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BIG Streamer-Eating Cutthroat Trout

This is the second installment of On the Water with Kast Gear. Be sure to subscribe to get notified of weekly Vlogs, Tech Tips, Tutorials, and High Octane Fishing Trips.

In this Vlog, we journeyed to a small creek in search of carnivorous Cutthroat Trout. We found just that, big cutties willing to hunt down and smash big streamers. Watch as the madness ensues...

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Kayak Fishing: Cutthroat Trout in Seattle | #FieldTrips Ep 11

In this episode, I'm meeting up with Brad Hole from the Hobie Fishing Team to chase my first cutthroat trout on Lake Sammamish near Seattle. These little fish may be small, but they put up a heck of a fight on light tackle. We also take a break from the cutties to try and knock yellow perch off my list.

Comment below and tell me about other fish I should target in Washington, or ask me any questions you have! I reply to every comment on my channel.

Watch to the end for a preview of the final episode of my west coast series!

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Hike In Trout Fishing | Fly Fishing the High Country For Cutthroat and TIGER TROUT

We spent the long Memorial Day weekend chasing beautiful cutthroat and tiger trout throughout the high country mountains. We traveled to some epic locations and witnessed some incredible fishing. My favorite lakes to fish are those that require a backpack and a hike.

We were able to catch some awesome tiger trout as well as a handful of beautiful Colorado river cutthroats using a variety of flies. The most effective technique was using chironomids under an indicator but there were a few fish willing to eat the balanced leech and larger streamers.

Enjoy and thanks for watching!

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2011 NPPL DC Challenge - Cut Throat Paintball Mix

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This is our coverage of the 2011 NPPL DC Challenge that took place at Pev's Paintball Park, Aldie, VA cut to Figure and Whiskey Pete's Cut Throat.

Figure and Whiskey Pete - Cut Throat (Original)

You can get it here:



Racquetball Cutthroat game

Cutthroat is 1 vs 2 players, rotating who serves. Makes tougher to score points against 2 players.

Cutthroat Broadheads Unboxing

Zach unboxes his new 150 grain Cutthroat Broadheads from RMS Gear. 100% made in the USA single bevel broadheads made with a single piece of steel.

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Cutthroat Trout on Dry Flies - SNUBBED!

We head out after some finicky cutthroat on dry flies. We find some picky eaters that liked some of the following patterns:

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My FIRST Cutthroat Trout - Mountain Ice Fishing Part 1

Buzzed to the mountains for the weekend and visited my buddy Kyle. This is day 1...leaning on the caddis program at maybe the prettiest little lake I've ever 2 is coming...
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If you are a fly fisherman you know how exciting it is to throw a big grass hopper on top and watch a fish absolutely crush it!!!! We had one of our best days EVER catching big Yellowstone Cutty's.

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Beach Fly Fishing The Puget Sound w/ Commando Heads - OPST

Commando Heads have distinct advantages for beach fishers: they allow for easy distance with minimal false casting, they can be cast in multiple different ways, they allow for fishing up against trees and steep banks at high tide, and they allow for effective casts on lighter than normal rods. Ben Paull has been fishing Puget Sound with Commando Heads a lot this season and having a great time. Less false casting during the day equals more time with the fly in the water, as well as less fatigue on long days of repetitive casting. Check out this video as Ben lays out the case for Commandos and catches some fish while he's at it. To purchase Commando Heads visit:





Pyramid lake Nevada Lahontan Cutthroat Trout FISHING!

Back out on Pyramid Lake, Nevada. On this trip we ended up a day fishing with 15 Lahontan Cutthroat Trout including a MONSTER at just over 9lbs. These trout are known to reach 20+ lbs in recent years with the record coming in at just over 40lbs. Pyramid lake is simply a trip of a lifetime if you're looking to catch a TROPHY. Big thanks to Bilt To Bite Lures (now selling spoons). Thanks for watching another video from The Other Fishing Channel!

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Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout Fly Fishing

This is a video I put together after our recent trip down to New Mexico, Arizona and Southern Colorado for a rare trout species trip. I created this one about the day we went after the threatened Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout. If you'd like to see the video about the rest of the trip feel free to watch my Apache Trout Fly Fishing video now on YouTube. Enjoy.

Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout Fly Fishing
Rio Grande National Forest, CO -- July 16, 2013

Special Thanks to:
- Sammy's Fly Shop - tying all the flies
- Temple Fork Outfitters - the awesome 3 wt rods
- GoPro - the awesome Hero 3 camera
- Conejos River Anglers - directing us to the location

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Cutthroat on Callibaetis Dry Flies by Fly Fish Food

Some high mountain cutthroat action with a great callibaetis hatch.
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Pyramid Lake Cutthroat Trout

Learn trolling and jigging techniques for special fish in a special lake. Marc Christophel and Todd Storm troll and jig for Lahontan Cutthroats using a variety of lures including Mack's Lure 1/2 Humdingers, Acme Tackle KO Wobblers, Brad Mini Cut Plug Super Baits, Spro RkStar Jigs and Mack's Rock Dancer Jigs. Learn basic techniques and see awesome Water Wolf under water video that will help you catch more fish wherever you fish. Also, take a special tour with Paiute Tribe member, Allen Primeau, and learn about a few of the special features of Pyramid Lake. Special thanks to Crosby's Lodge and the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe for helping to make this episode possible. Visit Crosby's Lodge at
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Cut Plug Super Baits here:

A Colorado Cutthroat Slam

A journey to find 4 species of Colorado's cutthroat trout- the native Greenback, the Rio Grande, and the Colorado River Cutthroat along with an introduced species the Snake River. While it was fun catching some very large Snake River, Colorado River and Greenback cutthroat, it was more impressive to catch the rare Rio Grande cutts in their small stream environment. It's exciting to know that places like this still exist and the Cutslam is alive and well in Colorado. For more videos, blogs, and everything fly fishing visit us at the @ or on the facebook page: the fish fly

Basketball Coach Brett Brown - Cutthroat Defense Drill

For more videos and news visit the website.

Boomers coach Brett Brown demonstrates through a clinic what the Cutthroat Defense Drill is.

Fly Fishing Northwest – Searun Cutthroat Trout

The FFNW crew's quarry on this episode is the Searun Cutt, in both the freshwater of the Stillaguamish river and in the saltwater of Puget Sound.

Along for the trip are Mike Kinney, expert river guide, and in the Sound we fish with Steve Raymond and Cam Sigler.

Our co-host Les Johnson is along of course, and he literally wrote the book on these tremendous fish.

Fly Fishing Northwest is a series that was produced in the mid-90's (before HD, drones and GoPro's), featuring great locations, legendary guests and guides, and friendly hosts in Pete Van Gytenbeek and Les Johnson, themselves legends of the Pacific Northwest fly fishing scene.

Fly Fishing for Greenback Cutthroat

Russell Miller, Bill Leuchten and Jay Zimmerman ruck up and head high into the remote Colorado Rockies fly fishing for beautifully festooned Greenback Cutthroat trout

Cutthroat Fly Fishing | British Columbia

Great episode shot near beautiful Fernie BC on rivers like the Wigwam and St Marys. A retro episode from 2002. Enjoy!

South Fork Flathead: Westslope Cutthroat Trout

With Wisconsin temperatures down to -30°F this week, and wind chills 50 below, we find ourselves looking back to summer.
In the last days of July 2018, we covered 25+ miles of the Bob Marshall's South Fork of the Flathead, taking in some incredible landscapes and landing some dandy cutthroat. Here's a look at our 10 days in The Bob.



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