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Capital Creeking – (Entry # 46 – Short Film of the Year Awards 2014)

Some no more than 4 miles from the White House, DC Micro-Creeks have some of the best, most technical waterfalls, most beautiful scenery and amazing fun times you can get. Follow the team of high schoolers as they catch the tiny flow windows during some rainy days in the nations capital.

by: Jacob Siegel From: Usa

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Creeking in the Mexican jungle

Slovenians (Urban Rejc & Luka Snoj) paddling some of the nicest Mexican rivers: Alsaseca Roadside, Alsaseca big banana, Upper Jalacingo, Filobobos and Lower Jalacingo.

Creeking in Mexico 2011

Mexico is quickly becoming known for it's amazing whitewater and beautiful waterfalls. Check out some footage from our 2011 New Years trip.

Dagger Nomad | Whitewater Creeking Kayak

We took the forgiveness, stability, and predictability of the old Nomad, and gave it more speed, more rocker, more volume, and a third size. The result is the new Nomad, the ultimate creeking kayak that's ready for any adventure on whitewater

Creeking Compilation

Creeking Equipment : How to Pick the Right Boat for Creeking

Learn how to pick a boat for creeking and whitewater river sports in this free online video guide on kayaking and canoeing.

Expert: Mike Porter
Bio: Mike Porter is Assistant Director of Rafting at Zoar Outdoor, & has been an ACA whitewater instructor & raft guide for 7 years. He has competed professionally in whitewater kayaking.
Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

Creeking in Cali

Dagger Nomad: Whitewater Creeking Kayak

Experience the stunning, remote locations thought to exist only in pictures. Not just for kayaking daredevils, creeking is perfect for any explorer who wants to do more than test the waters. From the multi-day expedition to Class V rapids and waterfall hucking, Dagger is the industry standard for those never satisfied with standing still.

Trusted as the world's ultimate creeker, the Nomad is the kayak of choice by both record holders and high-five fanatics. Watch for more details and visit

2016 North West Creeking Comp

Here is Nick Troutman's GoPro from the winning lap on the 2016 Lower Lewis race of the North West Creeking Competition.



Fundamentals of Creeking Course Preview

Whether you are relatively new to paddling or been kayaking for a few years, creek boating is a niche discipline all its own. Everything from equipment to technique to how you proceed downstream can change and evolve as you begin to encounter gradient, rocks, and narrower river beds- the characteristics of a creek.

The Fundamentals of Creeking aims not only to introduce you to creeking skills essential for success such as group management, boofing, and water reading, but also to change your perspective from an avoidance mentality when meeting obstacles. Learn to use both rocks and water to your advantage as your pick your way down more intricate whitewater, and expect your comfort and orientation maneuvering downstream to heighten.

Find yourself more present than ever on the water as your perception of the river changes with every edge drop and boof stroke… creeking is Zen. Students can expect to be comfortably pushed to explore a new realm of paddling while the highest safety considerations are maintained.

Creeking Stroke Tips for Whitewater Kayaking : How to Roll Back Over for Whitewater Kayaking

In this free whitewater kayaking training video an expert will explain some kayak rolling techniques for creeking to use if you flip over.

Expert: Mike Porter
Bio: Mike Porter is Assistant Director of Rafting at Zoar Outdoor, & has been an ACA whitewater instructor & raft guide for 7 years. He has competed professionally in whitewater kayaking.
Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

Cali Creeking middle fork of the feather and South Branch are out of this world beautiful

#boofsessions in California , way too much fun. one of my favorite trips of all times. Granite for days and Some of the most beautiful whitewater I've ever seen. The most fantastic kayaking in the world rite there , California Creeking is amazing. South Branch definitely
Thanks Cali for an amazing week of kayaking , will be back for more soon.
Abe Herrera.
Nate Merrel.
Dan Dellwo
Dan Rubado
Alex Kilik.

more international kayaking at Boof sessions on Facebook or visit our page

Spring Creeking 2011 Part 1 of 4

Part 1 of 4 : Spring Creeking 2011 in Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, and Alabama

Boaters:Charlie M, Nick M, Jose J, Nate T, Dru E, Roy M, Ben, Rob L
Water: Rock Creek (Georgia) 2.0 ft / 8 inches & Conasauga River (Georgia) 3.1 ft
Technical Support: George
Cinematographer: Jack H
Internal Affairs: Shelbey T

Steep Creeking Italy 2018

Steep Creeking in Val Sesia Italy 2018

CREEKING without a paddle

Our DIANNE'S ROSE, Tiny Houseboat gets us into some cool creeks.

NE Ohio Steep Creeking

November 18, 2017

Gulf Hagus Creeking


Midwest creeking

The shores of Lake Superior

Trouts Fly Fishing: Creeking - Fishing A Colorado High Country Creek

Trouts GM Rick Mikesell beat the Front Range heat and drove up to one of his favorite high country small creeks in the hopes that he would find some willing browns and brookies who want to eat a dry fly or two...

Music from Epidemic Sound (



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