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Cowboy action shooting


Carla Metts Shooting Segment - 2017 Cowboy Fast Draw Championships

Check out our own Carla Metts trying her hand at shooting at the 2017 Cowboy Fast Draw Association national championship in Deadwood, South Dakota.

Cowboy Action Shooting 2011 Winter Range

Learn about the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting when we catch up with one of the sportsmen at the 2011 Winter Range.

Transitions for Cowboy Action Shooting


Cleaning black powder cowboy action guns Part 1

This is part one of a three part series on cleaning black powder cowboy action shooting guns. Part one deals with cleaning products and shotgun cleaning. Part two covers cleaning lever action rifles and part three covers cleaning single action revolvers.

Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) Regulator Badge

​​This episode of JED iTV explains what a SASS Regulator is. We also get to see Jed I. Knight receive his Single Action Shooting Society Regulator Badge at the Oregon State Cowboy Action Shooting Championship Match!

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[UNBOXING] Cowboy Action Shooting Giveaways from SASS and JED iTV

Jed I. Knight and Logan D. Bell unbox some free gifts from the Single Action Shooting Society. They were sent, by the folks at SASS HQ, to JED iTV to giveaway to viewers of JED iTV and members of the Single Action Shooting Society.
This episode offers an opportunity for TWO lucky viewers to win SASS Coffee Mugs. We will be giving one mug to the SASS Member with the Highest SASS Number and one mug to the SASS Member with the Lowest SASS Number. These other criteria must be meet:
Be a current subscriber to JED iTV on YouTube
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Post a comment below stating that you’d “like to win a free mug”
Be sure to include your SASS Member number!
We will pick a winner on January 2, 2016! At which time no other contest entries will be excepted.
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Contest Open to US Residents ONLY. No offense to our overseas Pards, but, quite honestly JED iTV can’t afford the cost of International Shipping.

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Battle of Rogue River Cowboy Action Shooting Match Preview - Merlin Marauders

Here is a very brief preview of what is to come on JED iTV! We are working on bringing you our very first Match Review episode. Later this week we will take you thru every aspect of the Merlin Marauders' annual match!
Stay Tuned!

Featured Club:
Merlin Marauders

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Crosman Marlin Cowboy BB Rifle Field Test Shooting Review

- Crosman Marlin Cowboy BB Rifle Field Test Shooting Review:

Read my full written Field Test Shooting Review over on the Replica Airguns Website with additional HQ photos:

-Spring Powered
-4.5mm BB's
-700 Round Mag.
-Up to 350 FPS (Claimed)
-Lever Action
-Old West Cowboy Rifle Replica
-Metal & Wood

Another revisit for an inexpensive and fun BB shooter, the Crosman Marlin Cowboy BB Rifle! I have done some previous video reviews and comparisons for the Crosman Marlin Cowboy BB Rifle so make sure to check them out. I also recently did an update Field Test Shooting Video for the Daisy Red Ryder BB gun which is a very comparable airgun to the Crosman Marlin Cowboy BB Rifle.

Let's talk about how the Crosman Marlin Cowboy BB Rifle performed in my Sea Can Field Test Shooting test... Crosman claims a max fps of 350, my Chronograph results came in at a 5 shot average of 316 fps which is not bad compared to the Daisy Red Ryder that also has a claimed fps of 350 but only shot around 240 fps.

So the Crosman Marlin Cowboy BB Rifle is the clear winner in terms of velocity over the Daisy Red Ryder but what about accuracy? That's a different story, the Crosman did not perform all that great for me shooting at a paper target 30 feet away using a rested shooting position. I shot 10 rounds at my paper target and got about a 5-6 inch grouping, there was an underlying smaller tight group that was closer to about 3 inches but a god 3-4 of the BB's came out of it spreading out the group significantly. Compare that to the Daisy Red Ryder with a nice tight 2 inch group.

So what do you want? Power or accuracy? I figure since the Crosman Marlin Cowboy BB Rifle is really targeted of the younger more entry level shooter that it should have good accuracy so they know when they are doing it right and less concerned on if the gun is performing as it should. Sure power is fun and smashing your targets does give a certain satisfaction but you have to hit the target first :)

Buy the Red Ryder from the Canada Replica Airguns Store:

Understanding Stage Instructions (Cowboy Action Shooting)

I think most folks understand all this stuff already, but hopefully it might help out some of the newer shooters to the sport.

Cowboy ACTION in 360! Shooting with the Territorial Marshals

Let's try out some 360 degree video! Make sure to turn resolution to 5K and look around!

In this video we're shooting with the Territorial Marshals in OKC for their July monthly match. You'll get to see various stages and shooters from multiple angles in this immersive video!

More info on the Territorial Marshals here

Where to find a cowboy shooting club near you! Click on your state

The camera I used to film this is the Insta360 One R. The link below will take you to the exact camera I used. This is an affiliate link, meaning if you do buy one they will pay me a small commission. It doesn't cost you any more but if you find it cheaper elsewhere by all means save some bucks!

Thanks for watching! See ya in the next video!

Cowboy Mounted Shooting

Cowboy Mounted Shooting by the Arizona Game and Fish Department. More about Shooting Sports:

Kenda Lenseigne Sets Another Record


We are BEYOND proud of our Team Bianchi member, Kenda Lenseigne for another CMSA High-Overall National Championship win!
Riding her trusted mares Sparky and June Bug, Kenda entered 6 events at the 2018 CMSA National Championship, winning each one - resulting in a clean sweep.

This recent win marks the 5th overall CMSA National title and puts her on the map as being the only woman in history, to win overall at both the CMSA National and CMSA World Championships. Kenda is a 4-time overall CMSA World Champion and holds 13 world records.

Kenda is a true powerhouse and it’s an absolute joy watching her dominate the women…and the MEN, in the Mounted Shooting competition world.

Mounted Revolver Shooting - 2019 CMSA World Championships

The fastest mounted shooting cowgirls and cowboys in the world converge in Amarillo, Texas for the 2019 Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association's (CMSA) Wrangler World Championship finals. #CMSA #MountedShooting #EquineSports #RevolverShooting

These fast riding and shooting contestants have all competed in several regional competitions in order to qualify to enter the world finals. We were privileged to document some of the action in the arena and interview some of the contestants to preserve a portion of the week-long public event.

If you are new to this popular equestrian sport, be sure to check out the video where the blank cartridges are shown and explained along with the competition rules. - Bobby Ruwe: Mounted Shooting 101:

For more information about CMSA see:
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2013 Cowboy Fast Draw Show (Part 5/5)

Midco Sports Network presents the 2013 Cowboy Fast Draw Championships from Mitchell, South Dakota. This half hour special showcases the sights, sounds and people of fast draw. Hosted by Midco SN's Katie Lingle.

Winter Range 2016 - Main Match - Cowboy Action Shooting - Crazy Little Woman

Winter Range 2016 - Main Match - Cowboy Action Shooting -

Cowboy Mounted Shooting Introduction (with live competition footage)

According to the CMSA (Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association), cowboy mounted shooting is the nation's fastest growing equestrian sport.

Mounted contestants compete in this timed event using two .45 caliber single action revolvers, each loaded with five rounds of specially prepared blank ammunition. The CMSA provides a variety of levels of competition, with levels geared to everyone from novices through seasoned professionals.

Starline is proud to sponsor the Missouri State Championship at the Missouri State Fair as well as other Cowboy Mounted Shooting events all around the country. For more information on the sport of cowboy mounted shooting, visit

Footage in this video was taken during the 2015 Missouri State Fair in Sedalia, MO.

Owl Creek Raiders - Fat Chance Bucko Posse May 9 2020 cowboy action shooting

13 on this posse. Got along well and done good. I even managed to shoot a clean match!

Texas Mounted Shooters, Cowboy Action Shooting, Giddings, Texas, 2-26-11

One of the contestants had a great run, and then an accident. He got up shortly after the video ends, and rode again later that day. All is well. He's a tough old bird.

For more info, click on

Attacking A Stage - Part 1 (Cowboy Action Shooting)

Attacking A Stage - Part Two (Cowboy Action Shooting)



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