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Croquet Association Promotional Short Film

A short film I've made for the Croquet Association to promote the sport in the UK.

GAME 1 - Golf Croquet World Championship Final Bamford vs Nasr Cairo (HD)

GAME 1 - Final of the Golf Croquet World Championships 2013. Reg Bamford vs Ahmed Nasr in Cairo
Video is available FULL HD - change it at the the bottom of the video for a better quality and there should be a caption showing the score after each hoop is run. Don't think this works on the mobile platform but if watching it on the PC this should work.

Simon Carter Golf Croquet World Championship 2019 (HD)

John-Paul Moberly (ENGLAND) vs Ian Burridge (WALES)

2011 world golf croquet championship final.avi


Croquet King

Croquet King Robert Fletcher in action in the 2013 Association Croquet World Championship Final

Golf Croquet World Team Championship Final | New Zealand vs Eqypt | Sky Sport Next

Watch New Zealand take on Egypt for the 2020 Golf Croquet World Team Championship!

How to Play Croquet

Full Playlist:
Watch more Outdoor Games videos:

Here's a wicket way to spend a summer afternoon. Anyone for croquet?

Step 1: Set up the course
Plant seven wickets in the ground at the points of two imaginary end-to-end diamonds in a figure-eight pattern, and an eighth and ninth wicket near the top and bottom wickets. Plant stakes just beyond the top and bottom wickets.

If you wish, mark the outer boundaries of the playing field with string and stakes.

Step 2: Choose a color
Choose the color of the ball you wish to play. Order of play is determined by the colors on the stakes. The top color goes first.

Step 3: Begin play
Place your ball between the first stake and the first wicket. Strike the ball with the face of the mallet aiming it to go through the wicket.

Step 4: Advance through the course
Receive a bonus stroke each time your ball goes through a wicket, and move counter-clockwise to the next wicket. If a player’s ball does not go through a wicket, it is the next player’s turn.

Step 5: Earn bonus points
Earn two bonus strokes by hitting another player’s ball with your ball. This is called roqueting. With your bonus strokes you can hit your ball, hit both balls, or – with your ball touching the other ball, and holding your ball down with your foot – knock the other one away.

If a ball is sent over the boundary, place it one mallet-length (about three feet) inside the boundary and resume play from there.

Step 6: Win the game
The first player to pass through all wickets in proper order and hit the turning stake and finishing stake is the winner. Other players may continue playing to determine who finishes second, third, and so on.

Did You Know?
The word mall comes from the original French name for croquet, paille-maille, which means ball-mallet.

How To Play Croquet

An in-depth step-by-step guide on how to play the gentlemen's game of croquet, including frequently asked questions and different variations of the game

2020 World Association Croquet Championships-Sunday 23 Feb 2020 Video 10 at Victorian Croquet Centre

Sunday 23 February 2020 Video 10 at Victorian Croquet Centre

Croquet(US):2019 SE Regional - Huneycutt v White

Single game from the 2019 US Rules Southeast Regional at Pinehurst. Danny Huneycutt v Macey White in a quarterfinal game. No long roquets, occasional blobbed hoop - but what precise break play and a textbook display of championship tactics:  croquet out, aggressive hoop 1 play, devilish leaves and a posthumous peel. At about minute 38 the deadness board comes up too early - just before BK roquets Y - there was no dead ball fault. Thanks to Brian Hovis for the video footage from a tournament I couldn't get to.

Introduction to Golf Croquet

Golf Croquet is a very easy game of croquet to learn. It is suitable for all ages and genders. Whilst deceptively simple it involves accuracy and strategic play.

The video shows 'doubles' being played where team 1 has the black and blue balls and the opposing team 2 has the red and yellow balls. The game is also played as 'singles' with just 2 players, one having the blue and black balls, the other the red and yellow ones. The strict blue, red, black, yellow ball playing sequence is still the same.

It is normally played at Toronto Croquet Club on Mondays, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Just give us a ring on 0447 338 445. Come along and give it a try. All you need are fully enclosed shoes (no sandals, thongs or heels). You will be made most welcome and shown how to play. Free coaching is available to help people get started and as an ongoing support.

Toronto is on the shores of the beautiful Lake Macquarie in New South Wales Australia.

Golf Croquet, sometimes simply called GC, is played worldwide with world championships played every year.

Golf Croquet - Playing the partially blocked hoop

I share little nuggets of Tactics and Skill to aid the learning croquet player.
A lot of you have poor access to coaching and I hope this will be of use to you.

Many other coaches have far greater knowledge than I but few are sharing on the net.

I really appreciate your feedback. I will be back with new videos soon.

Back to Croquet - an ideal sport for social distancing

On 13th May 2020, croquet was one of eight sports permitted to reopen by the Government. The sport is naturally 'social-distanced' and 60% of English croquet clubs had reopened their doors by 25th May.

Garden croquet set sales have soared by up to 600% as people look for new ways to entertain themselves during lockdown. Clubs are running waiting lists for those who have tried croquet and want to join a club.

We take a look at Nottingham Croquet Club's #backtocroquet and how easily they have adapted to public health guidelines.

FB/Twitter/IG: @croquetengland

2019 Golf Croquet Trans Tasman Fordyce v Fletcher G1

2019 Golf Croquet Trans Tasman Fordyce v Fletcher G1

2011 World Golf Croquet Championship 5


Croquet Putting Drill

This is a fun drill to groove your line on the green. These are simple croquet wickets. Putts miss the cup for 3 reasons. 1. The read is wrong. 2. The ball does not start on line. 3. Speed is off.

Croquet rules

A brief description of golf croquet rules by George Wood

BBC South East broadcast - WCF Simon Carter Golf Croquet World Championship

Recorded by BBC South East, broadcast on Saturday Breakfast - 27th July 2019.

How to Play Croquet : How to Set Up a Croquet Court

Learn how to set up a Croquet Court in your backyard, or any grassy area, with each wicket being three feet apart, in this free recreational video on playing Croquet.

Expert: Bob Hunt
Bio: Bob Hunt has been painting houses for 17 years and specializes in painting, pressure washing, and even repairing interior and exterior properties both residential and commercial.
Filmmaker: Bob Hunt

2020 World Association Croquet Championships-Saturday 22 Feb 2020 Video 01- Victorian Croquet Centre

Saturday 22 February 2020 Video 01 at Victorian Croquet Centre



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