockport).

Photos: Len Priestley


Cycle speedway crash compilation

cycle speedway crashes

Cycle Speedway Cup 2019

Ipswich Eagles are the 2019 Cycle Speedway Cup winners! The Suffolk side led for most of the 32 heats match, running out winners by 15 points, in this afternoon's final at Gin Pit.

Despite heavy overnight rain, the Gin Pit circuit was in fine condition and an exciting day's racing followed. Fortunately, the forecast rain held off for most of the meeting.

Poole led after the first round of B grade races, but Ipswich held a commanding lead by the time the A grade riders had completed their first round. Scores after heat 8 were: Ipswich 27 Poole 19 Astley & Tyldesley 18 Coventry 14. Ipswich still held the lead at the interval, after heat 16, but an impressive charge by A&T saw them pull clear of the other two clubs. Interval scores were: Ipswich 50 Astley & Tyldesley 42 Poole 33 Coventry 31.

Poole won six of the next round of eight races after the interval, to claw back the deficit on A&T, who in turn moved closer to Ipswich. Scores after heat 24 were: Ipswich 68 Astley & Tyldesley 62 Poole 60 Coventry 43. Two more race wins to Poole followed and they overhauled A&T for a second place that they never subsequently lost. Ipswich stepped up a gear, winning five successive races between heats 27 and 31, with Lewis Brinkhoff's race win in heat 30 sealing the Cup for the Eagles. A&T pulled back to within one point of Poole after heat 30, but Tomek Wlodarczyk's exclusion after clashing with Poole's Fraser Garnett in heat 31 settled the overall 2nd and 3rd placings.

Astley & Tyldesley's Reece Pollitt and Ipswich's Matt Hill were the joint top scorers in the 'A' grade races, with 13 points apiece. Ipswich's Richard Fellgett rode to a fine 16 points maximum in the 'B' grade races, recording the fastest time of the day, 41.25 seconds, in heat 28. His team mate Ben Clarke raced unbeaten from reserve.

The magnificent cup, medals and bubbly were presented by an array of official guests - British Cycling's Delivery Director, Danielle Every; British Cycling's Governance Manager, Alex Peet; British Cycling's North West Regional Chair, Alan Gornall; Tyldesley Ward Councillor, Nazia Rehman; Astley & Tyldesley Club Chairman, Bill Phillips.

Cycle Speedway Cup Final result
Ipswich 94 Poole 79 Astley & Tyldesley 75 Coventry 62.
A grades: Matt Hill 13, Ashley Hill 11, Dan Knights 10, Lewis Brinkhoff 8.
B grades: Richard Fellgett 16, James Porter 11, Fraser Harris 4, Ben Harvey 3.
Juniors: Ben Clarke 12, Tyler Brinkhoff 6.
A grades: Ben Mould 11, Fraser Garnett 11, Aaron Smith 9, Matt Mildon 9.
B grades: Will Bristowe 11, Jay Briggs 11, Kyran Yeatman 11, Nathan Goulden 6.
Astley & Tyldesley:
A grades: Reece Pollitt 13, Pawel Idziorek 12, Steve Harris 10, Tomek Wlodarczyk 7.
B grades: Kyle Holland 9, Ciaran Collins 8, Mark Grantham 4, Mick Knowles 1.
Juniors: Matt Snell 8, Emily Burgess 3.
A grades: Myke Grimes 10, Mike Baldock 8, Dominik Rycharski 6, Adam Watson 6.
B grades: Tom Savage 11, Jim Bailey 7, Dan Drewett 7, Cameron Gill 4.
Junior: Josh Walters 3.
Referee - Darren Kent (West Yorkshire).

Still photography: Paul Devine

Northern League Division 1 A&T vs Stockport 8th April 2018 Cycle Speedway

Astley & Tyldesley began their defence of all three Northern League titles with emphatic wins in each division, at Gin Pit against Stockport, today.

Last year's Division 1 runners-up Stockport tracked just six riders, with veteran Terry Norman having retired. A&T fielded ten riders in the Division 1 match, with Steve Harris, Pawel Idziorek and Kamil Bielica all making their competitive debuts for Team Green. A&T opened with a 6-4 in heat 1, after Higham took Harris wide and Evans slipped through to take the win. Stockport took the lead in heat 2, after Holland was excluded on the gate and Read passed Graham to join Preston at the front for a 7-2 heat win. A&T hit back with two 7-3s, firstly by Idziorek/ Pollitt over Campbell/ Wright and then by Bielica/ Evans over Preston/ McCabe, to move into a 22-17 lead. The home team controlled the match after this, banging in four more 7-3 heat wins to lead 88-61 going into heat 16, the first of three nominated heats. Preston/ Read took a 7-3 over Holland/ Evans in heat 16, before A&T wrapped up the match with two 7-3 heat wins, to Idziorek/ Pollitt over Wright/ Campbell and then to Harris/ Bielica over Higham/ McCabe, to make the final score 105-74. Pawel Idziorek raced to a fine 20 points maximum score and recorded the fastest time of the match, 40.76 seconds, in heat 3. A solid scoring A&T team were most impressive throughout. For Stockport, Jake Read and Michael Preston rode well, but lacked the back-up to trouble the home team.

Northern League Division 1 result
Astley & Tyldesley 105 Stockport 74
A&T: Pawel Idziorek 20, Reece Pollitt 19 (3), Steve Harris 17 (3), Kamil Bielica 17 (2), Max Evans 15 (2), Kyle Holland 10 (2), Mark Grantham 3, Mick Knowles 2, Paul Graham 2, Emily Burgess dnr.
Stockport: Jake Read 19 (2), Michael Preston 17, Ben Higham 12, Louis Wright 10, Devon Campbell 9, Lance McCabe 7.
Referee - Chas Whalley.

Cycle speedway World Final run off 2015

ICSF race off

Cycle Speedway Japan


Indoor cycle speedway open final 2015/16

indoor cycle speedway open final 2015/16

Cycle Speedway World Final Heat 19 2015

ICSF heat 19

Niedziela, cz 2 Finały CSF World Cycle Speedway Championship - Leszno 2019

Wednesfield win the 2015 Cycle Speedway British Knock-out Cup Final 6th September

Astley & Tyldesley's Gin Pit Raceway was the venue for the 2015 British Team Knock-out Cup Finals on Sunday. Hard work by club members in the weeks leading up to the meeting saw the circuit and surrounds in top condition, aided by some Brighter Borough Funding from the Tyldesley Ward Councillors. The result was a terrific day's racing on a warm, sunny day.

Local derby matches between Wednesfield and Birmingham are invariably keenly contested, this one even more so, with the British Team Knock-out Cup at stake. Birmingham took a Johnson/ Groves 6-4 heat win over Aris/ Jewkes in the opening race, but Wednesfield immediately hit back with a 7-2 in the next race to Heard/ Kemp over Winwood, after Timms was excluded for crossing the inside edge. Wednesfield took two maximum heat wins in heats 5 and 6, after Smith suffered a gate exclusion in heat 6, to lead 35-23. Birmingham hit back with a 6-3 after Whetton was excluded after a clash with Groves, but Timms was excluded in the next race for blocking an opponent and Aris/ Jewkes teamed up for a 7-2 win over Winwood. Wednesfield held a commanding interval lead of 51-35. Birmingham took advantage of an exclusion to Mould for legging in heat 11, to take a 7-2 heat win to the Winwood/ Timms pairing over Whetton. However, Wednesfield steadied the ship, with three 6 points and three 5 points scores in the next six races, to run out emphatic 94-78 winners, despite another exclusion to Mould in the last race.

Very few riders have ever beaten the 42 seconds barrier at Gin Pit, but Ricki Johnson clocked 41.88 seconds in heat 1 and Paul Heard recorded 41.98 seconds in heat 12.

All eight Wednesfield riders scored well in the final, putting in a typically professional display, as they equalled Poole's all time record of 13 victories in this competition, to lift the magnificent cup for the third successive year. The awards were presented by Tyldesley Ward Councillors Joanne Marshall and Stephen Hellier, along with A&T Club Chairman, Bill Phillips. Thanks go to Kevin Greaves of Hereford Cleaning Services for supplying the winners' sparkling drinks.

2012 British Cycle Speedway Individual Senior Final

Defending Champion Andy Angell gate 3, if he wins this race he will take the crown home with him. Errol Thaw gate 2, Ben Mould gate 4.

Northern League Division 1 A&T vs Stockport 23rd June 2019 Cycle Speedway

Stockport arrived with just five riders. In the Division 1 match, Jake Read won heat 1 from Steve Harris and Mark Grantham, but A&T took a 5-4 heat advantage for a lead that they never lost. A succession of 6 and 7 point heat wins followed, until the points were shared in heats 15 and 16. A&T fielded their second string and reserve riders in the three nominated races. A&T took a 5-4 win in heat 17, before the Emily Burgess/ Kyle Holland pairing finished
off with a 7-2 heat win over Ewan Ferreira, with Jake Read a non finisher.

Reece Pollitt and Tomek Wlodarczyk both raced unbeaten for A&T, with strong performances from all ten riders. Pollitt recorded the fastest time of the day, 41.72 seconds, when winning heat 10. Jake Read, Louis Wright and Ben Higham all won one race each for the visitors.

North & Scotland League Division 1 match result
Astley & Tyldesley 111 Stockport 61
A&T: Reece Pollitt 18 (2), Pawel Idziorek 18, Tomek Wlodarczyk 14 (2), Steve Harris 13 (2), Marcin Jakubiak 13, Kyle Holland 9 (2), Mick Knowles 9, Emily Burgess 7, Mark Grantham 6 (2), Paul Graham 4.
Stockport: Ben Higham 15, Jake Read 12 (1), Terry Norman 12, Louis Wright 11, Ewan Ferreira 11.
Referee - Chaz Whalley.

Northern League Division 2 A&T vs Fife 1st September 2019 Cycle Speedway

The main match of the day was last on the bill, with A&T taking on the unbeaten Division 2 league leaders Fife. The two teams dished up a classic match at Fife in May and today was a repeat encounter, between the Division's top two teams.

Fife twice opened up a 5 points lead early on and it wasn't until heat 7, when the Matt Snell/ Emily Burgess pairing took the first of their three heat wins together, with a 7-3 over the Alsop brothers, that A&T took the lead, 34-33. Fife hit back with a 7-3 to Vas Hill/ Craig Hardie over Mick Knowles and Mark Grantham to regain the lead. Another 7-3 to Snell/ Burgess over Harris Alsop/ Hill in heat 9 restored A&T's lead. Hardie won the next race, but with Lewis Alsop excluded for bringing down Knowles, A&T edged their lead to 2 points. Hill won the penultimate race, but John White and Lee Phillips relegated H. Alsop to the back for a shared heat. Fife had the inside grids for the last heat, but a terrific gate from 4 by Snell saw him take the win over Hardie, with Burgess taking a vital third place over L. Alsop, for A&T to seal a 60-56 victory.

For A&T, Matt Snell reeled off five superb wins from outside gates, after a first race exclusion, with Emily Burgess in terrific form after a last place first time out. Craig Hardie was best for Fife, featuring in all three of their 7-3 heat wins.

Cycle speedway matches don't get any better than this one, hard fought and fast, but ridden in a great spirit. Matches between A&T and Fife are usually close affairs and this was no exception. With Stockport not re-arranging their postponed match at Fife, the Revolutions have finished their programme on 26 points. A&T will match that total if they win at Sheffield in their final match in two weeks time, which would necessitate a play-off on a neutral track, to determine the Division 2 title.

North & Scotland League Division 2 result
Astley & Tyldesley 60 Fife 56
A&T: Matt Snell 20, Emily Burgess 13 (2), John White 9, Mick Knowles 8 (1), Lee Phillips 5 (2), Mark Grantham 5, Charlie Burgess dnr, Tom Morrissey dnr.
Fife: Craig Hardie 18 (1), Lewis Alsop 13 (1), Vas Hill 13, Harris Alsop 10, Jamie Penny 2 (1), Jake Ferguson dnr, Harry Langdale dnr, Danny Peoples dnr.
Referee - Kyle Holland.

British Open cycle speedway Championships part 1

So here goes the big one. everyone has been gearing up for that gallop towards the white shirt all year, who will take the crown? will it be current champion Andy angell? can one of the birmingham pair of Chris Timms or Paul Heard cover themselves in glory? perhaps one of the many Horspath riders in the final. or could a welsh rider take it on home soil?

this is the first half of a pulsating final. heats 1-10.


ICSF World Cycle Speedway Championship - Leszno 2019

Cycle Speedway British Individuals Under 14 Boys Championships 25th August 2018

Poole's Nathan Goulden made it a family double on the day, by winning the u-14 Boys Championship, with a 16 points maximum score. While Nathan was a clear winner, there was a real battle for the other rostrum places, which was decided in an eventful heat 11. Three riders were all on 11 points, each having lost to Nathan previously. Sheffield's Kielan Burton led from grid 1, with Poole's Kenzie Bennett, off grid 2, in hot pursuit, followed by Astley & Tyldesley's John White, from grid 4. The all action Kenzie fell while attempting to pass Kielan, who went on to win the race, with John coming through to finish second and Kenzie picking himself up for third. This meant that Kielan secured the silver medal and John the bronze medal.

u-14 Boys British Individual Championship
Nathan Goulden (Poole) 16, Kielan Burton (Sheffield) 15, John White (Astley & Tyldesley) 14, Kenzie Bennett (Poole) 13, Ellis Richmond (Wednesfield) 12, Jack Horton (Exeter) 11, Joshua Nottle (Poole) 10, Jack Reynolds (Coventry) 9, Harry Radford (Bury) 2.
Referee - Ben Higham (Stockport).

Cycle Speedway British Individuals Under 12 Boys Championships 25th August 2018

Three riders dominated the u-12 Boys Championship, and all three came together in heat 13, a race which effectively decided the final outcome. Noah Woodhouse, of Kesgrave, lined up on grid 1 with an unbeaten12 points to his name, Poole's Kenzie Bennett started from grid 2, on 11 points, with Astley & Tyldesley's John White off grid 3, also unbeaten on 12 points. Birmingham's Charlie Buet-Gannon was on grid 4, on 8 points. Noah held his gate position, with Kenzie chasing hard and John in third place. On the second lap, Kenzie dived under Noah going into the pits bend, and as both riders drifted wide, John gratefully took advantage of the gap, to pass both riders and pull away to take a crucial race win, with Kenzie second and Noah third. Wins for John and Kenzie in their last races sealed the title and runner-up slots respectively. Noah was beaten By Leicester's Kyle Wells in heat 18, to finish on 17 and in overall third place. Kyle's rostrum chances disappeared after a gate exclusion in heat 10. This was John White's first British Individual Final win, to accompany his three British Youth & Junior Grand Prix series wins at u-8, u-10 and u-12 levels.

u-12 Boys British Individual Championship
John White (Astley & Tyldesley) 20, Kenzie Bennett (Poole) 18, Noah Woodhouse (Kesgrave) 17, Kyle Wells (Leicester) 14, Connor Steel (Birmingham) 14, Charlie Beeton (Kesgrave) 14, Tom Morrissey (Astley & Tyldesley) 14, Oliver Saunders (Poole) 13, J.J. Wildman (Exeter) 13, Charlie Buet-Gannon (Birmingham) 12, Charlie Parr (Kesgrave) 11, Torsten Jolly (Kesgrave) 11, Charlie Burgess (Astley & Tyldesley) 9, McKenzie Lang (Exeter) 7, Oliver Johnson (Poole) 6.
Referee - Graham Lush (Stockport).

Cycle speedway compilation

Kompilacja niektórych ciekawych akcji w wykonaniu najlepszych zawodników. Jest to sport wzorowany na żużlu. Jego poprawna nazwa ang. Cycle speedway w polsce się go określa jako speedrower. Niewątpliwie Polacy są w tym sporcie najlepsi konkurując z wieloma innymi krjami uprawiającymi ten emocjonujący sport. Nieważne czy to Mistrzostwa Świata czy Europy, Polacy najczęściej stają na najwyższym stopniu podium zarówno w zawodach indywidualnych czy też drużynowych. W Polsce ten sport zyskuje coraz to większą popularność. Mamy Ekstraligę, I ligę oraz ligi regionalne.



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