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Cornish wrestling


Cawleys Cornish Wrestling


Cornish Wrestling - The Teddy Bag Throw

This is a demonstration of the famous Teddy Bag throw from Cornish Wrestling. Cornish Wrestling is the oldest form of wrestling in the British Isles and was originally known as Celtic wrestling.

From a HEMA perspective it is one of the only historical European martial arts that has an unbroken line and has always been a living breathing martial art. I have the utmost respect for this sport and the men and women of the Cornish Wrestling Association that continues to promote, teach and hold tournaments in the beautiful land that is Cornwall.

For those that know Cornish Wrestling you will notice we have not gathered up the jacket before the throw. In this demonstration it was because not everyone had a traditional Cornish Wresting jacket to do that with so I wanted to make the technique work for everyone in the class from the same grip as well as showing how in a street fighting context where you don't have the time or the reason to gather up the jacket, that a good grip to the top/hoodie/jacket of an assailant is all you need to apply an effective Teddy Bag throw.

Royal Cornwall show 2015 Cornish Wrestling

Cornish Wrasslin' at Royal Cornwall Show 2015

Joe Cawley Cornish Wrestling - Good Hitch

This is my brother Joe Cawley in the black shorts doing some proper Cornish Wrestling in the under 8 category at Lostwithiel, Cornwall, UK.

Friendly Cornish Wrestling Hitch Between Heavyweights

A Friendly Cornish Wrestling Hitch Between Ashley Cawley and Nigel at St Columb Major Wrestling Club, Cornwall, UK.

Last Chance Qual 74 KG: Jay Cornish (Dynamic Sports) vs. Michael Kelly (Old School)

Cons. Round 1 action at the Final U.S. Olympic Trials Qualifier with Jay Cornish from Dynamic Sports vs. Michael Kelly from Old School at 74 KG.

Cornish Wrestling at Eden Project (BBC News, 19 May 2012)

As the Olympic torch blazes its way through the UK, every region on its route is taking the chance to showcase some of their own customs and traditions.

In Cornwall, the Eden Project played host to a series of events including a display of Cornish wrestling - a unique sport which has been practiced in south-west England for centuries.

Nicholas Niksadat reports.

In Cornwall, the Eden Project played host to a series of events including a display of Cornish wrestling - a unique sport which has been practiced in south-west England for centuries.

Cornish Wrestling Demo

This is a Cornish Wrestling Demonstration at Charlestown Reggata Demonstration 08.08.2006 Featuring Gerry Cawley and Richard Cawley Wrestling and Ken Cocks doing the commentary.

Cornish wrestling

A dazzling spectacle of physical prowess.

Cornish Wrestling at St Mawgan - Jon & Richard Cawley

Two brothers wrestling Cornish style in St Mawgan. This event was a special Tournament returning Cornsh Wrestling to St Mawgan after it has been missing for 27 years.

Gerry Cawley & Paul Sawyer Cornish Wrestling in Middleweight Championship of Cornwall

Gerry Cawley had retired as a wrestler, however in 2011 at age 50 he returned to win two Championship Titles at Cornish Wrestling.

Cornish Wrestling - Tradition, History & Heritage - Cawley Champions

Cornish Wrestling, a traditional Cornish sport, it's history so old that it's lost in the mysts of time. Passed on from father to son, brother to brother this ancient sport is a un-broken living link with our ancestors.

Oyster Fayre 2010 - Cornish Wrestling

Ben & Richard Cawley Cornish Wrestling at Bodmin 2011

Cornish Wrestling Tournament at Bodmin on Sunday 3rd July 2011

Jamie and Sam Cornish Wrestling at St Columb Major 2009


BBC Filming Cornish Wrestling at Bodmin Beacon

BBC Filming Cornish Wrestling at Bodmin Beacon

Cornish Wrestling Training at St Columb Wrestling Club

Training at St Columb Wrestling Club. Thanks to Mike Cawley who dedicates a lot of time and effort to running the club.

Jamie vs Liam Cornish Wrestling at St Minver 2010

A good bout, Liam is relatively new to the sport, but with good strength & speed he has shown great potential to be a good wrassler. Liam was actually winning on points during this bout when Jamie showed that both skill & speed can trump strength and managed to get Liam with a knock out throw. Well done to Jamie!.. The new Lightweight Champion of Cornwall 2010.

Wrestle Plug 244: Cornish Pro Wrestling Stairway to Hell Review


ITS TIME TO #GETPLUGGEDIN to the British indy Wrestling scene in the form of a review of CPW: Stairway to Hell. Our incredible host Steve was in attendance for Cornish Pro Wrestlings fantastic brand of entertainment last weekend emanating from the unique venue of the Bodmin Jail. Another spectacular night of entertainment put on by our chums at CPW and we implore you to listen to Steves eloquent and interesting rundown of events with Amer <3
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Cornish Wrestling Tournament & History

Narrated by Gerry Cawley (35 time Cornish Wrestling Champion) who tells us the history behind this ancient celtic martial art. Features some great wrestling action filmed at St Mawgan Cornish Wrestling Tournament 2012. Filmed & edited by Mark Jenkin, see for more of his work.



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