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Chilean rodeo


Rodeo Campeones de Chile

Chilean Rodeo at Villarrica

Typical Chilean rodeo filmed at Villarrica. The goal is for two huasos on horses to direct and stop a calf. No ropes involved. Year 2004. The Music is a cueca from Chile.

How to win a Chilean Rodeo - Puntos buenos, puntos malos.

Chilean country rodeo - a winning pair - two of the guides and horses from Horse Riding Chile. This is a test of control of a steer. A popular sport in Chile especially in the countryside, such as the Cajon del Maipo near Santiago. Local arrieros compete in the media luna (ring) alongside wealthier huasos. Our guides ride regularly and do well, often on the same horses that take our tourists for rides near Santiago in the Andes mountains: the central cordillera of Chile. These horses, although thoroughbred corraleros in many cases, are so well schooled and mannered that they can safely take first-time riders as well as experienced. They are perfect for an outdoors experience outside of Santiago, an accessible mountain adventure, something to do on a day trip with a difference. This is a chance to see the real Chile, the 'campo' or countryside where so much of the population lives. There may be a chance to end the day with a short visit to a local rodeo.
The skill and patience necessary to do well in a rodeo is part of the make-up of an arriero. they spend long hours - even days and nights - up in the mountains communing with nature and developing their own rather silent philosophy. They love the mountains and now enjoy showing them to visitors - the streams and paths, the amazing cactus of different types, the staggering rock formations and at some times of year, the flowers. This is their inheritance, through their fathers who taught them the ways, to read the mountain landscape and the messages from nature.
So today the skills and knowledge of Chilean arrieros are put at the disposal of our many tourist visitors, who enjoy meeting the real thing and appreciate the authentic guides and seeing their skills with horses and mules and almost any practical task. The beautiful lassos and reins which they use in rodeos are made of plaited leather and in many cases these are made at home. Victor, eldest son of our chief guide, Rigo, makes the most beautiful reins, bridles, lassos and belts all in plaited leather. All this is just outside Santiago Chile, about one hour's drive into the mountains and countryside from the centre of Santiago.






rodeo chile en el cairo

CHAMPION DE CHILE 2015 - Rodeoenvivo cl

Completo - 12 de abril de 2015.
Transmisión por streaming en Rodeoenvivo cl

026 Red One Weatherford 2017 Kyle Zeigler 84


PROGRAMA RODEO Y CHILENIDAD - CAPÍTULO 32 HD (LA RED). Programa Especial Champion de Chile 2015.
Conducido por Fernando Cardemil. Transmitido por el Canal LA RED. Domingo a las 20:30 Hrs.
12 de abril 2015. Santiago de Chile.

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Serie de Campeones, Nacional Escolar 2019

Transmisión en vivo desde la medialuna de Curico

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Rodeo Chile

Clasificatorios Region Metropolitana - Mejores Atajadas

Rodeo Chileno

Universitario 2005. Las Viscachas.

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Rodeo de Chile #01

Rodeo de Chile Festival de Olmue



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