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Combat robot


Robot Wars: Extreme - Top 15 Battles

It's time for another countdown, with the wonderful battles of Extreme next in the limelight

15. Tornado.
14. Tornado.
13. Chaos 2.
12. Pussycat.
11. Razer.
10. Pussycat-Diotoir.
9. Behemoth.
8. Firestorm 3.
7. Combat Ant.
6. Hypno-Disc.
5. Thermidor 2.
4. Tornado.
3. Razer.
2. The Steel Avenger
1. Tornado.

Robot Combat League (RCL) Season 1 Cut Episode 1 HD New

Robot Combat League (RCL) Season 1 Cut Episode 1 HD New

[Chinese Robot Combat]FMB Featherweight Championship 2016 clips(8 fights)

FMB Championship in Shanghai, China, 9.15-9.17 2016.
8 fights including Semi Final, Grand Final and 3rd Playoff.
PS: my robot is that 'Little Devil'

DUDE PERFECT Battlebots Edition | FACEOFF

Dude Perfect FACEOFF...BATTLEBOTS EDITION! Sponsored by HEXBUG. Watch the Dudes battle it out in multiple BattleBot challenges, culminating with a TOMBSTONE showdown!

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More VEX Robotics:
More BattleBots:

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Real combat robots in the arena. Blue vs. Red

Fantastic Robot. Arena - Fight - Knockout!
Red robot has once again retained its title of best fighter.

Raging Scotsman vs Sewersnake

Robogames 2011. Piedmont Highschool's combat robot team: Scotbots, drivers Forrest Yeh and Morgan Tenney, control 'Raging Scotsman', seen in purple with 1/4 inch steel wedges and a massive flamethrower. They fight 'SewerSnake', from team Plumb Crazy. Sewersnake is red with an electric lifting wedge, flamethrower, and 6 red tires.
Sewer Snake is declared the winner after a judge's decision.

6 Battlebots Closest to Beating Tombstone | Z. Robots Channel

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3Kg Autonomous Sumo Robot : Robowars 2014

This is a compilation of all the autonomous sumo robot at the Robowars 2014 held in Montréal, Québec, Canada.

Find more info on

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Combat Robot Championships

Greatest Hits from the Ideas Festival 2009
Brisbane, Australia

Last Rites vs Sewer Snake

Robogames 2011, Final match between Last Rites and Sewersnake. Possibly the best match of the day.
Although Sewer Snake endures much damage, Matt ends up on top with his incredible driving skills.

Robot Wars: Typhoon 2 - Top 3 Most Destructive Battles

A rundown of some of the full-body spinner's most damaging displays from its championship winning run in Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars

Cardboard Robot Wars - Round 2 - Columbia Gadget Works


ComBots Cup V - Ep 15 Last Rites vs Original Sin

Original Sin and Last Rites - two of the best combat robots in history, battle it out in this semi-final round of the winner's bracket. Whoever wins goes on in the winners bracket, but whoever loses still has a chance to make it back up the loser's bracket!

ComBots Cup V - Ep 17 Sewer Snake vs Breaker Box

The 3rd to the last fight, as Sewer Snake takes on Breaker Box, both working their way back through the loser's bracket to try to make it to the final fight. Will the Box Break the Snake?

BattleBots 09 Rough Live LineCut Brutality vs Megabyte 2 of 5.m4v

This is the rough live line-cut.

RoboGames 2015 fight - Last Rites vs Ragin Scotsman

One of the best fights on the RoboGames DVD. Hosted by Grant Imahara and Kiki Sanford: Watch builders from around the world duke it out for the Gold Medal.

Order the DVD with over 40 fights today!

Tombstone - Season 7 All Fights - Battlebots | Z. Robots Channel

This is every single fight from season 7 of Battlebots that includes Tombstone.

Tombstone vs Black Ice

Episode 5:
Tombstone vs Escape Velocity

Episode 8:
Tombstone vs Brutus

Episode 9:
Tombstone vs Beta

Episode 10:
Tombstone vs Yeti
Tombstone vs Bombshell

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RC Combat Robot Wars - All Battles for Q4 - 2016 RC International Championships Qualifying Rounds

In this video I have collected all of my Q4 qualifying battles for the 2016 Fighting Robots International Featherweight Championships hosted by Robo Challenge at The Gadget Show Live event held at the Birmingham NEC from 31st March to 3rd April 2016.

This has become a popular and regular feature of The Gadget Show Live event. Robo Challenge have a fantastic 'robot wars' arena that includes 'a pit of doom'.
This is one of the best UK venues and people get a chance to watch the games as well as see and meet the designers, engineers and drivers. The repairs being performed in an open area for all supporters and fans to see.

Main Links:
FRA is the best place for information about event, rules and guides if you plan to build your own fighting robot:

Rob Challenge host this contest in their awesome mobile arena:

Mr Nik Johnson.
(A professional commentator who specialises in Flying RC events)

Each year these championships are run as part of The Gadget Show Live event held at the NEC, Birmingham, UK.

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

3lb beetleweight combat robot weapon/modified motor test

2nd test of a modified motor on a combat robot

Red Devil From The BattleBots 2016 Tournament

Definitely one of my favorite robots in the sport of robot combat.

Enjoy the video now ladies and gentlemen.



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