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Cross-country running


Great Edinburgh Cross Country 2017 - Men's 8km

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Cross Country Running Training Exercises

TRU Wolfpack Cross Country Running coach Carmin Mazzotta and athlete Conlan Sprickerhoff demonstrate some warm up exercises to prepare ready for cross country running.

Cross Country Running - Race Strategy

This is what the great cross country runners do during a race.

1. Cross Country Runners use their team mates during a race, and XC runners use other teams or other runners during a race. You can work together or you can draft off another runner.

2. CC Running Race Tip number two. Run the curves smart. If you have two turns in a row, run the tangent. That means, take the shortest route possible for every bend and series of curves. Stay on the inside of the curve.

3. Pick a place to make some surges. The easiest places, although CC running is never easy, is at the bottom of a hill, or around a blind turn. Push the pace to pass people or to separate from another runner.

4. Kick earlier. To run a great time, try pushing it and sprinting earlier than you normally would. You might surprise yourself.

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2016 California State Cross Country Championships - Boys D1 Race

This video is about 2016 California State Meet - Boys D1 Race

Tips & tricks to cross country running

Learn new skills to help you with cross country running and find out how it's different from other forms of running

Footage courtesy of Starhub

2018 State Cross Country Running

State cross country championships at Bartlett High

How to Run Faster in Cross Country | Tips for a Faster 5K!

I've been running for the past 6 years and improved greatly in that time, so in this video, I want to share the tips and tricks I've learned through all of my experiences. I broke this video up into 2 sections with the first half being about Summer Training and the second pertaining more to racing and race strategy. I really hope that this video helps you and if it does then be sure to reach out and let me know!

If you want to see my progression over the years then you can check out my Milestat!

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Cross Country Pre-Nats 2018 | My Biggest Race Yet!!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to travel with my team to Wisconsin to race at D1 Pre-Nationals! It was my first race in college where I wasn't redshirting, and quite a race to be my first!! Pre-Nats was crazy and honestly one of the most incredible running experiences I've ever had! Special thanks to the W&M Men's and Women's teams for making it such an incredible trip!

Live Happy.
Be Healthy.

Cross Country Running Tips

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Cross Country Running Tips from

Here are seven great tips to help you have a great Cross Country season in either High School or Middle School. These tips are pretty basic, but I guess they could help even some collegiate athletes.

Anyways, the first tip is to train in the preseason. Make sure you are running in the summer months so you come into the cross country season in good shape. It will make for a much more enjoyable and successful season.

Next up, you need to eat healthy and get your sleep. You can be in great shape, but if you don't eat right, its like putting sand into the gas tank of a high performance machine. Stay away from highly processed foods and go for the good stuff like whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Sleep is also very important because that is when your body recovers from all the running that you are doing. You have to rest and recover so your ready for the school day and for the training and racing.

Don't forget to set great goals. Pick a goal time that you want to accomplish for each race, and set goals for your training every week. If you don't have a goal, maybe you should talk to your coach and see what he/she thinks you could achieve.

Cross Country running involves a lot of running on the hills. Go smooth and steady up hills but make sure to pick up the pace at the top of them. Go fast but in control on the downhills.

Running with your teammates in the preseason is a great way to ensure success. Also, pack it up and help each other train and race.

Pacing is vital to cross country running. Make sure you figure out what pace you should be running at. Don't go out too fast in a race, and really try to push the pace later in the race.

Being mentally tough is my next cross country running tip. You have to stay positive and tell yourself that you can do it. Running is tough, so you have to be equally mentally tough to stick with it and finish strong in workouts and races.

The last tip is to have fun. Cross country is very rewarding if you work hard and work together with teammates to get better each week. You'll feel great and get fit running cross country.

What To Eat Before A Cross Country Race

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Here is a basic list of what you can eat before a cross country race.

Rule # 1 - Eat your meal about three hours before your race. Make sure you don't eat too much. Also, don't eat anything within 2 hours of the race. Your body won't have time to digest it.

Rule # 2 - Make sure you are hydrated going into the race, but don't drink way too much water either.

Good Foods - Simple Carbohydrates are best. White Bread, Plain Bagels. Good spreads for these include honey, peanut butter, or jelly. Bananas are good too.

Bad Foods - Complex Carbohydrates, Proteins, Dairy, and Fatty Foods. Burgers, French Fries, Cheese, Milk, and so on are not good for you. They won't digest fast enough. Other foods that could make your stomach upset include citrus juices (Oranges, Lemons, and Limes). Apples and Pears are also not so good because they contain non digestable pectin which can upset your stomach during a race.

Cross Country Season Begins! XC Training: Day 1 🏃🏾💨

Cross Country Season 2017 is among us and I begin my XC Training to motivate you guys as well as to challenge myself. My focus for this first day's workout is to run a steady pace, basically a tempo run, to log about 4-6 miles worth of distance. My overall goal is to gradually increase my millage so that It will be more easier for me to maintain my goal race paces that we will talk about in future videos.

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2014 XC - CIF-ss Cross Country Prelims - Race 29 (D1 Girls, Heat 3)

This is the Full Race video of the 29th race from the 2014 CIF (Southern Section) cross country championships (Prelims) at Mt. SAC on November 15, 2014. The 29th race is the Division 1 Girls, Heat 3.
An indexed list of all of our race videos from that day is available at:

Workout Wednesday: Oklahoma Men Tackle Thunder Road

First-year coach Kevin Ondrasek had Dylan Blankenbaker (4th at NCAAs in the steeple), Eric Aldritt (179th at '15 NCAA XC), Liam Meirow (215th at '15 NCAA XC), Alonzo Chavez, Dan Schubert, and Brendan Taylor do an upbeat 12 miler. On a very hilly 12-mile loop, they started at 5:45 and cranked the pace down to 5:18 for the 11th and 12th miles.


The best Running workouts for cross country runners 2018

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2017 Canadian Cross-Country Championships U18 Boy's 6K

Campbell Lee wins the U18 6K at the 2017 Canadian Cross-Country Championships in Kingston, Ont. on Nov. 25.

Cover photo: Tim Huebsch.



Best Cross Country Spikes 2018

Which XC spikes should you get this season?


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Number one is just to gain a passion for running. To love the morning, to love the trail, to love the pace on the track. And if some kid gets really good at it, that's cool too.

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2015 Cross Country Meet at Vidalia High School

2017 West Coast Conference Cross Country Championships

The 2017 West Coast Conference Championships broadcast live on from Metropolitan Golf Links in Oakland, California.



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