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Cornish hurling


Cornish Hurling - That's gotta hurt!

Cornish hurling

St Columb Hurling 2012.wmv

St Columb Major's crazy Cornish traditional silver ball rugby come fight, wrestle brawl, game between the town & country folk.
Hurling or Hurling the Silver Ball (Cornish: Hyrlîan), is an outdoor team game of Celtic origin played only in Cornwall, United Kingdom. It is played with a small silver ball. The origins may be connected to the Irish game of the same name which allows the use of sticks.
Once played widely in Cornwall, the game has similarities to other traditional football or inter parish 'mob' games, but certain attributes make this version unique to Cornwall. It is considered by many to be Cornwall's national game along with Cornish wrestling. An old saying in the Cornish language goes; hyrlîan yw gen gwaré nyi which translated into English means, Hurling is our sport [1]
Although the custom attracts fewer spectators, the annual hurling matches at St. Columb Major have the same status in the Cornish calendar as the 'Obby 'Oss festival at Padstow and the Furry Dance at Helston in that all three are unique customs that have survived unchanged and have taken place annually since before records began.

Jamie and Sam Cornish Wrestling at St Columb Major 2009

Tom vs Sam Cornish Wrestling U18 Championship at St Columb 2009

Under 18 Championship of Cornwall

Friendly Cornish Wrestling Hitch Between Heavyweights

A Friendly Cornish Wrestling Hitch Between Ashley Cawley and Nigel at St Columb Major Wrestling Club, Cornwall, UK.

St Columb hurling champion 2011

Sean Johns talks to Phil Tremain about his win on the Saturday hurl

Cornish Wrestling at Royal Cornwall Show 2007

Gerry & Mike Cawley, Cornish Wrestling at Royal Cornwall Show 2007.

Cornwall vs Devon English Shinty League

Coming live the recreation ground falmouth we have Cornwall vs Devon in English Shinty League

silver ball hurl St Columb Major 7th March 2009

silver ball hurl 7th March 2009

The CFSA 50th Birthday part 1

The Cornish Federation Of Sea Anglers celebrate their 50th year. 1959 - 2009

Younger Brother Joe Filming Hurling Sat 3rd 2012

St Columb Hurling Saturday 3rd 2012 filmed by my young brother Joe Cawley.

Cornish Wrestling Training at St Columb Wrestling Club

Training at St Columb Wrestling Club. Thanks to Mike Cawley who dedicates a lot of time and effort to running the club.

Cornish Wrestling Demo

This is a Cornish Wrestling Demonstration at Charlestown Reggata Demonstration 08.08.2006 Featuring Gerry Cawley and Richard Cawley Wrestling and Ken Cocks doing the commentary.

Ealing Trailfinders 72-29 London Scottish: Match Highlights

All 16 tries from the local derby defeat to Ealing Trailfinders at Vallis Way.

Cornish fair arm wrestling 2012

Arms for kids tournament Cornish, NH. 08/18/2012
Orin Hubbard vs Bo Mamczynski

My Dad on TV Years Ago

Gerry Cawley - Cornish Wrestler

London Irish v Northampton, 2006

London Irish 40-5 Northampton, 26/11/06
Guinness Premiership

NB: I can't take any credit for the video work, I'm just posting them.

Douglas vs Liam Cornish Wrestling at Lostwithel 2009

SKIDS 08 of 14 - Kenny Slaney & Matt Ford

Kenny & Matt.

Music: White Zombie - Supercharger

Cornish Wrestling Heavyweight Final 2008 PART 1 of 3

Ashley Cawley and Ed Broom Wrestling for the Cornish Heavyweight Championship at Lostwithiel, Cornwall, UK. 13th July 2008. The final of the Heavyweight consists of two 10 minute rounds with a break in between, this is Part 1 of 3. For more information on our traditional sport please visit:



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