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Creeking in Mexico 2011

Mexico is quickly becoming known for it's amazing whitewater and beautiful waterfalls. Check out some footage from our 2011 New Years trip.

Creeking in the Mexican jungle

Slovenians (Urban Rejc & Luka Snoj) paddling some of the nicest Mexican rivers: Alsaseca Roadside, Alsaseca big banana, Upper Jalacingo, Filobobos and Lower Jalacingo.

Capital Creeking – (Entry # 46 – Short Film of the Year Awards 2014)

Some no more than 4 miles from the White House, DC Micro-Creeks have some of the best, most technical waterfalls, most beautiful scenery and amazing fun times you can get. Follow the team of high schoolers as they catch the tiny flow windows during some rainy days in the nations capital.

by: Jacob Siegel From: Usa

(This is an entry for the Best Short Film of the Year Awards 2014) - View all entries:

Dagger Nomad | Whitewater Creeking Kayak

We took the forgiveness, stability, and predictability of the old Nomad, and gave it more speed, more rocker, more volume, and a third size. The result is the new Nomad, the ultimate creeking kayak that's ready for any adventure on whitewater

Creeking in my Dagger Katana 10.4 : Clear Creek Redding CA.

I hooked up with my good buddy George Williams for a sporty run down our local class III creek here in Redding. The run started off with a pinned kayak, which had me a little on edge for the first few rapids. Once I got the feel for the run, I ended up having the time of my life. I was so impressed with how the Katana performed. It's a big boat to take down such skinny water, but it handled it like a champ.

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Creeking in Cali

SO MUCH WOOD || Big Water Creeking on the Seattle Gorge

There was so much wood moving around on the South Fork of the Snoqualmie a couple weeks back. It let to 3 BIG portages and some serious bumps and bruises.

District 11 creeking

A good solid creek at a pushy level with the District 11 extreme whitewater race boat...

2016 North West Creeking Comp

Here is Nick Troutman's GoPro from the winning lap on the 2016 Lower Lewis race of the North West Creeking Competition.

Tennessee Backyard Creeking

When 5 of rain causes the legendary Knoxville Flood of 2019. All of the Cumberland Plateau was blown out, the Smokies were closed, and this random stream alongside Porterfield Gap Road - which we later found out is called Gap Creek - saw its first descent.

A local resident said he'd been there for 40 years and never seen it ran; the creek had also visibly dropped by a few feet within two hours of us taking off. Surprisingly fun little run that requires a mandatory take-out before the creek goes underneath a road. Scouted access, egress, and the entire creek for wood then fired it up.

Video by Matt Jackson and Dan Yusko. Shout-out to the many local residents who thought it was awesome; they talked to us for a bit and somebody even gave us a ride back after our second lap. Super friendly bunch of people around these parts.

Fun fact: Google Maps turned red for traffic due to the many people slowing down or stopping to watch us

Oh Be Joyful Kayaking race 2019, Crested Butte Colorado whitewater best creeking

So we went high elevation to compete on one of the most mazing race tracks posible, Oh Be Joyful is one of the most amazing creeks ever and racing down it was just an amazing experience. The first day of summer on 2019 and we experienced rain, snow and sunshine. Your lungs burn racing at this elevation and so does your hands as the water come from the snow not too far away. Certainly a world class piece of whitewater. Thanks to Paul for making it happen and making an awesome event. Looking forward to next year's race again.
The race takes about 4 minutes ( thank god is not longer) is hard to keep a fast pace in there as it a very technical with all the slides. Super fun race for sure. Congrats to the podium takers on 1st place Noel Parker, Ty Skoe and Evan Ross tide for 2nd and 3rd . The water levels change super fast with the temperatures and is certainly cleaner with more water but of course it moves a lot quicker. It was really amazing how clean it was. Stoked to check this one out the list. And looking forward to more OBJ laps. #kayaking #colorado #whitewater #race #OBJ #ohbejoyful #creeking #crestedbutte #coloradorockies

California Creeking Roadtrip

Traveling in California with Toni George, Louise Jull and Shilo Gibson. Such an epic crew! We were able to paddle some sweet creek and travel around the country.

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Gradient & Water 2011 - California Creeking!

Corsica & Italy Creeking 2006

Footage from an awesome trip to Corsica & Italy, Summer 2006.

Creeking the Backside of the Eagle Section of NY's Beaver River

Excerpted from H2 HO....

Advanced Creeking Clinic Jan '15

This Class establishes a team dynamic and asses the students while laying some ground work and foundational skills in the beginning. As the day progresses, we explore a range of topics based on the needs of the students.

We conduct this class on a Grade IV river (East Fork Lewis sunset falls run, Opal Creek, and in this case Canyon Creek are all possibilities). We will be on one of these gems within a couple hours of Portland, Oregon.

Music: Alt J
An Awesome Wave
Something Good

Creeking Kayak Japan カヤック日本

After last year checking this run out at low water We came back this year to give it a go at about 10 times the flow. Cody had come over from the US with a team and Yoshie from Spirit in Gifu,the perfect crew of paddlers . Had a great day thanks very much Guys.


Paddlers パドラー :
Cody Howard
Darin McQuoid
Ryan Knight
Shon Bollack
Yoshihero Takahashi
and Me
Plus many thanks to Brandy and Nick for driving shuttle.
Map of the run 実行の地図:

Music by Kevin MacLeod:

Creeking Equipment : How to Pick the Right Boat for Creeking

Learn how to pick a boat for creeking and whitewater river sports in this free online video guide on kayaking and canoeing.

Expert: Mike Porter
Bio: Mike Porter is Assistant Director of Rafting at Zoar Outdoor, & has been an ACA whitewater instructor & raft guide for 7 years. He has competed professionally in whitewater kayaking.
Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

NE Ohio Steep Creeking

November 18, 2017

Hornbecks & Raymondskill : Pocono Creeking

Kayaking Hornbecks and Raymondskill creeks in the Delaware water gap NE Pennsylvania.



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