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Coasteering In Cardiff Stag Do

if sitting in a pub isn't your idea of a legendary stag do then why not consider something more adrenaline pumping such as coasteering -




a day out with adventure beyond

Coasteering NIYF

Coasteering session at Ballinoty on 23-11-19 with NIYF
cliff jumping, sea swimming, rock scrambling

Shielbaggan Coasteering

Anglesey Outdoors Coasteering

Some coasteering madness here at Anglesey Outdoors! We have sessions running all summer and holiday times, so come and join the fun!

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Coasteering in Cornwall: Get the buzz exploring the stunning Cornish coastline. Swim, scramble, explore, traverse and leap from progressively higher jumps. For more details about watersports activities in Cornwall visit

Publisher: Cornwall Marine Network
Producer: Sideways Collective

Super Coasteering action in Connemara

Join us on a Coasteering trip in stunning Connemara. Our expert guides will give you a fun and action filled experience in one of the many amazing Coasteering spots we use. We tailor each session to the groups needs so that you always come away excited and challenged at a level that's right for you. Have a Real Adventure in Connemara on the #WildAtlanticWay.

Coasteering with Adventures Wales

Coasteering in Pembrokeshire with Adventures Wales

Coasteering: Cliff Jumping adventure with Coastline Algarve

A great adventure in western Algarve between Sagres and Lagos - Coasteering is Cliff Jumping, swimming, walking, discovering, exploring, scrambling and climbing along the coastline. You'll also see grottoes, caves with secret passages and can even jump inside a cave blow hole!
+351 963 766 611

Paddling Wales | Exploring the Coast by Stand Up Paddleboard & Coasteering

David Verde is in Wales, exploring the coast by stand up paddleboard before heading to Pembrokeshire to try coasteering—a combination of cliff jumping, scrambling and wild swimming—with Big Blue Adventures.




SPECIAL THANKS to Big Blue Adventures:





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Coasteering in Tintagel on the 19/06/14

Coasteering in Tintagel on the 19/06/14

Apologies to Jim Morgan who was also there and not in the credits!!

Mike snow- Black and Blue (Netsky Remix)

Coasteering with Scarborough Surf School

Coasteering is an action packed way to explore the North Yorkshire coast. Traverse the caves and jump the cliffs in this unique experience. You will get to see the coast in a way you never have before! Come and see what all the fuss is about!

Coasteering at Abereiddy (Blue lagoon), West Wales

Coasteering in Wales during a family holiday or with friends on a short break. This is a great activity for all abilities to enjoy, we pitch the level to your group from nice and pleasant to knee shaking fun.

Coasteering NI promo xtreme!

Watch the commercial, get inspired and book your next adrenaline filled adventure!

Coasteering with CBK

Coasteering and Extreme Rockpooling are rip-roaring coastal adventure for thrill seekers, adventurers and people looking for a great day out on the coast. Great for kids, adults, families and groups, explore caves, coves, chutes, rocky reefs and experience the surge and swell of the North Sea as you traverse the rocky shore. Our experienced guides know every nook, creek, pool and jump along the local coast. We tailor our routes for different types of groups and experience levels.

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Coasteering in huge swell near Penzance, Cornwall - Kernow Coasteering

Once in a while, when the conditions are just right, and the swell is almost too big to coasteer anywhere we can use this route. See for yourselves what it's like. We love it when the conditions are like this! Shooting the arch is always a highlight! Proof, if it were needed, that Kernow Coasteering delivers the best coasteering in Cornwall.

Coasteering in Pembrokeshire, Wales - Montage

It was our first time coasteering and we decided to make the most of it. We got our GoPro's and waterproof cameras ready and were prepared for a day of jumping. This is a quick homemade video I made with the footage we got. Highest jump we did was around 14 metres (45 Feet). This was really good fun and I would always recommend it for anyone who is looking to do an extreme sport with friends. The coasteering took place in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Huge thanks to all the staff at Celtic Quest Coasteering for the great fun and laughs we all had that day!

Coasteering in Wales, Big swell in the washing machine.

Coasteering is everything your mum told you not to do at the beach. We take you out and bring you back feeling alive and top of the world. This is a group from the RAF regiment we took out to see the sites.

Coasteering - Wales

When we weren't jumping off rocks, we were being smashed into them! Fantastic fun! Coasteering filmed in Wales with



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