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Croquet King

Croquet King Robert Fletcher in action in the 2013 Association Croquet World Championship Final

2011 world golf croquet championship final.avi


How To Play Croquet

An in-depth step-by-step guide on how to play the gentlemen's game of croquet, including frequently asked questions and different variations of the game

How to Play Croquet : How to Set Up a Croquet Court

Learn how to set up a Croquet Court in your backyard, or any grassy area, with each wicket being three feet apart, in this free recreational video on playing Croquet.

Expert: Bob Hunt
Bio: Bob Hunt has been painting houses for 17 years and specializes in painting, pressure washing, and even repairing interior and exterior properties both residential and commercial.
Filmmaker: Bob Hunt

How to Play Croquet : How to Begin Playing Croquet

Learn how to begin playing the game of Croquet, including knowing that the blue ball goes first, and finding out scoring techniques in this free recreational video on the basics of Croquet.

Expert: Bob Hunt
Bio: Bob Hunt has been painting houses for 17 years and specializes in painting, pressure washing, and even repairing interior and exterior properties both residential and commercial.
Filmmaker: Bob Hunt

Croquet Association Promotional Short Film

A short film I've made for the Croquet Association to promote the sport in the UK.

Croquet: 2016 Minnesota Open final

Minnesota Open Association Croquet tournament 2016 final between Billy Bob Breeden and George Saad. Event was held at the Centennial Lakes Park facility in Edina, a suburb of Minneapolis, on Sunday, August 21,2016. Mike Weimerskirch is TD

How to play a Stop shot Croquet

How to play a stop shot from the strokeplay section of

XI Campeonato de España de Croquet (G.C.) Individual

Final completa y entrega de premios.

Retransmisión en directo de la final del XI Campeonato de España de Croquet (C.G.) Individual (Tier 1).

English National Singles Championship Golf Croquet Final

Footage as it was streamed live, of Tim King vs John-Paul Moberly playing the final of the English National Singles Championship for the Ascot Cup.

Croquet:AC Steuber 2017-Maloof v Todorovich

The Steuber Classic croquet tournament at the NCC in West Palm Beach, Florida, features golf croquet, US Rules and AC play. This short video is a semifinal game tiebreaker. Mike Todorovich won game 1 and David Maloof won game 2. We pick up play with Todo at 2b setting up diagonal spread. The fickle hand of fate and a Maloof triple determine the outcome as Maloof prepares for the MacRob in May.

Croquet - Various Croquet Shots Using The "Airheart Mallet" From Norwich Croquet Company


GAME 1 - Golf Croquet World Championship Final Bamford vs Nasr Cairo (HD)

GAME 1 - Final of the Golf Croquet World Championships 2013. Reg Bamford vs Ahmed Nasr in Cairo
Video is available FULL HD - change it at the the bottom of the video for a better quality and there should be a caption showing the score after each hoop is run. Don't think this works on the mobile platform but if watching it on the PC this should work.

Croquet Jump Shots - montage

A selection of jump shots from over the years at various tournaments. Available in HD.
Will be compiling more videos of jump shots in the future.

Croquet - Swing Coach 2


Croquet (US):Midwest Regional 2018 Knuth/Abdelwahab v McQuigg/Baird

2018 US Midwest Regional in Tulsa , Oklahoma. Local favorites Kevin McQuigg and Matt Baird take on the East coast glamor team of Sandy Knuth and Sherif Abdelwahab in a doubles semifinal. Two rounds of last turns and a one point victory make for exciting viewing. Thanks to Chris O'Byrne at the Reigate Croquet club south of London for the ball placement graphics program.

Croquet - 4 Ball Break Demonstration

This shows croquet players who are interested in learning 4 ball breaks some of the things you need to think about.

Croquet:2016 AC Worlds Essick v McBride

Block play Day 1, AC Worlds at the National Croquet Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. Block play Matthew Essick(USA) v Leo McBride(CAN) on Court 5. Matthew in a 3rd turn 3 ball break.

Croquet:US GC Nationals 2016, Singles Semifinal

US Golf Croquet National Championship at the NCC in West Palm Beach, Florida - 10/25/2016. This singles semifinal match features Sherif Abdelwahab and Stephen Morgan in an impressive display of the tactical value of aggressive hoop shooting.

How to Play Croquet

Watch more Outdoor Games videos:

Here's a wicket way to spend a summer afternoon. Anyone for croquet?

Step 1: Set up the course
Plant seven wickets in the ground at the points of two imaginary end-to-end diamonds in a figure-eight pattern, and an eighth and ninth wicket near the top and bottom wickets. Plant stakes just beyond the top and bottom wickets.

If you wish, mark the outer boundaries of the playing field with string and stakes.

Step 2: Choose a color
Choose the color of the ball you wish to play. Order of play is determined by the colors on the stakes. The top color goes first.

Step 3: Begin play
Place your ball between the first stake and the first wicket. Strike the ball with the face of the mallet aiming it to go through the wicket.

Step 4: Advance through the course
Receive a bonus stroke each time your ball goes through a wicket, and move counter-clockwise to the next wicket. If a player’s ball does not go through a wicket, it is the next player’s turn.

Step 5: Earn bonus points
Earn two bonus strokes by hitting another player’s ball with your ball. This is called roqueting. With your bonus strokes you can hit your ball, hit both balls, or – with your ball touching the other ball, and holding your ball down with your foot – knock the other one away.

If a ball is sent over the boundary, place it one mallet-length (about three feet) inside the boundary and resume play from there.

Step 6: Win the game
The first player to pass through all wickets in proper order and hit the turning stake and finishing stake is the winner. Other players may continue playing to determine who finishes second, third, and so on.

Did You Know?
The word mall comes from the original French name for croquet, paille-maille, which means ball-mallet.



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