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Cross-country skiing


The 5 most epic finishes in Olympic Cross Country Skiing | Highlights Listicles

Check out the most epic, thrilling and nail-biting finals of Cross Country Skiing from the Olympic Winter Games in Lillehammer 1994, Nagano 1998, Salt Lake City 2002 and Vancouver 2010

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Beginners Guide to Cross-Country Skiing

In this video we introduce you to the sport of cross-country skiing (classic style). Starting with a look at the equipment, we then show you how to ski the standard diagonal stride. We next turn to skiing up and down hills with the herringbone and snowplough techniques. This video is ideal for anyone starting out in cross-country skiing or looking to improve their technique.

Links to chapters:
Diagonal stride:
Going uphill:
Going downhill:
Final tips:

GoPro: and you still think that the cross-country skiing is boring?

location: Praděd 1492 m, Czech Republic
Thanks to Kygo for awesome song!
camera: GoPro hero3+
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I hope this video will help you stay motivated during your summer training!!!

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Music: Netzwerk (Falls Like Rain) by Klangkarussell

Men's 50km Mass Start (Classic) Cross-Country Skiing - Full Event - Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

Full coverage of the men's 50km mass start (classic0 cross-country skiing event at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games as Norway's Petter Northug wins the gold medal.

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Backcountry XC Skiing - Alaska

Watch Backcountry XC Skiing, Vol II here!

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With the right conditions, xc skiing can be the best way into the backcountry! My goal is to show what's possible with nordic skiing, and maybe redefine how people perceive it. If you like the video, share it! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Video shot entirely in Alaska, over the course of 5 outings in late April and early May 2016. The specific locations were in the Talkeetna Mountains near Hatcher Pass, and in the Alaska Range off of the Denali Highway in the Amphitheater Mountains. Each day we were out for about three hours and covered on average 40km per day with a minimum 1000m vertical.

Definitely faster than slogging on heavy backcountry gear.

Skiers in order of appearance:
David Norris – overall winner of 2016 American Birkebiner, WC skier
Tyler Kornfield – 2x US National Champion, Sprinting
Myself – I ski sometimes :)
Scott Patterson – 2016 National Champion, Distance, WC skier
Cole Talbot
Andrew Dougherty
Erik Flora – 2013 USOC National Coach of the Year – All sports

Shot on the GoPro Hero 4 Session with PolarPro Filter, mounted to my ski pole, and homemade stabilizer. Sorry for the shake!

Music: Skyward (instrumental) by Scott and Brendo, off the album Youtube songs, Vol. 2
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XC Skiing - Snowy Mountains, Australia

A combined Sydney Bush Walkers Club and Nordic Ski Club trip to Charlotte Pass in the 2nd week of Sept 2012... and my first ever XC ski experience!

Karoline - Salomon TV

Karoline is living in a little village near Lillehammer in Norway. Skiing has always been a special thing for her. She invites you on the course, to discover one of the most beautiful landscape where we have been and share her way of life.

50 km Men Cross Country Skiing Oslo Holmenkollen 2018


Cross-Country Skiing - Men's 15km Classic - Dario Cologna Wins Gold | Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

Daily Report - Highlights from the Men's 15km Classic Cross-Country Skiing event as Dario Cologna wins his second gold at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

Medal Winners
Gold - Dario Cologna (SUI)
Silver - Johan Olsson (SWE)
Bronze - Daniel Richardsson (SWE)

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Fundamentals of cross country skiing technique

The Original Cross Country Skiing Technique Fundamentals TM
Beginner to Intermediate, 1hrs

This title is also available in the new Learn to Nordic Skiing DVD for a much better deal.

The fundamentals of both classic and skating cross-country skiing are concisely packaged and delivered in 60min by World Cup athletes and coaches. Additional, generous ski tips are contributed by USSA/Cdn National and Factory Teams, pro-elite skiers, top coaches and instructors. It is a professional video production presenting crystal clear images, multiple angles, slow motion, 3D computer modeling, expert commentary and analysis. The format is based upon successful formula for master's camps that target the cross-country skiing aficionado.

REI Trailheads: You should try Cross-Country Skiing!

What happens when you strap cross-country skis to two novices and set them in the snow with a REI expert? A whole lot of laughs, plus some great advice from someone who knows what they’re doing. Watch all the ups, downs and bumps along the way. Then get out there and try it yourself.

Visit your local REI store to ask an expert your questions, rent cross-country skis or pick up everything you need to get out there.

Learn how to layer for your cross-country excursion at

YOU still think Cross Country Skiing is BORING ?I [XC Skiing-passion]WORLDSFIRST FLIP on ROLLSKI

and you still think that the cross-country skiing is boring?

Worldsfirst Rollski Flip ! damn I am stoked!!
can`t actually believe this was worlds first

But the BIG thing I want to show with this video is that your passion never gets boring if you play around and if you are CREATIVE EVERYTHING is POSSIBLE!
and it was a great training too

So it`s quite fun to enjoy xc skiing in Summer as well
and of course adding some stunts & style to it almost like by the Extreme Cross Country Ski Competition Red Bull Nordix

almost as fun as XC Skiing Oslo Vinterpark!
Or Skiing One Of Those Nordic Days like Team Valoche!

Thanks for your support guys!


Starring: Ruben Kretzschi
Edit by: Ruben Kretzschi

Shoot by Sony Nex 5n
Shoot by Canon g1x Mark II

Song: Garage

Cross-country skiing technique: Classic diagonal

Detailed description:


- Alternating leg-push with swinging-through arms
- Weight shift to the push-off leg
- Powerful leg stretching

- Pole usage at the level of the binding
- Bend upper body forward
- Shift weight to the push-off leg
- Bend legs slightly just before the push-off
- Move gliding leg forward
- Shoulder and hip move diagonally to each other

Strength training for X-Country skiing

Let strength expert and researcher Jesper Sjökvist show you his best exercises for Cross Country Skiing strength. Illustrated by elite skiers Elin Mohlin and Anton Karlsson.

Cross-Country Olympian vs Freestyle Football YouTuber - Training Challenge | Hitting the Wall

With the help of Slovenian Olympic cross-country skier Vesna Fabjan, PWG discovers the dry-land exercise drills that cross-country skiers endure while gearing up for the season. Can he endure the challenge?

Checkout the full Hitting the Wall series with YouTubers PWG, Brandon Buff Dudes White and Susana Yabar:

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Adrian Solano the representative of Venezuela in cross-country skiing performance in Lahti 2017

Adrian Solano the representative of Venezuela in cross-country skiing performance in Lahti 2017 World Championships

GoPro: XC Skiing Downhill Session

Local athletes Kalum Utley and Marcus Laube show off the beauty of their Vancouver ski hill at Cypress Mountain Resort.

Adrian Solano - Worst cross country skier ever?

Najlepsze forum o skokach

Essential Intro to Cross Country Skiing

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