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Cycle polo


About Hardcourt Bike Polo EN

Hardcourt Bike Polo

Hardcourt Bike Polo, HBP, born in seattle 1998
The biggest diffrence from Classic Polo is on the hard court, not meadow.
HBP is original from Fixie culture But it's a professional sport now.

How to play

The Courts
Ground hockey, Basketball court, Parking lot, empty space...
180 cm's Goal, or just traffic cones.

The Bikes
You can play with any kinds of bicycle.
But have to remove the sharp parts like bull-horn, stand, pop-out axle.
Pro Polo Bike is the Trend.

The Equitment
Mallets and Polo ball are the must-have
You can make a DIY mallet if you want
or go with Pro Mallets
Hlemets, gloves, protective gears are essential too

3 men one team
or you can go pick-up game by random

3 2 1 Polo!
Players must be behind the base line
One of each team joust for the ball in the center when heard the whistle or 3 2 1 go

When a player crash or foot-down who is out of play
Until he or she tap in at one of two designated center court points.

Same kind of contact is permitted. Like mallet to mallet contact
Bike to bike contact is permitted
Men to men contact is permitted
Not same kind contact, and excessive, intentionally is not allow

Goal Scoring
A goal shot must striking the ball with the same circular end of the mallet
with the broad side of the mallet is shuffle, not the goal
One game is about 10-15 minutes, sometimes longer
When time is up, you can call a equal game It's common on the pre-game
First team got 5 goals wins Or highest goals when time's up
Tie game when time's up in the Eliminate Must set the game starting over
First scoring goal wins

Close look @ dom BT Polo

The Brakes
BT12 Pro Polo Bike
One for Two Braking system

Rear brake only
Front brake only
BT12 Double Brakes system
Double brakes is ideal for modern bike polo scene
Fixie no brake is out of time
It's easy to switch the lever for left-handed from the original setting of BT12
Front, rear, or double. Personal setting from the complete braking set and pair-braking-line

BT12 provide 2 ratios
Change the side of wheel can pick 2.29 / on-road, or 1.56 / on -court
And Keep the room for using Fixed on court

FSA 2 speeds crank-set for Polo and their components

Butted CrMo steel frame & Fork for 26 or 700C's wheel set

Sloping Drop-out
Adjust the hight of BB-drop by lengthen or shorten the chain
And get the tension of chain by pushing saddle sown when locking the wheel

dom, the Freeparable Design Co., Ltd.
KBPA, Kaohsiung Bike Polo Association

Host the Takao Cup, Hard court Bike Polo Open in Asia every year

Enjoy Bike Polo!
Hope to see you in
Kaohsiung, Taiwan



The Cycle Polo Federation of India (CPFI) – the apex body for the sport in the country, today launched the first ever Cycle Polo League. The inaugural League, aimed to bring the game of Cycle Polo to the forefront and make it a mass sport, will be played between November 25, 2019 to November 29, 2019, at the Rajasthan Polo Club in Jaipur. The Indian Air Force (IAF) will lead in assisting the same along with CPFI’s member state associations.

Bike Polo Rules by Aaron Rockett

Bike Polo

WHBPCVII Timaru, NZ - Grand Final - Call Me Daddy Vs Outlawz Birds

World Hardcourt Bike Polo Champs VII, Timaru - Grand Final

Call Me Daddy (Europe)(Current World Champs) V's Outlawz Birds (Europe)

Bike Polo on Totally Wild TV show

Totally Wild Extreme shot a segment at the Australian Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships 2009 (AHBPC09) in Melbourne in November 2009. This is the edited down version with just the Polo section.

Thanks to TW Extreme for shooting this segment

Visit our website at for more information including Bike Polo in your city, next sessions guide, videos and photos of the sport.

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A related video of the AHBPC09 is here


Bike Polo tricks in slow-mo filmed on iPhone 8. Promotional piece for Riding in Circles custom handmade frames.

Music - DJ Nu-Mark Ft. A-Skillz - The Fever
(Copyright belongs to original artist)

The World of Bike Polo is coming to New Zealand

What do Philadelphia, Berlin, Seattle, Geneva, Weston FL, Montpellier and Timaru all have in common? World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships!
Video by

Inside Kyiv’s Bike Polo Community

Walking around the cycle track in Kyiv's Zoloti Vorota neighborhood on Sunday, you may notice people riding bikes while holding polo mallets in their hands. These are bike polo players gathering for a training. Bike polo appeared in Ukraine 9 years ago. Now, devotees of the game have formed their own community with its own traditions and rituals.

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dom DoDi pro Bike Polo Mallet Release

Dodi, MVP of WHBPC 2014, noticed that as his mallet became worn worn his shoots started to become airborne during games. The closed end lost its original shape and became concave. It's a very hard shot for a goalie to save when the ball is lifted. So we put Dodi's idea into production - The DoDi Head is born.


Documentaire sur l'asso perpignanaise de bike polo, PERPIGNON FIXE.

Réalisation : Lucille Descazaux.

Freak Scene Bike Polo Part 1: The Gear

Get Off Your High Horse. Bike Polo is Here.
Deep in the trenches of Austin, TX, there's a mob of bike fanatics turning the classic bourgeoisie sport of polo into a fresh new urban sport. The big difference is that you don't need a steed and saddle to participate -- you just need a bike.

WHBPCVII - The World Champs

World Hardcourt Bike Polo Champions VII - Timaru, New Zealand 2016.

Melbourne | Bicycles | League of Bike Polo

Melbourne Bicycle Polo Club plays polo on bikes not horses. We play the “Hardcourt” variety, faster paced and with fewer rules.We currently play every Sunday


Córdoba, Argentina.
September 2019 at Mario Alberto Kempes Stadium.
9th edition of the WHBPC. First time in Latin America.

#whbpc #whbpc2019 #cbabicipolo #cordobabicipolo #bikepolo

Taco Daddy Plays Bike Polo

A funky short freestyle documentary about a passionate bike rider and his love of Bike Polo. Taco Daddy plays Bike Polo in Salt Lake City with a group called Beehive Bike Polo Club (instagram @beehivebikepolo). Check out Taco on instagram at @tacoxdaddy. Also check out Paper Cake, she is rad and is in the doc too, @papercakeart. Stay safe and much love, Steve aka The Talking Fly. Check out the @thetalkingfly on instagram.
Music by Epidemic Sound

cycle polo championship/கோவை வெற்றி வாகை

மாநில அளவிலான சைக்கிள் போலோ சாம்பியன்ஷிப் 2019-2020 போட்டிகள் கோவையில் நடைபெற்றது. Subscribe:coimbatoretimes
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2017 WHBPC Final - Mongrels United vs Call Me Daddy

World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship 2017
Lexington, Kentucky
October 3rd - 7th, 2017

Urban Bicycle Polo | The New York Times On asphalt courts and in empty parking lots, bicyclists are gathering to play bicycle polo.

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World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships 2010 // BROOKS ENGLAND

The Beaver Boys from Milwaukee won the second World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships (WHBPC) on August 15th in Berlin. Here are the highlights from three days of Bike Polo, Berlin and Beer.



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