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MOLAS Lake - Big Rainbows and cutthroat on the DRY FLY and Nymphs! - McFly Angler Episode 57

Well this was an amazing trip! I did not put all the fish I caught in the video, because the video would have been way too long. I caught probably 30+ fish, and almost all of them on my 4wt Redington Butterstick. A few fish on the dry fly, and a few on nymphs. Some hard fighters as well, especially on my 4wt. I had quite a few of them run line hard, and most of them were very acrobatic and jumped quite a few times. Just one of the most productive times Ive had in a long time.

Molas lake is a high mountain lake run by the town of Silverton Colorado and is located in between Silverton and Durango. From what I gathered its a Fishery that Silverton uses to hold hatched fish until they grow bigger, then use the lake to stock many of the creeks, streams and rivers in the surrounding area. So its good fishing, and there are a few really good sized fish in there.

Make sure and stop in the Molas Lake Campground Park Office, to get the current regulations and fish report. Also there is a small fee for camping, and I paid it to fish as well.

The gear I was using is below.
Redington Butterstick 7'6 4wt -
Piscifun Sword 2 -
Rio LTDT 4wt line -

Sage Method 9' 6wt -
Redington Bohemeth -
Rio Outbout Short I/S6 6wt -

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Salsa Cutthroat first impression

First movie of my new bike packing bike and the preparations for French Divide 2018


If you are a fly fisherman you know how exciting it is to throw a big grass hopper on top and watch a fish absolutely crush it!!!! We had one of our best days EVER catching big Yellowstone Cutty's.

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Another week living the #hushlife!! This week Casey tests out his new fly rod and Eric is back out there looking for elk shed antlers...

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Kayak Fishing: Cutthroat Trout in Seattle | #FieldTrips Ep 11

In this episode, I'm meeting up with Brad Hole from the Hobie Fishing Team to chase my first cutthroat trout on Lake Sammamish near Seattle. These little fish may be small, but they put up a heck of a fight on light tackle. We also take a break from the cutties to try and knock yellow perch off my list.

Comment below and tell me about other fish I should target in Washington, or ask me any questions you have! I reply to every comment on my channel.

Watch to the end for a preview of the final episode of my west coast series!

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Basketball Coach Brett Brown - Cutthroat Defense Drill

For more videos and news visit the website.

Boomers coach Brett Brown demonstrates through a clinic what the Cutthroat Defense Drill is.

Cutthroat Leaders: Applying Floatant 101

This is purely an educational video on how to apply the Otter Butter floatant to our furled leaders, properly!! Thank you all for tuning in and see you all on the river.

The Undertaker's cutthroat

il gesto del tagliagole di Undertaker

Cut-Throat Driver

Mark Briscoe kills Gran Akuma with his signature Cut-Throat Inverted Death Valley Driver That Has A Super Long Name.

2011 NPPL DC Challenge - Cut Throat Paintball Mix

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This is our coverage of the 2011 NPPL DC Challenge that took place at Pev's Paintball Park, Aldie, VA cut to Figure and Whiskey Pete's Cut Throat.

Figure and Whiskey Pete - Cut Throat (Original)

You can get it here:



cutthroat trout fishing

decided to hit up hult reservoir after reading some good posts about it on oregon fishing forum. cutthroat trout fishing was good, although they are small. the biggest one we caught was around 11 inches. but being wild cutthroat trout, they were fighting pretty good - much harder compared to the stocked trout that I'm used to. all were caught and released.

I usually troll when I'm trout fishing, so I figured trolling for these cutthroats would be just as effective.

(rods): the rods I was using was a 6'6 medium light and a 7'6 light action rod. these wild cutthroat weren't that big so I didn't need to use heavy gear. usually a rod around 6 foot light action is perfectly fine for trout.

(hook size): I was using a #8 octopus hook.

(line size): my main line is braid which is 20# test - which I use for everything. for leader line, I sometimes use 6# test and 4# test.

(bait): I was using a crappie jig + powerbait honey worm.

the last time I fished for cutthroat trout was when I was living in alaska, which is almost 20 years ago. seeing and catching these cutthroat in oregon sure brings back a lot of good memories of my time fishing in alaska.

it was a fun trip.

feel free to share this video with other trout lovers.

Czech Nymph Leader by Cutthroat Furled Leaders

This is the perfect leader for those interested in Czech Nymphing. Czech Nymphing is great for keeping line of the water and still getting your nymphs down and deep while maintaining a perfect drift using only a longer leader and a bit more tippet! High Sticking is a term commonly used for this action! Subscribe to our Channel for more information on this and much more and thank you for watching! Be sure to visit us @ WWW.CUTTHROATFURLEDLEADERS.COM

Its Cutthroat out there!

Salsa Cutthroat build by Slam69.
Built for Paul Spencer.

MMA Salaiman "Cutthroat Assassin" Ahmadyar VS Dominic Nichols

Salaiman Cutthroat Assassin Ahmadyar From team Alpha Male. This Is His 3rd Professional Fight Which took Place on Feb 25, 2017. AFGHAN MMA

Racquetball CUTTHROAT

Racquetball games at the gym. Different Skill levels and progres

Lake Washington Cutthroat

Learn trolling techniques for Lake Washington's Cutthroat Trout with Gary Miralles of Shasta Tackle, Tony Dobson and John Keizer of Salt Patrol. Surrounded by Seattle, Lake WA is Washington's 2nd largest natural lake and is absolutely full of fish.

Cut Throat Defense Basketball Drill ( Basketball defense and competitive drill)


Find us here:



Many more drills can be seen on this channel.

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Many more drills can be seen on this channel.

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Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout Fly Fishing

This is a video I put together after our recent trip down to New Mexico, Arizona and Southern Colorado for a rare trout species trip. I created this one about the day we went after the threatened Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout. If you'd like to see the video about the rest of the trip feel free to watch my Apache Trout Fly Fishing video now on YouTube. Enjoy.

Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout Fly Fishing
Rio Grande National Forest, CO -- July 16, 2013

Special Thanks to:
- Sammy's Fly Shop - tying all the flies
- Temple Fork Outfitters - the awesome 3 wt rods
- GoPro - the awesome Hero 3 camera
- Conejos River Anglers - directing us to the location

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4 on 4 on 4 Defense Cut Throat Steve Bergman

4 on 4 on 4 Defense Cut Throat Steve Bergman

Lake Sammamish Kayak Cutthroat

Part of an episode of Angler West TV. Fish Lake Sammamish with Brad Hole of Kayak Fish Washington. Learn the basics of Kayak fishing for trout using Mack's Lure Wiggle Hoochies. Angler West has more Mack's Lure products in stock than any other single store. Check out the complete selection at or visit the store at 542 Park St., Woodland, WA.



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