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Chinese handball


Chinese Handball

chinese handball fun game. basketball videos will be posted soon

20180123 18th Asian Men's Handball Championship 2018 China vs Bangladesh


Greatest Chinese Handball Victory Ever! Epic Shots

the destruction

NYC Handball is Bigger Than You Think: Urban Recreation | Part 3

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Staying active in NYC isn’t always the easiest but a majority of New Yorkers turn to the recreational sport of handball. Episode 3 of URBAN RECREATION tells the story of New York’s most popular sport – yes, even more than basketball. With more than 2,000 handball courts across the five boroughs and a rubber ball available at any corner bodega, New York is the Mecca of handball. This episode follows three-time U.S. Handball Champion and current number one player in the world, Timbo Gonzalez, as he travels through his old New York neighborhoods to share his view of handball and what it means to New York.

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Poland vs China - Men's Handball - Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games

Poland are up against the might of their Chinese hosts in this group game of the men's handball competition at the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games.

Great Chinese Handball Game

A game to 10.
David Z in White
Sam O in Green
Ryan W in Red
Matt W in Blue

a good time was had by all. except sam

180120 18th Asian Men's Handball Championship 2018 NEW ZEALAND vs CHINA

20180126 18th Asian Men's Handball Championship 2018 Uzbekistan vs China highlight

Chinese Handball

ace king queen jack 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

1 round of chinese handball


China vs Cuba | Group phase | 2019 IHF Men's Emerging Nations Championship

China vs Cuba 24:30 | IHF Men's Emerging Nations Championship 2019, Georgia - Day two

Great Britain vs China | Group phase | 2019 IHF Men's Emerging Nations Championship

Great Britain vs China 28:23 | IHF Men's Emerging Nations Championship 2019, Georgia l Day four

【Asia Men's Handball Championship】Japan vs China 2nd half

Comedy handball costs Lippi's men a win in Chinese Super League

First goal (great assist) 0:40 Second goal (comedy handball) 1:00

Chinese Super League leaders Guangzhou Evergrande travelled to face Beijing Shenxin on Friday hoping to extend their lead at the top.

Unbeaten in eight matches in all competitions, Marcello Lippi's men led the standings by seven points from Jiangsu Sainty before the start of the match.

There was little in the way of clear cut chances early on, a long range effort here from Evergrande. And a swirling effort here from Shenxin that Evergrande goalkeeper Yang Jun did well to parry over.

Both goals came in the second half, great work on the right left Brazilian forward Muriqui with the simplest of tap-ins for Guangzhou. But heading into stoppage time, an unfortunate slip by Brazilian defender Paulao, resulted in him handballing, and a penalty resulted.

It was cooly dispatched by Anselmo and the match finished 1-1. So Evergrande extend their lead at the top to eight points but have now played a game more then the teams below them.


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Congo vs China | Group phase highlights | 24th IHF Women's World Championship, Japan 2019


India vs China | Group phase | 2019 IHF Men's Emerging Nations Championship

India vs China 29:40 | IHF Men's Emerging Nations Championship 2019, Georgia l Day three

Chinese Handball - Full Game to 10

David Z in White
Sam O in Green
Ryan W in Red
Matt W in Blue

A game of chinese handball

Chinese handball is a game that is played with a handball and a wall. The way it is played is everyone stands in a line and they all hit the ball in order down the line. After you hit the ball, it has to bounce before hitting the wall. If it bounces twice or doesn't hit the wall at all, then you have an out and you go to the back of the line, or you just get out if you have no more outs. When it is your turn to hit the ball, it can only bounce once before you hit it. If it bounces twice, you may still hit it, but it has to be through your legs. The only time you may hit the ball after 3 bounces is if it hit some kind of crease or obstruction on the wall. If that's the case you may hit it after the third bounce, but it still has to be through the legs. Once you successfully make the shot, it is the next person in lines turn to hit it. The first person in line is called the ace, and that person is responsible for serving the ball. The person who won the last game usually becomes the ace for the next game.

18th Asian Men's Handball Championship 20180119 CHINA vs QATAR

Garff vs Edwin playing Chinese Handball using the whole Court, same rules as 1Wall

@ Central Park NY, 8/2012. Enjoy, Click Like, Comment & Subscribe!
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