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Creeking in Mexico 2011

Mexico is quickly becoming known for it's amazing whitewater and beautiful waterfalls. Check out some footage from our 2011 New Years trip.

Capital Creeking – (Entry # 46 – Short Film of the Year Awards 2014)

Some no more than 4 miles from the White House, DC Micro-Creeks have some of the best, most technical waterfalls, most beautiful scenery and amazing fun times you can get. Follow the team of high schoolers as they catch the tiny flow windows during some rainy days in the nations capital.

by: Jacob Siegel From: Usa

(This is an entry for the Best Short Film of the Year Awards 2014) - View all entries:

Creeking in the Mexican jungle

Slovenians (Urban Rejc & Luka Snoj) paddling some of the nicest Mexican rivers: Alsaseca Roadside, Alsaseca big banana, Upper Jalacingo, Filobobos and Lower Jalacingo.

Dagger Nomad | Whitewater Creeking Kayak

We took the forgiveness, stability, and predictability of the old Nomad, and gave it more speed, more rocker, more volume, and a third size. The result is the new Nomad, the ultimate creeking kayak that's ready for any adventure on whitewater

Creeking in Cali

Creeking Compilation


Creeking Fatal Day

El día en que me saqué el hombro en australia... más información en:

CREEKING without a paddle

Our DIANNE'S ROSE, Tiny Houseboat gets us into some cool creeks.

Chippewa Creeking

Music: Celtyc Dream by Damiano Baldoni. Used under Creative Commons license.

Creeking - Fishing A Colorado High Country Creek

Trouts GM Rick Mikesell beat the Front Range heat and drove up to one of his favorite high country small creeks in the hopes that he would find some willing browns and brookies who want to eat a dry fly or two...

Camera/Edit: Ivan Orsic

Music from Epidemic Sound (



Creeking in the Southeast with Liquid Adventures Kayak School

Kayaking on Wilson Creek, Tellico, Chattooga, Little, and Tallulah.

Northwest Creeking Competition 2015

Low water racing on a classic run in the PNW

Music by Donkeyboy and Bonobo

2016 North West Creeking Comp

Here is Nick Troutman's GoPro from the winning lap on the 2016 Lower Lewis race of the North West Creeking Competition.

Whitewater Kayaking/Creeking - Lower Smith Creek Idaho

Whitewater Kayaking/Creeking - Lower Smith Creek Idaho - A short film of all the major rapids from the dam to the 50Ft falls near the penstock. This is a North American Classic! Featuring Tao Berman, Josh Bechtel, Ed Lucero, Jason Wing, Jed Sedlacheck, and others. Waterfalls galore!

Suck Creeking

Chattanooga's Local Roadside Gem. May be a bit manky, but there are some stellar boofs to be had in there. The water was low, but the fun was high.

Waimapu Creeking

Check out this sweet creek! Waimapu river - Welcome bay, Tauranga
B.O.P . some primo drops and good times. Go check it out! For take out options talk to the christian camp below the last falls, say hi first and gold coin to walk across the land. Be nice :)
BIG Ups to Rob collister for coming on the scouting mission!

Aquabatics Calgary Intro to Creeking Course

This is a video showcasing what the Aquabatics Calgary Intro to Creeking Weekends are all about. Great whitewater, world class instruction on everything from safety to edging, boofing to on water communication and everything in between. Run in the Spring on the Kananaskis, Highwood and Etherington or Cataract Creek.
More info and sign up available at

Epic Southeast Creeking

This is a video i made of 2 creeks about a hour away from my house.

Creeking Equipment : How to Pick the Right Boat for Creeking

Learn how to pick a boat for creeking and whitewater river sports in this free online video guide on kayaking and canoeing.

Expert: Mike Porter
Bio: Mike Porter is Assistant Director of Rafting at Zoar Outdoor, & has been an ACA whitewater instructor & raft guide for 7 years. He has competed professionally in whitewater kayaking.
Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso



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