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Joint Lock Lecture #8: Elbow, Shoulder, and Collar Grabs. Applications of Basic Joint Locks.


How You Really Use a Collar Tie Set-Up

Cary Kolat teaches his How You Really Use a Collar Tie Set-Up

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Wrestling Moves & Techniques : Wrestling Moves

Basic wrestling moves include a collar and elbow tie up, a go behind waist lock and a full nelson. Find out how to perform wrestling moves with help from a professional wrestler in this free video on wrestling moves.

Expert: Sally Boy
Bio: Bruno Sassi, better known as Sally Boy, is co-owner of Coastal Championship Wrestling and Rocco & Sally Boy's Main Event Training Academy.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller

Series Description: Using proper wrestling moves and techniques can be the difference between winning or getting pinned. Learn more holds and moves with help from a professional wrestler in this free video series on wrestling moves and techniques.

How to Defend and Counter the Forearm in Throat Choke

The forearm in the throat choke can be very frightening if you don't know how to deal with it. But if you know the correct defense then it's actually very easy to counter it! This video is taken from

Trainor's tips and tricks: 12 to 6 Elbow set up.

INCLUDES FIGHT FOOTAGE!! How to land the 12 to 6 elbow either to strike the face or break the collar bone. This style of elbow is banned in MMA and in certain states of America for Muay Thai....which is weird as I can think of a number of other legal techniques that can generate far more power and inflict more damage.

Torture Chamber Pro Wrestling Dojo: Collar & Elbow Tie up Drills

Torture Chamber Pro Wrestling Dojo is Quebec's premier wrestling school. Situated in 10015 De Bruxelles Montreal Quebec Canada. TCPro emphasizes the following, break-falls, rolls, basic fundamentals of chain & mat wrestling, body throws, submissions. The curriculum also include ring presence & psychology, microphones skills, & conducting one's self in a professional manner in and out of the ring. The dojo is owned & operated by Dru Onyx. If you want a proper introduction & education, this is the school.YOUR EXCUSES ARE YOUR OWN

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Use an Elbow Pass to Set Up a Leg Attack!

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In this segment, Eric Akin, 4X All-American for Iowa State University demonstrates elbow control to an elbow pass set-up. This will help you set-up a leg attack.

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Defend the Collar Tie with this Effective Technique!

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In this segment, 4X All-American Eric Akin demonstrates one of his best techniques as a competitor: the slide by or shrug. This effective technique will help you defend the collar tie.

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JUDO GRIP Tsurite and hikite ELBOW and COLLAR Break balance actions

Part 2 of Break Balance positive grip strategy for learning judo.
These powerful and positive grip methods if followed will help open your judo understanding of throwing, with a strong platform to produce the quality throws by a slight over emphasis on fine motor skills in the breaking of balance. Foundation building study for safe judo in the club. The desire to create free flowing fast and efficient judo skills in our club and others led me to share this video.


Collar Tie Elbow Off

Tiger Style Wrestling Camp

ACA demonstration of head drive from collar and elbow

American Combat Association president Matthew Granimal Granahan demonstrates how to use the top of your head to destroy your opponent from a collar and elbow tie up on some collegiate wrestlers from the Citadel at the American Combat Summer Camp in Chapin South Carolina

Elbow Pass Series: Beating the Collar Tie

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The collar tie is one of the most common tie ups in wrestling. Every wrestler needs to know how to clear it and use it against his opponent. In this instructional presentation, Matt Azevedo shows how to clear a collar tie using his elbow pass series.

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Collar and Elbow Control Hook Sweep, X Guard Entry, X Guard Takedown, Unbalance Sweep from X Guard

2 Part Technique - Force the opponent to expose something using a Hook Sweep. If the opponent posts a leg near you to prevent the sweep, release the Elbow Control to reach under for the X Guard Entry. Target a different X Guard Sweep depending on the opponent's weight placement and reactions in the position. If the opponent's weight is away, his leg will be light for the X Guard Takedown. Use the Unbalance Sweep if the opponent attempts to stand and unravel your X Guard Hooks.

Collar and Elbow Control, Front Head Lock, Taking the Back, Seat Belt Control, Turtle to Back Contro

Standup Techniques: The Collar & Elbow Tie-up

The basics of the Collar & Elbow Tie-up with some basic applications - this tie-up is incredibly effective and powerful---mainly because the forearm is pressed into the opponent's chest (while gripping his neck)---this is both offensive and defensive in that you can control your opponent and prevent him from attacking you low.

Takedown from collar and elbow tie up

This is a simple take down from a collar and elbow tie up.

Al Snow on Collar and Elbow brand, his career, wrestling head's exclusive interview with WWE legend, Impact Wrestling star, Tough Enough trainer and ECW icon, Al Snow.

Al Snow talks Ronda Rousey, Women's Revolution, Collar and Elbow Apparel

Former WWE superstar Al Snow spoke to The Roman Show about Ronda Rousey transitioning to pro wrestling, women's revolution, TNA Knockouts, Collar and Elbow Apparel and more.

Celtic Wrestling

Collar Tie Elbow Bump by Nick Gwiazdowski

Collar Tie Elbow Bump by Nick Gwiazdowski - Wrestling Moves by Nick Gwiazdowski//

In this video, Nick Gwiazdowski teaches a Collar Tie Elbow Bump wrestling move.

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