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Coastal and ocean rowing


Nordic Explorer Stable Coastal/Recreational Rowing Boat

NEW sliding seat single sculling boat (rowboat). Although built for comfort rather than speed you can nevertheless row all day at 4 knots and sprint at 5kn.
Safe - Seaworthy - Smooooooth

Rowing a TS515 training scull on the sea

Rowing on the sea is a rare pleasure. Steve Walker, founder of Sculling Academy, shows how the TS515 Training Scull, built in Australia by EDON Industries, and available in Europe from Ahoy-Boats, performs in coastal situations and advises on simple precautions to take.

Overview of the 2018 World Rowing Coastal Championships

Take a look at some of the action at the 2018 WRCoastal Championships which took place in Sidney, Victoria, Canada

Rowing across River Mersey in the Nordic Explorer

Jaws drop and eyebrows are raised when I mention that I've done this. Head over to to learn more about this great sliding-seat, recreational, coastal, sculling (rowing) boat, the NORDIC EXPLORER, which ships all over the world. Ask me for a quote. Thanks are due to Connor Weaver for his assistance as my videographer on this super day.

Extreme surfboat rowing in lifesaver relay Kurrawa Beach 2011

Kurrawa surfboat crew coming home in big surf at Kurrawa Beach 2011 Aussie Titles.

Ocean Rowing Boat - Britannia 4 - Team Pacific Rowers

We made this video of Britannia 4 when we were shopping for our ocean rowing boat for the Great Pacific Race. After viewing numerous boats, we decided that she was the one.

Check out the video of us picking her up here:

twitter: @pacificrowers

Rowing at sea with C-row

Rowing at sea in Belgium on the North sea

Ocean Rowing a Cambridge

Bill Larson the Owner of Little River Marine is Ocean Rowing a Cambridge Rowing shell.

Ocean Rowing Boat Avalon sea trial at Mogan

Ocean Rowing Boat 'Trade Winds Expedition' record attempt

This is FISA Class Sea Rowing 2013

Coastal Rowing is an exciting boat class that loves the beach and the big deep ocean waves. The boat class started in France in the late 80's and has spread around the world. Each year World Rowing runs a World Rowing Coastal Championships for solo (C1x), doubles (C2x) and quads (C4x+) off the beach and around a 6km course. Racing is only half the fun - watch the video to see more.

Ocean rowing boat for sale

Our four person carbon fiber ocean rowing boat is available to buy! With 2 successful Atlantic Ocean crossings and not a single capsize, this boat is in excellent shape.

Having been painted, cleaned and anti-fouled she's ready to go again.

For more info and to get in touch head over to

(Audio by

Atlantic Row Rannoch Women's Challenge

A short video highlighting the 5 women crew that successfully rowed from New York to Falmouth in 49 days in 2016. (NY to Bishops Rock in 48 days)
The crew became the first British women to cross the North Atlantic West to East. Some 50 years after Chay Blyth and John Ridgeway did it in 69 days.
The crew were Guin Batten, Alex Holt, Molly Brown, Gilly Mara and Mary Sutherland.
Visit Facebook Rannoch Women's Challenge & Rannoch Adventure for more information.

First solo rowing crossing of the Zero Degree Channel Maldives 2010

Guin Batten in March 2010 made the first ever solo rowing crossing of the Zero Degree Channel (the equator) in the Maldives. Using a FISA class coastal boat, she left Vadhoo on the top of the tide with tropical storms circling in a race against the gathering weather systems. In the darkness she passed close to the some of the best surf breaks in the Maldives and headed due south into the deep Indian Ocean.

New York - Paris, 2015 - Trans-Atlantic Rowing Expedition

No sail. No Engine. Exclusively Human Powered !

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Liteboat - a new concept of rowing boat

More on
The Liteboat is a new concept of rowing boat, designed by Mathieu Bonnier and Sam Manuard. The boat is light, safe and easy to handle for all the family members. It is fast and secure.

Ocean Rowing Boat Avalon self righting test

Ocean rowing boat Avalon built by Rossiter Rowing Boats for Ocean Row Events having a successful inversion test.

Welcome to Sea Rowing

Coastal Rowing Boats in action in the rivers, bays and ocean in Queensland, Australia. These boats go out several times a week all year round. If you enjoy this video checkout more on

Ocean rower Jude Massey speaks to Practical Boat Owner magazine at Beaulieu Boat Jumble 2018

Ocean rower Jude Massey speaks to Practical Boat Owner magazine at Beaulieu Boat Jumble 2018 describing the adventure of a lifetime – ups and downs – of becoming one of the youngest ever transatlantic ocean rowers and the emotional charity cause that inspired him and his brother to take on the 53-day challenge

Atlantic Splash's Ocean Rowing Boat. Missy

Rowing a Nordic Explorer from Rhos-on-Sea to Little Orme

Steve Walker, founder of and Ahoy-Boats and author of How to Win - the Sports Competitor's Guide to Success takes a Nordic Explorer for a sea trial. No water was taken on board! Not a drop. The usual sea birds were encountered, gulls, terns, a shy guillemot but also an unusual flock of turnstones, just a stone's throw from beach but out of sight or everybody except those in boats. Steve sculls out to the green Rhosneigr buoy and from there to the Little Orme where there is a flock of herring gulls gorging on whitebait along with mackerel, also feeding on them.



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