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Coasteering in Wales, Big swell in the washing machine.

Coasteering is everything your mum told you not to do at the beach. We take you out and bring you back feeling alive and top of the world. This is a group from the RAF regiment we took out to see the sites.

Coasteering in Pembrokeshire, Wales - Montage

It was our first time coasteering and we decided to make the most of it. We got our GoPro's and waterproof cameras ready and were prepared for a day of jumping. This is a quick homemade video I made with the footage we got. Highest jump we did was around 14 metres (45 Feet). This was really good fun and I would always recommend it for anyone who is looking to do an extreme sport with friends. The coasteering took place in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Huge thanks to all the staff at Celtic Quest Coasteering for the great fun and laughs we all had that day!


VERTENTE NATURAL - Coasteering Enseada da Mula

Coasteering Enseada da Mula em Sesimbra com a Vertente Natural em 10-06-2012.

Esta foi uma nova aventura radical para mim e não podia ter escolhido melhor para começar as férias de verão com o pé direito!
Estava há vários meses para experimentar esta actividade e correspondeu plenamente às expectativas.
Uma mistura curtida de vários métodos de progressão em rochedos, falésias e arribas junto ao mar que engloba caminhadas aquáticas, escalada, rappel, slide e saltos para o mar.
Haviam saltos que realmente metiam respeito pela altura, mas para as pessoas menos confiantes também há saltos baixos que se fazem sem hesitar.
Um abraço aos monitores Jorge, Rui e Gustavo e ao João que também dava apoio à actividade no barco.
Espero que gostem do video, foi feito com muito gosto. Só foi pena não ter levado a bateria extra porque assim teria conseguido filmar muitas partes giras no slide e mais alguns saltos. Chegou a uma altura em que estava tão fraca que só aguentava filmar clips com escassos segundos.


Coasteering with Outdoor Adventure

Coasteering with Outdoor Adventure, Widemouth Bay Bude.

Coasteering takes you into a very alien environment. You are actually at the point at which the sea meets the cliffs - so one minute you can be traversing across barnacle covered ledges and the next find yourself having to dive in to the sea and cross water-filled zawns to continue your journey! It takes you into remote places that have no other means of access. En-route there will be sections to climb and scramble, together with swims around headlands into caves with the opportunity of cliff jumping if you fancy it! It is a fantastic feeling being washed around by the waves and bobbing around in the ocean.

This sport must be run by very experienced instructors, as you need excellent local knowledge and a real understanding of the ocean and weather conditions. Our staff will pick a route to give people a fantastic adventure whilst making sure everyone sticks within their limits

Coasteering in Dorset with Cumulus Outdoors

Based on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, Cumulus Outdoors provides a unique, fun and safe Coasteering experience. With two professional coasteering guides, you can be sure to have a memorable experience.

Coasteering - Wales

When we weren't jumping off rocks, we were being smashed into them! Fantastic fun! Coasteering filmed in Wales with

Coasteering in huge swell near Penzance, Cornwall - Kernow Coasteering

Once in a while, when the conditions are just right, and the swell is almost too big to coasteer anywhere we can use this route. See for yourselves what it's like. We love it when the conditions are like this! Shooting the arch is always a highlight! Proof, if it were needed, that Kernow Coasteering delivers the best coasteering in Cornwall.

Coasteering: Cliff Jumping adventure with Coastline Algarve

A great adventure in western Algarve between Sagres and Lagos - Coasteering is Cliff Jumping, swimming, walking, discovering, exploring, scrambling and climbing along the coastline. You'll also see grottoes, caves with secret passages and can even jump inside a cave blow hole!
+351 963 766 611

Coasteering NI promo xtreme!

Watch the commercial, get inspired and book your next adrenaline filled adventure!

Coasteering in Dunmore East

Coasteering is our latest activity in Dunmore East Adventure Centre

COASTEERING - Enseada da Mula (Sesimbra)

#coasteering #gopro #vertentenatural #sesimbra
Actividade de Coasteering (percurso Enseada da Mula) realizado em Sesimbra através da Vertente Natural!
Um percurso muito bem pensado, onde os saltos para a água e a diversão são uma constante!

Coasteering in South Devon

Coasteering with Rock Solid near Maidencombe in South Devon

Coasteering in Dorset with Land and Wave

Coasteering along the Dorset coastline on Land and Wave's extreme / power course, with lots of cliff jumping and exploring sea caves.


Try coasteering at Dunmore East Adventure, its the ultimate thrill both in and out of the water!

Coasteering Liguria 2020 (guided tour)

Il Coasteering è un'attività sportiva outdoor, l'obbiettivo è quello di percorrere la zona del litorale dove mare e roccia si incontrano.

Nonostante la pratica del coasteering non presenti rischi oggettivi estremi, è più sicuro affidarsi a guide esperte perché è di importanza fondamentale conoscere il comportamento del mare di un determinato tratto di costa, nonché la profondità dei fondali e le eventuali vie di fuga sia via mare che via terra.

Coasteering is a physical activity that encompasses movement along the intertidal zone of a rocky coastline on foot or by swimming.

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Coasteering with Outdoor Adventure at Bossiney Bay, near Bude, Cornwall - Book with us and experience this exhilarating activity, call us on 01288 362900

Coasteering in Dorset with Land & Wave at Dancing Ledge, Dorset

Coasteering in Dorset with Land & Wave! The best day you can have in a wetsuit and helmet! We still haven't stopped smiling. Thanks to Land & Wave, especially Paul for a fantastic afternoon.

Coasteering in São Jorge Island - Azores

Salte, escale e nade com o Coasteering nos Açores, nas ilhas de São Jorge e Graciosa e divirta-se nas linhas de costa que serão o vosso parque de diversões. | Jump, Climb and Swim with Coasteering in the Azores, in the Islands of São Jorge and Graciosa and have fun on the coast lines that will be your playground.

Coasteering in Mayo 2

The best Coasteering in the West of Ireland

coasteering Harlyn Surf School

coasteering with Harlyn Surf School
-Harlyn coastline

Editing & Footage - Tom Bennett



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