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Le foot vient de Chine, son ancêtre s'appelle le Tsu-Chu

Le football vient-il de Chine? C'est en tous cas ce qu'a affirmé la FIFA en 2004, faisant grincer des dents en Angleterre, jusque-là internationalement reconnue comme pays d'origine du football moderne. De nombreuses voix s'étaient élevées pour dénoncer une décision dictée par des raisons plus financières qu'historiques. Mais dans la ville de Zibo, il existe un musée destiné à montrer que le sport qui s'apprête à faire vibrer le monde entier pendant un mois a bien vu le jour en Chine. Durée: 01:31


BUDUCNOST - mogren

i neka sad cuju svi...


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Xi'an Daxing Chongde 0-2 Zibo Cuju | Chinese FA Cup 2019


Serđo Tavčar za SK - Ljudi vole da čuju što i sami misle

China freestylesoccer(XCUJU)-Feng

X-cuju is the best football freestyle team in China.Feng(R10)who is from X-CUJU will show you the short vid ~

Los inicios del futbol: Cuju la raiz del deporte.

WHO invented football? | Facts about how the game began

Football is the most popular sport in the world. Did you now that everything began in China? Around about the third century BC. Back then, the game was called Cuju. But the real home of football is England. But what's the size of a football pitch? Who won the first World Cup? Here's a bunch of facts you can use to impress your friends.


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VELIKI BRAT 2015 - Mirjana je spremna i neka svi to čuju!

Cuju - The Ancient Chinese Game of Soccer

The world's most popular sport, Soccer (aka, Football) was first played as the ancient Chinese ball game of Cuju. Come join Prodigy Sports International in discovering their Modern Cuju Game Set. Visit us at

Škundrić: Zvezda u slobodno vreme

Nakon izbora ministra Petra Škundrića za predsednika Sportskog društva
Crvena zvezda, čuju se glasovi da je posredi sukob interesa. Škundrić
odbacuje te navode.

Kemari - 蹴鞠 Ancient Japanese Hacky Sack/Soccer(Football)

Kemari is an Ancient Japanese sport originally from China which is a mix of soccer/football and hacky sack. Players try to keep the ball in air by using various parts of their body except the hands to keep the ball aloft. The ball BTW is made of deer and horse skin.

I caught this event one spring about a year or two ago at a small shrine in Kyoto.

Historical info at the end about how a chance meeting at a kemari match led to a significant change in Japanese history

The History of Football in 10 Minutes

From the ancient Chinese sport of cuju to France lifting the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, HITC Sevens attempts to recap on the entire history of football / soccer in under ten minutes.

Okay, it actually took me just under 12 minutes, but I hope you enjoyed the video nonetheless. Hit the like button if you did and make sure you're subscribed to HITC Sevens!


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Delije - Čuju, čuju, čuju

Пратите ме на инстаграму:

139. derbi CUJU, CUJU

prozivanje grobara sa severa...


Cual es el origen del futbol. Inglaterra, Japon, China. Donde comenzo.
En este video develaremos parte del enigma y a ver que opinas tu?

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Cuju - The Ancient Chinese Game of Soccer

The Cuju Game Set. Learn more at: Soccer is the world's most popular sport, and one of the oldest ball games in history. About 2,500 years ago a game called Cuju, a game much like our modern-day soccer, was already being played in China. Cuju is officially recognized by FIFA (the international soccer association) as the predecessor to the game of soccer. In Chinese, the word: cù means to kick and jú means a leather ball filled with feathers used in the game. Literally translated from Chinese, cùjú means to kick a ball.
Visit our website at

Chinese Challenge – Old School Cuju Football with Dembélé and Schmelzer

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Only in China! On the BVB China Tour, Borussia Dortmund stars Marcel Schmelzer and Ousmane Dembélé stepped up to a challenge involving a traditional Chinese football game named Cuju. Despite a few initial problems adapting to the local variant of the game’s most essential piece of equipment, the pair ultimately managed a couple of goals, drawing rapturous applause from the watching fans.

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SUPA STRIKAS Po Polsku | Miłość do Cuju | Piłkarskie Rozgrywki

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Shaker jest wschodzącą gwiazdą piłki nożnej. Chce osiągnąć sukces, ale najpierw musi udowodnić, że zasługuje na członkostwo w drużynie Supa Strikas. Wraz z bramkarzem Wielkim Bo, nieustraszonym kapitanem Gibkim Rastą i strzelcem bramek El Matadorem. Jednak nie wszystko opiera się na Shakerze. W każdym odcinku bohaterowie indywidualnie
lub grupowo zmagają się z trudnościami. Drużyna ma znanego trenera, który grał z zastrzeżonym numerem „11” na każdej pozycji.

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BERNARDO CUJU CHALLENGE | Lunar New Year special

Bernardo has put on the traditional Hanfu dress and is taking on a challenge from Chinese performers! A gifted playmaker for City and Portugal, how are his skills when it comes to the most ancient form of football?


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Here you will find all the latest videos from Manchester City, including, all Premier League goals, highlights, behind-the-scenes footage, training and much more.

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