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Chinese checkers


Chinese Checkers: 10 move triangle

Chinese Checkers strategy requires familiarity and recognition of a number of basic tactics or move combinations. The 10 move triangle is one means of getting all ten marbles out of your starting triangle in 10 moves. It also creates a block to your opponent and in the course of making the ten moves may present an opportunity to advance one or more marbles into your opponents territory. It may be started from either side but would typically be from the opposite side your opponent uses if he also makes his opening the 10 move triangle.

Chinese Checkers: Snake

Using the Snake to advance 4 marbles is often part of the opening moves and may occur later in the game and at the end. Sometimes it is better to use the snake rather than taking the longest jump with one of the marbles in the snake.

Hand clap "Chinese checkers"

Hand clapping

Chinese Checkers Champion of St Paul's 2012

St Paul's Baptist Church (Fox Hill) Family Sunday Oct 2012.

Gazelle Gardiner (THE CHAMP) Natasha Rahming (Runner Up), Yarnique Wright (2nd Runner Up), Darranette Wright (3rd), Morelisa (The First Timer 4th)

chinese checkers

Chinese checkers was a family tradition to play together at holidays. My grandma was the first person I played the game with.

Chinese Checkers: 3 friends

3 Friends is a set of moves to use 3 marbles to assist each other in moving efficiently across the board. Situations will arise in the course of the game where it is more effective to use 3 Friends instead of taking the longest jump with one or two and leaving the third behind to move one hole at a time.

World Championshi Blitz Buzhynski - Georgiev

World Championshi Blitz Buzhynski - Georgiev
Created with MAGIX Video easy HD

10x10 Training game by two Chinese 8x8 players


Kurt sitting in with The Harris Brothers playing the Chinese Checker Board.

Chinese Solitaire


Plongée à Sède Galathéa club Saint-Gaudens le 17 Mai 2012.

Première sortie de l'année 2012 au lac de Sède à Saint Gaudens.

Brilliant draughts combination!

Draughts opening combination shown on antique wooden rolling draughts board from 19th Century, made by Jaques of London around 1880

Chinese Checkers with Henry Mancini

Chinese Style( chinese ) -- linedance

Chinese Style (chinese )
Count: 104 (A:32 B:72 )
Wall: 2
Level: Phrased Intermediate -Yangko dance style
Choreographer: Ping Tang ,china(January 2013)
Music: Zhong Guo Fan Er(chinese ) by Jiu Yue Qi Ji

Dance Sequence:AT*(5-8)BAATB1(1-32,65-72) AAB2 (33-56)

Ufa 2017 Chizov - Samb



checkers game

Chino roll chinese checkers

High song(chinese) ------linedance(teach and demo)

High song(chinese)
Count: 160 (A:64 B:32 C:64 )
Wall: 1
Level: Phrased Beginner
Choreographer: Ping Tang ,China(April, 2013)
Music: High song by Wei Zhang

Dance Sequence:AA*(1-32)BTagC

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Underwater Checkers Tournament

Underwater Checkers Tournament

For those occasions when normal checkers just won't cut it.



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