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How to Do a Collar-and-Elbow Hold | Wrestling Moves

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Hello wrestling fans. My name is Pretty Boy Larry Sharp.

It's a pleasure to have you here at the Monster Factory, and today we're going to teach some basic lesson maneuvers that stand around the world and are known around the world. I'll be doing them with Tommy and Mike.

The first thing that we're going to show you today is a Referee's Position or a Collar and Elbow.


All right guys, the reason it's called a Collar and Elbow is because this hand goes to the collar bone, this hand goes to the elbow. Okay, it's the same for both men.

Like I said, it's a neutral position, it's a Referee's Position, and it's the basic way to start your wrestling match.

The thing that you do not want to let your opponent do is get behind you, okay? Once an opponent gets behind you, that gives him control.

But also, as a wrestler, what you want to do is get behind your opponent so that you can control him.

Right now you see the two opponents struggling. Each one wants to get behind the other guy, okay, so they can gain control of their opponent. The best way to avoid that is you push back a little bit, keep your hips back, and your legs bent at the knees.

That's your starter position. Again, it's a Collar and Elbow, or a Referee's Position.

Celtic Wrestling


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Al Snow on Collar and Elbow brand, his career, wrestling "head"'s exclusive interview with WWE legend, Impact Wrestling star, Tough Enough trainer and ECW icon, Al Snow.

Collar X Elbow : The Wrestling Brand

Collar and Elbow was founded on the traditional values of professional wrestling. Two entities working together to create a product intended to connect with people on an emotional level. A symbiotic relationship where one cannot flourish without the other. We strive to create a product that embodies our passion for professional wrestling expressed through street fashion.



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This is a simple take down from a collar and elbow tie up.

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The basics of the Collar & Elbow Tie-up with some basic applications - this tie-up is incredibly effective and powerful---mainly because the forearm is pressed into the opponent's chest (while gripping his neck)---this is both offensive and defensive in that you can control your opponent and prevent him from attacking you low.

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No segundo episódio da série Raizes do Pro Wrestling, vamos falar de um dos três estilos que moldaram a luta livre moderna: o Collar-and-Elbow.

Roteirização, apresentação e edição - Victor Francesco

Fontes - Pioneers of Professional Wrestling: 1860-1899 de Tim Corvin

Comente abaixo sugestões, dicas ou qualquer tipo de coisa. Vou ficar muito feliz em interagir com vocês!

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scoring from his collar tie with elbow control. shuck and pick, far side single, high c, duck under, boot scoot.

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The collar tie is one of the most common tie ups in wrestling. Every wrestler needs to know how to clear it and use it against his opponent. In this instructional presentation, Matt Azevedo shows how to clear a collar tie using his elbow pass series.

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Lutas curiosas: Collar-and-elbow

Diários de uma Guerreira, nessa série Lutas, conta um pouco sobre a Collar-and-elbow, que nasceu na Irlanda mas tornou-se famosa nos Estados Unidos.

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2 Part Technique - Force the opponent to expose something using a Hook Sweep. If the opponent posts a leg near you to prevent the sweep, release the Elbow Control to reach under for the X Guard Entry. Target a different X Guard Sweep depending on the opponent's weight placement and reactions in the position. If the opponent's weight is away, his leg will be light for the X Guard Takedown. Use the Unbalance Sweep if the opponent attempts to stand and unravel your X Guard Hooks.

Pro Wrestling Tips : How to Do Pro Wrestling Moves

Pro wrestling moves include the collar to elbow tie up, the top wrist lock and the hammer lock, all of which look more painful than they actually are. Master the skill of performing these moves with tips from the CEO of a wrestling school in this free video on wrestling moves.

Expert: Steve Neilson
Bio: Steve Neilson is the CEO and owner of the wrestling school UCW Zero in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is also known as Stevie Slick.
Filmmaker: Michael Burton

ACA demonstration of head drive from collar and elbow

American Combat Association president Matthew Granimal Granahan demonstrates how to use the top of your head to destroy your opponent from a collar and elbow tie up on some collegiate wrestlers from the Citadel at the American Combat Summer Camp in Chapin South Carolina

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