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Cycle speedway


Northern League Division 1 A&T vs Stockport 8th April 2018 Cycle Speedway

Astley & Tyldesley began their defence of all three Northern League titles with emphatic wins in each division, at Gin Pit against Stockport, today.

Last year's Division 1 runners-up Stockport tracked just six riders, with veteran Terry Norman having retired. A&T fielded ten riders in the Division 1 match, with Steve Harris, Pawel Idziorek and Kamil Bielica all making their competitive debuts for Team Green. A&T opened with a 6-4 in heat 1, after Higham took Harris wide and Evans slipped through to take the win. Stockport took the lead in heat 2, after Holland was excluded on the gate and Read passed Graham to join Preston at the front for a 7-2 heat win. A&T hit back with two 7-3s, firstly by Idziorek/ Pollitt over Campbell/ Wright and then by Bielica/ Evans over Preston/ McCabe, to move into a 22-17 lead. The home team controlled the match after this, banging in four more 7-3 heat wins to lead 88-61 going into heat 16, the first of three nominated heats. Preston/ Read took a 7-3 over Holland/ Evans in heat 16, before A&T wrapped up the match with two 7-3 heat wins, to Idziorek/ Pollitt over Wright/ Campbell and then to Harris/ Bielica over Higham/ McCabe, to make the final score 105-74. Pawel Idziorek raced to a fine 20 points maximum score and recorded the fastest time of the match, 40.76 seconds, in heat 3. A solid scoring A&T team were most impressive throughout. For Stockport, Jake Read and Michael Preston rode well, but lacked the back-up to trouble the home team.

Northern League Division 1 result
Astley & Tyldesley 105 Stockport 74
A&T: Pawel Idziorek 20, Reece Pollitt 19 (3), Steve Harris 17 (3), Kamil Bielica 17 (2), Max Evans 15 (2), Kyle Holland 10 (2), Mark Grantham 3, Mick Knowles 2, Paul Graham 2, Emily Burgess dnr.
Stockport: Jake Read 19 (2), Michael Preston 17, Ben Higham 12, Louis Wright 10, Devon Campbell 9, Lance McCabe 7.
Referee - Chas Whalley.

Northern League Division 1 A&T vs Edinburgh 28th April 2019 Cycle Speedway

Astley & Tyldesley maintained their 100% record in the North & Scotland League, with convincing wins in all three divisions against Edinburgh at Gin Pit today.

The Division 1 match was a hard fought event, with numerous re-runs leading to the match taking over two hours to run. A&T took the lead in heat 1, with a 6-4 to the Kamil Bielica/ Steve Harris pairing over Ed and Niall Morton. A 7-3 to the Bielica/ Tomasz Wlodarczyk pair over the Morton brothers in heat 5 put A&T firmly in control with a 29-21 lead. Edinburgh kept in contention mid match, before a 7-3 heat win to the Bielica/ Reece Pollitt pairing over Jason Keith and Jake Slight in heat 12 was followed by a 7-2 to the Pawel Idziorek/ Pollitt pairing over Niall Morton, after Slight was excluded in heat 14. This made the scores 77-62. An unsavoury incident in heat 17 saw Edinburgh's Craig Newsome red carded for a bike throwing incident and dissent to the referee. A&T rounded off the match with a 7-3 to the Pollitt/ Idziorek pairing over Neil McPherson/ Keith, to make the final score 100-72. Kamil Bielica and Reece Pollitt both raced unbeaten for A&T, with solid support throughout. Captain Mikey Hewitson was best for Edinburgh, with three race wins and lost twice only to Pollitt.

North & Scotland League Division 1 match result
A&T 100: Kamil Bielica 24, Reece Pollitt 22 (2), Pawel Idziorek 20 (1), Steve Harris 14 (1), Tomasz Wlodarczyk 13 (3), Adam Phillips 4, Kyle Holland 2 (1), Mick Knowles 1, Mark Grantham dnr, Paul Graham dnr.
Edinburgh 72: Mikey Hewitson 17 (1), Ed Morton 14, Niall Morton 13 (2), Jason Keith 10 (2), Jake Slight 8 (1), Josh Herring 8, Neil McPherson 3, Lewis Foxley 2, Craig Newsome -3.
Referee - Chaz Whalley.

Cycle speedway crash compilation

cycle speedway crashes

Cycle Speedway Jim Peck Memorial

Footage of the Jim Peck Memorial, won by Cody Chadwick with Josh Brooke 2nd and Adam Peck 3rd.

Northern League Division 1 A&T vs Stockport 23rd June 2019 Cycle Speedway

Stockport arrived with just five riders. In the Division 1 match, Jake Read won heat 1 from Steve Harris and Mark Grantham, but A&T took a 5-4 heat advantage for a lead that they never lost. A succession of 6 and 7 point heat wins followed, until the points were shared in heats 15 and 16. A&T fielded their second string and reserve riders in the three nominated races. A&T took a 5-4 win in heat 17, before the Emily Burgess/ Kyle Holland pairing finished
off with a 7-2 heat win over Ewan Ferreira, with Jake Read a non finisher.

Reece Pollitt and Tomek Wlodarczyk both raced unbeaten for A&T, with strong performances from all ten riders. Pollitt recorded the fastest time of the day, 41.72 seconds, when winning heat 10. Jake Read, Louis Wright and Ben Higham all won one race each for the visitors.

North & Scotland League Division 1 match result
Astley & Tyldesley 111 Stockport 61
A&T: Reece Pollitt 18 (2), Pawel Idziorek 18, Tomek Wlodarczyk 14 (2), Steve Harris 13 (2), Marcin Jakubiak 13, Kyle Holland 9 (2), Mick Knowles 9, Emily Burgess 7, Mark Grantham 6 (2), Paul Graham 4.
Stockport: Ben Higham 15, Jake Read 12 (1), Terry Norman 12, Louis Wright 11, Ewan Ferreira 11.
Referee - Chaz Whalley.

Indoor cycle speedway open final 2015/16

indoor cycle speedway open final 2015/16

Northern League Division 1 Edinburgh vs A&T 16th June 2019 Cycle Speedway

Astley & Tyldesley raced to two great wins in the North & Scotland League at Edinburgh yesterday.

The Division 1 match was dubbed by some people pre-match as being the title decider. The match certainly lived up to expectations, as the Redbraes Park crowd were treated to a full blooded, no holds barred encounter, with numerous clashes and re-runs throughout the 18 heats. Two 7-3 heat wins early on put A&T 6 points up after heat 3, but the home team hit back with a 7-2 after Pawel Idziorek collected a gate exclusion in heat 4.Heat wins in heats 6 and 7 extended A&T's lead to 7 points after heat 7. However, Edinburgh took full advantage of a second exclusion to A&T, this time to Steve Harris, after he clashed with Lewis Foxley on the back straight. This made the interval score Edinburgh 38 A&T 40. Edinburgh levelled the scores with a 6-4 in heat 10 and then took the lead after A&T's third exclusion of the match, this time to Tomasz Wlodarczyk after another back straight clash. Reece Pollitt ended up on the grass on the outside of the back straight after clashing with Mikey Hewitson in the next race, as the race continued. The visitors' protests ended up with Mick Knowles receiving a yellow card for dissent and the four points deducted saw Edinburgh take a 5 points lead after heat 12. Back came A&T with a 6-4 and a 7-3 win to regain the lead and be 72-71 in front going into the nominated races. Edinburgh regained the lead with a 6-4 in heat 16. The next race saw both sides top scorers in action and this time it was the Pollitt and Remi Burchardt pairing who stormed away from the gate to take a vital 7-3 heat win over Hewitson and Foxley. The last heat was re-run before Wlodarczyk raced away to take the win, with a smart pass from Harris as he slipped inside Jason Keith and Ed Morton on the back straight to join his partner for a 7-3 heat win and a final score of Edinburgh 83 Astley & Tyldesley 90.

This was an excellent win by Astley & Tyldesley, keeping their composure with 7-3 heat wins in the last two heats, to take a deserved victory in a very hard fought match. Fittingly, it was A&T's longest serving rider, Tomek Wlodarczyk, 17 years with the club, who took the race win which clinched the match win to put A&T in a strong position to win the North & Scotland League Division 1 title for the third successive year. Remi Burchardt, 6th in the list of all time A&T points scorers, made an excellent return to the team, losing only to Mikey Hewitson in heat 10.

North & Scotland League Division 1 match result
Edinburgh 83 Astley & Tyldesley 90
Edinburgh: Mikey Hewitson 19 (1), Lewis Foxley 15 (1), Jake Slight 14, Ed Morton 12 (1), Niall Morton 10 (1), Jason Keith 9 (1), Craig Newsome 3 (1), Neil McPherson 1, Shane Gray dnr.
A&T: Remi Burchardt 20 (3), Reece Pollitt 17 (1), Tomek Wlodarczyk 17 (1), Steve Harris 14 (2), Pawel Idziorek 14, Paul Graham 8, Mark Grantham 4, Mick Knowles -4, Matt Snell dnr, Emily Burgess dnr.
Referee - Gavin Kennedy.

IKF 2 Cycle Speedway Grand Nationals 2010: Yamaha Heavy

IKF 2 Cycle Speedway Grand Nationals 2010 Yamaha Heavy Class Feature Race

British Cycle Speedway Individual Championship Final - Open

Northern League Division 1 A&T vs Bury 31st March 2019 Cycle Speedway

Astley & Tyldesley raced to three big wins over local rivals Bury Comets, in this afternoon's North & Scotland League fixture at Gin Pit. On a cold, breezy afternoon, the track was in perfect condition, resulting in some very fast times being recorded.

In the Division 1 match, League champions A&T won the first five heats to open up a 34-16 lead, before the points were shared in heat 6. The match continued in a similar vein, as A&T won thirteen heats, with the other five drawn, to run out 113-66 winners. A&T's top trio of Steve Harris, Reece Pollitt and Pawel Idziorek all raced unbeaten by an opponent, along with Matt Snell, with solid support from the rest of the team. Pollitt recorded the fastest time so far this season, 40.40 seconds, when winning heat 15. Veteran Neil Howarth top scored for Bury, with his best support coming from Kris Ramsden.

North & Scotland League Division 1 match result
Astley & Tyldesley 113 Bury 66
A&T: Reece Pollitt 23 (1), Pawel Idziorek 23 (1), Steve Harris 19 (5), Max Evans 16 (1), Adam Phillips 8 (2), Matt Snell 8, Paul Graham 8, Mark Grantham 3, Mick Knowles 3, Emily Burgess 2 (1).
Bury: Neil Howarth 15, Kris Ramsden 14, Kaysar Mohammadi 9 (1), Adam Turnbull 9 (1), Harry Radford 9, Danny Taylor 8 (2), Dawar Mohammadi 2, Steve Mann dnr.
Referee - Mike Hack.

CYCLE SPEEDWAY - 2001 Best Pairs part 1

Cycle Speedway, bicycle racing, skid kids,

Horspath Hammers v Ipswich Eagles

Horspath Hammers v Ipswich Eagles Elite league match

Murrayland club day Cycle Speedway

Cycle Speedway Euro Club Champs: FINAL

Cycle Speedway Euro Club Champs final at Glover Park, Leicester, England. 2008

North & Scotland Individual Championship Over 40s 2nd June 2019 Cycle Speedway

The Veterans individual was a very cagey, tactical event, with just two points separating the three riders at the end. A&T's Steve Harris set off with two wins and he secured the second place necessary in his last race to win the title. Last year's winner, Paul Graham, was runner-up, ahead of a competitive Jason Keith.

North & Scotland o-40 Individual Championship result
Steve Harris (A&T) 13, Paul Graham (A&T) 12, Jason Keith (Edinburgh) 11.
Referee - Ben Higham.

Northern League Division 2 A&T vs Edinburgh 28 April 2019 Cycle Speedway

In the Division 2 match, A&T opened up with a 7-3 heat win to the Emily Burgess/ Mark Grantham pairing over Shane Gray and Terry Kirkup. Three shared heats followed, before A&T took control of the match with four successive maximum heat wins, to move into a 50-29 lead. The final match score was 72-47. Emily Burgess, Mark Grantham, Mick Knowles, John White, Matt Snell and Lee Phillips all dropped their only points to Edinburgh's top rider Lewis Foxley. He won four races, was excluded in heat 6 and lost to Matt Snell in heat 9.

North & Scotland League Division 2 match result
A&T 72: Emily Burgess 17 (1), Matt Snell 14 (1), Mark Grantham 12 (2), John White 10 (1), Tom Morrissey 7 (1), Mick Knowles 5 (2), Lee Phillips 5 (1), Charlie Burgess 2.
Edinburgh 47: Lewis Foxley 19, Terry Kirkup 8, Shane Gray 7 (1), Ewan Tulloch 5, James Foxley 4, Paul Kelly 4.
Referee - Kyle Holland.



Wednesfield win the 2015 Cycle Speedway British Knock-out Cup Final 6th September

Astley & Tyldesley's Gin Pit Raceway was the venue for the 2015 British Team Knock-out Cup Finals on Sunday. Hard work by club members in the weeks leading up to the meeting saw the circuit and surrounds in top condition, aided by some Brighter Borough Funding from the Tyldesley Ward Councillors. The result was a terrific day's racing on a warm, sunny day.

Local derby matches between Wednesfield and Birmingham are invariably keenly contested, this one even more so, with the British Team Knock-out Cup at stake. Birmingham took a Johnson/ Groves 6-4 heat win over Aris/ Jewkes in the opening race, but Wednesfield immediately hit back with a 7-2 in the next race to Heard/ Kemp over Winwood, after Timms was excluded for crossing the inside edge. Wednesfield took two maximum heat wins in heats 5 and 6, after Smith suffered a gate exclusion in heat 6, to lead 35-23. Birmingham hit back with a 6-3 after Whetton was excluded after a clash with Groves, but Timms was excluded in the next race for blocking an opponent and Aris/ Jewkes teamed up for a 7-2 win over Winwood. Wednesfield held a commanding interval lead of 51-35. Birmingham took advantage of an exclusion to Mould for legging in heat 11, to take a 7-2 heat win to the Winwood/ Timms pairing over Whetton. However, Wednesfield steadied the ship, with three 6 points and three 5 points scores in the next six races, to run out emphatic 94-78 winners, despite another exclusion to Mould in the last race.

Very few riders have ever beaten the 42 seconds barrier at Gin Pit, but Ricki Johnson clocked 41.88 seconds in heat 1 and Paul Heard recorded 41.98 seconds in heat 12.

All eight Wednesfield riders scored well in the final, putting in a typically professional display, as they equalled Poole's all time record of 13 victories in this competition, to lift the magnificent cup for the third successive year. The awards were presented by Tyldesley Ward Councillors Joanne Marshall and Stephen Hellier, along with A&T Club Chairman, Bill Phillips. Thanks go to Kevin Greaves of Hereford Cleaning Services for supplying the winners' sparkling drinks.

Northern League Division 3 A&T vs Stockport 23rd June 2019 Cycle Speedway

A&T fielded 17 riders for the Division 3 match and romped to a massive 178-12 win. The White brothers, Frank and John, both raced unbeaten in the u-10 and u-13 matches respectively.

North & Scotland League Division 3 match result
Astley & Tyldesley 178 Stockport 12
A&T: Frank White 16, John White 16, Aiden Green 15, Stephen Warn 14, Tom Morrissey 14, Freddie Cox 13, Oscar Belt 13, Charlie Burgess 12, Myles Grantham 10, Harriet Belt 10, Duncan Whalley 10, Ada Cox 7, Aliesha Green 6, Levi Edwards 6, Lewis Skitterall 6, Chloe Warn 6, Lucy Grantham 4.
Stockport: Ewan Ferreira 12.
Referee - Catherine White.

cycle speedway crash

British U13 indoor cycle speedway championships at Fit City in Manchester. Crash involving my son Jake. Now Champion



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